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April 15, 2024 80 mins
Today on Valentine in the Morning: The Coachella crew of two return to recap all the sights and sounds of the world famous festival.

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It's the Valentine in the Morning replayWelcome to the Breakfast Table or Valentine in
the Morning. I laughed heartily.Oh my god, I helpe. It's
respectful to say I love you.The full show podcast starts right now.
It's five ten Valentine in the Morning, one O four three MYFM. One
of the wonderful things about Jon Kamuciis that he sings along to songs you

know behind the scenes. That song, specifically Sugar by Maroon five, used
to be the song I set mymorning alarm to, because sometimes it used
to be I think you still can. I just don't. But you can
set a song to your alarm thatwould wake you up in the morning because
such good vibes from Maroon five rightthere with Sugar, So I use that.
But then, do you ever getlike a mild form of PTSD when

your alarm rings? Yes, Andlike if you hear that alarm throughout the
day, it just like freaks youout and you have a physical response to
it. I know exactly what youmean. I was scared that it was
going to ruin Maroon five for me, so I had to switch that song.
And now I'm back to the alarm, like we'd just a typical alarm.
Something that will happen to me though, even with those like normal alarms,
when somebody has it set as aring tone or something or a text

tone, and I get my bodyjust immediately just stiffs up there. Yeah,
it's literally like a visceral response,like I get goosebumps when I hear
it out in public. But becauseJohn was singing that song out loud,
I found out I'm singing that songwrong. The entire time, I thought
it was because girl, you're hotterthan a southern California bay. But then
you said, girl, you're hotterthan a southern California day. Well it

makes so much more sense that mymind was blown. Just you know,
they both kind of worked out.You know, if it's if it's a
southern California day, then the bayis hot too. And I tried,
John, You're always there for me, and I appreciate that. I'm sorry.
We're not sure where Valentine is justyet. I don't know if he's
still watching Doja Cat or what atCoachella, but he should be here showering
hopefully should be here anyway. NancyRodriguez, are you back. Yeah,

Happy Monday, welcome back, thankyou. Oh my gosh, Val had
like a blast. I can't waitto hear all the stories. I can't
wait for that either, Oh mygosh. So right now, let's talk
about good morning, let's talk abouttraffic. That's not only Pertato, it's
one of four to three MIFM dollarten in the morning. She took a

slight little tumble on stage at Coachella, but my gosh, what a recovery.
That was the fastest recovery I've everseen. Honestly, it was truly.
It was more like it was moreentertaining to watch her pop up than
it was to watch her fall.You're right, she like didn't miss a
line and the mic was on.Yeah, she wasn't lipsticking anything on there.
I could not imagine what I wouldhave done, because I wouldn't I

don't knowing me I would have gotten. It wouldn't have been as graceful like
or quick. Yeah, But thenthat's all I would be able to think
about for the entire rest of thesong, because I just felt so.
She came out during Don Dallas saidWho's a DJ? One of the ones
that closed the that night. Ibelieve and he just like glanced over looks
at her, saw that she gotup, went back to his things much
to kind of do I know,must go on. We have so many

great prizes this week on Valentine inthe Morning, coming up after six o'clock,
tickets to see Ben Platt at theGreek Theater. If you don't know
who that is, he's this hugeBroadway star and so so talented. His
voice is amazing. That's perfect,right, Yes, you're right, John.
And then at seven o'clock Mariah Careyin Las Vegas talk about in another
amazing voice. And then eight o'clockBattled the Sexes Blink one eighty two at

Sofi Stadium. That's all this weekon Valentine the Morning, Valentine in the
Morning, Valentine in the Morning,it's beautiful, sings it. We had
Benson Boone in the studio not toolong ago. It's Valentine in the Morning
one A four to three MYFM.His voice is so incredible. He's also
such a nice guy. And Johnand I did this trend where we're in

the car singing along to this songbecause it is a very hard song to
sing. Okay, thank you,and we used this sound. So we
were lip syncing in that car,and it was a sound of this woman
trying to sing the song in thecar, and she was not the best
thing. She was terrible. BrianBurton, our executive producer, and his
wife both thought that really was mesinging that way in the car. Now,

granted, if I was really singing, I probably would have sounded like
her. I mean, that's thething. Everyone sounds like that. That's
the point of everyone using this audio, right. But Brian literally thought that
we were both lipstick in the car, but you can only hear a girl
because we're lipsticking to the sound.And Brian was like, wow, John
really left Jill out to dry.He told me the same thing. One
hundred percent of the people that sawthat video thought it was you. Why

would anyone think there was not you? Then why wouldn't John be singing too,
drouding him out? That is somethingI would do tho. When we
used to do the Valentine in theMorning sing along, there were sometimes I
was like, this isn't my song. That's true. What I'm just saying,
I'm gonna be real quiet on thisone. Oh wow, so it's
possible. Well, but you canjust look up, you look at the
little audio and then you see thatit's not no one's doing that's doing that.

Man, we got to have aclass for you on social media.
Did I think this is a carthat I am a good lip syncer?
Probably not? Okay? You cancheck it out at Valentine the Morning on
Instagram. Text Valentine in the Morningthree one oh four three. We are
about three minutes and thirty two secondsaway from your very first keyword for our
thousand dollars phillips. It's back onMYFM. I'm so happy it's back because

we're giving out money like we're Oprah. Thirteen chances today you have to win
a grand So six am is goingto be that first keyword for you,
and you take it to one ohfour to three MYFM dot com entered in
right there, and you will havea chance at winning a thousand dollars with
our thousand dollars Phillip. And it'shappening all day today right here on MYFM.
Mike, ma'am, it's Valenca inthe morning. I'm live, I'm

alive, I'm alive. What theCoachella and I'm back, just got back
Laura went a bit at like fouram this morning. Poor thing went to
bed. Seems like a like what'sthe point of what's the point of it?
Right, it's an hour or sohour and a half forty five minutes?
Yeah, nice, Oh my CoachellaBush, the stuff I have seen.

My eyes are burning. Couldn't dothe ones to find a jump,
it was too far. They weren'tgonna allow it. So there's that,
Oh my gosh, the nakedness,the fake tushes. Did you see a
lot of guys like fake butts,Laura? Every day there was a thing
they were doing like fake butt inserts. Lelani pointed out to me, she
goes, that guy's butt is nothis butt, so we're staring at this

guy's butt. Wait, or justlike like patches or yeah, like things
they stick down the back of thepants of their like for the butt.
Right. I would think that ifyou maybe want to sit down on the
grass a bunch of coach like,maybe that's a good idea. I'd be
comfortable little patting. Yeah, butthis was nakedness, so they're doing it
for the nakedness. It was nolike it was no, it was like

you're wearing chaps, blankless chaps,right, so you see the person's tush
and then there's an insert of afake tush in that. But they look
they look real. They look onuntil you really get in there. No,
these guys were trying to be Theythought it was cool. They look
good. It wasn't a funny one. It was like the ooh, this

makes my butt look good thing,dude, the nakedness at this thing.
And I told Brian it looked likeat one point I thought were on job
of the Huts home planet because someof these Star Wars looking outfits. These
people put so much effort into theiroutfits. I'm like, you're going to
blow away when the wind starts,you know. And then you see girls

like tripping on their long dresses.I'm like, what did you think was
going to happen in that respect?You know? And then they all come
in wearing nothing like Ronnie from ourdigital department, right, We're nothing but
a fish net over one shoulder orsomething. I'm like, it's going to
be freezing later on and you're gonnahave to buy an eighty dollars sweatshirt.
Sure enough, I was the coachElla Dad. I informed everybody of any

problems they might be having. Italked to people about their water intake.
I passed out earplugs to people Isaw that were too close to speakers.
You know, I had my talkye at points, I pretended to be
security for safety purposes for people.That happened one on twelve on or twelve
Gota made out the corner over here. It looks like farm overall, though

better than you expected. One daywould have been fine, one day would
be solid. What an experience?Right the art installations, anyone tells you
to take a look at that wouldbe where you'd find people passed out laying
on top of a flower, layingon top of some curvature of something or
other, and you're trying to takea picture, and some people are like,
I was gonna lay here, andand you know, I don't know.

Maybe some people were doing some illicitsubstances. Because I read in the
rules no marijuana. It said no, it does. I will show it
to you. In the Coachella rulesit says no marijuana. Yeah, you're
not supposed to. They did.The guy behind me on the bus on
the bus coming over like yesterday.In the bus ride over, he's talking
to his girl or I don't knowif they're they weren't boyfriend girl and I

can tell you. But anyways,talking to his friend, he's like,
I'm not I'm not doing cocaine.I'm not gonna do I'm not gonna do
it this year. I'm just notdoing I'm like, where my god,
why what is happening right now?And he goes, I did so much
in college, I'm not doing itnow. I'm just not gonna I would
to go callin, You're not goingto college, You're not You're gonna stay
at home. Change. He changedhis life. That's an inspiration. I
think he meant he wasn't going todo it today, like like maybe yesterday

he did. I don't know,God, but it was stars. It
came out that the people in thecrowd, people thought Leilani was Kylie Jenner,
Kyle Richards. I said Jenner earlier, but Kyle Richards, Yes,
yeah, she looks like her.Guy came up to her. Can I
get your picture? Kyle? I'msuch a big fan. And she's like,
what, she didn't pick it upat first? What do you tell

me? My name's not Kyle?Oh? I thought you were a Kyler
Richards. Oh my god, I'mso sorry. She was there? Was
she there? Well? People thoughtit was my wife, so I started
calling her Kyle. I thought itwas fun, Oh my god and that.
But there's so many can even canI say that dphrase? Oh well
yeah, but not the full thing. Maybe just say D D bags.

