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Rotten but still a little sweet! Rotten Mango is a true crime + all things spooky podcast. We love doing deep dives into the darkest crimes and we tend to not leave out any details - which can get a little rotten at times. If you want deep dives in the psychology of killers, no holding back storytelling of crimes, and stories of lesser known criminals from around the world this is the place for you. Welcome to Rotten Mango but don’t worry it all comes with a seasoning of comedy/sweetness.


November 30, 2022 72 min

“Welcome to IHOP (International House of Pancakes), how many people in your party?”

Dee had the routine down to a science. She knew what to say, when to smile, when to talk about her kids, when to flirt so she could keep the tips rolling in. Today was not her day though. She wanted to throw up.

Her hands were shaking and she was messing up everyone’s orders. She ran to the bathroom to splash water on her face. She reminded herself ho...

Mark as Played

He was the type of psychiatrist that was to get to the bottom of someone’s underlying problem. What was the real reason she thought herself to be the devil’s child?

What made her feel like she was so evil she could bring out the darkness in others?

And what about those two guys? The ones she was so insistent that they were trying to seduce her? She claimed she just knew they were either going to seduce her or they would all commit so...

Mark as Played

It’s said that there are a lot of dark spirits in New Orleans. It might be one of the most haunted cities in the entire world and one story that the city can’t seem to escape is that of Madame LaLaurie.

The rumors go like this - she tortured her victims and experimented on them. It’s said she liked to drill skulls into victims’ heads and insert spoons inside so she could “stir their brains.”

It’s said that she would stick ash, feces,...

Mark as Played

Becoming a mom is a dream for a lot of people. Especially Tom’s mom. She saw all the other moms and their deep connections with their beautiful children.

So when Tom was born, she was ready for that. She would never get it. Her own son made her nervous. He made her feel unsettled. There was just something sinister about the way he did everything.

He never cried, he would sit for hours in a cold bathtub, unmoving and staring at the wa...

Mark as Played

When you open the front door you might be expecting a package, the mailman, or even your Karen neighbor, but you wouldn’t expect Greg Marlow.

I know you’re thinking the name doesn’t ring a bell. It didn’t either for Cyndi when she opened the door to see him. But there he was, in his tight shirt, handsome, smiling smoothly at her.

There were a few things Cyndi would soon find out about this mysterious man on her doorstep.

He didn’t sho...

Mark as Played

The Ingram house from the outside, would have presented itself as the dream life for a family. Situated on a beautiful ranch, with a vegetable garden out back, it was superbly normal.

That is till Paul Ingram, the father and police officer, was accused of assaulting his two daughters since they were 5 years old. Not only that, but he would bring over cop buddies to assault not just his daughters but his young sons too.

The explosive ...

Mark as Played

If you walked into his house, you would be tempted to walk right back out. The smell alone could have knocked you back through the front door. Every surface, every wall, every square inch of the floor was littered with dust. 

He collected tens of thousands of bottles, empty cereal boxes, trash, magazines, everything. He kept it all. I don’t know how you would find anything, let alone anyone in a place like that. 

It would have been n...

Mark as Played

Zamy, a Taiwanese influencer, had worked hard to build up a wholesome reputable image. Yet, it was all going to come crashing down in the most nightmare-ish way possible.

One day, she woke up to being flooded with messages with people asking her “what are you doing this for? Do you not make enough money on YouTube?”

It was a “leaked” video of Zamy. She was engaging in sexual activity yet she didn’t remember anything about this encoun...

Mark as Played

In the summer of 2009, there were whispers around South Korea. A Korean blogger had gone out to the woods and came back traumatized. They had seen something in the woods they shouldn’t have. 

They called it “The Mimic” and it is NOT human. It has no human emotions, no human empathy, but it sounds just like a human. It can mimic anyone’s voice to lure you into their web of death. 

It sounds like an urban legend, right? But there are p...

Mark as Played
October 23, 2022 88 min

The cruise was absolutely stunning. The white sand beaches, the baby blue waters, the casinos inside the cruise, it was all incredible.

