The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis


Congressman Paul Gosar and Kelli Ward talk about Gosar endorsing Ward and ripping Martha McSally in the 7am hour; Sacha Baron Cohen confronted by gun shop owner; Joy Behar tries to talk racism with 50 Cent

July 18, 2018112 min

112 min
Media and lawmakers overreact to Trump/Putin press conference; dumb socialist from NY

July 17, 2018115 min

115 min
Preview the Trump/Putin summit with stupidity from the media; listen to the press conference, reaction to the press conference.

July 16, 2018137 min

137 min
Trump on Brexit, culture change in Europe, calling out CNN and NBC for fake news; Tucson kids visit KNST studio and one tells Garret why he doesn't like Trump.

July 13, 2018112 min

112 min
Trump wins big at NATO summit; Martha McSally kicks reporter out of meeting with Chamber of Commerce, Brandon Martin, CD2 candidate on issues and Lea Marquez-Peterson telling him to get out of the race

July 12, 2018117 min

117 min
Garret Talks To Brandon Martin

July 12, 201830 min

30 min
Garret Talks To Danny "DJ" Morales

July 11, 201823 min

23 min
New Mexican Pres. wants BORDER PATROL!, Kavanaugh against illegals, Pro Trump ideology, Chris Ferrell from Judial Watch and their stunning report!

July 10, 2018117 min

117 min
Garret Talks To Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell

July 10, 201810 min

10 min
Classic Donald Trump destroying Liz Warren and Maxine Waters, Sheriff Napier in talking about ICE in studio and Friday me.

July 6, 2018123 min

123 min

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