There's a bunch of those there.There's a bunch of those there, and
like guys like my age with younggirls and I'm like, what are you
doing? You know? And thensome of the young girls like, well,
you get me in the VIP soI'll hang out with you. I'm
like, I didn't trust that.Like there's so much alcohol stuff going on
there. Like if I had adaughter, there'd been a panic in some
respects. And if you go withfriends and you take care of it,
you that you're probably fine. Butthen they're like bring them into their little

cut unquote VIP area. And therewas a VIP VIP area and everybody wants
to get into that. But theywere handed them stuff. People were passing
things back and forth. I thoughtthere's some illicious substances in there too.
I security about check. I toldsecurity about it. I was sitting there
watching no doubt from behind this VIParea and this one d bag in a

he's wearing a blue denim if you'relistening, blue denim shirt with a white
T shirt beneath it, and hewas trying to like help people climb over,
but only pretty girls. He's onlyhelping pretty girls climb out of my
age, climb over this little fenceto get into this area with couches and
bottle service. And he's helping peopleclimb over, and then he's trying to
get in himself. He's like boostingthe girls in. And some guy in
a sailor cap who's this dufiss.We're in a sailor cap the entire time,

mister I run the couch area,he's sitting there helping the girls get
in, so you can't hear anything, right, But I go to the
security guy who's over by me watching. He's trying to hide out. He's
watching him like Blue denim guy,Maja. I put it on my iPhone
on my notes and I held itup so you could see I go Blue
dnim Guy's major. He's like allright, and he started moving back into
the crowd to kind of hide becauseBlue denim guy had spotted him and was

like, I'm not going to getthe girls over the fence if that guy's
right there. Yeah. So thenthey start doing all these end rounds,
so trying to get in all differentways. I'm like, who cares,
it's a couch, you weirdos,but they're trying to get in. They're
doing all this stuff. Then they'repassing back and forth wristbands. And then
I'm like, Okay, the fireMarshall needs to know about this because there
must have been one hundred people it'ssitting on this one couch. So I
wanted to tell more people. Andthen I wrote on my notes I found

the guy blue denim guy made itin. He got over the wall.
And then they're in there kicking peopleout and stuff. Oh and then the
girl wanted to buy my wristband.Everybody wants to buy your wristband. So
like last thing, I'll tell you, like final night last night, because
we had left. I left lastnight probably like around five or six or
something. So I'm walking out andthe girl goes, uh, can I
buy your wristband? Like everybody ofmy party is a VIP wristband, which

didn't mean much, but she wantedto buy it, and first she goes,
hey, can I have a wristbandif you're not going back? I'm
like, ah no, but butone person my party is a wristband.
We all have ristpands, but oneperson. I go, ah, yeah
no, and she's like, whyI pay for it? I'm like,
yeah, no, why not,dude? Quick? Twenty five fifty bucks?
Yeah no, it was already like, first off, it wouldn't have

worked because I didn't swipe it onthe way out, so it would have
been it would have been deactivated asI went right. And then I was
thinking, hey, I could havesoiled it and then deactivated the wristband on
the app and been an anarchist,and she'd be like, oh my god,
I cracked it in. But Ialso wanted a souvenir. You know,
it's kind of a cool little souvenirtech to give it to her,

but she was so mad. Metyou what was that? Yeah? You're
jack oh man me? No?Oh yeah. She was so mad.
She couldn't understand why no, besidespolicing the count, did you watch any
show? Yes? That was great, you know, that was really really
good. I love no doubt Isaw tons of music. I saw music
everywhere you turn left, turn right, there's some DJ. You know,

everybody's playing on every stage. AndI loved the Marlee Young ge Big Guy
Marley yesterdays G Big Guy Marley Young. There's like so many people you don't
know who's there. And then peoplewere popping up. Casha's popping up,
and Billie Eilish is popping up,and Taylor Swift is in front of you
with Travis Kelsey and stuff. WhyG Marley? Why G Marley brings out

Lauren Hill and Busy whow missed thiswell because you weren't there and I was
in them. I was in themoment. Yes, that was uh.
And the Jamaican flags are going andstuff and that was cool. Yeah,
so many like stars asp Rocky washanging out, Gianna was there. I
mean, it was like so manypeople like that. We had text asking
where's calling during all this. Pizzaheck out of me, dude, pizza

heck out of me. He's onhis own. I don't know what happens.
Laura is so proud. They'll letColin go off with his friends.
But man, I had life threesixty burning, find my friends burning.
And then I took those little appleair tags and I made him swallow one,
so it didn't pass till the thirdday. Nancy Rodriguez, she's got
that more to trap and nance.What's going on? Oh my gosh,

Bill, Oh my gosh. We'llto breathe here. All right, let's
talk about three Doo valso Crash,John Camuci, what is it trending?
Well? Coachella is obviously at thetop of everyone's feed right now. Weekend
one just ended a little recap ofthe big surprises. Lona del Ray brought
out Billy Eilish on Night one.Billie Eilish then went on to play some
unreleased tracks Throughout the weekend. Youhad Olivia Rodrigo coming out with No Doubt,

and then Taylor Swift and Travis Kelceyshowed up just for funzies. They
saw Ice Spice Bleechers and dom Dalla, who's a DJ, and just for
Taylor Swift just went up a fewpoints. We had such a mad time
at dom Dolla. I love thatyou went to that, Oh my gosh.
And then Brian sent me to whois that rock and roll band?
You sent me to Deft Tones?Oh you went I was pressuring rest He

fressured me right. Tift Tones ison. Then you go to get to
the Deft Tone tent, which islike across from where I was. Right,
I was the Coachella stage. Itwas over that way because there's so
many stages of this thing and youhave to run across and then, oh
my god, that's the worst part. Like when somebody finishes and people want
to go somewhere else. It isa sea of fifty thousand people coming at
you and you are sam and swimmingupstream. It looks like nothing you've ever

seen. These people just are likejogging to get to the next place,
and everybody looks like they're from Jaba, the hots Home planet, and they're
just coming at you with these weirdoutfits. Ponytails were on high. Oh
my god, it's crazy. Well, if you didn't notice, val went
to Coachell, recaps up on ourInstagram. You can check out some of
the other pop ups at Valentine inthe morning. So Brian didn't think.
I went and saw this one bandthat was like wow, wow, wow

wow. It goes name five songs. First off, I couldn't name one
of their selves, right, becauseI can't understand what they're saying. But
I did send him a little audioto prove it, and I said,
I sang one of their songs andit went as a little something like this,
baa baa, and I couldn't denythat he had seen them. He's
like that. That checks out,man, that checks out. He's one

of four to three. My family, it is Valence in the morning,
my family, it is Valentine inthe morning. I have sand in different
spots in my body still from Coachella. We got today's dumb game coming up.
Are people playing in this one?Bright? Yes? We need eight
sixty six five four four my fameight six six five four four six nine

three six. I didn't have asingle drink all weekend either. Oh really,
I couldn't afford it. Oh mygod, even not in alcoholic beverages
were expensive too. Yes, everythingis that you can get, like a
watermelon drink. Okay, I'll havethat watermelon drink. What's that It'll be
eighteen dollars. That's like all concertsnow though, John, it's out of
control. I know, Couchelle,you need to make money, fine,
and maybe you charge your vendors alot to be there. Fine, I

get it, but when these kidsdon't have money and they're going there and
then you're asking them to have beveragesand food, guess what they're gonna choose
the beverage, and then you cannahave problems because it can't afford the food,
and then you know they can't affordthe sweatshirts. It was like,
So it's a point where I getyou're trying to make money, but when
I get two small lattes and acookie and it's thirty five dollars, You're

like, what is that? Youcan't afford anything? And like kids are
splitting burgers and stuff, because Isaw one kid cut a pickle in half
and give it to his friend.Yeah, weird, was it? Yes,
it gets windy at a certain pointof the day. It wasn't winning
the entire time. At like fiveo'clock in the afternoon, Whin starts howling.

