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CTO Podcast explores the worlds of Chief Technical officers as they manage the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of technologists in the C-suite. Hosted by Etienne de Bruin, founder of 7CTOs and author of CTO Excellence in 100 Days: Becoming the leader your company deserves. www.ctopod.com


June 11, 2024 58 mins

Ksenia Palke, Director of AI at Airspace, discusses the use of AI in time-critical shipments. Airspace builds tech for fast automated solutions in shipping critical items such as organs, medical devices, and industrial parts. The goal is to remove unnecessary manual steps and optimize the delivery process. Ksenia explains how AI is used to predict delivery times, optimize routes, and automate interactions with drivers and customers...

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Etienne sits down with Adam Bahret, whose unique journey has fueled his passion for creating robust product designs that can outperform the competition. The conversation reveals how prioritizing reliability can significantly impact a product's success and why reliability often trumps marketing.

Tune is as Adam introduces his innovative R-Three blueprint which balances cost, features, and risk to ensure successful product launches wi...

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Etienne is joined in this episode by Nell Derick Debevoise, the founder of Inspiring Capital which helps leaders grow their business with purpose and build impactful legacies. Nell has advised leaders at American Express, Cisco, Google and more, and she focuses on expanding impact, growing businesses and building legacies that are inclusive, anti-racist and sustainable. 

Etienne and Nell discuss East Coast vs. West Coast cultures, w...

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Etienne is so happy to be sitting down with his good friend Joel Beasley for this episode. Joel is the mastermind behind the Modern CTO Podcast and founder of Pro Series Media, and he is here for an enlightening conversation on the ins and outs of podcasting. With years of experience under his belt, Joel shares invaluable insights on starting, cultivating, managing, and scaling a successful podcast.

From the importance of in-person ...

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Etienne sits down this episode with Alex Balazs, the CTO of Intuit, for an eye-opening discussion on vulnerability, leadership, and the cutting-edge realm of generative AI. Alex shares insights from his journey, from TurboTax's chief architect to leading technology at Intuit. He delves into the pivotal role vulnerability plays in effective leadership, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and humanity in fostering collaboratio...

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Join Etienne on the latest episode of the CTO Podcast as he dives into the world of RF communication, encryption, and AI with Dell Kronewitter, Director of Technology at Fuze Integration!

Dell provides insights into encryption concepts like red and black sides and how they relate to secure communication. He and Etienne explore the fascinating world of satellite communications and the role of AI in a hybrid, highly regulated environm...

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Etienne is excited to be sitting down with Mourad Zerroug, CTO of Splash, for a captivating conversation about their experiences as immigrants in the United States, diving into their respective backgrounds from Algeria and South Africa.

From there, the two explore Mourad's journey as a technology leader for nearly three decades, spanning various industries such as robotics, e-commerce, and event technology. With a PhD in computer sc...

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Etienne is very excited to welcome Jennifer Cwagenberg, Head of Engineering at Protopia AI, to the podcast for an engaging discussion spanning technology, farming, and even the intersection of the two. Jennifer shares insights into her unique lifestyle as a technologist and baroness of Texas, where she navigates the balance between rural tranquility and technological challenges.

Their conversation delves into Jennifer's engineering ...

Joining Etienne this week on the podcast is Sean Nam, the CTO of Ivy Energy. Etienne engages in a multifaceted conversation with Sean, and they touch upon the intricacies of supporting founders during fundraising to reflections on technology giants like Apple and Uber.

Sean provides insights into IV Energy's mission to revolutionize shared energy usage through solar platforms, shedding light on the challenges and innovations in the ...

Etienne is thrilled to sit down with Tracie Hlavka, former CTO of Flyhomes, to discuss the tumultuous journey of rapid scale and the poignant process of winding down a company. Tracie reflects on her experience navigating the job market amidst layoffs and shifting funding landscapes, shedding light on the challenges of finding the right fit in a tough market.

Tracie and Etienne also delve into the complexities of managing a tech tea...

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Etienne is very happy to be sitting down with Matt Van Itallie, founder of Sema, a company that develops software to help engineering leaders manage AI in software development. As they delve into their shared experiences of learning to code on vintage machines, they explore Matt's journey from studying philosophy to founding Sema.

The conversation takes a philosophical turn, discussing pragmatism in decision-making and the importanc...

Etienne sits down with Krijn van der Raadt, a seasoned CTO with a rich history of steering both startups and established tech giants toward successful exits. Krijn, now a fractional CTO and advisor to startups, shares insights gained and collaborative problem-solving experiences with fellow CTOs. They explore the challenges of transitioning from a technical role to a leadership position and the common pitfalls faced by startups whe...

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Kevin Goldsmith, a seasoned CTO, mentor, and principal at Nimble Autonomy, joins the conversation today as we discuss Kevin's journey in technology leadership across the US, Sweden, and the UK, touching on his experiences and the release of his new book, It Depends: Writing on Technology Leadership 2012 to 2022.

The discussion covers technology adoption, with a focus on ChatGPT and its recent Teams product. Kevin reveals how his tea...

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Just use Flutter -- Stephan Schmidt // Amazing CTO

This episode we discuss why you should just use Flutter instead of native apps, what Local AI means and why the Amazon CEO wants to get people back in the office - and how this is relevant for every CTO. Find out more as Stephan Schmidt, CTO Coach at Amazing CTO, discusses the future of CTOs. Show Notes.

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The number of posts and votes on Stack Overflow is dropping, perhaps eaten by AI. Do they have an endgame strategy? Also, a new hacking attack via NPM, every CTO needs to be aware of that. And how diverse teams require more effort but are worth it. Find out more as Stephan Schmidt, CTO Coach at Amazing CTO, discusses the future of CTOs with AI. Show Notes.

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What is the greenest programming language? More and more CTOs are getting asked about the CO2 and energy footprint of their operations. They start by calculating their AWS energy usage, but do you need a greener programming language? Will the CEO of the future tell developers which programming language to use? Find out more as Stephan Schmidt, CTO Coach at Amazing CTO, discusses the future of CTOs."

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  • Stephan Schmidt...
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More and more work will go into training models than programming, development teams are going to be leaner, and AI will not create software, it is the software. If you haven't started doing something with AI, you're too late for the game. How do you apply it to your business? Find out more as Stephan Schmidt, CTO Coach at Amazing CTO, discusses the future of CTOs with AI. Show Notes

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There is a business vision and a business strategy, a product vision and a product strategy, and then a tech vision and a tech strategy. The business vision, the product vision, and the tech vision need to be aligned. What is your tech vision and strategy, and how do you create one? Find out more as Stephan Schmidt, CTO Coach at Amazing CTO, discusses vision, strategy, and alignment. Show Notes

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How do you start using AI in your organization? A bad reason to use AI is that you have this intellectual curiosity, which is great to have, but it's not a good enough reason to start using AI. How do you, as CTO, present the advantages of mining your data? How do you know if you have enough data or whether you should be programming or training? Listen to Ksenia Palke, Director of AI at Airspace, as she discusses building organizat...

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