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April 19, 2024 76 mins
Today on Valentine in the Morning: We tap into the frenzy surrounding the drop of Taylor Swift's newest album, "The Tortured Poets Department", and later on we hear some stories of ladies making the first move while on a date.

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It's the Valentine in the Morning replayWelcome to the breakfast table a Valentine in
the Morning. I laughed heartily.I hope it's respectful to say I love
you. The full show podcast startsright now, one of four three My
family. It is Valentine in theMorning starting the show. Good morning,
Jill, how are you today.I'm just happy it's Friday. Oh,
I'm so happy I can have coffeeagain. Yes, well I had it

right after the Doctor yesterday, butall during yesterdays show I had no coffee
and it was killing me. Doyou have a headache? I did?
Yeah, I did. And headacheis real. Yeah, I mean we're
addicted to It's the number one draggingin America this day. It's interesting that,
like, I don't think I'm addictedto it. But that's just because
I have coffee every day, right, you don't, Yeah, and you'll
feel you're addicted to it. Idon't skip a day, and even on

the weekends, and so I'm like, oh, I don't feel it.
And then sometimes on the weekend Iwon't have caffee until noon, and I'm
like, whight, have a weirdheadache? Looking you're addicted to it.
Yeah, it's weird. How areyou today, John, I'm feeling good
man, Yeah, feing pretty good. Yeah. Just stay up late for
Taylor's album My God. Yeah yeah, yeah, I listened to the whole
thing. I listened to the broadcastin my offm that Taylor hosted. So
a lot of a lot of greatthings coming on New Music Friday this morning.

All right, Jill, how areyou doing good? I stayed up
to and then talk to my sisterabout it for like an hour afterwards her.
Yeah, yeah, she's a hugeTailor Swift fan. Well that's good.
She's a big Swift Yeah, becauseshe wasn't, that'd be weird.
Well, yeah, I would becalling her and then uh great that you
guys stayed up to the wee hoursin the morning. Bright, How are
you, Bud? I got afull eight hours of sleep. I'm ready

for this show. I take thisjob very seriously. Yeah. So you're
not gonna hear one single mistake.Okay, I'm gonna let you take that
one mistake from me from you,not Jungle, not one mist not one
dirty word, a mispronounced word.You ended the show with another dirty word

yesterday. I know that was awful. I didn't mean to what were were
you trying to say? Sharing?And you said something else? Yeah?
Yep, she it was a slipof the tongue. Yeah. That words
been slipping out of you a lotlately. That I don't know, you
tell me, I don't know.That's one single mistake today though, right?
Not one? All right, Brian? How many mistakes from you?
Oh? Plenty? You gotta giveyou a number, be over under,

I'll at least give you five mistakes. Five mistakes good for me. I'm
gonna take the under on that Ifeel. I feel all coomfident you today.
Well, thank you, John.How many mistakes are you gonna make?
I'm gonna go four? Right?Less than one per hour? All
right? Less than one per hour? Okay, all right, guys,
we'll see how you do. Okay, Now, me and my mistakes.

I don't make mistakes because words thatcome out of my mouth could never be
a mistake. Inspiration has no mistakes. Are you writing a list? I'm
gonna just keep. Don't put myname down there. I'm not gonna make
you a mistakes. We're in thistogether, all right? One of four
three? My family it is Valentinein the morning. Good morning to you.
I originally started noticing some difference insthat's why I want no. I

meant to say that it is thesymzens. We're going to talk about something
here in a second, but wealso have a note going on, like
a little tally board here of howmany mistakes we make during the show.
John said he'll make one an hourtops. Well, there's is one.
This week has been rough. Ilike get what Brian feels like. You're

staying out late, you're doing thoseconcerts, your softball games, and then
you're living your life. But thattakes a toll on You told me about
one concert on Tuesday. Yeah,ruined my whole week, right, it's
wild. And speaking of these days, like, I'm looking at my friend
group right now, and I noticedthese changes that we're all kind of going
through and to me that there aresigns that we're getting old. So I've

made a list. I jotted afew things down that are John's new signs
that you're getting old. Who's gettingold? You? Yes, this is
mostly for millennials, because I thinkthese are things that you're like twenty eight
right on the cusp the kids gettingold here, we go. Dude,
it happens so fast. Number one, you always got tombs nearby. I
can consistently rely on any girl inmy friend group to have tombs in her

purse at all times. Now it'sinsane, is that legitial? I don't
have times. I don't have tombseither. There was a period of time
when I did, but I don'thave them in their now A life savers.
I don't have any tumbs. Idon't think my wife has any thumbs.
Well maybe you. If we havethumbs at our house, I think
you grow out of it. Okay. Number two can't sit or stand without
making some sort of noise. Iam so guilty of this now. It

happened all of a sudden. I'mgetting out of my car and I noticed,
Like, that wasn't hard. I'mnot in any pain, but for
some reason, it's just like thevoice that sound is so so weird.
Number three, you use speakerphone formost of your calls. I talk to
my girlfriend on speakerphone every night.Now, yeah, I'm guilty of that
too, for what? Yeah?Why is that? Why do I do

that? We're too lazy to putthe phone up to our ears. Yeah,
that's like what old people do atthe store. Do you guys have
air pods? Don't you put theAirPods in? No? I do,
but yeah, I just prefer speaker. I don't speaker on at my house.
I use AirPods. Watching the news. I find so much joy in
the news these days. You doyou find joy in the news? I
do. Not that the stories arejoyful. There's nothing joyful about the news,

but just the news is comforting tome. I listened to news podcasts
every morning on my way to work, and I tried listening to other things,
and it just it doesn't feel right. Okay, I love the news.
Well. I like that you're inform. That's important when you come
into a morning show. We talkedabout that being foreign about news and the
events of the world. It's soweird. And then my last one here,
it's weird. You drive by housesand you say that's a nice house,

oh, all the time, somethingI never would have paid attention to
before, And now I'm like,I'm always looking at people's houses. You
wait till you get to my point, uh huh, and you walk around
places and you go, yeah,that's some nice drainage they got going there.
I like the pitch they got onthat sidewalk. That's really good.
You know, that's a nice roofto get. Look at those gutters that
got there, that's really nice theretoo. You start looking at houses like

that, it's that's messed up.It is messed up. Yeah, but
I can't help it. I'm likeseeing myself start to go that direction.
It's weird. You drive past thecemetery and you go, oh, that
was quiet. That looks like it'slike a nice quiet player, A good
hang Yeah. I can hang outthere for eternity, that'd be fine.
You see, there's this video.I'm not sure if you've seen it,

Jill, but this old lady,she's ninety something, and she picked out
her own urn. She's like,if I'm gonna go in and earn,
I want it to be a beautifulRN. So I my own. A
lot of people pick out their owncaskets. Yeah. I was like,
h cool, Yeah, all right. It is one of four three my
fam It is Valentine in the Morningone four three my FM. If you
want to reach out and part ofthe show today three one O four three.

It is Friday. How great doesthat feel? Friday? N?
What is that like the hump Day. You're trying to sync that in it.
Just sometimes things just happen. Howoften do you wear a chain every
day? Do you really? Yeah? It was my dad's that's nice you
left it for me, and Itry and wear it every day. It's
a nice gold chain. Thank you. Yeah, I think I should become
a chain guy. We've been sayingfor a while that you should know I

should. He's right, hookahshells.Maybe I start with that. I can
actually see that. Thank you,my man. Yeah, I found something
and my son loves it, andI think I told you about it.
It's this old like chain, butit's it's like a leather strap, so
it's not really chain, right,So it's a leather necklace and it's like
a circular piece of clay. Itmight have some druid like symbols on it.