So lucky with the weather that bookWeekend two, it's already back in
the high nineties. Is it reallyreally? How fast that flops? And
I don't even know what the pointof Weekend two is because all these major
stars that were there, you know, are they to come again and do
this is Billy, I was gonnado your thing again now, but I
think some people will smith coming outagain. There are a new group of
popouts, I think, like newcelebrities come up for weekendso or something like

that. And the people in thetents, what is wrong with you?
What tents they camp out? There'slike a tent unless there's a homeless problem.
Okay, car camping. Yeah,I'm like, dude, it's like
ninety degrees at like nine in themorning. What do you doing in lane
in your tent with that heat?You're cooking? You know. That's what

John does for a stage coach,And that's what annoys me is because stagecoach
just two weekends later. So it'sjust getting hotter. Last week it was
the hottest one on record. Ithink it was over one hundred degrees and
you wake up baking in that lot. I also, uh, I'm gonna
be honest. You know, Ihad a VIP pass, which we paid
for, right, so the VIPwas not very VIP. I'll tell you
that the bathrooms are supposed to benicer. Not a fan of the girls

using the men's are not a fanof that, you know. The girl
told me I couldn't use the stall, some drunk girl standing in line with
all these other girls trying to getinto the men's room. Right, it's
because you can go and use theurine, but you can't use the stall.
The stalls are for the girls.And I'm like, what if I
have to use the stall? Youhave to use the journal? What if
I have to do something? Andshe's not following me, you know what

I mean? She goes, well, security told this, come over here.
You cannot use the stalls. Igo and I point to the little
man on the door. That's aguy. See that, that's a man.
You're not, well, we haveto because the other ones are too
crowded. How's that my fault?You know? Then the girl going,
I have to pee. I haveto pee. Oh my god, I'm
gonna wet myself. I'm like,oh my god. And so I uh,

I asked her, who told youthis? And she goes Security said
that we should come here and usethe stalls in the men's room. By
the way, the urinal is rightnext to the stalls, so the girl
will see. You're oh, andI think that's probably a violation of something.
I'm a buzzkill anyway. She goessecurity tell me, so, Laura,
I don't even know the story,Laura. So I wave security over
and go, hey, how youdoing. Listen, these girls are telling

me I can't use a stall becauseyou told all these girls that go use
the men's room, this men's roomtrailer thing right, use the men's room,
and I'm only allowed to use aurinal. He's like, what shut
up? He goes go ahead,and I'm like he for sure told him
that, No, he didn't.This guy, this guy, no,
I made eye contact with this guy. This guy was on my team.

He's like, yeah, this isa bogus Go get line somewhere else,
ladies. So I went right pasther and I went into the stall.
And I didn't have to do anything. By the way, I could have
used a urinal. But why didyou use urinel? I wanted to change
my pants. I needed to puton my beories. I wanted to change
my pants. The little rondie outif it was a bit too much when

it got cooler, and oh theyride and when it came out pants you
weren't word pants when you went in, you liar, what an experience.
I'm glad I went for the experience. But I don't know what I'm done.
Who knows? I don't know.I mean, it's like so many
people. It's too many people.No, no, no, no,
I'm not no no no, it'sjust too many people. A hard no

means we could get you back.Yeah, but I do I don't know.
Is there a vip vip? You'rewrong? Guard War a duf Nard
War? You know that guy adufis. I tried to say, hi,
I do him and get a picture. He goes and ghost chases girls
and bikinis. Who was that?Blew me off for a bunch of girls
in bikinis? Hollin got a picturewith because he's young and cool. Nardwar

looked at me and saw himself one. Here's an old dude without Ard War.
That was the one picture I wastrying to get, Like if everybody
else there you know what, I'mtrying to get a picture of Nard War.
Call Valentine in the morning eight six, six, five or four maya.
M all right, Jill's got theentertiment headlines coming up the fifteenth the
fifteenth season. Did you say somethingaccident said, yeah, it sounds like

that ship came in. We're talkingover her. She wants us to quiet
down. I don't know what isit. The fifteenth season of a show
is being cut short because the showis getting canceled. I'll tell you which
one coming up at six pece.We'll go back and listen to that later
on. I didn't say it.Well, remember you said something recently,
Yes, and you said that,So I mean slip ups happened with you?

This one? I know? Okay, well said. Let's play today's
dumb game, the Valentine in theMorning Listener feud is all. We are
going to get two contestants on theline, and we've asked our Valentine the
Morning listeners two questions that we tookthe top five answers. Architestans need to

tell us what those top five answersare. All right, Carrie, good
morning, Fontana, how are youtoday? Good morning? I'm good?
All right, all right, Carrie, Fontana, Lydia and Pomona, good
morning. How are you today?I'm great? Hello, Hello morning,
Hello, hello morning. So here'show it works. We've got the top

five answers. As we pulled theValentine in the Morning listeners, you will
have three strikes or forty five secondsto complete this. Here we go.
We're going to start with Carrie.Carrie, we asked Valentine in the morning,
listeners, name an occasion for whichyou might wear lucky underwear. What
do you think they said you'd wearlucky underwear? Lucky underwear? Where would

you wear a lucky underwear? Ajob interview? Job interview? Actually the
number one answer, I keep going, keep going. Okay. Top five
answers gambling, gambling at a casino. I'm gonna take that. Number five,
you get too, right? Okay? Where else would you wear lucky
underwear? Oh, lucky underwear?First date, we're going to take that.

Number two was a date. You'redoing very good at this. You've
got very nice chonies. Keep goingthis two more on the board, and
you got about ten seconds left.Oh gosh, come on, turn out,
come on a sporting event. I'mnot sure, dear got lady?

Who are you? That's the numberthree answer? And sometime, John,
that's time? All right? Soyou got four right. The other one
was your wedding day. Your weddingday was the number four, So job
interview at date, an important sportsgame, your wedding gambling of the casino.
So nice job four out of five. I don't think we've ever had
anybody to get that, so that'spretty impressive. Okay, all right Lydia,

good luck, don't panic, Justtake your time. Here. We
asked Valentine Morning listeners, name somethingyou would lick, Name something you would
lick. What would you lick?Lollipop? Number two? Very nice,
you're on the board. What elsedid you lick? Ice cream? Cone?

Was the number one answer? Allright, doing very well. What
else do you do? A popsicle? Not on their first strike, but
you get three strikes total, sokeep going here. A cotton candy on
a spindle? Cotton candy also noton there. Think just in general things

you would lick things. Your tonguegoes on a stamp, a stamp.
That's the number three answer, absolutelyright. About ten guns left, okay,
you need one more to tie itup here, come on, now,
something you would lick? Uh?Your hand before you clean stuff off
your kid's face. That's very specific. Are you taking that, Brian,

your fingers? Licking your fingers?Right, you've tied it up. You
get one more right and you canwin this. About five seconds left.
Come on, would you lick uh? Oh gosh, you No, the
one you were missing would have beenan en low and envelope. Oh man,

I thought that was together with stamp. I was saying stamp and envelope.
Oh I know, but that wouldhave been great. Well, that
means we come down to a tie, Brian, how would you like to
handle this? I think both theseladies have to go to this show.
They were so great. Oh you'reboth win. Oh, congratulations. You
both have a pair of tickets tosee dom Dalla. He was one of

those guys a coach. You wanta pair of take see Ben Platt at
the Greek in July twentieth. You'reboth gonna go throughout sale this Thursdays dot
Com. Congratulations ladies. Oh,let's thank you so much. Have either
one of you ever been to Coachella? Never? No? Yeah? Is

an India police officer, so Ihear all about it. Oh well,
listen, listen. I went thisweekend and I think I was an honorary
Indio police officer. I saw somethings, I reported some things. So
I'm right there with you. Ohmy gosh, crazy. Well hang out,
We're gonna get you all, saidright, all right, Meculati saying
tight, coming up, seven o'clockthis morning, one thousand dollars. The

thousand dollars Phillip has returned to oneof four to three MYFM. You can
win yourself a grand We'll give youa keyword and then you enter it at
one o four to three myfm dotcom. That's your way to enter the
running. That's your way to winone thousand dollars with our thousand dollars Phillip
right here on MYFM. Somebody saidthat that's hilarious. Where's that text?

One day top one that Valentine,Hey, thank you so much for your
Coachella report. You've cured my fomo. I definitely do not want to go
pomo and acronin for fear of missingout. Uh yeah, no, it
was great listen, And if Iwas a younger man, maybe I'd embrace
it a bit more. Not allthe music is my lore was going nuts
all the yes. Do you getto see no doubt? I did love

doubt? Yeah, No, Isaw no doubt. I was very jealous
of that. I saw like Tylerthe Creator, and then I talked to
my son about his language because itwas not good. And then I saw
like the the Marley Kid yesterday.He's really good. I saw like tons,
you know, But what was yourfavorite favorite side of the weekend.

I mean, I really like NoDoubt because and we know Gwenn and she
really got into it and stuff.Marley. I really enjoyed yesterday during the
afternoon because Fuji's are out there andthen all these stars just pop out.
Shakira was there. I like Beckyg She's always fun to watch when she
was out there, like and thenI walked past Incubis. I didn't stay
for that because there's too many people. Was Incuba who watched? You can

never tell who he actually saw.Then I thought like, how cool would
it be like from a band oflike my generation or something like that.
I'm like, it was like,well, because you see these massive crowds
swell towards stages and then leave thestages. I mean, it's like the
ocean ebbs and flows of these crowds, the very scaryest of respects. You
have to be very careful going through, like you're salmon swimming upstream, you

know. But I thought, whatwould it be like? Because people hear
music sometimes they're drawn to it.They do a really good job of the
apple letting you know who's playing wetand they're pretty much on time, so
that's really really cool. But whatif they were just sitting there and all
of a sudden you hear anyway,if that's so we needed anyway, when
people go to a journey stage,would they all swell towards a journey stage?

