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April 11, 2024 13 mins
Today on Valentine Overtime: Valentine is headed to Coachella this weekend with Colin, and him and Leilani are celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary.
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Valentine in the Morning presents the show. For the show Valentine over Time.
About have Valentine over Time, Brianhad to excuse himself as kids sick at
school, so he just ran outof the room. Here, but we
got Valentine the big Guy, wegot Jill Laura on the couch over there,

we got Aaron sitting over there,sit a little bit closer Aaron,
and then myself as well. Sowhat's up. Welcome to Thursday. The
big news of the day is,well, there's two really, but one
is the Big Guy's going to hisvery first festival that is not an iHeart
festival. Why do I keep gettingcalled the big guy? Every podcast he
refers to as the big Guy?Yeah, hey, the big Guy.

You're like the big guy. Youknow you're in the You're looking at my
belly now too, you look directlyat my belly, bro. That was
not the intent. I was reallyjust he's still doing it. Well,
I'm looking at the chair that you'resitting in because it's like the Captain,
it's exactly chair yours. If wegot new chairs are all the same,
John, the placement of it.Now, it's hard for me not to
look down I'm not trying to lookat your belly. He looked right at

my belly like twice when he saidthe big guy. I was just looking
at the chair. Doesn't Colin callyou big guy? I don't know,
but he's not doing a podcast withme call me a big guy and looking
at my belly. Maybe Colin startedit. Actually, Oh, okay,
all right, so go on,John, So you're gonna go chelling tomorrow.
How you feeling I guess good.I mean it should be exciting.
I just it's gonna be long anddirty, and it will be lod and

dirty. Yeah, long, dirty, loud is not something I search out
in life. Get that. ButI know my kid wants to have fun
with his friends. So as longas we get out of there safe and
sound, nobody gets hurt, I'llbe fine. Well, that I feel
like shouldn't be a problem. Whatdo you think is your biggest concern going
into the weekend? Is that itjust like literally being safe people? Okay,
Like people can be annoying sometimes,and I feel like at an event

like this, it's gonna be alot of people, yeah, putting their
butts in my face or something,or I don't know, I'm gonna see
things I don't want to see.I may show things I don't want to
show. You know, you getinto the moment. Who knows what's gonna
happen. I don't know. Whyare people's butts in your face? Though?
Have you seen some of the photosfrom the outfits at Coachella. I
do think that there's a lot ofbutts. Last Coachella, we sent you

a picture because Laura and I werein a crowd and there was some guy
with chaps and nothing under the trap, right, So I don't know,
there might be some butts, butlike you set my stella music, no
doubt. Yeah, great, Lonadon't I'll probably enjoy her and stuff.
But some of them got them.Yeah, there are a lot of DJs
there, I will say, butthere are also like seven stages. So

that's why I'm like you should andthen you're out a lot of walking around
a lot of walking around, youknow. I mean, I'll get my
steps in. I suppose like thatit's gonna be hot, and you know
it's not gonna be a fancy,sit down restaurant like the daytime stage at
the iHeart Festival in Las Vegas.Yeah, because I feel like it's it's
similar to that. I didn't likethat bigger and that's why I stopped doing

it. I didn't like it.I told the guys, I don't like
that. No, it was it'shot and dirty. But we were always
backstage of that event. We hadour own private area because it's ourheart.
So it's ours. I'm gonna beout just walking around with everybody else.
You know, it helps that you'regoing into it though, expecting to be
annoyed, expecting to get dirty andall that. Like, that's a good
mindset, that's right, coming tothe studio annoyed, expecting it dirty.

You know, when you think abouta red car, all you notice are
red cars. I feel like ifyou get through the red car theory,
have you do you know the redcar theory? Yeah, it's all you
notice if that's what you're looking for. So I think if you go in
looking to be annoyed, then yeah, people in the crowd, are I
annoy you? Right? Well,I'm not going in chopping off poppies.
But yeah, let's see. Let'sdo a checklist here. Do you have
a portable phone charger? Yeah?We do, Okay, we have one.

