Mockery Manor

Mockery Manor

Summer, 1989, somewhere in deepest darkest England. Mockery Manor is a theme park where people disappear, and it's up to a pair of chaotic teenage twins to catch a killer. British Podcast Awards 'Best Fiction' Nominee 2020. If you like Hot Fuzz, The White Lotus and Scream, then Mockery Manor is for you. Mockery Manor is a full-cast production best enjoyed using headphones.


October 10, 2019 58 secs
Discover the secrets of Mockery Manor theme park - where childhood never dies... and people disappear. Seasons 1 and 2 of Mockery Manor available now wherever you get podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mark as Played
Despite arriving forty-seven minutes and three days late for her first day of training, 18-year-old JJ is keen to explore Mockery Manor, the peculiar theme park she now calls home. Seasoned staff member Parker shows her around, but after an unnerving trip to Dreamland, JJ is certain that something is very wrong at Mockery Manor... For full info and credits, visit Enjoying the series? You can suppo...
Mark as Played
December 2, 2019 28 mins
Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ is shown around the park by seasoned employee Parker. While exploring the sinister Dreamland, which records snippets of guests as they explore it, JJ hears a recording that sounds suspiciously like a woman being attacked. Parker says that he and his new girlfriend, JJ's twin sister Bette, are going to break into the park after dark, and JJ decides to tag along. In this episode: JJ is sharing an onsit...
Mark as Played
January 6, 2020 29 mins
Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ, Parker and Bette sneak into the park at night to explore. They meet fellow employees Matty, Sonia and Emma, who have snuck in too. Sonia accuses JJ of stealing something from her dorm room, and JJ and Bette have an argument. Meanwhile, Parker explains that Margot Mockery, the park's founder, still lives in the manor house. Margot and her associate are keeping a watchful eye on the kids via their sec...
Mark as Played
February 4, 2020 32 mins
Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ is caught in the park after hours by Manager Norton, but fools him into thinking she's Bette - her twin sister. Meanwhile Parker investigates a high-pitched scream, and finds a terrified Matty cowering in a supply cupboard, having seen "a big cat". Parker leaves him, laughing, and bumps into Emma, who has Sonia's bracelet in her possession (which everyone thinks JJ has stolen) and he takes it from he...
Mark as Played
March 3, 2020 31 mins
Previously on Mockery Manor: Everything is open, but Parker hasn't been seen for days, as he is now living in the Manor house. Emma tells JJ that Parker has Sonia's stolen charm bracelet (despite everyone thinking JJ is the thief), and tells her to make Parker give it back. Furious, JJ sneaks into the Manor to find Parker. He tells her that he is now head of security, and has been keeping an eye on everyone while dressed as Mr Crac...
Mark as Played
April 7, 2020 35 mins
Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ learns of her family’s involvement with Manor, that her grandmother was their cook, and that her aunt Kate died in the same fire that injured Margot and killed the other Mockerys. Meanwhile, Bette has an uncomfortable conversation with Manager ‘Pervster’ Norton, then catches Matty and Davina doing their deed in a car. Bette deduces that JJ pretended to be her in order to escape punishment for being i...
Mark as Played
May 3, 2020 26 mins
CW: Violence, descriptions of assault and drugs. Previously on Mockery Manor: Bette makes a dramatic exit from the park, leaving a note publicly shaming JJ. While looking at old photos with his mum, Parker realises that Margot Mockery's friend Janet (who Parker secretly knows to have been murdered) is JJ's aunt. He rushes back to the park with the photo to confront JJ. The pair end up making love instead, but JJ soon realises that ...
Mark as Played
May 31, 2020 27 mins
Previously on Mockery Manor: After Parker shows her the photograph of Auntie Janet with Margot and the park contractors, JJ realises that Janet was the screaming woman from the Dreamland recording. She runs to call the police, but is distracted by her ex-boyfriend Graham, who has run away from his wife and unexpectedly arrived at the park. Needing a place to stay, JJ escorts Graham to the uninhabited gardener's cottage in the woods...
Mark as Played
July 2, 2020 37 mins
CW: Violence, child abuse descriptions. Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ hatches a plan to help Bette escape the park and evade the police, after learning that she has killed Norton. Bette reveals that she is familiar with the park's underground tunnels, and they decide to hide there until nightfall. However, they meet Parker in the tunnels, and JJ brings him in on the plan - much to Bette's concern. Meanwhile, Margot's mother Dorot...