There wasn't many acts for like mygeneration. You know, we need
a Valcella. Yes, Brian Adamsis playing. I like there used to
be more. They need a coupleof those, man, right, yes,
that they need that. And thenthey had Will Smith walking out.
But I'm like, all right,Will Smith, Yeah he's back. I

was not expected that at all,Gill Smith and I Will up. That
was like wait what yeah exactly.It was so funny, just like there's
a lot of stars walking around andjust like popping out stuff. You didn't
know who Nard War was early.I don't know who that is. He's
famous for his interviews and stuff likethat. He was very big in the
rap world when he first started outokay out of Canada. He was a
disc jockey out of Canada and workedlike at a college radio session I think

for a long time, and uh, very colectic and into his music and
wear's a funny outfit and always hasa catch raise dude, do you do
dot dot dude? And he wasknown for asking questions that the artist would
always go, how did you knowthat? How did you find that out?
He goes, well, we hadto know that because your ace hap
rocket. He'd dig something up fromTwitter in like two thousand and eight.
Yeah, okay, if it waseven around then, who knows, But
right, he got these things.And so I tried to say hi to

him because he works in radio andI work in radio, and I wanted
him to know I work in radio. And he kind of blew me off,
you know, and then started chasinggirls in bikinis, so do do?
And of course that's the one Iwant to get a photo with.
I'm like, I forget that now. Yeah, this then never meets you
hear us. Yeah, it wasthe only celebrity I got close. Stuff.
I can get a picture too everybodyelse of so many people around you.

You see these crowds, it's likeget really close to like different YouTubers
or influencers and stuff like that,and my god, everybody's an influencer.
I'm like, what are you gonnado with that photo of you laying upside
down on top of this fake flower. I mean, what's your plan with
that? You know, post itand get the likes? Yeah? Do
they? I don't know. Youknow, service wasn't great there, so

posting's kind of hard. And thenI just I couldn't imagine what it would
be like if people couldn't bring theirphones in. Everyone's on their phone taking
pictures memorializing the event and stuff,and some of the video footage is horrible.
Like I took video footage of stuff. I'm like, what are we
gonna do with that? It's likeit's how many stuff are right exactly.
It's like it's like when you takevideos of fireworks. I mean, what'd
you do with that video sitting yourphone from July fourth? You know it's

two thousand and five. You're notdoing anything with that video? Oh I
get the fireworks on a video andyou'll never look at it again. But
they do all these videos. I'mlike, you can't see the stage from
here, it's far. You getpeople jumping up and down. No one
sits down, Nobody, Like,why is everyone standing up? Sit down?
Enjoy the show? Ice Spice istrying to do a nice show.
She's a very nice girl. AndIce Spices up there doing her thing,

and Laura's jumping up and down infront of me. I can't see anything.
I'm like, Laura's sit down.You know. How's your body feeling
today? It was sore one ofthe days. My back was killing me.
Walk like ten miles in a oneday. Yeah, the watch is
like I quit, you know,yeah, And then you have to walk
so far and then directions getting outof there to find your butle, your
butle, your shuttle which is abus and a shuttle. It's a bottle.

So I couldn't find my buttle.So finding the buttle was hard because
you might have made that up.But fine, it was hard and you
got the wrong way and then goes, oh, the yellow line's down there,
and you go down there and theguy goes, no, it's not
it's down there. I'm like,you guys didn't even know where your bottle
is. You need signs for thebuttle. Thank you? One O four
to three MYFM. Here's what's comingup and entertainment. You guys ever need

to cook all a tour guide?I think i'm your guy now I'm a
vet. I'm a vet. Ican do it. Have you been never
take you? Oh? Oh mygod, A lot of fun. The
box office had the biggest opening ofthe year. I'll tell you what film
it was coming up after Traffic oneO four to three my sm entertainment headlines.

Civil War had the biggest opening foran R rated movie this year.
It surpassed expectations and made twenty fivepoint seven million dollars in ticket sales in
North America. It was also arecord for the studio that produced at a
twenty four So Civil War coming inat number one, Godzillaan Kong at number
two, and Ghostbusters Frozen Empire comingin at number three. And The Talk

has been canceled over on CBS.It's gonna air its final episodes in December,
and this fifteenth season is being cutshort, so The Talk has been
canceled over at CBS. I'm Jillwith Entertainment headlines. I kind of knew
that was happening. Jerry O'Connell,My wife saw him the other day,
and Jerry wouldn't mind me telling youthis. And he's standing on the sidewalk

outside of a restaurant that Lenlani wasdriving past. And he looked very animated.
He wasn't mad, but he's veryanimated in his conversation talking to somebody
on the phone. And the nextmorning I wake up and the talks canceled.
I bet he was talking to somebody. Bet he had found out or
something. Maybe that's what's happening.He's like, oh my god, it's
canceled. Been a nice run though, And they said they're going to do
like and yes, yes, they'reall getting paid through December and stuff.

But I mean they're all probably makingmoney. Anyone that worried about them,
you know, yeah, he shouldbe. He's still making money off a
stand by me. Jerry O'Connor sixfifty nine. It's one of four to
three my FAM and it's Valentine inthe morning. Battle of Sex is coming
up eight six sixty five four fourMYFM. You want to play eight sixty
six five four four MYFM. Benright after Rihanna, who was there right

after Rihanna? You can win yourselfone thousand dollars next bike bab It's Valentine
Morning. The security a coach outa little bit lacks at certain points.
You know, they don't really checkyour bag as much. As I feel
they should check your bag or somethinglike that. But the last day I
have a walkie talkie with me andColin is waukie talkie too, so we

like channel six. Dude, here'sa check in times and uh, the
guy goes up, We don't leta walkie talk is in here, but
he's a go ahead. He lookedat me and goes, you're not the
problem. What are you gonna bedoing the walkie talkie? And I said,
is there my six year old son? Anyway? But then it was
funny. I told kind of likecertain check in times and the walking and
stuff. It was the loneliest you'veever heard a guy in a walkie talkie.
Oh all right, this is dad, go for son. Go ahead.

And then you hear like somebody elsein a walkie talkie maybe security of
somebody else. We've got a problemwith the lemonade Stan Like was that you
Colin? Like what are you myson? The person would come back,
Now we've got an issue at thelemonade stand. You need to get off
this channel, Like you can't makeme get off this channel. It's my

walkie talkie. Sorry, you needto get this channel. This is for
the lemonade stand, like, well, your lemonade's eighteen dollars. It stinks.
Don't talk to me like that.Over. I'm like, oh this
s over. That's kind of cool. But yes, I had a full
conversation somebody to a lemonade stand.No, he never turned it on.
We're still missing he turned off thatwalkie talk You never turned it off.

Oh my god. I was like, dude, you're supposed to check in
on the walkie. We're gonna dolike the father's son walkie talkie Coachella thing
that, yeah, you know,everyone talks about. Nothing. Ended up
putting the lady at the lemonade standon my will. It's crazy, Hey,
come to it later on this hour. What was the most embarrassing thing
that happened to you at high school? Text in so most embarrassing in high

school? Texted in three one O, four to three. I remember this
so vividly, and just I rememberwhat I was wearing, I remember who
was around. But at my highschool, we have it was called the
shield, and it was where everybodyate lunch, and I ate lunch in
the center of the shield with allof my friends, and we got up
to take a picture and then theyasked us to scoop back, and so
we kind of all just walked back, but I tripped over the bench that

was right there. It was justlike a little brick bench that I was
the only one that fell, fellback, rolled over. Everybody's laughing,
people started clapping. It was soembarrassing, and I will just randomly think
about it, like on a randomTuesday. It was just pop into my
mind, so embarrassing. Were youhurts? Were you okay? No?
I was totally finely fine to popup and go. But you're just like
mortified. Yeah, it's a popularspa and everybody's sitting there, all the

cool kids, and you come in, you tank, I just slipped over.
Wow. So sorry to hear thatlawn about the shield. It is
the Battle of the Sex is repsin the Medicine. Is Gabe living in
Lagun and the gel works as thehigh school English teacher and enjoys playing basketball.
What up, Gabe? Good morningeveryone representing. The Lady's her name

is Amber. She's from Whittier.He's a high school pe teacher and enjoys
Disney. Let's hear it for Amber. What's going on? Amber? Hello?
Hello, morning, Hello, hell. Hello, here's how it works.
Amber, I'm gonna ask a fewquestions, and gab Jill's gonna be
asking you the questions. Best.At a three wins, still tied the
end of regulation, we go toa not so tough tiebreaker question. Let

us start with the ladies. Herewe go. What video game company makes
the we console? Gabe? WhatNintendo game very popular in twenty twenty?
As you're doing various activities like fishing, insect catching, and fossil hunting.

