Office Ladies

Office Ladies

The Office co-stars and best friends, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast for you. Each week Jenna and Angela will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there, can tell you.


June 12, 2024 63 mins

This week we’re taking a look back on “Counseling”. After spanking his nephew at work, Michael undergoes counseling with Toby. Meanwhile, Dwight attempts to get his “Pretty Woman” revenge at a Steamtown Mall shop and Pam gives herself a promotion. We hear an original “Whispers in the Breakroom” by musician Elyse Myers. Jenna reveals the backstory behind how Michael came to hate Toby, Angela shares why Dwight wanted that wizard stat...

Mark as Played

This week the ladies chat with Jake Lacy! Jake played Pete on “The Office” or as Andy liked to call him, Plop. Jake talks about what it was like to audition and join the cast in Season 9. Jake shares memories from his first day on set, answers call sheet questions and they all bond over parenting. Enjoy! 


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Mark as Played
May 29, 2024 66 mins

This week we’re breaking down “Couples Discount”. The office pretends to be couples to get a Valentines’ Day discount at a nail salon, and meanwhile Jim and Pam try to celebrate this romantic holiday but it doesn’t go so well. Angela shares the struggle of shoe shopping with tiny feet, Jenna deems that Valentine’s Day is not Jim and Pam’s holiday and the ladies try some fancy chocolate. So relax, get a mani with your office bestie ...

Mark as Played
May 22, 2024 95 mins

This week we're breaking down "Vandalism" and the ladies are joined by the director of this episode and Jenna's husband, Lee Kirk! (You might also remember Lee as Clark the Lactation Consultant.) Pam's mural in the warehouse gets vandalized, Angela and the Senator host a fancy first birthday party for their son and Jim and Darryl are a bit at odds as roommates in Philly. Lee shares what it was like to direct an episode of "The Offi...

Mark as Played
May 15, 2024 38 mins

This week the ladies chat with John Krasinski! John, Jenna and Angela talk about Season 9 of “The Office”, Jenna remembers John pitching a way to wrap up the Jim and Pam storyline, Angela asks John some call sheet questions, and John tells the ladies about his upcoming movie “IF”! This is a wonderful chat so please enjoy, Office Ladies fans! 


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Mark as Played
May 8, 2024 82 mins

This week we’re taking a look back at “Nepotism”. Michael got his nephew, played by Evan Peters, a job at Dunder Mifflin and he’s terrible. Like soy ice cream and bagel chips terrible. The ladies tell you everything you want to know about the lip dub opening, and Kate Flannery sends in a clip about her experience being strapped to Brian Baumgartner’s back. Then Angela shares a story full of twists and turns about trying to find a B...

Mark as Played
May 1, 2024 74 mins

This week we’re breaking down “Junior Salesman”. Dwight searches for a part-time salesman to fill in while Jim splits his time between Athlead and Dunder Mifflin. We hear audio clips from editor Dave Rogers who talks about his experience directing this episode. Angela has a very surprising update on the banned mallard duck, Jenna breaks down how fan reactions to the boom operator affected the storyline and the ladies discuss what t...

Mark as Played
April 24, 2024 93 mins

This week we’re breaking down “Customer Loyalty”. Dwight goes out of his way to stop Darryl from leaving Dunder Mifflin, and Jim misses Cece’s recital which leads to a fight that causes Pam to turn to someone from the documentary crew! We hear audio clips from the director of this episode, Kelly Cantley, who talks about taking on such a big reveal. Angela also interviews her daughter, Isabel, who played a ladybug in this episode an...

Mark as Played
April 17, 2024 80 mins

This week we’re breaking down “Suit Warehouse”. Clark brings the office a new espresso machine causing everyone to have way too much caffeine and they get wild. Meanwhile, Darryl goes to Philly to interview for Athlead and Pam tags along. We hear audio clips from the director of this episode and “The Office” cinematographer, Matt Sohn, who shares some fun tidbits about making this episode! Angela breaks down how the Athlead office ...

Mark as Played
April 10, 2024 89 mins

This week we’re breaking down Lice. Pam accidentally gives the office lice but allows Meredith to take the blame. Meanwhile, Jim has a business meeting and shoots hoops with his hero Dr. J. Kate Flannery sends in audio clips about Meredith shaving her head and Angela runs into actor Jeff Hatch who played Jim’s limo driver and he shares what it was like to be on the show. Angela also talks about the Scranton bar The Bog, Jenna talks...