And I think I got it atsome medieval fair years ago. And
my kid likes it, so he'sbeen wearing it. My wife's like,
what in God's name is that?I know it's the sun? Yeah,
I like that idea. You showedthat me a picture of that. I
did. It looked like a Idon't know, like a pagan like something
I would see it like a heavymetal concert or it was cool. I

have a different past. I havea checkered past. You don't know about.
All Right, A thousand bucks comeyour way at six am this morning?
One A four to three, myfab, it's Valentine in the morning.
I have a dinner with our bosstonight. We postponed this dinner a
couple of times due to sickness,due to whatever and stuff. So it's
me and my wife and my bossand his wife. And he's a newer

boss to our area out here inLos Angeles, so his newer boss for
us, and we're going to avery nice restaurant. I just don't know
what to wear, you know,don't most most nice restaurants allow you to
wear Theori's or a Lulu Lemons.No, no, sure, no,
they wouldn't relaxed. Yeah, likesweats at least a nice pair of jeans,
at least at least. I don'tthink jeans. No, jeans are

fine if you dress it up witha nice shirt and some nice shoes.
Yeah, like boots jeans, Idon't think. So he wears jeans around
the office. Oh well, Ilooked at him in the eyes are.
I didn't look at that man's eyes. They never look anywhere else. Oh
my god, you had some timewith him the other day. Brian goes,

you've got to talk about me theentire dinner tonight. Make sure you
to bring my name up. Gaveme some good pup because I had to
work with Paul on a project oneof our bosses. I had to work
with Paul on a project, andI want him to know how important I
am to the company. I didn'tsay the entire time. All I said
was that if I feel like Icould come up because I'm fresh in his
mind, and if he's kind oflike, what's with this Brian guy,
just you know, give me justlie and say that I am competent.

Well, let's practice. Let's roleplay. You're him and I'm me,
and you're bringing you up. Goad. So I recorded this show with your
producer, Brian. What's what's hisstory? Did you listen back to it
yet? No? Not yet.He hasn't said to me he's kind of
late in citiate. Yeah, wellhe's probably fixing the mistakes on it quite
honestly. But you're saying I madesome mistake. No, not you I'm
sure Brian did, really, butI'm sure he'll get it right. Usually

in the end it sounds okay,but it takes a while to get that
race finished with him. Interesting that, I mean, your show is so
successful. Yeah, yeah, Iknow, I know. Well he doesn't
run the board and do any editingor anything like that. Who does?
That's all me? His dad wasshocked and surprised to find that out.
I do not care for people talkingnegatively about their coworkers. Well, not

talking negative, I'm just being honestabout the guy. I think we should
probably keep an eye out for somebodyelse. Mark Malensky over the Seacrest Show
is pretty good. No one likeshim. Everyone has told me how terrible
he is. Really, Paul,he told you that, yeah, okay,
you're fight. I will give youblowing recommendations that I will blow you

up. Yesterday I ran into Paulin the hallway and he asked me if
I got his email. Now Ihad not received an email from Paul,
and for a split second, Isaid, do I lie? Like,
I'm thinking to myself, what doI say? Why would you lie?
Because I freaked out and I said, no, I haven't seen it.
Did you send me one. RatherI might have missed it or deleted it.

So I just blew it out.I said, oh, no,
I didn't get an email from you, and he was like, well,
that's weird. It went out towent out to everybody, and I said,
oh gosh, I'm like, oh, I could have possibly it,
Robin. No, it was somethingelse, something totally unrelated. And so
then this is what happened. Wewent into Peaks office and they looked at

the distribution list and it was thisold list that Paul was given. Okay,
and so there were five people onthe list where there should have been
probably fifty. Okay, so noneof us got that email. And what
was that email about? It wassomething sales related, and oh I got
that email afterwards after once they realizedthat, Yeah, but I almost lied

to him, And then I realizedhonesty is the best policy. But why
would you and you helped him solvea problem by being honest. I'm being
honest, Like, yeah, allright, So if he talks about you
all your Paul on me bring youup, Okay, all right. So
I've only had a few interactions withJill from your show. Tell me,
tell me more about her. Youguys been together a long time, right,

it's uh, Paul, it's tough. I gotta be honest. Oh
gosh, why that girl's been intome since she started working? Still ever
again? Anyway? One A fourthree, my fam, it is valid
in the morning. Every week,our friend Jill takes a considerable amount of

time to dial up and talk tothe people who run the Chamber of Commerce
in various cities across on the Californiafind out what events are happening on the
calendars of southern California cities, andshe comes back and puts together. So
she calls Jill's Gems, moments andplaces that you can share with your family
and friends or just go on yourown if you'd like. And let's hear

them today. Okay, So firstup, I've been seeing these billboards everywhere.
The Renaissance Pleasure Fair kicked off thismonth. Is at the Santa Fe
Dan Recreation Area in Irwindale. It'sforty two dollars a ticket for adults,
but if you're on the older side, thirty seven dollars for sea fears.
But there's that to be fifty fiveand above, right? Is that a

senior summer fifty plus, summer fiftyfive plus. Yeah, but there's fully
armored jous. You can have teawith the Queen. Yeah. I've always
wanted to do any of these.We've been so cool. Alan Bryan went,
Yeah, we went together one year. Yeah, and did you guys
dress up? I feel like wemight have. I think you did.
We did. That's where I metmy friend Bear for the first time.
Yeah. He had a great time, right, great time, A great

time. Turkey Legs for everybody weekendsnow through May. Also, it's the
Festival of Books over at USC.They have over five hundred speakers this year,
including Rue Paul, Sophia Bush,John Favre. Did I say it
Favra. That's a mistake, feelsfirst mistake in the morning. I think

that's a mistake. She genuinely didn'tknow how to pronounce the name. She
should she's in the entertainment business.Listen to an interview beforehand or something,
you know, Like she said she'sbeen working at all week. I really
thought it was Favra. Yeah,like Brett Favre. I don't know,
Okay, I believe Fabreau. Ibelieve Tiffany Hattish. That's free. The

festival of books is free, butyou do have to pay to see these
panels and the you know, thethings that are going inside. And then
also in Long Beach is the GrandPrix of Long Beach and they call it
Southern California's official spring Break. Sothat's happened in this weekend and also weekend
number two of Coachella. And that, my friends, is Jill's Gems.

It was a very very big nightlast night. The Tortured Poet's Department was
released by Taylor Swift and we gota double album. We've got over thirty
songs. I mean, just whenI thought I had taken it all in
and I was ready to go,I saw fifteen more songs. Tyler,
I gotta go to bed. Jadtext me and he was like what.
I'm like, I know what.Oh, but man, are we happy.

John's gonna break everything down for usin new music Friday. And now
we have a brand new song fromTaylor Swift and Post Malone. This is
Fortnite. Jill has got the entertainmentheadlines and coming up. The Witcher has
been renewed for a fifth Stop Itand final season. Henry Cavell's being replaced

Stop It i'll tell you by whocoming off it. No, just stop.
I love that show. If youguys watched that show, no,
but I know you love it.Yeah, there's something really cool about that
show. Oh no, I loveit so much. It's like fantasy,
and I love fantasy and stuff likethat. But I do love that show.
Well, you'll be happy about who'sreplacing him. Oh really? Yes?
Okay, well, folks, beforewe get into our new music Friday,

let us brace a cup of coffeein front of you. Embrace that
I currently don't have diabetes, Thankyou very much. Yes, get to
ask, well, the doctor hasn'tsaid that. I'm just reading the labs
myself and right, Jill and Iwere doing something like last night. Yeah,
you may have it. Now I'mdoing something last night and we're reading

my labs together. Yeah, sheguys. It doesn't look red. It's
not in a certain zone. Itthinks should be fine. It's all in
range. You're good. Oh good, you're all in range. No pre
diabetes? Could you and work there? So let's cut back in the chips
and here people, Okay, allright, but today's first ship. It's

about those who struggle, those whostruggle on a daily basis. Sometimes we
don't know their struggle is there.Struggles in life can be coming from all
different directions. You might actually befacing something heavy, like an addiction,
whether it be alcohol or drugs orsomething else. You might be facing that
on a daily basis, And I'ma twelve step program or anything. But

I thought about that recently and thestruggles that people face, and how there's
ups and downs and relapses and youget it right and then one day don't
get it right and it's a day, day by day thing right that struggle,
and sometimes you may not feel thatsupport. But if you do have
a support group, I hope thatworks for you. Sometimes you may not
feel it. But I thought aboutwhat inspiration can you pull from your own

self to beat these struggles we havein life? And I thought, why
not embrace how you feel on thosedays you do beat the struggles. On
those days where you're winning against thesestruggles, like I said, where it's
heavy, like addiction or something else, when you're winning against the struggles,
remember that feeling. And when you'relosing against the struggles, remember how they

made you feel afterwards. Not tosay like, oh, I feel so
guilty because I slipped up or somethinglike that. But to realize there's a
plus of minus, to realize your'ssunshine and darkness. To realize that when
you beat them, how great youfeel When you don't, Man, I
feel so great. But even inthat moment, give yourself grace to rise

up and try another day, becauselife is so much step by step by
step. Tomorrow's promised to know oneand you got to take a step by
step. And I hope that thatnext step for you, whatever it is,
is going in the direction you wantand you can do it. Count
us up, Jill one two three, New Music Friday. Coming up next,

it's a little lady named Taylor Swiftthat apparently might be in the news
stand by for New Music Friday.Next to my fan no wait a minute,
wait a minute, and getting mycamera ready because apparently Laura says we
have to film this sense it's sucha big moment. Laura puts everything on
social All right, we were filming. How's your camera, Joe? I

did like my angle, but nowwe're good. Yeah, I like this
angle. I look good. Allright, folks, Welcome to a New
Music Friday with j A Lot.A New Music Friday for arguably, I
mean, the biggest artist of ourgeneration. First though, I just want
to say my fem had an iHeartRadioalbum premiere last night that we aired.
It was incredible, Like, asa music fan, that's what I want

to hear every time. You gotto hear some behind the scenes stories from
Taylor what she intended the songs tobe about. I got awesome feedback from
my friends who are fifty So Ijust not don't want to suck up,
but I just want to say thatthat was truly so cool that hopefully you
know what I'm talking about here.But that being said, let's just take
what we can in from this Tayloralbum. Thirty one songs we're gonna do?