I don't know, of course,animal crossing. They should have like a
little bit of a pond or somethingin the center Coachella where you can just
go fishing, you know, youjust sit back and cast the line or
something like that. I do that, all right? No? Fine?
Current score, ladies up? One? Oh? What Famous Ryan was a

host on this past weekend's episode ofSaturday Night Live. What Famous Ryan?
What do you got? Am Her? I named answer? Ryan Raylds No,
Ryan gosling O Gabe Brian gosling playis a character named Sebastian in what
film Seasian Lola Land. Current scoreis one to nothing, ladies. You

can win it right here. Anartist at Coachella she's dead to me.
By the way, an artist atCoachella brought out Olivia Rodrigo instead of me
this past weekend. Which artist wasthat? Gwen's fun. Yeah, she
invites me to stage dive, andthen I can't do it because the stage

and the crowd were too far separated. By the way, I looked at
a lot of photos, I waslooking at the people in the front row.
Even if I had cleared that areaon the stage, I've these people
didn't look like they'd catch me.You just can tell, you know,
you can look at somebody go,yeah, they're not gonna waste the time
trying to catch you. It didn'thappen. Yeah, exactly right. Ladies,
You've won a Battle of the SexiestChampionship certificate and posted on social Use

the hashtag Valenti in the morning andshare it with pride. Oh my gosh,
I'm so excited. I've always wantedto call on this my first time.
You also have a great prize.You're going to see Mariah Carrie at
Tolbi Life Gosh Park, Why there, Oh amazing. You're gonna see her

till LI twenty six. We're gonnaget a TWU night hotel, Stay at
Park MGM, and one hundred dollarsgas card to help get you there.
Tickets go on sales this Friday atten am at ticketmaster dot com. Great
job, Congratulations, Oh my god, I'm excited. Yay, thank you
so much. My kids tell meme me so. This is great.
From one needed to another. Congratulations, yep. Well listen, Gabe,

You're welcome. Listen, Gabe,is you exit the stage? This moment
is entirely yours. Now you takeit away and congratulations Downber and everyone have
a great rain free week Hey brother, thank you appreciate that. John.
What is trending? So we've beentalking about weekend one of Coachella, but
one of the best performances of thisentire weekend was actually on TV. This

is one you cannot miss. So. Ryan Gosling was the host of SNL
this past weekend. He's promoting anew movie with Emily Blunt called The Fall
Guy Well. Ryan Gosling, duringhis monologue say sang a cover of Taylor
Swift's All Too Well, but heswitched the lyrics and made it the Ken
minute version, and it was hisway to say goodbye to Ken as he
moves on to say or to promotethis new movie. Listen to a clip

of this cause he checked the treblebeach I did with me off true,
it was just out of reach.I was there, please blonde hair.
That was time who was a shitkids. Emily Blunt comes into because she
started Opthenheimer. So she has afew lines about that movie, and they're

just saying goodbye to this whole Bargenheimersummer while they get ready to put promote
this next movie. It is incredible. We're gonna throw the whole video up
on her Instagram at Valentine in theMorning and the stories if you want to
see it. This is when I'mtelling you you got to go check out.
Okay, it sounds good. It'sso good. Do you know anything
about The Fall Guy? Did youwatch the original TV show? I know,
yeah, this is a TV show. I didn't know it's based on
that. No, oh, youthought it was like new or something like

that. Yeah, Oh it's great. Fall Guy was great back in the
days. You know about that?No, but it's about a stunt Yeah.
He's a stunt guy. Yeah yeah, Okay, he's in out there
solving crimes, doing stuff. He'sa stunt guy. He's really good,
drunk up nobody. They could betalking about Coachelle as well. Seven five

one of four three mi fan oneof four three My family. It is
Valance on the morning, seven twentyeight. Good morning, Emily. How
are you today? I'm doing good? How are you guys? We're doing
good. Was the embarrassing thing thathappened to you in high school? Oh
gosh, so it was actually highschool graduation. My maiden last name is

Simmons, and I found out likea week before at the Senior Awards,
which I didn't go to because Ididn't know I was nominated for anything.
But i'd found out when they saidmy name that they had said Emily Simons,
and so at graduation, I wasreally worried that they were gonna mispronounce
my last name right, Simons orSimmons exactly. I don't know if they

did this with you guys, butthey gave us like little cards to fill
out where if we needed to spellour name, since like spell it out
so you knew how to pronounce pHYes, I think you can stick that
word. So in spelling it outscenetically, I thought I was being funny,

and I put underneath my name inparentheses, last name pronounced like in
Richardson's right. Yeah, Well,guess what name they actually read when I
went up there, Richard Simmons.Let's give it up for Richard Simmons,

graduating with a three point five amember of the started. So you walked
across the stage as Richard Simmons.Oh, they did, They went Richard,
I mean, I mean Emily Simmons. They felt so bad. But
what made it even worse is thatI was a part of the choir too,
that's saying at the beginning of it. So we were sitting in our

own section. Huh. So theydidn't they didn't even get to the s's
yet, and they felt so badthat they wanted me to walk again.
So when they got to the s'sthey had me walk again, and they
didn't have anything to hand me.And it was even more. Oh that's
worse than just doing wed or something, because they messed up your name the
first time. Yes, oh wow. Principle handing out the diplomas, And

why I was up there a secondis what are you doing? You've already
come by, What do you wantanother one? Come on? There we
go, red yellow green blue.When you're done with your cards, you're
a dead nique for the dates,Emily Simmons. Everybody yes, By the
way, this is a perfect RichardSimon's impression. It takes a lot out
of you, though. It takesa lot of Valentine. In the morning

at three one oh four to three, Jill's got the entertainment headlines coming up.
It was just announced, am Ihave the Artists is going to be
pulling double duty on Saturday Night Liveas the host and musical guest. I'll
tell you who she is coming upwith some fifty jenneviebe What was the most
embarrassing thing that happened to you inhigh school? So one day, well,
I was in school. I waswalking to class and our high schoo

was actually in levels separated by stairs, and I'm pretty clumsy, So while
I was walking to my next class, I had to go down the instead
of stairs and the very top stairs. Somehow I missed it and I parted
catching my footing, but I couldn'tand I ended up going all the way
down to the bottom of the flightof stairs, no screaming all the way
down. And while this was happening, I was carrying my clarinet in my

clarinet case and also carrying a cakebecause it was my birthday and my friend
made me a cake. I somehowmanaged to say both, just not my
pride, because the entire school sawme. Okay, hold on, how
do you save a clarinet and acake as you're rolling down the stairs?
I have no idea. I somehowI managed to like land on my bottom

and slide down the stairs. Oh, yes, I was sore for the
rest of the week. Was yourtailbown all bruised up and everything? Yes?
Yeah, So I was in marchingband. I had to march later
that day too for practice. Yeah. And to make it worse, my
crush was at the bottom the stairsand saw the whole thing at the time.
Why are they always around at thatpoint? I don't get it.
It always happens. Yeah. Therest of the day, I was known

as the girls of on the flightof stairs at school? Were you a
good? Uh? Clarinet player?Were you good? Yeah? I was
better at saxophone. So I didboth saxophone and clarinet. I was in
jazz bend, marching band and concertband. Me too, me too,
alto sax player here myself. Ohyeah, my sister played alto. I
played tenor, and then my youngestsister played trumpet. What and my daughter

now plays alto. You know howto wet the old read, don't you?
Oh yeah, I bet you've gotwonderful ambusher. Yeah it's got a
little week throughout the years, butit's still there. Time to practice,
right, Say hello to the oldVan Doren. Yeah, yes, good
one. You take care, thankyou, you too, appreciate you.

Oh my gosh, I'm like hittingit out of park here at the Marching
Bay kids. Yeah, she wascharmed. Oh my god, the old
van door and a certain type ofred that I would use, not a
Rico, guy. Rico's the beginner. Think of Van Dorn's legit use van
doorans. I don't use read instrumentsup guy. Oh but I bet you
had great ambus. Sure I didthat great umber. Sure. How you
apply your mouth to the woodwind orthe brass instrument is the ambusher. It's

French for umbo shole went too far? I did seven thirty eight tail swift.
This is antihero. We're live collnow you know what Cholling Summit.