The passengers were having the time of their life, including the married Nist couple. Mr. & Mrs. Nist had the perfect life - they were millionaires, with a beautiful child, friends who loved them, and they were in love.

But on this cruise, Mrs. Nist would fall in love with a crew member. It would...

Mark as Played

They were meeting up again. They knew they should stop, it wasn’t doing any good for them, but how could they? They were the only ones that really understood each other. So the two of them would leave their spouses, their children, all at home to go be with one another. 

And I know what you’re thinking. Cheaters. 

Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. 

These two were not cheating on their spouses. In fact, they had been cheated on. H...

Mark as Played

It all started with a Hollywood divorce. The joint statement released by both parties seemed amicable enough, but the public wanted more. They wanted to know the intimate details of the relationship’s downfall.

They say 50% of marriages end in divorce, so the odds weren’t in their favor to begin with, but nobody expected it to go down like this.

Very quickly, a public divorce turned into allegations of assault, abuse, and cannibalism...

Mark as Played
October 12, 2022 61 min

They needed protection in order to go through with their big plans. She turned to black magic. Sure, it was risky to get dark magic and spirits involved, but their plans were more important. 

Their plans were to travel up and down the West Coast with their new van! It was a family van, one that could fit all their biological children in, one that you could sleep in, one that the children were supposed to feel safe in. 

It was going t...

Mark as Played

The two police officers ran out of their car. They knew there was time was of the essence when they saw the stream of blood running down the residential driveway. They had their guns drawn and started making their way into the garage where they heard animalistic noises. A dog perhaps?

They didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t this. On the ground they found the victim laying flat on their back, arms spread, blood everywhere, look...

Mark as Played

It was a bit gruesome even for a carnival act. The snake and the rat. A giant king cobra in the cage hissing about and an employee would throw rat after rat into the cage.

No matter how full, bored, or even tired the snake was, it would kill each rat that entered the cage. Even most adults would grab their child’s arm and rush away. It was never a pretty sight to see death in action, but little Pee Wee Gaskins sat glued to the bars ...

Mark as Played

They were called “Comfort Women,” but their lives would not be in any sense comfortable. They were kidnapped, tortured, and held hostage to be assaulted by military officials.

Soldiers had their own name for them; it was “public toilets.” Most of these women either died in captivity from murder, disease, or from the sheer violence of their assaults.

But don’t be fooled by the name, sometimes comfort women were girls as young as 11 ye...

Mark as Played

Leslie only had Marie to lean on. They were best friends. Sure, they just started bonding, but Leslie really needed someone to count on. They spent countless hours on the phone, whispering, giggling, staying up, hoping their parents wouldn’t hear them.

But it was a bit strange that she kept asking Leslie about what had happened in that basement. Leslie had been gang raped by some of the most popular kids in high school in the footba...

Mark as Played

When I say “it was the town’s best-kept secret,” what do you imagine? Maybe an unknown hole-in-the-wall restaurant with the best milkshakes? Maybe a secret hangout spot near the river with the best city views.

Not for the town of Glen Ridge; it was much darker than that. For them, their best-kept secret was their boys. The town’s group of star athletes - the football players, wrestlers, basketball players, and the most popular boys ...

Mark as Played

On the surface, there was nothing remarkable about Larry Lavin. He lived in a quiet neighborhood with his wife and family, drove a Volvo, and practiced dentistry in Philadelphia. But, from 1978 to 1984, Dr. Lavin moonlighted as one of the largest cocaine kingpins on the Eastern Seaboard.

Through the voices and perspectives of law enforcement, drug runners, friends, business associates and Larry Lavin himself, Wolves Among Us, Season...

Mark as Played

John was devastated when he got the call from his wife’s twin. His wife of two and a half years had just passed. Sure, he knew that she had been terminally ill for a while, but that didn’t ease the grief he felt.

So when his wife’s twin sister showed up at his front door, he welcomed her in with open arms. She was the only one that understood his pain.

They were identical twins, but she had blonde hair, whereas his wife had brown. Sh...

Mark as Played

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