God, I know, I know, dude. What time did she
finished last night? Like midnight?She released the second part of it at
eleven hour time? Holy caah.Yeah, I just digested the first one
and then I saw fifteen more songs. Oh no. So let's give you
a little taste of the album here. First track is her opening song.
This is gonna be her next single. It's her collab with post Malone.

You just heard it a few minutesago in my FM. It's called Fortnite.
Such. I love how she's bringingFortnite back into the vocabulary people and

not the game, right, that'sgreat as far as we know, post
Love plays Fortnites and well that's totouch you for only a Fortnite some of
the time. But I like thatyou can kind of your post Malone and
he just like sprinkles himself in andfits in so seamlessly there. But she
says that she imagines this song takesplace in an American town, somewhere where

you thought this American dream would happen, and it didn't. Maybe you didn't
end up with the person that youthought you'd build a life with, or
maybe you just didn't get the lifeyou wanted in general, and you have
to maybe see reminders around you ofwhat that looks like. So it's about
that longing feeling. And this albumis very much about the lyrics and the
emotions. It's very moody. Shesaid. A lot of this album are

metaphors to describe certain feelings, andone song that I think does that extremely
well is a song called my boyonly breaks his favorite toys, So get

this one. She says this songis from the perspective of a toy being
someone's favorite toy until they break youand they don't want to play with you
anymore, which she thinks is kindof like how people are in relationships,
like at first you feel so valued, right until they break you, and
then they're done with you, butyou're still clinging on to them and you're
like, no, no, youshould have seen him within when he first
saw me, or see her whenshe first saw me, Like they'll come

back around. They used to thinkI was so special, but you're in
that state of denial. I thinkyou just watched Toy Story. Like I
heard this song and I this isAndy getting the soundtrack for Toy Story,
right, That's all I can thinkabout it. I was like, this
song is Toy Story, but youhave a visit Alslow song. She's sprinkled
in so mild bangers in there.So she picks up the tempo with this

song. It's the most Taylor Swiftsong sounding to me. It's called I
Can Do It with a Broken Heartbecause I can do it the broken I'm
so to die after I gets mybirthay and the day I'm so body boy
say so. It's got that funelectro hot feet, but still some pretty

heavy lyrics, and she's started wettingyour heartbroken, how you don't want to
do anything right? Like I don'twant to do anything when I get my
heart broken when I'm in a mood. But she got it. You gotta
go out and do it hurt,You gotta go out and do it scared.
And what I thought was interesting isthe cover art behind this song is
a compilation of a montage of heron the Aras tour performing on stage.
And then I started thinking about whenthese last relations for relationships for her ended,

Matty Healy and Joe Alwins, andit was a run around the time
that she had to go out thereand put on the biggest tour this plan
has ever seen, right, Andshe went out there and she designed the
most perfector she killed it every singlenight. And I can't imagine having to
do that with a broken heart.Sure, real tough kid, I can't
handle it. In the very beginningof the song, she's talking about a

girl and she's saying like she seeslike the glitter reflecting on the dress and
all that that's us in the crowd, because we had no idea this was
going on. And she's out thereon stage and she's performing. We had
no idea that she was talking about. She couldn't even get out of bed,
she was so broken hearted. Wellthat's you know what, in credit
to her for that, but don'tforget that's so many of us on a

daily basis, when your heart isbroken and you have to go into work
and do your job. And I'vebeen on the radio or the Broken Heart
many times in my life, youknow, And I'm sure you've gone into
whatever your job is and your heartis felt like tailors did in those moments,
and you've been broken, but youhave to put that face on sometimes,
you know. It's hard. Itgave me chills just thinking about that,

just seeing her on stage and seeingthe airstor her movie. You're seeing
all the press for it, likethinking she's in the best spot of her
life, thinking this lady has itall, but you don't know it's behind
somebody else's door. Like forget thestrength to put on the biggest tour on
the planet, but to do thatwhile you're going through whatever you're going through
film too, is just unbelievable.It's hard. There are thirty one songs
on this album. It's gonna giveus something to talk about for some time

here, So I'll be updating ourfree playlist through the weekend. It's on
that free I heard ready app.Just search my new music and it'll pop
right up. Thank you, John. It is six fifty one. It's
Valentine in the morning. This isone of four to three MYFM. The
Battle of Sex is coming up,because want to play that. It's gonna
be eight sixty six five four fourmy FM, No. Four to three
my FM. Here's what's coming up. In entertainment headlines, there's been rumors

that Andy Cohen is leaving Bravo.Well, a spokesperson has set the record
straight. I'll tell you what theysaid. Right off to shopping one O
four to three my FM Entertainment headlines. The Wincher has been renewed by Netflix
for a fifth season. This willbe the last season. Okay, so,

but Liam Hemsworth is replacing Henry Cavellas the lead character reason the Witcher?
Is it going to be a replacement? I'm sorry, I got very
wow. I apologize that was toomuch, no need, but let me
ask this is this one of thesestupid soap opera replacements now playing the part
of Witcher will be so and sothe wait, but has it been Henry

Cavill this entire time on the show. I'm picturing the same dude. I
remember him saying, like we reporteda year ago that he said he was
only going to do like one moreseason or something before he got out.
Mister guy, the blonde hair andthe cool face. He's taking over the
role. So yeah, I likethat. He does have a cool face,
but it's a very tough Jawn lineand like, you can't replace the

Witcher. Nice nice. Andy Cohenis not leaving Bravo. There have been
rumors for a while now that he'sHenry show he's been negotiating a departure,
but a Bravo spokesperson told TMZ thereis absolutely no truth to these stories.

Andy Cohen not leaving Bravo. I'mJill with enter Tavid headlines. Did anybody
else think that like Andy Cohen actuallylike owned Bravo or something? I thought
he did. I mean, heis so deep over there in Bravo and
his shows are so big, andhe's the guy behind all the housewives.
I thought by this point he ownedbra right right, you know, all
right? Six fifty three, theBattle of sex is coming up. You

to play that. It's eight sixsix five, four to four IFM.
Also at seven o'clock this morning,there is one thousand dollars four years one
a four to three MIFM it isValance ten in the morning. It is
seven o eight. We got happynews coming up later on this hour.
You can tell us your happy newsnow by texting in at three one oh

four to three and we'll read yourtext hopefully when we start happy News a
little after seven twenty. But it'sanything that's making you smile this morning,
whether it's bigger small, we wantto hear about it. Texas three,
it's a battle of a sexes.Represent the Madison is Matthew. He listened
oak Park, works as a buyingmanager and enjoys coaching golf. What's up,
Matthew? How's it going? What'snot? My biblical friend? Not

much? Not much? Like Igotta say, you know, I one
year ago today, I was actuallyon this exact Battle of the Sexes at
this exact time slot. So I'mhere for a second Winow did you win
it last time a year ago?I did win it one year ago today.
Yes, Wow. The one yearanniversary. Is such a big win,
such a moment in your life.All right, to representing the ladies.