I don't know what anybody's saying it'smy kids Instagram story. What he yeah,
he did, he said, allthe way through to the very end,
he was getting way up by thefront, Like what were you doing?
How are you getting so close tothe front. They camped out for
like one guy, like the oldFortnite days where you'd boot camp. They
were like camping out out for peoplethey'd see no doubt, and then they
camp out through the next act orwhatever at the coach stage, waiting for

Tyler Creator or somebody like that.Sometimes you got to do that for a
good spot. Do you really?Yeah? Are you bummed didn't go?
John? You know you're kind ofa festival guy. I didn't think I
was going to be, you knowwhat the line of this year. I
wasn't exactly what I thought it was. You were telling me that, right,
I'm good. And then Day onehappened and I woke up Saturday morning
and I was kind of catching up. And then I woke up Sunday morning

and I was looking at more andI was like, didn't want to go
to Coachella, right, And thenyou saw me just like living my best
life, passing out ear plugs,people with sandy wipes, a little anti
bacterial wipes, passing those out tofolks and washing people's hands because there are
so many big festivals around the countryall the time, Like Larche loses another
big one, but at these festivals, I don't see like the amount of

star power just walking around hanging outright, you know, and Coachella still
has that. And I was like, that's interesting to see. I was
sure it changed my mind on it. This weekend. I listen. The
first day I walked in, ayoung lady's ship outed out my name.
She's a listener of the show.She came up, took a picture of
me. I took a picture ofthe few people. Mm hmmm, how
fun. I mean, I waswearing a jacket, said iHeartMedia. Okay,

but easy to get people to recognize. Other people recognized me from the
crazy outfits that it was in thatLaura posted up on the Instagram and stuff
amazing. So maybe I was oneof those stars walking around that You were
three people out of four hundred thousand, you who I was one oh four?
Three? Two were in my family. Here's what's coming up In entertainment

headlines, one of our late nighttalk show hosts says they want to do
thirty years on TV. Who saidit? I'll say out the traffic one
O four to three my SM Entertainmentheadlines the news. The news was announced
during Saturday Night Live this past SaturdayNight, which was hosted by Ron Gosling

about the next host and musical guests. I got dua lipa. She's going
to host on May fourth, alsoa musical guest. She has never hosted
before. She has appeared as theshow's musical guest twice before, but she's
pulling double duty on Saturday May fourth. And Jimmy Fallon He's about to celebrate

his tenth anniversary with the Tonight Show, but he wants to pass Johnny Carson
as the longest running late night host. He was part of this panel over
the weekend and he said, doyou guys want me, Let's break the
record. Let's go, Let's dothirty years. So that is his plan
as host of the Tonight Show.I'm Jill with her timid headlines. Kate
seven fifty one. We do onethousand dollars coming away eight o'clock this morning.

We call it our thousand dollars.Phillip your chance to win one thousand
dollars at eight o'clock sharp, thenright after that in the Battle of Sexes
link one eighty two at Sofi Stadium. If you want to play in that,
It is eight sixty six five fourfour my FM cause your daily Doschef

Happy News on Value. I'm inthe morning. Hi Charlie, I didn't
see you sining there. How areyou? Oh? Hi, sorry,
I'm good. How are you?I'm very good. You sound very giggly,
I am, and you're sixteen?Yes, okay, what's your happiness?
What's going on? So? Iwrote directed, and I'm acting in
a play and my drama department isputting it on tonight and tomorrow. Stop

it. Oh that's so cool.You wrote directed and you're starring in your
own play. How many people inthe play. There's about eighteen, so
you get a lot of parts,like a four yeah, plus like a
four or five person tech crew,which is really cool. And what's it
all about. What's the basic premiseof your play? Oh, it's about
I'm awful at summary, It's aboutthe human impact basically, and grief and

things like that. Human impact andgrief. Okay, are you nervous about
this? Oh? Yeah, forsure. Is there a happy ending to
it. Yeah, it's kind ofup to audience interpretation. You're making me
work. Come on, Charlie,Charlie, that's great. I can't wait
to see if this is a brightfuture for you and this is what you

get into. This is awesome.Thank you, freak a leg. Thank
you. And by the way,she was a child actor, so you're
getting it right from one of thosefamous people right there. Oh yeah,
Charlie's got way more on me.Charlie wasn't in the wedding singer telling Adam
Sandler, I'm not doing the dancescene, Am and Averreanna love the way

you lie? Eight oh seven.It is one O four to three,
my fam, this is Valentine thatmorning. If I sound weird today,
I went to Coachella this weekend,my first time at anything like that.
My son wants to go, andI went with him and a few of
his friends. I don't know wherethey are now. That's not my fault.
But had an interesting time. Iwould say I had a good time.
I had a what the heck isthat? Time? I had a
what are you wearing? Time?I had a oh, that can't be

good for you time. I hada hey, you need to wash that
now time. So I saw alot of things, you know, the
experience, the experience, yes,and I'd say, hey, you get
a chance once in your life,right, yeah, once in your life.
I saw a lot of things thatI may not want to see.
At one point, I think Isaw another eclipse. And that's a different
story, but interesting, very veryinteresting. Not exactly my scene, you

know, but very very interesting.You're a fun dad to take your son,
Yeah, his birthday with some friends. Like, that's a cool memory.
I hope it is. I hopeit is. I wonder if he
remembers me. I don't know wheredid my kid go? Why is his
location services turned off? Coming uplater on this hour, there's a new

trend going around called going boy sober, where women are not even talking to
guys. Would you be into this? Three one on four three going boy
sober so a comedian came up withthis term on TikTok and now it has
completely taken off. You can't evenbe interested in anyone, you can't be
talking to anybody, you can evenbe in a situationship. This is purely

to focus on yourself, work onyour personal growth. And they're calling it
boy sober. So we want toknow if anybody is boy sober right now.
So you don't even have guy friends. You can have guy friends,
but you're not romantically interested in them, right You're not thinking about dating.
You don't think about dating. You'renot going on dates. What is somebody
asking to date you? So,I'm sorry and boys sober exactly, And
this does sound very girl specific.Yes, yeah, how long you be

boy sober for? What's the averageperson? They don't have an average on
here. I mean for me.You're not boy sober a fiance I was,
I was boy sober. You werea boy over for a little period
of time and it was a coupleof months. How long were you bober?
Was bober for a couple of months? Okay? Yeah? Just even
if a guy was coming up toyou're like, no, I'm not doing
it right now, boy sober.I'm taking a break from that. Not

interested in dating. I didn't callit ic sober, but I'm not interested
in dating right now. But thankyou so much. Even if a guy
was interested in you, you're justlike, no, I'm sorry, it's
you know, a boy sober isthe thing I was journaling. I had,
like my own personal growth like workbook, that I was going right,
felt in power through it. Goodfor you? And what took you
out of the boys? How'd youfall off the wagon? I think I
felt like I was ready again?Okay, I felt it personally like I

was. I was good. Iwas in a better place, a better
headspace. I love. Just stepback into dating, all right. So,
if you are a boy sober thinkingabout being boy sober three one o
four three eight six six five fourfour, IFM are you bober? He
is the battle of the sex isreps in the Menace? It was tom
He lives in Santa Karita, worksas an account manager and joys golfing.

Tommy, what's up, buddy?Good morning? Happened Monday? Guys?
Sorry? Red reason? And thelady is. Her name is Lynn.
She's from Anaheim. She works asa UPS supervisor and enjoys karaoke. Let's
hear it for Lynn, Lynn.Hi, good morning Lynn. I'm gonna
ask you a few questions, Tommy, Jill's gonna ask you some questions.
Best out of three wins still tiedin a regulation, we get announce a

tough tie breaker question. To startwith, the lady is what is Billy
Eilish's brother's name, Lynn, brother'sname? Yeah, Billy's brother, I
don't. I don't know that one. Guineas Phineas. Phineas is his name
Phineas Tom. On Friday Night,Billie Eilish was brought out on stage by

what Coachella headliner? Uh? OliviaRodrio? Oh? No, Lana tel
Ray, all right? One toone. At the end of the first
Avengers movie, the Avengers assemble atwhat kind of restaurant following the battle in
New York City? Ah? Uh, I don't know, oh, Schwarma.

Tom. What actress who also starredin Contagion was also in the Iron
Man and Avengers films, Hike ScarlettJohanson. No, Gwyneth Paltrow. All
right. If you're keeping track ofthe score, it's it's easy to do.
It is currently zero to zero.What famous country artist was the musical

guest on this past weekend's episode ofSNL Musical Guests this past weekend? Who's
Thattlin? Adam Sandler? Adam Sandler, No, that'd be a big deal
with Samman back on. It wasChris Stapleton. Chris Stapleton, Okay,
Tom, Chris Stapleton is featured onthe twenty eighteen song say Something by what

artist? I don't know? Justinb Justin Timber you were close. You
should have just said Justin On.That means you, guys both are not
good. What Sunday listen? Ihear you. Oh and I'm a Coachella

fella. So besides that, let'sgo to a not a tough t I
break your question. Holl are younamed her? The answer you name will
be your buzzer. Wait until BrianBurton finishes asking the question before you buzz
in. What was the most disappointingconcert you ever attended? Lynn Tommy?
It was what it was, nodoubt, it was, no doubt shop

shopping, come on, no doubtwas started to were fantastic? When's a
friend of the show? It wasit was just not a good concert.
No really, I'm not fine,No really, it was back in the
day and just didn't like it.Yes, back way back in the day.

All right. Ladies won the Battleof the Sex's Changehi certificate posted on
social Use the hashtag Valentine in theMorning and share it with Brian Yay,
thank you. You've also won apair of tickets to see from twenty two
at show By Stadium on July sixth. Tickets on sale now at ticketbasters dot

com. You can thank you.Some people texting immediately cannot believe you said
no doubt. People very shocked aboutthis. We're all shocked about it.
I know, I'm sorry. Allright, Okay, we'll have Gwen.
Sorry, well listen, Tommy,is you exit the stage. This moment
is entirely yoursy take it away.Hey, you guys, have a great

week, and thanks for having me. I appreciate you guys. You got
it. Thanks, tom appreciate you. John. What's trending? Budd Well?
One of these standout performances at Coachellathis year, Lynn from Battle the
Sexes may not agree, but itwas no doubt. See no fans online
we're going crazy saying that they can'tbelieve that we're hearing don't speak at Coachella

in twenty twenty four, Like howwild is that? But then the moment
that people have been talking about waswhen she brings out Olivia Rodrigo. They
sang Bathwater together, and this onegave me a little bit of foe though
in this I was like, thisis when it started for me this weekend.