It's big I'm gonna put in mybackpack. One should be enough.
Yeah. I feel like you're notgonna be doing as much like social content
as Laura No got no. Yeah, how about earplugs? Yeah, I
got a bunch of earplugs for people. Laura gets to herself. But I
was quizzing Laura on her earplugs becauseshe got on an Amazon. Probably the
fancy silicon ones are always selling.I keep getting ads for those, and
I wonder like if they're worth themoney, because they are pretty well they

are. But if you if youlook at the noise reduction on those versus
some of the standard foam earplugs,Yeah, the foam will do better,
right, but these are supposed tolet through certain frequencies, not block out
all the sound. A foam earplug is designed to block out everything,
you know, you know, likeI had the best thing is like over
the ears. Yeah, but thenit is hard to hear things. Yeah,
And I feel like that was mybiggest concern because I mean, I

love festivals, I mean going forever, and I was always like, no,
I want to hear the music,like I don't want to wear ear
plugs. But that base is sobad for your ears frequency just I didn't
care. I was younger. Butthen I went to the Aerostour and that
was the first time I wore earplugs at a concert, okay, and
I popped those in because I waslike, Oh, the screaming in this
venue is so loud. Oh thegirls, yeah, right, So then
I popped those in and I listenedto some of the set and I was

like, you can hear the music. Great. I feel like ear plugs
foam plugs, yeah, yeah,And I feel like the ear plugs really
only take out like the peaking sound, like when it's too much, it
takes out and stuff. Yeah,And I was like, oh, this
isn't bad, Like you can reallyhear music for your safety because it can
be so loud. And why dothey have to make it so loud?
People can hear in the back,but they can hear in the back.

Why make it so loud. SometimesI'll be in the back of festivals and
I'm just like, it's not thesame when you can't hear it. I
don't know, but the extra layis the screaming. What we found was
when we went to Labyrinth, likethe music's loud, and that's sort of
like Doo doof music, you know, with a big bass. But then
he brought out Zendeo and that waslike pandemonium, screams like it's to the

point that be like, oh myears are really and I'm not a fan
of that stuff. I'm like,stop it, sit down, enjoy the
show. You know, there's nochairs, there's no chairs, no the
whole vicinity it's standing. Well.The goodness is there's so much ground that
you just pop a squad in thein the grass. I'm not sitting down

in the grass. It's a grassfield. It's great. We sat down
for a boy Genius last year.It was the best part of John Napped.
At one point, I did especiallybring a blanket a pillow. All
right, we're bringing like a littlereally thin blanket this year, just to
sit on the grass so you don'tget your you know you ants and whatever
else. Yeah, I would definitelydo that. Okay, thin blanket and

a pillow. Yeah, all right, maybe some chapstick. Seriously, chapsticks
again. One chap sicks good windyabsolutely absolute chup rubs a good Okay.
I think that pretty much does it. That's all I need. Chapstick,
chub rubbing a pillow. Yeah,basic. Wow, you know how to
speak to a guy, Laura,But who are you most excited to see?

I love idiot music, which isI feel like kind of ironic for
me because I'm like such a goodgirl, Like I don't party. I
mean in the sense of like I'mnot out like clubbing every weekends, Like
that's not my scene, you know. But I love that music and I'm
convinced that I will get val toone m set. Oh he has to

like the Do Lab or I thinkhe would thrive in the Do Lab.
It's so chill you would shaded.The misters that are blasting out little miss
to you. So you're cool inthere, I think m artists and you
will love it because it's visually reallycool as well, Like there's lights and
everyone's having a good Why no,I mean I don't think they're doing them

in there. Some people are,but some people are doing drugs everywhere.
You can go out to a baron a weekend and sometimes like people will
be on stuff. Okay, youcan't avoid it. I can honestly save
out as someone who I feel likewe have similar personalities. John and I
truly we worked last year. Wedid not party. We had such did
you say nap good so hot?Yeah, we had a couple of drinks,

yes, and we did nap inthe field, but we were working
so hard. It generally felt sosafe and had so much fun. Like
I was expecting, honestly to bequite scary and what you're going into it
thinking it is going to be,and it is great. It is fantastic.
Yeah. If anything, it'll justbe exhausting. Yeah, just because
there's so much walking around. Butthere's good food there. I'm not exhausting.

Guy. I never liked being exhausted. Yeah. Yeah, it's gonna
be tough. Is it like qualityfood some of it. Yeah, there's
like a big food tent and theyhave light green barbecue and there they have
nice I don't know if you trustthe sushi, but like there are different
options, which is good. Yeah, sushi in the desert may not be
the best, right, I neverI never try that. I just like
sushi. I love sushi. Yeah. Yeah, who's calling excited to see

he's a big Tayler of the creatorfan, right. Yeah. But there's
somebody else I think too, Idon't know. It's somebody I don't know
yeah, you know, I can'twait to that to see that last thing
I wanted to touch on here isI mean another big plan for the week.
It's your anniversary today. Yeah,yeah, easy, twenty six I
didn't do an I guess I justsaid I do. There's nothing. You