Mark as Played

This week we take a look back on “Scott’s Tots”! The ladies chat with the director of this episode and the man behind the sometimes-fedora-wearing Ryan Howard, B.J. Novak! Often referred to as the “cringiest” episode, B.J. discusses what it was like directing his first “Office” episode, Angela shares a deleted scene where Dwight impersonates Meredith and Jenna shares a real-life Scott’s Tots' success story. So, if you’re a Stanley,...

Mark as Played
March 27, 2024 65 mins

This week we take a look back on “Murder”! When the office learns Dunder Mifflin might be going bankrupt, Michael tames their nerves with a good ol’ Southern game of “Murder”! Jenna points out Pam is wearing the same outfit two episodes in a row, Angela shares the time she played a murder mystery game at a party hosted by Oscar Nuñez, and of course, the ladies give you all the details behind Tube City. But we’re not going down for ...

Mark as Played
March 20, 2024 96 mins

This week we’re breaking down “Dwight’s Christmas”. When the PPC fails to plan a Christmas Party, Dwight takes over bringing Belsnickel and more to the office. Meanwhile Pete teaches Erin about “Die Hard”. Jenna uncovers if “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie, Angela brings in gluhwein made by her husband, Josh, and the ladies chat with our very own Sam Kieffer about his time working on “Office Ladies”. Did we mention it’s our 200th ep...

Mark as Played
March 13, 2024 87 mins

This week we’re breaking down “The Target”. Angela asks Dwight to find her a hitman to take out Oscar for having an affair with the Senator. Meanwhile, some of the Dunder Mifflin employees make an impressive tower out of customer complaint cards. Chris Gethard who played Trevor sends in clips about his experience, along with director of this episode Brent Forrester. Jenna breaks down how the card tower was constructed and Angela re...

Mark as Played
March 6, 2024 41 mins

This week Jenna and Angela sit down with Kelly Cantley, who was the first Assistant Director (A.D.) and legendary leader of “Safety Meetings!” on “The Office” for 8 seasons. Angela shares how Kelly and her are the same size and that helped with costume decisions and more for Angela Martin, Jenna gets to nerd out with Kelly on scheduling and Kelly explains why episodes like “Prince Family Paper” were deceptively tricky episodes to m...

Mark as Played
February 28, 2024 61 mins

This week we’re breaking down “The Whale.” Dunder Mifflin gets a lead that the phone book company is looking for a new paper distributor and Pam must help Dwight close this sale despite his inability to talk to female clients. Meanwhile, Angela and Oscar team up to find out if the Senator is cheating. Thanks to Angela’s deep dive of the phone book, our Mom Detectives go on a case to find out if 411 still exists. Later, Jenna deep d...

Mark as Played
February 21, 2024 77 mins

This week we’re breaking down “The Boat”. Andy’s father has lost his family’s money and Andy must step up and sell the family boat. Meanwhile Jim, Pam and Nellie prank Dwight in an elaborate fakey radio interview. We hear audio clips from Andrew Santino who played the grumpy sailor on Andy’s boat. Angela shares some fun tongue twisters, Jenna talks about how a group of animals made filming on the boat difficult and the ladies have ...

Mark as Played
February 14, 2024 71 mins

Happy Valentine’s Day! Pack your day bags because we're taking a trip down memory lane and headed to New York! This week we're breaking down Valentine’s Day, and we are joined by the wonderful Andy Buckley (The Office, Veep, Avenue 5). Andy chats with Jenna and Angela about his time as a stock broker, how he got the part of David Wallace, and his surprise to become a recurring character. Then Jenna does a deep dive on Sbarro Pizza,...

Mark as Played
February 7, 2024 73 mins

This week we’re breaking down “Here Comes Treble”. Andy invites his old college a cappella group to perform at the office for Halloween but it turns sour when his rival Broccoli Rob (Stephen Colbert) overtakes the event. We hear clips from writer Halsted Sullivan and actor Nick Cafero who played a member of the “Here Comes Treble” a cappella group about their experience with this episode. Angela shares some real college a cappella ...

Mark as Played
February 5, 2024 40 mins

Are you ready for some Monday Motivation? Jenna and Angela sit down with Kendra Adachi, host of “The Lazy Genius” podcast, and talk about how being a lazy genius has improved their lives. This includes Jenna and Angela sharing how Kendra’s lazy genius advice has helped them become better business partners to each other. Kendra also reveals which “Office” characters are lazy geniuses and it might surprise you! So enjoy this bonus ep...

Mark as Played

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