Could have been sitting right next tome watching that by now right there,
he's just gonna raging. I wasin that mos pit going crazy.
Man, the tables have turned.John's watching you. What a lame off.
I know, he's so lame.I'm so young and cool. I'm
talking about that. It's turning onsocial stuff. By the way, you

can buy like earplugs in mass quantity. You can buy like a whole tub
of like five hundred It's really cool. And they have different colors now they
have orange ones and they have likeblue ones. And by the way,
if you buy them at Walmart,there's like three different areas to get him.
You get him in the hunting sectionobviously too for like, you know,
if you want to plug your ears, it's over in the the other

hardware section as well if you're likeworking with tools. And then they have
some ear plugs over in the pharmacytype area as well. I wish I
had some. Now they're down inmy car if you need something, and
I've got a bunch, so wecan use those plugs anywhere. Justin Bieber,

he was there. This is ghost. It is one of four to
three my famines valence in the morning. You know, I want to put
this plug blood. Thanks, thereis always much one of four to three,
my famous valence on the morning.Here he is an earplug for you.
I'm sorry I went too far,but now you listen. You were

fine. It was very funny whatyou said, and I appreciate your comedy.
You know, who went too far? Don't even for laughing. Oh
it was a real I think weall heard a hearty laugh. That was
a little rude. That was allhonest, Thank you laugh It was It
was a laugh, but I meanit went on and on. That laugh
was like the deepest guttural laugh.Well, I know, but it just
did seem to last a lot longerthan people thought it would last. It

was a very lengthy laugh. Johndidn't laugh at all. Great face.
You hurt my friend's feelings. Thankyou, Joe John idea. What was
said? Eight twenty six Tarry,good morning? How are you today?
Good morning? I'm good? Howare you? We're doing good? Are
you? Boy? Sover? Iam boy sober? Boys didn't even though
it was a thing to I saidon your page, how about that?

So, why did you decide tobecome boy sober. You're taking a break
from boys entirely, no dates,no nothing, you're boy sober. I
am why. Uh? Well,my boyfriend of ten years decided in October
that, in his words, hecouldn't do all this anymore and packed up
and left. Wow after ten years. Yeah, it's cool. I told

him if he didn't want to bethere, he needed to go, which
is so true. It's hard tothat moment because you I think the frustration
becomes that you invested ten years ofyour life into something without a payoff.
Right exactly? Did you have anygood times in that ten years? You
think looking back, Oh, yeah, I don't regret it. Good,
good, you know it happened.We had a good time. Good to
bed, and we're done. ButI just I just don't have it in

me right now. To hell investin a relationship, Well, you're in
a long one, you're in forten years. Yeah, I get that.
I just I think it's tough sometimeswhen people invest that much time in
something that the payoff that they thoughtwas going to be there isn't there.
But we have to look at itsometimes like it's a chapter in our life.
It's not the entire story. Itwas a chapter that ended and a
new chapter begins, exactly. Andso many times your friends or your family

think they're helping you by saying like, oh, let's get you back out
there. I want to set youup with so and so, right,
but so often it really is beneficialto just take a moment and pause and
do this boy sober tread, evenif you don't call it that, but
just focusing on yourself, your personalgrowth, who you are after this relationship
exactly. They're all I think youwant to in the app. You want
to go and you know, goon a date. I'm like, no,

I want to take a break,right. Yeah. Well, I
mean I'm glad it works out.I'm good for you. I'm glad it
worked out. Like Jill says,you gotta get out there. I gotta
meet this guy Nam Jeff that Ireally like. You know. Yes,
now she's engaged. Man. Sowe're called Valentine in the morning. Eight
six six five four four maya.M. Jill's got the entertainment Headlin's coming

up. Frozen star Josh gadd isdirecting a biopic and he has the blessing
from the family. I'll tell youwho's about kind up at eight fifty.
Hello Carrie, Hello, good morning, Hello, good morning to you.
Are you going voiceover? I havebeen voiceover for six years? Holy but
Jolie, Yeah, you don't soundlike you're twenty two. So what's going

on? Three of it was aftera divorce, finding myself. Three of
it has just been there's just nothingout there. There's just no one worthwhile
falling off the wagon, poort.There are there's guys out there. I
guess they're rust to hear men andwomen go on. There's nobody good out
there. There really are just goodpeople out there. I think I've set
my standards higher this time around.I'm like, you know, I'm older

now, I'm about to turn fifty. I'm not going to just settle for
anybody. I want the movie.It's going to help complete my life.
So yeah, I'm not going tojust go with anybody. Yeah. I
don't think you have to settle,But I also think you have to be
willing to open your eyes to somethingthat may not necessarily be what you thought
it was. Don't judge a bookby it's you shake your head all you
want, but judging a book byits cover is what I'm saying. But

once you get past all of that, Like when you're into your later years,
you know what you want. Youcan tell in an instant what someone
else is looking for. Yeah,and the type of person that they are,
at least in my right, Idon't know. My most recent date,
we were thirty minutes into it andhe was always talking about how he
has his wedding planned and how hewants to get married on these tropics,

and I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, listen, the
guy knows what he wants. Youknow, you guys just said it.
He knows what he wants. That'snot what I'm looking for. You either
get all of the marriage stuff oryou get people who have so much baggage
with them that I'm not an airport. I don't want to deal with all
the blood. Okay, Okay,well Carrie, listen. Best of luck

to you if you do fall offthat wagon of being boys over. Okay,
thank you so much. I'm hopingthe listener will come about. All
right, So we went from youknow, hey, let me call in,
give me a number. Thanks.You know, I can't hurt to
try, all right, love Itspublic service announcement clean your air pods I

looked at mine this morning. CourseI was at Coachella all weekend. Did
you ever look aside inn AirPod?How dirty gets in there? It's nasty?
Really? Yeah, get a cutetip. Do you have air pods
with you anybody? Uh? Idon't with me, but I don't talk
about cleaning mine. I like lovetaking a little paper clip and then you
undo it, so you have littlepoker and then I really get in there
and dig it all out. Okay, Yeah, No, they're dirty and

nasty. Really enjoy it? Yeah? And how's that stuff get in there?
You enjoy weird things? Joh,I do. Yeah, It's just
it was gross. I looked atlike after Coachella. I'm like, oh,
sand in there and stuff and whoknows what else this? Ikey?
So take a look your AirPods today, clean and get a cue tipket summon
some alcohol, do it? Johnsays, pop that cover off if you
don't have, dude, it's onYouTube. But I think it just pulls
right off, don't. Yeah,pulls right yeah, pulls right off.

Yeah. But I was like,whoa gross? Eight forty two three?
Yeah? I know. Listen,I'm here to be your friend. Remind
you of stuff like that. Yeah, you know, I'm your pal.
I appreciate it, your pal.Val Well, I'm not just doing it
for you, and do it foreverybody. Yeah, we appreciate it.
Okay, thank you, collective bee. Because nobody else cared except for him.
Brian's looking for those ear plugs again. No, no, no,

no, that was rude and I'msorry. No, it's fine. It's
very funny. It's about a fourthree, my fan. There's one thousand
dollars coming your way at nine o'clockthis morning. What did you guys do
this weekend? By the way,so little that I felt guilty that my
kids barely left the house. Wedid nothing. By the way, why
are there babies at Coachella? Likebabies like babies like where's my bottle?

I'm a baby, that's the thingpeople, And then like little kids like
three, you know, and dancingout there, and I'm like, dude,
it's like and they're probably smelling stuff. I would so many kids on
shoulders, like in the crowd shotsand the little kids there too much for

them. I mean, if youbring the uh over ears and stuff.
But I'm like, there's babies andstrollers like because they check they they don't
just bring in a person hidden ina stroller or something. You know,
they make sure it's a baby.I saw them checking to see if you
got a baby in there and notjust a stroller. That's good. People
sneak stuff in like left and rightto Coachella, Like I went over those

rules and I knew what I couldbring an offering. They have a whole
list of what you bring it upfor. I measured my backpack like an
idiot. That's adorable, thirteen inchesby eight and a half inches by eighteen
and like whatever, right, Iwas off by half an inch, and
I'm like, god, I hopethey let me in. People are bringing
in umbrellas that are wide open.They've got backpacks, they can have a
person inside of those, Like whatis going on baby strollers without babies?