Her name is Miriam. She's fromDowney. She's a special education administrator
and enjoys watching her kids. Let'shear from Miriam. What's up, Miriam?
Good morning? Good morning, goodmorning, good morning, good morning.
Well here's that works, Miriam.I'm gonna ask you a few questions,
Matthew, Jill's gonna be asking youthe questions. Best at a three
wins, still tied the end ofregulation, we go to ans a tough

tiebreaker question. Let us start withthe ladies. What character does Robert Pattinson
play in the Twilight series? Edward? Yeah? That's right, is that
Edward? Yeah? He was alwayssoft spoken? Ye right, yes,
I want to bite you, Matthew. What after played Jacob Black in the

Twilight films? Oh they don't haveTaylor Lotner? Oh that job? Yeah?
That's right? Yeah that Taylor Lautneris married to Taylor Laudner. Isn't
that great? Who? They're friendsof ours, and it's great they're both
named Taylor. Because it about TaylorLautner. It makes monogramming so easy.

Current score is one to one.In Canada, it's called the Dragon's Den,
where people with business ideas pitch themto rich investors and hopes to get
their dreams off the ground. What'sthe show called here in the United States?
I don't know. Oh here,best country in the world. We

call it Shark Tank, Matthew.The song When You Believe from the Prince
of Egypt soundtrack is by Mariah Careyand what other female artist Leona Lewis?
Oh no, it's Whitney Houston.Dang it, that's right. I knew

that. Darn watch your language,Curry score one to one. Hey,
some Val Kilmer in the Prince ofEgypt? Who knows? Does he singing
that too? I think that's areally good soundtrack. I remember christ soundtrack
is great must well, okay,you know what I'm just saying, it's
a good soundtrack. Current scores oneto one. What college does Lebron's son

Brannie James currently attend? Is itusc? Usc is correct? And Matthew
finished the name of this hair careline Herbel blink kalm markin Herbel What finish

the name of the hair care line? Oh, Herbal Blankey. I don't
know herbal essences oh shoot, ladieswith congratulations you want to battle the sexiest
championship certificate posted on social use thehashtag down time in the morning and share

it with Brian Oh my god oftenthank you, sure will. You've also
wanted here gets to see Maria Carryat Dolby Live Mark in GM on July
twenties. Plus. You're gonna geta night hotel stay at Park MGM and
one hundred dollars gas card to helpget you there. To guts. Go

on sales today at ten am atticketmaster dot com. Congratulations, Thank you,
thank you. It's a perfect weddinganniversary gift. Thank you so much.
That's great. Well, listen Matthews, the exit the stage. This
moment is entirely yours. You takeit away. I just want to say
thanks for having me back, andcongratulations on that win. That's gonna be

a great anniversary or honeymoon present.Sorry come from what you said, but
I hope you have a great timeand thanks again. I love listening to
the show. Thanks Matt, appreciateyou, buddy. All right, John,
what's trening? The Coachella intermission isover. I guess we have round
two. Now you can say Weekendtwo of Coachella headliner as still Lona del
Rey Tyler, the creator Doshi Catwith No Doubt, also Kid cutting out
of the Weekend two a new sloopsurprise guests. I'm sure I just heard

that Laura is going going back again, going back too, of Coachella,
So I'm sure you can keep updatedon Weekend two through the Valentine in the
Morning Instagram at Valentine in the Morning. I'm John Camuci and that's what's turning.
In music. Colin is still wearinghis wristband. He still hasn't taken
it off. Really one of thebest weekends of his life. He loved
it. Gat I've got a festival, baby, That's what happened. If

you should go back? Should Igo back? All right? Thousand bucks
coming up at eight o'clock this morning, plus happy news up next. Tell
us your happiness by texting in threeone oh four three. This is no
doubt. Don't speak you and mehappy be fraid everyone, because no give

you boo. The moment's up.Can now is your happy news? It's
eight six six, Dina, Goodmorning, How are you today? Good
morning? I'm great? How areyou? I think we're doing pretty good,
I guess in coffee and me yesterdaythis time I couldn't have any call
off because I was taking some bloodwork and the doctor. Then, of

course I get there and the lablady, Crystal, sweetest lady in the
world, she goes, you know, you could have had black coffee.
Shoot, but I'm good. Nowwhat's your happy news. Well, my
daughter is a senior in high schooland she got a wrestling scholarship to Missouri
Valley College. Oh my gosh,how long has she been wrestling? She

actually started her freshman year just bychance. We just kind of got into
it and we're figuring it out.She's a brand new to the sport,
and so she's been wrestling for fouryears and she made it to the Masters
this year, and she loves it. She wrestled after school every day.
Plus she's on a club team,like she's just a little wrestled champ girl.
Wow, that's great, that's awesome. How did she find that sport?

Uh? You know what, Ihad a friend whose daughter was also
in wrestling, and she was ayear older, and so she happened to
be in the area and she said, Hey, we're doing a tournament.
Why don't you guys, come watchAnd so we came and watched, and
I think that inspired my daughter topursue it because it's really cool for for
women, kind of you know,up and coming. It's it's great for

women for sure. No, I'veheard that it's betters because I'm sad that
she's leaving, you know, goingso far away. But that's awesome,
though. Tell her congratulations from us. Okay, we'll do, thank you,
and you tell her, hey,from one form of wrestler to another.
Take him to the mat. Thisis new information. I never knew

that in the wrestling team. Well, not like on it. On it.
We need to we need to seehim in a singlet now, yes,
yes, that I will do foryou guys. Yeah, that's a
long story anyway, thanks for callingin. Thank you, Bye bye.
Hector. Good morning. What isyour happiness today? Hector? Good morning,
though, Good morning everyone. I'mso excited we get to take my

son my wife to the f showtonight in Anaheim. Gabriel. Oh,
he's a best he's a friend ofthe show. He's a really good guy.
Yeah, I've heard him. He'sso funny. My son's been a
huge fan for the last here.He's only a middle schooler, but yeah,
absolutely loves them. There's some likereally good comedians based here in Los

Angeles that are like friends of ourshow and other shows up and down the
hall too. I'm not trying toown them or anything, but like Gabriel
Iglesias is there, Joe Coy isanother one. There's just some really good
talent out there right now. Homegirllike talent and I love seeing that.
Have a great time. Okay,thank you, looking forward to you guys.
Take care all right. Thanks Hectortext Valentine in the morning at three
one oh four to three Omniana Rodriguezat your traffic on one O four three

my FM. All right, Nancwer, thank you very much. You got
any happin news you want to share? Yep. Going to a culcert tomorrow
night with my girls, so I'mpretty excited. All right, fun girls,
Who are you going to see?Ice Cube B forty exhibit? Oh
wow? He he look at you. Oh yeah, getting after it man,

that's awesome. All right, We'llexpect some good pictures. Okay,
sounds good. Video maybe yeah,okay, sounds good. Yeah, autographs,
yeah, sounds good. Weather todaypartly cloudy, cooler Sunday this afternoon,
tap sixties, low seventies for theweekend, sunny, warm highs back
in the eighties and Sunday fifty fiveand Fontana fifty nine and Brea. Jill's
got the entertainment headlines coming up.If you've seen Eminem's music video for his

song Stan, you know that itstars Devin Sawa. In that video,
he says he was not the firstchoice. There was a bigger name that
they wanted. I'll tell you whoit was. Coming up to seven fifty.
Good morning, Jennifer. How areyou today? Oh? Hi,
good morning, doing great? Awes, I think we're doing good, doing
well. What's your happy news today? Well, I think I everybody else

might agree. Taylor's album yeah,so true. Do you have a favorite
song there yet? Oh, there'sso many? Well fortnite obviously that was
a great This is good. It'sa great way to set the album.
I mean, oh yeah, I'mstill going through everything and she now second

album, It's not to take you. There's how many songs against Jill?
Thirty one, thirty two, thirtyone, thirty holy wow? Yeah,
my favorite one this very moment,at this very momentary moment, But Daddy,
I love him. That's my favorite. The one I related to the
most so far is the Smallest Manwho Ever lived? Oh wow, wow,