know, we're applotting the twenty sixyears. Yeah, oh okay, that
takes effort every single day. Yeah, what are your plans? Nothing?
What do you guys doing tonight?Just Coachella? Coachella? Okay, got
her? I'm sure I got her? Coot No, I didn't not yet.
Okay, the way home, I'llget a car DA flowers or something,
or just a card. No,just a card. What's very simple.
We're gonna go out to dinner probablylike Coachella weekend here, will leave

them Saturday night or something or wellthat's what she said. But I mean
we can't leave them at Coachella ontheir own. You said we'll have a
dinner on her own this weekend.Yeah, don't be okay, I will
say this just not to go backinto Coachella, but have a meeting point
if you're gonna do that, becausethe phone service does just go right all
the way downight, we're gonna meet. It's like every hour on the hour

at the Ferris Wheel. Oh,it's like, yes, at the end
of Saturday night. Now every hourcheck in, get to the I am
getting walky talk because I think theway home too. That's smart. Yeah.
So what's like the best anniversary youguys have had, you and your
wife? I don't know, dude, it's like this twenty six under the
belt bas Yeah, there any thatstand out? Not really, No,

not anniversary wise, No, Imean no, because we don't. We
don't celebrate like a big, massivething, right, I mean, I
guess, like you know ten's bigtwenties, big twenty five was, but
we're just busy last years. Wedidn't do anything big for twenty five.
So we really haven't had any oneof those big crazy blowouts for anniversaries anything
like that, right. Yeah.Do you ever think about like renewing your

vow someday? Yeah, We've talkedabout it. I've talked about it.
She's not into it. I don'tknow really. Yeah, maybe once you
hit fifty or something. Fifty.Yeah, you think we'll make it to
fifty, which will I will bedead only twenty five years You're not going
to be dead twenty five years rightnow. In fifty five, twenty five
was fifty forty four years, twentyfour four years. Okay, you got
it. See that guy, thatlast guy from Pearl Harvard just passed and

he was like one hundred and something. It's a different generation. I saw
the study that women who have kidsin their forties are now living to be
one hundred. It's something about likehaving a kid at that age, you
know, little a hundred if Iis it? Yes, yeah, if
you're with it and you have mobilityor something, right, Yeah, but
that's the thing. I definitely that'dbe awesome to live to a hundred.
I think, yeah, just lookingat the world and seeing what it looks

like. Look at crazy, lookat what it looks like. You will
be alive in twenty four years.I'll be alive in twenty four years.
Yeah, you want to make abet? Yeah, will I be doing
well? You'll be doing great.I don't think so. Based on like
my family's history. Mom's got Alzheimer'sunfortunately, and how he passed when he's
in his late seventies. Mom's eightyfour five in August, dude, you
know, yeah, but women livelonger than guys, you know, And

I've got one month of the yearthat's always sneaking in. February is always
sneaking up on me. Man,we got to like, everybody in my
family dies in February. My daddied in February. His brother died in
February, his mom died in February, his dad died in February. The
dog died in February. Everybody.That is kind of wild. Luckily it's
one of the shortest months. Yougotta find something positive locked up. Isn't

that weird? Though? Does anybodyelse with any family stories like that where
everyone died in the same month.No, that that is weird. Reach
out to a lot of family members, but all born on the same day,
which is kind of interesting. Interesting, Yeah, interesting Lauren's family.
You guys have birthdays all within thesame week or something within three weeks,
everybody in the family, every singlepast that's wild. Yeah. And then

when I met my boyfriend, Iwas like, this is the biggest test
of time. When's your birthday inthe middle of those three weeks. So
here's your brother my heart? Allright, So here comes that cheesy question.
Twenty six years. What do youthink is the thing that helps you

get through twenty six years more thananything else? Did it a base?
A timer? No, I'm past. I'm I'll tell you in Tuesday,
John, this is your out.That's yeah, what's got me through twenty
six years? Yeah, stubbornness.You can't give up. Okay, that's

it. Really honest. People say, oh, don't go to a bit
angry. Oh my god, I'vegot the bit angry so many times I
feel like that's woken up angry.You know, I'm still angry, get
angry now thinking about it. Stubborness, you have to decide that you're not
going to give up, because it'sgoing to go. There's seasons, there's
good years and bad years, there'sups, there's downs, and for everybody's
difference. So I'm not speaking foranybody but me, and you just decide,
like I'm not going to give up, you know, just keep swimming.

Sit a little fish to me onetime, dude, Dory just always
preaching the man. All right,New music Friday tomorrow and Valves headed off
to Coachella. Tune in, We'llsee you there on Valentine in the morning.
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