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February 27, 2024 2 mins
A high school chemistry teacher wanted to teach the students about metals and melding, so the teacher thought it would be a good idea to bring in swords and have the students have a sword fight... the fight ended up with students hurt, the school and teacher are now involved in a lawsuit.... In Other News... A groomsman at a wedding attacked the wedding party, come to find out the groomsman was recently released from prison, safe t...
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The first ever "Florida Man Games" were a big success on Saturday. Thousands of people showed up to watch events like the mullet contest, "mud duel," and "evading arrest" obstacle course...In Other News.... A woman was in an accident, and was about be awarded $825,000, as she stated she had lingering injuries, causing constant issues... Recently the judge threw it out when she was photographed in a Christmas tree-throwing competi...
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February 23, 2024 1 min
A woman was dropping her kid off at school, when three German shepherds jumped in her vehicle . . . and wouldn't leave.  The dogs had a nice time, did not destroy the car, just ate a bunch of snacks, luckily, the cops coaxed them out with fish sticks, and returned them to their owner.... In Other News... A man was arrested TWICE.... Once for being drunk and disorderly at a restaurant, and again shortly after, when he drove himsel...
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February 22, 2024 1 min
A couple in Kentucky were married in a gas station bathroom, the bathroom is quite popular for its outlandish design and features including a disco ball. The bride walked down the aisle, which was actually the candy aisle at the gas station, congrats to the couple.... In Other News... A woman was arrested for having crack cocaine, and a ROCKET LAUNCHER... no word how she got the launcher or her plans, thankfully no one was hurt.
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February 21, 2024 1 min
Starbucks debuted a new PORK-FLAVORED LATTE for the Lunar New Year. But sorry . . . you will not be able to run out and buy one tomorrow morning, as it's not on the menu here, only in China....In Other News... A United airlines flight had to make an emergency landing, as passengers noticed the plane's wing was falling apart mid flight!!!
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February 20, 2024 1 min
A Hooters in West Virginia is closing and the local residents were quite upset, so the local residents have decided to hold a candlelight vigil in the days before the Hooters is knocked down.... In Other News... A man who was getting his car washed, tossed a drink at the attendant working at the car wash. The drink hit the attendant, so the attendant fought back by blasting the man who tossed the drink in the face with a pressure w...
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February 15, 2024 3 mins
Two kids from Colorado just became the first college athletes to get scholarships to play division-1 CORNHOLE.... The kids will be attending Winthrop University in South Carolina.... In Other News... A man decided it would be a good idea to rob an ATM, mistake number 1... but the biggest mistake was robbing the ATM in the lobby of the JAIL!.... He was easily caught!
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February 13, 2024 1 min
A man was reported to be running around a business with a knife, the police was called. When the police arrived, there was not a man with a knife, instead it was an adult dressed as Harry Potter waving a wand around, thankfully this was a false alarm.... In Other News... a couple robbed a Lowe's dressed as cookie monster, the couple is now known as the "cookie monster bandits"
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February 12, 2024 2 mins
A 49-year-old guy in Florida was arrested after driving his truck back and forth through waves on the beach . . . and told cops, quote, "It's not my fault the truck don't surf."
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February 8, 2024 1 min
A truck carrying a bunch of Vicks Vapor rub crashed on a freeway in Tennessee, the Vicks caused the entire freeway to have a very distinct smell. In Other News... A man parked his car on the curb of a Florida airport, left his car on the curb and ran inside the airport, what made it really weird, was that the man was naked... the man ran past security and was taken into custody.... just a normal day in Florida
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February 5, 2024 1 min
A radio station in Alabama had their entire 200-FOOT TOWER, that was used for broadcasting stolen!!. The station experienced other vandalization issues, but the biggest, their tower was stolen! In other news... a man attempted to pay for his probation costs with a stolen credit card, that did not work out well as he is now facing more charges.
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February 2, 2024 2 mins
A therapist has opened a spa called the "Diaper Spa". The therapist claims it's a form of therapy to help people process issues from their childhood. If you are interested... a A two-hour session costs $600. A "Virtual Play Date" for $200, where you do a Zoom call with a therapist. And for $1,500, you can book a one-night "Diaper B&B" that comes with, quote, "top-notch care and PAMPERING services."
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February 1, 2024 2 mins
A woman is going viral on social media for bragging about how she returned her couch to Costco . . . after using it for MORE than TWO YEARS. The customer said she did not want the couch anymore and didn't like it.... So she returned it, Costco gave her a $900 refund... The city of Atlanta is asking residents to stop abusing the 911 system, as residents are calling asking for help moving a couch, recipes, and scores of games.
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January 31, 2024 2 mins
You think you had a stinky scary day..... Talk to this 60 year old woman.... after she was thrown into a garbage truck and "compacted" at least four times. She apparently fell into a dumpster while taking out her trash. She was thankfully not hurt.... In Other News... Another celebrity cookbook is on the way: The "Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook" . If you think your kitchen needs this, you can order it on amazon.
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January 30, 2024 1 min
A zoo in Japan gave visitors a treat when it ran through their annual escaped animal drill on Sunday. A zoo employee dressed as a bear and ran around the zoo, while other zoo employees attempted to protect the zoo's visitors. Video of the drill shows staff using barricades to corner the bear then simulating using tranquilizer darts to subdue the animal and return it to its enclosure.... In Other News... A Florida woman was arreste...
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January 26, 2024 3 mins
An Amish family had their ride stolen while they shopped at a Walmart in Michigan last Saturday. The cops later recovered the horse and buggy, and arrested the thief.... In Other News..3,000 people had hoped to play a giant game of hide and seek at an IKEA, but the police got involved and the game never happened.
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January 25, 2024 2 mins
A list of the strangest things plumbers have seen people FLUSHING . . . accidentally or not . . . includes: Socks, rubber ducks, bananas, and a two-man tent and sleeping bag... In other news, a new trend for those who are delayed at the airport and are bored is to bring a pickle ball net and paddles, and set up and play in the middle of the airport during delays.... this is not being welcomed by the airport officials.
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January 24, 2024 2 mins
A drug dealer was trying to hide from the police as they searched his home, the man found a hiding spot inside his dryer.... the man was able to hide for a while, but eventually the police heard the man in the dryer and he was taken to jail.... IN OTHER NEWS... Police in Florida pulled over a man, and when he handed over his ID, the cops noticed there was METH on it. Then they searched his car, and found more meth. He was sent to ...
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January 23, 2024 1 min
A school in North Carolina did not want their students filming social media videos in the bathrooms anymore, so they took all mirrors out of the school bathrooms.... In Other News... A woman in California was arrested for stealing 65 Stanley tumblers valued at over $2,000. .
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January 22, 2024 1 min
A new product coming to the market NasoCalm is reported to help with allergies.  The product is supposed to be strapped to your face, and it ELECTROCUTES your nose. It's currently on Kickstarter for $60.... In Other News... A man escaped from jail, but he had some very special tattoos that were easy to remember... On the escaped man's face he had the tattoos.... "idiot" and "I'm a thief"... that bad guy was caught and is back in j...
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