Yeah, I'm gonna have to liketake a day off just to listen
to Yes. I can't wait togo back and listen to them all again.
Can I say something controversial? Yes? Please, he's gonna say something
controversial. Hang out here we goand people might come after me. Okay,
this is Brian Burton, Brian Burton, and iHeartMedia dot Com. Controversial
here it is, Yes, goright ahead. I feel bad for the

guy that this is about, Like, it's all about the guy being a
loser? Is that her head?The little man? The little man?
There's multiple here. Up little man, this is what I take from it.
And there's songs about Joe. She'sshe's kind, she's being like,
she's telling it from her perspective,not really putting him down in a horrible,

horrible Okay, okay, now thesongs about what I think are about
Maddy Healy. You ask you rightahead. The smallest man who lives,
the smallest man whoever lives? Nowis a short guy or is that something
else? She's not? She's notshe's not. She's talking about his character,

basically saying like he pretended to bea lion, but he's not a
lion, the smallest man who everlived. And you related to that yourself
those lyrics. I was like,did I write this song like it was
crazy? That's funny. Well,you know what, it's a lot of

music to listen to. You shouldprobably take that day off. Yeah,
I probably should, But I'm droppingoff my kid right now. I'm going
to torture him with tailorship all week. Well let's just keep mine him turned
on because obviously you're gonna be playinga lot of that here as well.
Okay the words, Yes, definitely, hurry. Thanks, it's a great
talking to you. Everyone's thank you. Funny everyone. It is tough,

though, somebody writes a song aboutyou, and if it's Taylor Swift,
you have no comeback, You haveno and I do believe in life there's
your truth, my truth, andthen somewhere in between, Liza real truth.
Right, how can you come backagainst that if you're Maddie or whoever?
Because you can't. There's no outletfor you to say you're side of
the story. Really well, unlessyou write the album. Yeah, but

he's not telling his world. Butwhat is he? Who did you write
for? This is in nineteen seventyfive? Oh? Is you really his
toast? Good luck? He's goodfun. I don't know, dude,
I don't know. So he's thesmall guy I'm thinking he is, but
he's not small in height like you's. No what's smallness talking about? Here's

a little coward. Oh okay,Battle of sexes coming up? And you
related to that? Battle of sexis coming up? Calling? Now,
do you guys want to play?I'm so wead a carpenter, Feather.
She was on stage what like sixo'clock tonight at Coachella, Laura, and

you're gonna be racing there to seeher. Jesus was a carpenter, and
so is Sabrina. Should be drivingdown that road hitting at two ten,
right to the ten, trying toget to Coachella weekend number two. Good
morning, Natalie. How are you? I'm fantastic. How are you guys?
We're doing great? What's your happinesstoday? So my foster son moved

in in December and this month heis actually a Student of the Month.
Oh that's great, Gray, Andthe ceremony is next Friday, and I
just happened to have the day off, so I don't even have to request
it. Oh that's so sweet,perfect. Yeah, And how long has
it been in with you again?You said he moved in in December.

We met him about a year agoand he's my adopted son. He was
also foster he who is going tobe an Oompa Lumpa in Charlie and the
chocolate factory. So there's a lotof happiness going on, a lot of
happiness, right, So what anamazing thing to foster a child. That's
yes, that's so nice of you. You know, they make it worth

it. How long have you beendoing that? Well, we took in
my six year old when he wasten days old and then adopted him thing
to come out of COVID. Weadopted him in twenty twenty and then we
didn't think we were going to doit again because it's very hard. But

we met my current foster son lastyear about this time, and they became
best friend. I love that.I love that, and he needed a
new placement and we couldn't imagine ourlives without himself. Oh my gosh.
And how old is he again?He's seven? Seven. Wow, to

bring a child in that doesn't havea family and say hey, we're going
to be your family right now.That's that's amazing. I'm so happy you're
doing that. Yep, special people. You need award too. We're giving
you an award. Brian's printing itright now. We're working on it right
now, be printed out right.Foster Parents of the Year relationship. Congrats
to you, Thank you, thanksthat one four three. My SM Entertainment

headlines. Dua Lipa's new album,Radical Optimism is inspired by her dating experiences,
and in a new interview with Elle, she's revealing her worst ever first
date. First, Duo said herperfect first date would be going for a
walk in the park. Then shesaid her worst state ever was indoor skydiving.

You said it was horrible. Stop. She did not have fun and
her extensions got tangled. I cannoteven imagine what that what that's like.
I have thought about doing that somany times. You're flying over like a
fan, right and it just boostsyou up. It looks so cool to
me, and I would never goactually skydiving, so I consider doing indoor.
Yeah, do you guys have extensions? No? Okay, you're good

to go. Look okay and Eminemhas the song stand This is span and
if you remember the music video fromthe two thousands, it stars Devin Sawa
in the music video. Well,he says he was not the first choice

to start in that music video.Devin Sawa said they actually wanted Macaulay Culkin
first because I think they wanted himand he wasn't available or didn't want to
do it or whatever, but itended up going to him. I'm Jill
Entertainment headlines. Can we got theBattle of Sex is coming up? Because
to play that it's eight sixty sixfive four four MIFM. Let me take
you back to nineteen ninety three whenthis came on the radio. This is

one of these songs. It wasa huge hit. Actually for Asa Bass
they had a few big hits.This is one of their biggest, called
The Sign. Have you seen theSign? Has it opened up your eyes?
Perhaps this is it? Listen tothe lyrics. Maybe this song is

speaking to you this morning. Oneof four to three my FM. Here
we go as Bass The Sign.It is one of four to three MIFM.
It's Valentine in the Morning. Taylordropped that new music last night.
Here's one of the songs My boyonly breaks his Favorite Toys, where in

this song we believe as a showthat she's a toy and it's a relationship.
She's talking about being somebody's favorite ina relationship. Then suddenly you don't
have that shine anymore, you don'thave that same luster, and they no
longer your favorite toy, and theydon't care about you as much and leave
you to fall through the cracks oflife. And that's a tough thing.
John also said she was probably watchingToy Story. He might be right healing

Go again, Adele. Someone likeYou at is one of four three Mile
fab It's Valentine in the Morning eightten, Friday April nineteenth in the studio
today Wooden hat Ed and Fireball Mary. What up? The live studio audience
viewing party is back. Feel freeto be part of that. Reaching out
to Brian Burton. We have acouch in the studio. John p hates

that couch. We said, no, that's her guests at Valentine in the
Morning, the live studio audience getto sit and watch this magic well very
comfy couch, very comfy couch,and a couch that has historical stuff.
It's a historical couch. Historical stuff. That's good. It's been couch has
been in my family for a longtime. It does feel like a party

in here though, Yeah, itdoes, doesn't it. Yeah, my
grandfather's out in that couch. That'scool. Wait, coming up later on
this hour, we want to hearfrom women who made the first move in
their relationship. Did you make it? Did you make that first move as
a lady in your relationship? SoBumble the dating app is relaunching because right
now only women can message the malemessage the matches first. Like the women

make the first move on there,they make the first move on the twenty
four hours you've got the chance tosend that first message. But they're thinking
of removing that, changing that okay. The CEO Bumble said that some users
think that it's a burden, youknow, some of the women reaching out
first maybe thinking it. So wewanted to know, did you make the
first move as a woman and howdid that work out? I always said

it was intoxicating if a lady madethe first move, you know, I
think that's a great thing. Ifyou have the confidence to make that first
move. Why not because some guysjust don't have that confidence. Some guys
are just afraid of being shot down. Don't make that first move. So
if you think, if you thinkyou click with somebody, make that move.
It's like Michael Jackson, make thechange. It is a battle of

sexes, Rep's and the man.His name is Sam he listen. Beaumont
works as a video game project manager. Enjoys watching movies with the kids.
What up, Sammy? Hello?Hello, morning, Hello, Hello,
morn pre reasoning the ladies. Hername is Laura. She's from Downey Versus,
a high school teacher and enjoys campingwith the family. Let's hear it
for Laura walks up, Laura,Hi, everyone, how are y'all doing?

