People talk about purpose, but no one tells you how to get there. That is, until now. AMPstigator takes the conversations out of your head and into your life. Join Lauren as she asks the questions you've been too afraid to answer about your life and your purpose.


July 18, 2023 14 mins

Overdoing it is ingrained in our culture. So how do you go against the grain?

In this latest episode, host Lauren Lowrey takes you on a journey through our American obsessions with doing too much. Get the deets on how our nation compares to other countries when it comes to work-life (im)balance. Plus, what question...

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Wait, you want me to face my pain!?! Woof!

In the latest AMPstigator episode FACE IT, host Lauren Lowrey teaches you that once you've experienced trauma, the pain doesn’t go away. It just blends with you over time. The difficulty in processing the trauma comes from your inability to move forward. 

After we exp...

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We look for reflections everywhere - in our friends, on our social feeds, in our work - but when do we ever see who we really are? In this episode of 2 Words that will Change Your Life, host Lauren Lowrey shows you how cameras give the ultimate reflection. 

Listen as she shares stories from her own life as she learned how to be her true self. ...

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We talk entirely too much! If our mouths aren't yappin', our minds will certainly fill the void. In this eternal conversation with our intuition, our racing thoughts create a barrier for us to listen to the guidance. You’re missing the best parts of your spiritual experience because you just can’t figure out how to SHUT UP.

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You say 'I'M SORRY' more than you think. Research shows when we say it in the wrong situations we cause more harm than good.

In this latest episode of the mini-series '2 Words that will Change Your Life,' Host Lauren Lowrey explores how we constantly over-apologize [newsflash: women are repeat offenders]. Get ready to learn why we say it, the 8...

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Why did I have to deal with that pain? Why did that traumatic loss happen to me? If you've ever asked the question WHY ME?!? this episode is definitely FOR YOU. 

In this latest installment of '2 Words that will Change Your Life,' host Lauren Lowrey answers the question by highlighting our uniquely human need for meaning and how -when we've found it...

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WHAT IF you could change your $h!++y situation? WHAT IF you could change your reality? WHAT IF you could change your life?

You can! It all starts with these two words: WHAT IF?

In this installment of the mini-series Two Words that will Change Your Life, host Lauren Lowrey lays out a path to transformation. Before you ever make a choice, buy a book,...

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Ready to make the impossible possible? Just ask.

In this first installment of the AMPstigator mini-series "Two words that will change your life," host Lauren Lowrey explores what it means to just ask for what you need.

This isn't about asking another person to shoulder the load. Nope. That isn't surrender. This episode gets you into a place of true, hands-up surrender - which only happens

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Feel like crap? No libido? High stress? High anxiety? Before you fill the Rx for an anti-depressant, do me a favor, sis. and let's test your hormones.

In this episode, Katy Whalen explains why your hormones are betraying you. So often it starts with racing thoughts, difficulty sleeping and an increase in anxiety. The walls slowly cave in and you find yo...

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When things aren't working out, most of us white-knuckle the wheel and believe we can think our way out of the problem. This episode's guest is teaching you how to surrender.

Cyntoia Brown-Long shares her UNBELIEVABLE testimony of being convicted of murder, trying to THINK her way out of prison, and then finding a level of spiritual surrender few o...

I know what you're thinking: How the heck does she find 2 hours a day to meditate?

In this solo-episode with the AMPstigator founder and host, Lauren shares her touch-and-go history as a non-meditator and what made her recently commit. She shares the striking words from multiple sources urging her to commit to...

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In this AMPstigator exclusive, intuitive business coach Amanda Marit leads an 8-minute BONUS visualization to help you hire your higher self.

Come back to this visualization often (first thing in the morning, before a meeting, after a setback, etc) to remind you that you're choosing abundance, passion, depth and meaning in your life.

Listen to the full AMPstigator episode featuring Amanda Marit, Ep. 54: We're NOT settling.


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Are you ready for your greatest lesson (the one that totally pops paradigms around your rug-pulls, hardships and worst days)?

In this episode, intuitive business coach Amanda Marit shows you how your disappointments are really just preparing you for what's next. If you know you're here to make a big impact on the world, Amanda will help awaken your best self then step into your future.


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What do you do when your life looks totally different than you think it should?
Judge yourself? Go to therapy? Start traveling around the world? Do deep inner work? Write a book about it? Dr. Melanie Hicks did all of those things.

In this episode of AMPstigator, Dr. Hicks shares more on her two failed marriages in her 20s, domestic abuse, a traumat...

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What happens when you shed the skin of expectation and boldly define your feelings in the most raw and honest way possible? Well, that's when you'd become a Nashville songwriter!

Katelyn Drye is one-half of The Dryes. She and her husband Derek are a singing/songwriting duo in Nashville. On this second AMPstigator appearance, Katelyn talks through wh...

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March 21, 2023 64 mins

We're overwhelmed, stressed and heading toward burnout. Who wants to live that way?!? NOBODY! In this episode, stress expert Rosa Castano shares how you can identify, address and overcome your chronic stress and create a stronger foundation of wellness for yourself.

Rosa is a certified meditation, mindfulness and movement teacher. She combined her e...

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Our food lacks nutrition. Our bodies can't detoxify. The Earth is sick. So what do we do about it?!? Dr. Christina Rahm has a plan. In this inspiring episode, Dr. Rahm shares how her work in the pharmaceutical industry ignited a passion for healing people naturally. Her work evolved to include an environmental mission, makeup and skincare, a fashion line and a new dream to launch a way to ed...

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This episode will make you think twice before you say 'it's my truth.' Because... what if your truth is wrong?

In this episode, host Lauren Lowrey highlights her own incorrect, unconscious and unhealthy belief around a tiny-little-4-letter-word and how she's working to combat it. She teaches you the questions to ask to root-out belief systems that aren't serving you.

Plus, learn the science behind ...

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You can't truly know a person until you meet their therapist (LOL). In this week's episode, host Lauren Lowrey introduces you to Tonia Dixon, LPC -- the woman who helped Lauren heal the trauma of her hospitalizations in August.

Hear Tonia describe the latest trends in mental wellness, what has surprised her in the last 5 years of client work, and why sh...

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Being a published author 25 times, those on the outside saw J.T. Ellison as the definition of success. Internally, she was painfully (and repeatedly) struggling with personal tragedy.

Driven by a years-long battle with loss and infertility, J.T. channeled that energy into her 25th published book (It's One of Us, released Feb. 21st, 2023) – in what she c...

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