Wake Up Crew

Wake Up Crew


Did you hear the one about the slapping lie detector? Stupid Joke Friday!

March 18, 201988 min

88 min
Nadine was on point with her Psychic readings today!

March 15, 2019122 min

122 min
Should the wife have to pay rent?

March 14, 2019117 min

117 min
Please welcome to the show, Toothless Russell!!!

March 12, 2019135 min

135 min
Which one of us shouldn't own a gun?

March 11, 2019104 min

104 min
Kreyz reads unfiltered jokes from his texts messages for stupid joke Friday

March 8, 201990 min

90 min
Trapped in the closet with an incredible naked psychic?

March 8, 2019111 min

111 min
Meet Emily! our Wild Wahine from today's show!

March 6, 2019111 min

111 min
Put the thingy thingy in the stuffy stuff?

March 6, 2019105 min

105 min
What's The secret phrase that pays?

March 4, 201997 min

97 min

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