Hi? Here's that works? Laura? And ask you a few questions,
Sam, Jill's gonna be asking youthe questions. Best out of three
wins. Still tied the end ofregulation, we get a not's a tough
tie breaker question. Let us startwith the ladies, Laura, what is
the name of the snowman character inthe movie Frozen? All off is correct?
Woo? Sam named one of thesisters in the Frozen films, Anna

Yes, Anna and Elsa Lisa Foxwas going on. It's a party in
here sounding out. The energy isgetting to me. I feel like I
gotta clap. That's every question.Okay, maybe he's right. I don't
know. Current scores won to one. What twenty eighteen horror movie stars Real
life couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Oh God, real life couple,

twenty eighteen horror movie. It's ahorror movie. Horror you said, Emily
and John Prisinty. I did,but you have buzzed. It's a quiet
place. Oh oh, quiet place? Okay, okay, Sam, Emily
Blunt stars with Meryl Streep and andhalfway in What two thousand and six movie
Double words product Yes, Current scoretwo to one. Guys, stitches treat

you better. There's nothing holding meback or songs by what artist? Ship
stitch holding me back? Oh?Sean Mende that is correct and Sam,
you can win it with this one. What female artist sings with Shawn Mendes
on the song Senorita three? Waitto go, Brian, mark yourself down,

Mark yourself down? Do you wantme to fix it? Fella's win?
Congratulations, you got it. Battleof Sexist Championship certificate posted on Social
use the hashtag Valentine morn and sharethat with pride. Okay, thank you
so much. Friends. You gottaalso a pair of tickets to go see

it's late I will so by stateof July six, you're gonna see Blink
B one eight two will be thereat tickets run sale now at ticketmaster dot
com. Congrats, what's wrong somuch? You say B one e two.
That's the old school way saying itlike twenty one Yeah, twenty one
fagus like twenty one five. That'sB one a two. That's how we

said it. Everybody knows. Okay, Oh gee, you get with the
program. I got that well.As you exit the stage, lor this
moment is entirely yours, you takeit away. Thank you so much for
having me on. And congratulations Brian, have a great time at the concert.
Thank you, Laura, appreciate that. Brian loves that I said B
one a two and distracted you guysfrom his mistake earlier too. Yes,

as you mark yourself down, Yes, so far? What's the current tally?
Who leaves a mistake with three mistakes? Three mistakes? All right?
In today's show, I said oneper hour and we got five. Sake
I've made two Jills, made oneValentine zero John. What's treading? So
there's this trend going on right nowfor date night, and it's where couples
are painting each other. They sitdown, they look at each other,

They pull out some canvases, somepaint brushes, and they paint portraits of
each other. Got it? Andwhen I say this, I'm being so
fur real right now, I genuinelymean this. We should do this.
I love this idea. I reallythought it was something different. I didn't
think they were painting canvases at first. I thought they were painting each other's
bodies. Oh, we should Ido stay, I said, that might
have been a little bit misleading.Yeah, I thought there was like couples

are doing this, but I willbring in the canvasses in the paint on
day during the nine o'clock hour,we paint each other. I love it.
You guys, do you pick,like a person to paint? We
all get one person to paint orsomething like we all paint so everyone gets
painted. Yeah, yeah, everyonepaints one person in the room. Great.
I love it. Great idea.I love it too. Monday,
it's jam game for that. Ilove get a paint, You get a
paint. You Usually how this goesis on a paint naked on a big

brass bed. It's colors around,stand by, stand by. It's normally
a date night thing and like,sure the girl will do a phenomenal job,
but then they always get mad becausethe boyfriend does look like figure or
something. Right, is that whatI look like? So yeah, I
can't wait to see how we doit. I'm Johnkabuchi. That's what's ttreading
on socials. Okay, it's atwenty five coming up. We want to
hear from women who made the firstmove in their relationship. If that's you

texting right now, three one ohfour three, we were good one fourth
my family. It is Valentine inthe morning. Text coming in here for
the first move. At three oneoh four three, Amber said, I
made the first move. What ohare you the cream cheese? Yes?
Oh okaya a veggie and oh justordinary cream cheese. Okay, thanks,

Amber texted, I need oh mygod, Brian, Brian, she's trying
to read some texts or please yes, I need tonight. Emmer said,
I made the first move. Iknow what I want. Also, it
was part of a bet and Iwon and we are still together twenty years
later. And Axana said, Imade the first move. My husband and
I met in the summer at aScout date camp and stayed friends for years

after that. Then one day Imade the first move. I kissed him
on the train at Disneyland and heended up proposing years later at snow White
Swishing. Well, it's so sweet. I made the first move. Tell
us about that. We were alla part of a group text because a
group of us had hung out.We have mutual friends, my fiance and
I and we were all having dinnerand we started this group chat and that

lasted for a little bit, andthen I decided, you know what,
I'm going to text him and startthat normal top one on one text with
him. And how did you open? You still have that text? I
know you do. I do.It would take me a really long time
to could you find it during thebreak. There's no way all the texts

that we have, just keep scrollingback, just keep scrolling till it lowest
we can have you read this onMonday show to share that. Listen,
we know we can't come to thewedding, We understand that everything, but
just a sharing of the first overture, and that would help so many ladies
that are afraid to make that firstLet you know what it said. It
was something along the lines of itwas so nice spending time with you and

getting to know you. And thenwhat did he say back? He said,
Yeah, he said something light,hey, baby, beer, hey,
bab very hey, having dinner withyou has been the highlight of my
week. Wow. Okay, that'svery nice. All right. So now

you're feeling pretty good at that point. So now you're like, where do
we go from here? What doI say back to him? Then?
Because you want to start a date, you want to have a date.
What'd you say back? It wasn'tanything like that for a very long time.
You let it sit, You letJeff ste no, no, like
we were texting, but it wasn'tlike, let's go out on a date.
You know. It was more ofjust like still getting to know each

other, but just through text oneon one. But that was a three
to one fastball right over the plate. You got to swing at that.
How does it worked out? You'regetting married? So that's great. Yeah,
but we we both took it veryvery slowly. That's so great of
you not to swing at that.If somebody wrote back to me having dinner
with you was a highlight of myweek, I'm like, swing, I'm
going for it. Well, hedidn't jump into a date right then and
there we both realized, okay,like we're both into each other. I

think, yeah, at that point, i'd say I'm outside your house knock.
Not good for you for having thatability to pause, so to speak,
you know, yeah, yeah,and then hiding the relationship from us
for like six months. No,it was two months. I hit it
for two months, and I understandthat. Yeah, okay, based on

the probing of my question test,Jill, we got hours read it on
Monday. Let's give me your phone. I'll go to no. Yes,
can we just hug your phone?Jill? Where read these are zones with
dramatic music? Next Salentine in themorning at three one oh four to three,
Jill's got the entertainment headlines coming up. One of the stars of the
Office says they have not been approachedto appear on the Office spinoff. I'll

tell you who said it? Comingup at eight fifty making that first move
as a woman texting at three oneoh four to three, Katy said it
was me. I made the firstmove. I asked him if he had
a cell phone. I took itand I put my number in it.
Fourteen years later, we're still together. Adrian said, yes, he was
my manager and I was the cashier. I asked him if he wanted to

go see a movie. We weresupposed to go with another cup, but
they flaked and were celebrating twenty fiveyears of marriage this September. And then
Christina said, I got tired ofwaiting for things to happen and instead made
it happen for me. I madethe first move. Plus I was way
too smitten to let him get away. La Lanni made the first move on
me. She was just chasing medown, all over me. She just
kept calling, kept writing everything,Yeah really yeah, massive first move round

me. For sure. I waslike, oh whatever, But she's like
she chased me down, still chasesme. You know. Oh you're lying.
No, No, I'm not.That's the truth. What she's not
here to tell you different. Yourfriend Jill's here to tell you. Who
knows the truth. Hi, Tiffany, good morning, Hi, good morning.
So'd you make that first move?Yes? I did? Okay,

what'd you do, and how'd itwork? A funny story. We were
both working at the same retail store. He was security and I worked for
the fitting room, which where thephones were at, and he was actually
at another store at that time forhelping with the remodel. He was the
security for overnight right, so hewas calling our store back to get his
schedule when he came back to thestore, and because the store was closed

and nobody was around me, Iwanted to ask him to hang out after
work. I did see my managerwas coming up, so I kind of
chickened out and I just transferre himto the manager. So I went through
my rolodex that was on the desk, got his number, ran into the
fitting rooms to quote unquote clean themand text him and ask him. Then,
oh, he did let the courageat first, we go, you
know what, I'm not giving up. I'm going to get his personal number

out of this rolodex and go inthe fitting room. Text him from there
and say, Hey, I'm inthe fitting room. I'm thinking about you.
Would you like to go out?Yeah. I pretty much told him
I was sorry for stealing his numberand that I wouldn't bother him again.
Super cute, super cute. Howlong have you guys been married? Now,
we're going on eleven years this year. I can always smell it,
I can always sniff it out.I find love. That's great. Thank

good as he did that. Andhe was actually my very first boyfriend too,
so I had never gone out witha guy before. It was totally
for time for everything. Yeah,was it the first time you made the
first move? Also? Yes,yes, it was that. I was
super freaked out and I even toldthem that I liked them, and I
was totally scared. And it tookus three months and a few obstacles,

but then we ended up going out. Yeah, and there you are married
eleven years. Yeah, for thefirst time in forever. You just got
to go for it because you neverknow, and you don't want to sit
around regretting and wondering what if.I am so proud of you for that
Disney song reference. It was theperfect time and you got the lyrics right,
which is a big deal. Aroady. Oh wow, that went for

a compliment to accompliment. This reallyfast, isn't it. Wow? That
just went down hill. We're lookingat a beautiful scenery and this should right
off the place, Tiffany, thanksfor calling in. Have a great day.
Okay, thank you too, allright, bye bye Fortnite Taylor Swift
post Malone. It is new.This is one of four three my FM.
I was supposed to be one offour three VAM It's Valencine in the

morning. That's new from Taylor Swiftpost Malone called fortnite. How many songs
thirty one on that album? Thirtyone thirty one. Taylor was on the
air last night of My Fan MarioLopez got kicked out. He's coming back.
Don't worry, and maybe you weren'tworried. I don't know. But
anyway, Taylor took over the airwavesnine o'clock last night playing all the songs
from her albums and it was amazing. Yeah, an anthology, right,

