Revisionist History

Revisionist History


Dave Hill and the Epistemology of Norwegian Black Metal

December 18, 201835 min

35 min
Nashville Revolution: Bobby Braddock, Don Schlitz, and Don Henry

December 4, 201845 min

45 min
Rick Rubin

November 13, 201848 min

48 min
Revisionist History Presents: Broken Record

November 6, 20183 min

3 min
Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis

July 18, 201855 min

55 min
Strong Verbs, Short Sentences

July 11, 201842 min

42 min
The Imaginary Crimes of Margit Hamosh

July 4, 201836 min

36 min
Malcolm Gladwell's 12 Rules for Life

June 27, 201845 min

45 min
The Hug Heard Round the World

June 20, 201840 min

40 min
General Chapman’s Last Stand

June 13, 201837 min

37 min

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Revisionist History is Malcolm Gladwell's journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood. Every episode re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, even a song—and asks whether we got it right the first time. From Panoply Media. Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance. ... Show More

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