Oh, and then you know howI'm not good at identifying stars. Yes,
yes, Oh my god. Igot in so much trouble I can't
even say because it's like I'd getcanceled if I said, oh, okay,
well it's not bad bad, LikeI could tell you off the air,
like I'm gonna hit this button hereand I'll tell you during it if
you think I can say it downthere, I'll say it. Okay,
all right, here we go oneO four three my FM. Here's what's

coming up. No, no,no, I swear I thought it was
now okay. A famous couple isabout to work together for the first time
in a major way. I'll tellyou who and what they're doing right out
the traffic one O four to threemy FM Entertainment headlines Frozen star Josh gadd

He is directing a biopic about ChrisFarley. This will be his directorial debut
and this film does have the blessingof the Farley family and Golden Globe and
Emmy winner Paul Walter Hauser is goingto star in it. You know him
from Cobra Kai and Blackbird. He'salso going to be the role of Embarrassment
in Inside Out too, so hewill start in this bio pick and a

famous couple is about to work togetherfor the very first time in a really
major way. Emma Stone is intalks to star and her husband Dave McCarey's
untitled universal film, and this projectwill be the first time that they have
worked together in this capacity. I'mJill with your entertainment headlines. There is
one thousand dollars coming up nine o'clockthis morning. You want to win that

cash? One thousand bucks nine o'clock. What a four three, my fam,
It is Valentine in the morning.Laura and I, who went to
Coachella this weekend, have just eatenlike five bags of chips. That might
be a problem. We couldn't eatbecause everything costs one thousand dollars. I
Coachell them. Yeah, and Imet you walked off so many calories.
You're fine for like five days,you think, so, oh yeah,

cool, pass some more chips overhere. So Britty Carpenter, she was
fantastic on stage. This is featherIt is one of four to three mile
event. This is Valentee in themorning. Oh, my vam, it's
Valentine in the morning. Jill's havinga good laugh. Earlier, I talked
about how I had a walkie talkieat two walkie talkies when I went to

Coachell this weekend because people told meJohn said, hey, sell service really
bites out there. Yeah. I'mlike, all right, Colin, you
know you have a walkie. Iget a walkie. They're all charged up,
buddy, you check in. Youknow, on the hour and stuff.
And I was like, all right, turn it on channel one.
But channel one was hot. Channelone had a lot of like security guys
on it stuff like that. Soall right, let's go to channel six.
We'll hit channel six. Check inchannel six. I don't think he
ever turned his on, like Ithink it's at at the bottom of his

bag. Never turned it on likeI would turn it on on the hour.
Channel six. I'm like, yougot a dad guy, the big
guy. Go for Colin, goahead, buddy over nothing nothing. And
then I'm gonna problem with the lemonadestand. We have been somebody over here
for the security at the lemonade stand. I'm like, Colin, is that

you person? Like now I'm workingthe lemonade stand. Who is this?
You need to clear this frequency.I'm looking for my son, Sir.
You need to get off this frequency. It's not your frequency. I bought
the radio home depot. Sir,I met the lemonade stand. I'm trying
to get security over here for anissue. You need to clear this frequency.
Okay, have you seen my sonthough over? Unbelievable? Did you

ever find out what the problem was? Is the lemonade stand? Yeah?
They were charged at eighteen bucks fora lemonade. Somebody passed out, somebody
fainted when they heard the price.John was trending. There was a ton
of great performances at Coachella, obviously, but one of the best performances of
the weekend I think was Ryan Goslingon TV. He was the host of
SNL. He's promoting his new movieThe Fall Guy with Emily Blunt and they

sang a cover of Taylor Swift's AllToo Well. But the ten minute version,
Cauz checked the cuttle beach. Ididn't really off true, it was
just out of reach. I wasthere, Please blonde hair and now it's
time to a ship kid. EmilyBlack comes in with some lyrics too.

She even stops him in the middleand she's like, what are you doing?
Like this whole ken thing is supposedto be over, and he's like,
I know, but I just wantto like say one more goodbye,
and they go into this whole thing. It's Incredible'm gona tart up on our
Instagram. In the stories at Valentinein the morning, I'm John Comuchi.
That's what's training on socials slipping andMargarita's so Christopher No on the back of
Fakita and I'm miss on markets andI'm miss killed you and Murphy need It's

beautiful sings it Beautiful Things nine thirtyseven one or four to three mile Vamines
Valance of the Morning. He couldplay Coachelse and go like that. Yes,
he'd be awesome. Right. Myson is driving back right now.
He sent me a note. Hegoes, hey, we're critiquing you.
You better have good show. I'mlike, oh, nice to get out
of bed. Yeah for five hours. Yeah, it's been doing this for
a while. They're a pal ofmine. Drive safe on your way to

school, Colin. I know that'swhere you're going right now, from Palm
Springs right for you are in themorning. Well, you ought to make
it by lunchtime. Dad. Mom'sdriving us now. Shout out to Owen
in the car and his friend Dylanin the car as well, Hope,
because I'm finally Lania. I loveyou. Drive safe, be careful.
I noticed what time you guys leftCoachella last night. Weave it late that

life three sixty. Don't lie,brother, and don't lie. Living it
up. Yeah's tent with Laura.You know who is it? Daddy Yo
or Daddy Dollar dom Dollar. Ilike Daddy Yo. That's my name.
I'm doing it yo. It's DaddyYo. At the Sahara stage. What's
going on? Four three mile faminesvalence in the morning. You're a chance

of one thousand bucks coming your wayat ten o'clock this morning, We'll give
you a key word. You takethat word to one o four three myfm
dot com. Enter it there andyou have a chance of winning one thousand
dollars with our thousand dollars still onopt the music one oh four three MYFM.
It is a VALANCEA in the morning. I'm gonna wrap things up around
here for today. What's the bigplan? We have John Peak meeting at

ten thirty today, Yes, wedo every Monday. Is he back for
whether he were? Where did hego? I don't know. New York
City? Yeah, ah, hehad big meetings with the boss there,
and I told him, what agreat time to go to New York with
all the heads of our company.We had just you know, hosted this
big deal with John bon Jovi andit came out great rave reviews. Then

he finds out that Adele listens toour show. Thank you Dell. You're
a sweetheart for that. I'm like, what a great time to like be
in New York with the heads ofthe company. When they realize Adele listens
to your radio station, it's herfirst choice. And then John bon Jovi,
this whole big thing we did,don Job and the new album coming
out Call Forever. You know,it's a lot of stuff. Yeah,
and John Peak, Yeah, veryexcited. But I don't know if he's

still there. If he's back,the meeting is still on, is it
so? Yeah, But he's notexactly the most tech savvy guy, right
If he has to cancel, thatmean he has to somebody to cancel it
for him. True, Yeah,he doesn't have to do that quick email,
quick text. Yeah, he's notthe most tech savvy guy. But
someone else could lead it. We'vedone this meeting before when he hasn't been
there, That's true. I wouldbe happy to our Monday meetings. I'd

be happy to lead the meeting andwe could delve into some things that I
wanted to talk about as a staffand take a little bit of time to
really answer some questions that have beenplaguing me. You can keep it to
fifteen minutes no, no chance atall. Fifteen minutes just the intro is
walking around the room and this ismy friend Jill. You might know Jill
from the wedding singer or that I'mhandlers also in Martin. It's FM's staff

meeting. We all know. Dowe know each other? Jill? That's
the thing about society, do wereally know each other? We spend so
much time looking down at our phonesand not really looking at the people in
front of us. So we doa thing first where we all hold hands,
okay, and we have a momentwhere we actually feel the energy between
all of us trans from human tohuman, you know, becoming one with
each other in that moment, asymbiotic moment. I think I should leave

this meeting. It's a staff meaning. Have you ever let a staff meaning
yourself? I think I do great, I could do it. I could
do it. I mean John Peak'sprobably hear though, yeah, having seen
it might get stuck in his office. Somebody might super glue that handle.
Who knows one four to three mysm Entertainment headlines. Most of the original

cast of Beetlejuice will return for thesequel. Michael Keaton, Captain O'Hara and
on a ryder, they're all comingback. Gina Davis is not, and
she told Entertainment tonight her theory isis that ghosts don't age. And she
said our characters were stuck the waythey looked when they passed forever, just
saying, so it's been a while, it's been a minute. So that's
why she thinks she wasn't asked tobe a part of the sequel and over

at the box office, Civil War. Civil War had the biggest opening for
an R rated movie this year.It made twenty five point seven million dollars
in ticket sales, came in atnumber one, god Zilla and Kong The
New Empire came in at number two, and Ghostbusters Frozen Empire finishing in third.
I'm Jill with your entertainment headlines.You know the scary part about Civil

War because looks really, really good. You're like, could this happen?
It's almost uncomfortable, right, John, You're right. It feels like you
watch that preview, you go Texasand California, Well they'll never join together,
but in this movie, Texas Californialike joined together against the rest of
the countries. Something like that.Oh, and you're like, yeah,
he's right, uncomfortably real, likeyou could see a world yes, where

something could happen. I hope that'snot the case. All right, Brian,
thank you for your show, foryour show. Jill, thank you
for your show. John, thankyou for your show. Thank you for
your show. Laura, thank youfor your show. That's my girl over
there, my Coachella gal. Twoare besties. Yeah, I'm a Coachella
fella. Michael Polman, New York. Thank you for your show. Nancy
Rodriguez, welcome back. Thank youfor your show. Thank you for your

show. Russell Ford very nice guy, but not you. Yes, he's
a very nice guy. Thank you. I don't know what's happy Monday.
You missed you? Yeah, Imissed you. Guys, listen, if
you're really not into that guy,you can say it. You know,
you mean, like you totally missJuin. He was a horrible guy.
No, he's an awesome dude.He is. He's awesome dude.
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