Yes, we got the first partof it, thinking that was it.
She kept teasing the number two.It was on clocks that she posted.
She did two fingers when at theGrammys when she announced the album, so
we knew something was up with two. I personally thought we were going to
get reputation Taylor's version and that wasgoing to be the second part of it.

But she surprised everyone and just releasedthe second half of the album.
Has Taylor Swift embraced the Swifties andtheir love of clues? I think she
has. Oh she's so into itright, Like she sits back with her
friends going on, right, weneed new Easter egg? What are we
gonna do? I bet she putsas much effort into her songs clues as
each other, you know, backand forth the Easter egge. But it's
a lot of effort into your Yeah, she's she has said that they sit

and they plan what they're gonna do. Yeah, Oh that's so cute.
Well, you'll hear those songs allday today. In one of four three
one O four three my FM,here's what's coming up. In entertainment headlines,
Orlando Bloom says he didn't fall forKaty Perry because she was Katy Perry.
He fell for something else. I'lltell you what that was. Right

off the traffic one O four tothree my FM Entertainment headlines, Orlando Bloom
says he did not fall for KatyPerry because she was Katy Perry. He
said he fell in love with Catherine. It's the girl from Santa Barbara or
lo of him said she hates whenI say this, so I have to
word it carefully. But her musicwas everywhere right when I came up.
It was just on every radio station. But I wasn't conscious of it,

he said, I wasn't listening toit. I fell in love with Catherine,
this girl from Santa Barbara. Andhe also said that they shared this
mutual understanding of each other's roots andthen push each other to continue to grow.
And he said he needed that andthat's it made him balm up with
her. Should we call her Catherinewhen she comes in next time? No?
Come on? No? Why she'sKaty Perry fun like, Hello Catherine.

No, come on. Stephanie Germanada, I know that was great when
I called Lady Gaga Stephanie. Yourface was great and Stephanie was very nice.
Oh my gosh, her name isLady Gaga. I know, but
it feels weird. Is a girlman that go Lady Gaga? But she
has said Lady Gaga. Even herfather calls her Goga. No. One

literally, serial people in her life, according to her, called her Stephanie
Hello. Jenni Fisher played Pam onthe Office, and she told People Magazine
that she has not been asked toparticipate in the upcoming Office spinoff. So
we know this new show is setin a new office with new characters,

but they all live in the sameworld as the Office, So fans were
wondering if any of the original castswill be a part of it. Well,
Jenna Fisher says no, I havenot been approached. I don't know
a lot of the details, butI'm not involved. I'm Jill with enertaviment
headlines. Okay, you give meten minutes, I'll give you tickets to
see twenty one Pilots twenty one pit's a MYFM free ticket Friday that's coming
up, twenty one Pilots. Iguarantee in the next ten minutes you'll get

some great seats to see them inconcert. If anybody's trendy out there and
it has ever been to the SohoHouse, we're having dinner there tonight.
I've never been to something like that. It's so trendy. I wouldn't get
in. I think you have tobe a member. So having dinner with
a friend there tonight. I don'tknow what to wear. If you're a
trendy person, tell me what towear. Can I wear jeans and a
college shirt. What do you wearto something like that? Yeah, they're
dressy jeans, I think you can, and just a college shirt like outside

of my pants, not tucked in. If it's a nice one, I
say absolutely. All right. Soit's like it's California, you know,
dude, you never know. Imight have rules, That's what I'm saying.
I don't even really restaurants with rulesthat strict. Yeah, some some
they're very trendy places, and I'mnot a trendy guy, So I don't
know, all right, eight sixsix five four four Texting to a show
three one oh four three are he'sbeen a hole for a few minutes?
Hi are he? How are you? Good morning myself? How are you

guys doing? We're doing good,right, guys? Yeah, doing well?
Thank you for asking? RGI.Actually, oh well we're doing bad
now, r G RG. Yeahit's okay. Everybody gets it on.
Yeah, and it's not my nameis my nickname? Tell? It's your
nickname? Yeah, my name's toocomplicated. What's your real name? Let's
hear it. Yeah, I wouldhave got that right. I have a

friend named ar Helia. Oh nice. Yeah, her husband's name is omar
they have. They had a radio, so now they're doing I think a
podcast or something. I'm not sure, but the good friends I hear you.
Yeah, so you doubted me.I could have gone with that.
Sorry. Usually people call me AngelicaAngelia. It's like, right, yeah,

it's a tougher name for somebody thatdoesn't have a Latino background. I
think, yeah, are we thefirst one to call you? Are?
He though, why'd you go back? Why did you go back to it?
You know what I mean? We'redoing? So did you make the
first move? Yes? I didnakeepsa. We didn't go to the same

school, so we met there andwe started talking. Right after we started
talking for a while, he justwouldn't make the move. He really wouldn't.
So I was like, you knowwhat, I'm just going to ask.
I'm just going to ask. AndI did and he shut me down.
No oh no, yeah, whenyou say asked, what did you
ask? I was like, hey, you know what, like, let's

go out, you know, let'smeet again, Let's go out. He's
like no, no, I'm fine. He's like, no, let's just
keep talking like this. I waslike, fine, but it's okay.
I didn't give up I did itagain like two weeks later, and he
said, yes, now are youmarried? Yes? Yes, now am
I? But that wasn't it.I proposed to him and he shut me

down. Maybe he's just like,you know, it's like insurance companies.
They always deny that first claim.You got to go back to it.
You got to go back and backand back. Did he say no because
he wanted to ask you? No? I mean, I don't. I
still to this day, I don'tknow why I asked him him. Tell
me when you went back to Madisonagain? Did he say yes? Or
all right? Ready? No?I still bought it in his place.

Sometimes I'm like, when are yougoing to propose? When I he's like,
you're crazy. Now you are settinglocal Helia, thanks for calling in.
Thank you, no, thank youguys, had an awesome day and
let you you too. Thank you. By Matthew Dragon's thunder. What if

we're three? My famin, it'sValentine in the morning. Had my doctor's
annual visit yesterday. I hadn't gonea while, so I encourage you to
go see your doctors. Right,got a lot of blood work. There's
a few things of blood working,but we'll find out. If the doctor
goes, we'll see what he says. But I'm so mad. I mentioned
this earlier. My friend Paul Krinojust texted me and goes, you're at

least five ten and three quarters.I'm like, I'm five eleven if i'm
anything, and I probably used tobe six feet, but you shrin because
you get older. They hit medown as five ten and a half on
the paperwork. I'm like, guys, first off, if you got anything
with a point five your round up, no, but a guy should get
five eleven. Don't bring the weightthing into this to wait things difference.