Mark as Played
August 4, 2020 28 mins
CW: Violence, abuse. Previously on Mockery Manor: with Parker's help, JJ and Bette evade the police and escape the manor. After their arguing comes to a head, Bette storms off, leaving JJ alone and lost. While wandering the tunnels, JJ meets Dorothy: her grandmother. Dorothy leads JJ to Dreamland, where Margot has created disturbing tableaux of her own life story. JJ learns that the woman posing as Margot Mockery is none other than...
Mark as Played
August 14, 2020 32 mins
Previously on Mockery Manor: The villain has been unmasked. JJ and Bette make a desperate bid for freedom, but their pursuer is hot on their heels, and he's very, very angry. Like the big green fella on the telly. In this episode... the climax! For full info and credits, visit Enjoying the series? You can support Lindsay and Laurence! Visit our Ko-fi page: Also, check ou...
Mark as Played
Not long to wait until the second season of Mockery Manor! Let us introduce you to Wizzzard Entertainment's second park, in the heart of the Black Forest: Dunkelschloss. Fore more info: To support us: Follow us @MockeryManor on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Support this podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mark as Played
August 5, 2021 26 mins
Three years have passed since the grisly events of 1989. A lot can happen in three years. At his desk at Mockery Manor, assistant manager Parker receives an unexpected phone call. Mockery Manor is written and directed by Lindsay Sharman. Music, sound design and editing by Laurence Owen. Hayley Evenett was JJ, Laurence Owen was Parker, Jenkins, the Lorry Driver and additional voices, Lindsay Sharman was Hilda, Margot, the telephone ...
Mark as Played
August 26, 2021 25 mins
Previously: Three years have passed since the grisly events of Season One, and Mockery Manor’s new assistant manager Parker receives an unexpected phone call from Tokyo. JJ has fallen in with a bad crowd and needs help fleeing Japan. Parker arranges for JJ to travel to Germany and begin working at Dunkelschloss, Mockery Manor's sister park in the Black Forest. At the German park, employee Gretchen tries to remain professional while...
Mark as Played
September 19, 2021 27 mins
Previously - Flashing back to New Year's Eve 1990, a disillusioned Bette leaves her pilled-up sister partying with strangers on a Thailand beach, and finds herself spilling her emotions to Chet, an American traveller. Chet invites Bette to come with him to the Himalayas to find inner peace, which she does... without JJ. Flashing forward to the present (1992), Hilda teaches JJ to drive the People Cart in the Vegetable Patch, Dunkels...
Mark as Played
October 19, 2021 22 mins
Previously: JJ takes the scenic route to Hilda's office by riding The Elves of Europe and jumping off the boat at the Italy show scene. Using Hilda's phone, JJ contacts Dodgy Eric (her old flame, and generally an unsavoury character), and asks for his help selling her mysterious package - a stolen Vermeer painting - which he agrees to do. She is then escorted by Tomasz to her lodgings in the semi-derelict schloss at the centre of t...
Mark as Played
November 2, 2021 26 mins
Hilda meets with Thomasz on the Little Mermaid Seafoam Rapids and instructs him to get closer to JJ – seduce her if he must. Hilda believes Jenkins sent JJ to Dunkelschloss for a reason, and she wants to know what it is. Elsewhere, JJ is approached by a strange woman – it's Bette, in disguise. Bette gives JJ a letter from Mockery, a spy camera and a listening device, and leaves as quickly as she came. Back in England, Parker is cle...
Mark as Played
November 23, 2021 26 mins
Previously: JJ went to the Cuckoo Hotel to ask Bette why she'd asked her to spy on Hilda. Mid-conversation, they discover Tomasz spying on them, and it emerges that Hilda had asked him to spy on JJ. Bette becomes convinced the reason is 'industrial espionage'... until Gretchen bursts in to tell them that it's worse than that, and she suspects her friend was killed by Hilda.  Elsewhere, at the high security prison, Parker asks Matty...
Mark as Played
December 14, 2021 28 mins
Previously: Gretchen storms off once she realises that the twins will not help in her search for answers about her missing friend, Gunther. Bette reveals she has a child, and asks JJ to co-operate with Jenkins' plan. JJ refuses, unwilling to tie her fortunes to Mockery Manor. She has a better plan for them both: sell the stolen painting. Thomasz reveals it's worth a lot more than she originally thought - $200 million. Back at Mocke...
Mark as Played

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