Okay, whatever point five round getaccurate for administering medications. Half inch though,
talking about not happening half inches inthe guys who are six feet and
they're like, I'm six feet anda half. You didn't need to put
the half in there your six feet. But I'm doing this for you,
John, for the guy that comesinto five seven or something, you know
what I mean. I have noproblem with that. I'm five to nine,
thank you, But okay, it'sone and a half that I have

issues with. All right, Well, I wasn't even at the six foot
mark, you know, I wasjust shy of that. I'm like,
give me that extra half inch,you know, and first up, I
believe I own it. Anyway,I have that half inch. And then
doctor has me down from five toten and a half. I'm like,
listen, they're gonna send me alittle thing afterwards, because the UCLA and
they always go, how do wedo? Well, you're gonna get a

how do you do? Back forme? You know, were your shoes
off when they took your height?No, this is like it was in
the file from a long time agosomething, So it's probably like when I
was a kid. I've probably grownyeah, yeah, to be fair,
probably right like six to two now, yeah, yeah, that's it.
What are you gonna do? Whatare you scared of? It's the short
king spring Jo? Who cares abouttall people anymore? Said by a short

button. I don't know. Ijust always thought I was taller. I
wish I was a ball. Ifeel like you're taller than that. Thank
you very much, thank you.Well, I'll tell you five eight five
eight, and I'm taller than you. Yes, actually not that much taller
than you are. If we werebarefoot, right, you're much taller than
me. Let's do it. Let'sall go barefoot. Didn't John have a

problem with people being barefoot yesterday orsomething? I thought it was gross.
I don't like people just being barefootout there in life, all over your
sidewalk. And then do you knowthat barefoot's having a moment. I don't
think it is. Barefoot is havinga moment. More and more people are
trying that out, Honestly. Nowit's happening to Dan's and SUV's, to
full size trucks. Experience the incrediblepower and fuel efficiency with Toyota Electrified.

Three things you need to know rightnow. In March, the House voted
to approve a bill that would banTikTok in the United States unless the company
cuts ties with its parent company,Bite Dance, which is out of China.
The bill then moved to the Senate, where it's stalled. There's no
dancing on that bill. It juststalled. However, this week, House
Speaker Mike Johnson tied the measure towhat's called a foreign aid package, which

means the TikTok ban is now ina fast track to possibly be becoming law.
Lawmakers say they want to ban TikTok. Both sides of the Aisle saying
this they want to band TikTok toprotect user data from the Chinese government,
So we'll see what happens. TheNBA playoffs will get started this weekend and
tomorrow the Lakers taking on Denver nahI gets Lakers have won twelve with the
past fifteen games, but they areconsidered still the underdogs in this matchup.

The Nuggets are the defending champions withone of the best records in the NBA.
But hey, nobody else's gonna happenin the playoffs. It's a whole
new season. Then on Sunday,Clippers play the Mavericks. At Krypto dot
Comorina, John, what's trending welltoday is National Cat Lady Day? Now
is it convenient that Taylor Swifts albumcomes out on National Cat Lady? Whoa

suspicious? But I should see thattrend on your socials. If you got
a cat out there, hey postyour cats. I wouldn't be mad seeing
more on the socials today. Ifyou own a little fee line, maybe
bring them home a little sweet treat. Happy National Cat Lady Day. I'm
John Camuci. That's what's trending onsocials. There's a funny little Instagram postss
soar there today where the cat issitting there going watching my mom pound a
big thing of Oreo cookies after shebroke my snack in half. The cat's

like, my license says like sixfeet. I'm just saying it was telling
Paul, we're on the air now, Paul. I was saying, my
license is like six feet. Ourboss, Paul came with a tape measure.
He wants to measure me because he'slistening and he believe him at least
five ten or three quarters. Andby the way, I checked the SOHO
house too before you send me thattext. I basically I think I can

wear my pajamas tonight to a suit. Isn't that the coach? Did you
see that outfit? I didn't see. I'm actually afraid to see. Are
you going like this? Are yougoing to how you're dressed right now?
I am so that's I can golike that. That's a good vibe right
there, All right, I'll befine, Okay, nice pajama. Well

I have dressy pajamas, you knowI did. I read that article.
That's very funny. Yeah, nosuits at the SOHO house. And sometimes
if you bring the wrong person.They will tell you, you know something,
don't bring that person again, orthey doesn't Well, it's mainly right,

are you prepared to you know,hear that when I come to when
I go there, like, don'tbring this person again. He wanted to
get kicked out. This is itTaylor Swift, but Daddy, I love
him. One A four three myfamily. It is Valentine. In the

morning. At nine forty five,Loura said she's going back to Coachella this
weekend. Oh my god, weekendnumber two of Coachella. You're nuts.
You mean the due lab the entiretime? Absolutely, yeah. She loves
it in there. She's living itup. So heritant was cool. I
went for the first time the Coachellamy entire life last weekend, and I
actually, I guess I think Ihad fun. I'm starting so kind too

many Jeremy people guaranteed. Yes,I'd like a little area in the center
where they stay out of it andI just get to sit in it,
and that'd be fine. And there'sa bunch of dumb dumbs too, walking
around just out of control. Butthere's a lot of young kids that are
having a blast and just being niceto each other. For the mainly by
the most part, I guess good. I was like eighty seven arrest but

whatever, you know, it seemedlike year down from Laser. Hey,
that's great. Only eighty seven peoplearrested out of like hundreds of thousands,
you know, and the shuttle busis one of my favorite things, you
know, at the end of thenight, like, oh, I gotta
get in the shuttle bus. Butit was all and as you know,
my kid in a blast and seeinghis face and seeing him so happy at
that and the best part was hewas like, dude, what I was

like going to school Monday? Iwas so afraid that drug dog might come
near me or something like that.That's what I want. I want him
afraid of that. So what washe up to? He didn't do anything.
But it's like Phil Collins in theair tonight when you're out there,
Oh my, you know, astrong breeze blows your way, You're like,
run, get away from that stuff. Kid. It's not how we
roll in this family. But Iknow what tomorrow is, Brian, But

that's not how we roll. Ohyes, is anyone else celebrating tomorrow for
twenty I'm celebrating my girlfriend's birthday,your birthday, her birthday is on MARIJUANAA
twenty, Isn't that wow? Doyou remember the story of one of the
cars I had years ago that itcame with a license plate right. It
was a used car purchase hit,so it comes to the license plate you
accept ownership right. And the licenseplate literally was b U D four twenty

BUD for twenty. I didn't knowwhat it meant back then. I was
new to Los Angeles and said BUDfour twenty, So clearly the guy had
it before me used a lot ofair fresheners, and people would come past
me in honk and a wave,and I'm like, God, I think
I'm starting to make it in LA. People are starting to like recognize me,
like, oh my god, it'sValentine or something. It was a
license for twenty, and I wonderwhy some people was up dude. No

one said Hi, Valentine was updude. Yeah, bro, rock on
man with you. It's crazy?How for you, bru? How the
ViBe's been lately? Man? Lowkey off, really go off king.
I just feel like it's been madcringe lately. Instead of taking WS,
I'm taking l's. How's your whisk? Mid no cap on God, it's
given depression. Man, dead ass, dead ass facts, no printer period

Man. I hope you feel better. One O four to three my SM
entertainment headlines. Did you say dead? What? What? Dead? Brian
and I have we have young sons. No, and we just had a
talk LINGO and it's that's your thing. Yeah, that's your thing. Wow,

we just had to speak to eachother. We have young boys.
I have sixteen year olds, haveten year old stuff. So we're learning
different phraseology to make sure that wehave an impact with our kids. We
care that much about our children.That was cool something, It was cool
it. Yeah. The hotel usedin the Shining nearly burnt down last night.
It's the Timberlin Lodge in Oregon andit was known as the Overlook Hotel

in the Shining. There was afire that happened in the attic at the
hotel. The cause is still underinvestigation of it. To believe the fire
may have been started by blowing embersfrom a fireplace, but luckily it was
put out right away and no damagewas done. They haven't figured out the
cause, not yet. Okay.I think it's a couple of girls in
a bicycle singer, Red Urban Balland Somebody Knocked. I'm Back. The

show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Teamended after sixteen seasons on CMT. Well,
now a new show is coming toNetflix. It's called America's Sweethearts.
It's going to be an unscripted seriesabout the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Wow.
It will prepare sometime this summer.I'm Jill with Headlights. I to getting

still in trouble for watching that.Like if my wife called me watching that
without her, I got in trouble. She's like, you can watch it
with me. You can't watch iton your own. Oh fair, okay,
fair, Jill. Thank you foryour show, for your show,
John, thank you for show.Lord Think By Show, Brian Bird Thinking
you show, Michaelulman, New YorkCity Thinking b Show, Wooden't had think
every show, Little Morning. No, you messed it up. You messed

it up. Fireball Mary, thankyou for your show. There you go.
Thank you for your show. Thankyou for your show. You guys
ever want to be part of thein studio ants, please reach out to
Brian Burton to guests today, Woodenhad Ed and Fireball Mary. Thank you
guys, for being bringing the goods. Have a great weekend, Get out
there and be the change in theworld that you want to see. If

you are doing Coachella, have asafe weekend too.
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