Super Great Kids' Stories

Super Great Kids' Stories

Supergreat Kids' Stories is a collection of fun tales to make you laugh and cry, told by some of the best storytellers from around the world. Recommended for ages 5 to 105… We are sponsored by Indeed. Go to for £100 sponsored credit.


June 14, 2024 27 mins
What would you ask for if you had a secret wishing ring? Jack uses it when he’s in danger, and it brings help from the most unexpected creatures in the most surprising ways. This Welsh Romani tale is beautifully told by writer and storyteller Daniel Morden who gave us the story ‘Hey Ho!’ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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This is a story from Spain about a little chick who only has one eye, one wing and one leg. But he’s a determined little chick and rather proud. He decides to take himself off on an adventure to the Royal Palace in Madrid to see the King. As with many journeys, it doesn’t quite turn out how he expected. Listen to storyteller Rebecca Lemaire and find out what happened to him. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices....
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May 31, 2024 19 mins
In this story from Aotearoa, New Zealand, a small bird who mysteriously loses her song, she wanders through the forest asking for help from her feathery friends. Will she get her song back? Listen to this beautifully told rhyming tale from Maori storyteller Eliza Bidois to find out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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May 24, 2024 22 mins
What would you ask for if you were granted one wish? In this Native American tale told by Cherokee storyteller Lisa LaRue Baker, the animals are each rewarded with a wish for good behaviour. All is going well, until Owl is overcome with curiosity and breaks the rules by taking a peek as The Great One – Unetlanvhi works to make the wishes come true. Listen to Lisa LaRue Baker and find out what happens to poor Rabbit as a result. Lea...
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May 17, 2024 19 mins
Greedy Anansi is at his tricks once again. Can he trick his friends so he can share everyone’s dinner without having to help them? Or will it backfire? Listen to storyteller Emily Hennessey tell this fun ‘How and Why’ story and find out. A good story to learn to tell yourself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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May 10, 2024 23 mins
The national bird of New Zealand is the Kiwi. It has brown hairy feathers, a very long beak and no wings. Listen to Maori storyteller Emmy Bidois tell this moving legend which explains how the brave little bird gave up its wings and became a national hero. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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May 3, 2024 23 mins
Long time ago, in the African Bush, things were not as they are today. Elephant had a small nose, and Giraffe a short neck - so what happened? It all began with the little animals disobeying their parents. Listen to this lively, story told by Wangari from Kenya to find out more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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April 26, 2024 22 mins
Anansi is keen to join the birds at their feast on a mountain ledge. But can Anansi fly? With a little help from his feathered friends – he can! But once he’s abandoned by the birds, how can he save himself? Listen to this fun ‘How and Why’ story from Ghana, shared by storyteller Tuup, and find out how Anansi learns a very useful skill. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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April 19, 2024 25 mins
Maui the trickster is fed up with Ra the Sun. Ra is so lazy, that he’s always rushing across the sky to get back to his bed again. This leaves the days so short that Maui doesn’t have enough time to do all his chores. Maui and his brothers set out on a quest to capture the sun, and teach him a lesson. But is it possible to stop something so hot and powerful? Listen to Maori storyteller - Emmy and find out. Learn more about your ad...
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April 12, 2024 20 mins
A lively re-telling of a traditional African tale, Anansi might be cunning, but he’s also just a small, spider, so can he really beat Elephant in a tug of war? Listen to gifted storyteller Emily Hennessey and find out if brains are more important than size. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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April 5, 2024 27 mins
Can a cheeky, talking pot save the day for a poor farmer and his wife who are down on their luck? Listen to this lively, interactive tale from Denmark told by master storyteller Daniel Morden and find out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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March 29, 2024 31 mins
Anansi is always boasting about how clever he is. The king is not happy. He decides to set Anansi an impossible challenge - one which will he thinks will get rid of that trickster once and for all. Anansi is confident he can trick anyone out of anything….but can he trick Death - the master trickster? Listen to Wendy Shearer telling this captivating tale, and find out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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March 22, 2024 30 mins
Do you ever feel that everything is against you and unhappiness is following you around like a smelly dog? Well, you’re not alone. In this trickster tale from Poland, nothing seems to go right for a young couple. Until one day, they decide to try a bit of trickery. Can they succeed in banishing misery from their lives? Listen to this tale brilliantly told by storyteller Emily Hennessey and find out. Learn more about your ad choice...
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To mark St Patrick’s Day, Kate Corkery is back with a hair-raising tale about Finn McCool. It’s a quest story stuffed with giants, witches and princes in peril. Can Finn rescue the kidnapped princes from a wicked witch? With a little help from his friends, anything is possible. Warning this story is a teeny bit scary. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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March 8, 2024 23 mins
Brer Rabbit is up to his tricks again – trying to steal water from Brer Wolf’s well. But after he’s caught once, will he be sensible and leave the well alone? You’d think so wouldn’t you, but this is Brer Rabbit we’re talking about. Listen to Baden Prince Junior’s delightful telling of this old tale and see how Brer Rabbit uses his wit to escape from Brer Wolf’s trap. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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March 1, 2024 27 mins
A forest elf or ‘sylph’ is made homeless by a careless woodcutter. Luckily, he’s adopted by a kind couple. But what happens to the dreamy woodcutter who cut down his tree? Will he be punished, or will he marry the princess of his dreams? Listen to Belgian storyteller Rebecca Lemaire tell this delightful tale, and find out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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February 23, 2024 20 mins
In this Brothers’ Grimm fairytale, beautifully told by Simone Schümmelfeder – a poor cobbler discovers elves in his house, and finds they’re remarkably good at lending a hand and helping him out of poverty. But what happens when he wants to help them back? Have a listen to Simone tell this magical tale which comes from the forest near her childhood home, and be awed! There’s even a song in it too! ---- Super Great Kids' Stories is ...
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February 16, 2024 23 mins
To celebrate Chinese New Year, Kim retells the story of Nián, the terrifying monster who emerged from the sea every New Year’s Eve - to eat cattle, and people, and crops. Until one year, a brave old man, came up with a plan. This old tale explains some of the traditions and celebrations which still take place today at this popular Festival to mark the beginning of Spring. ---- Super Great Kids' Stories is now available on Storybut...
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February 9, 2024 33 mins
In this moving Cinderella-style story, beautifully told by storyteller Nick Hennessey, a young girl is sent away from home by her Dad who misunderstands her declaration of love. But she doesn’t despair, she dusts herself down, and sets off disguised in a cap made of rushes to prove him wrong. Nick accompanies this old English fairytale with beautiful music which he’s written and arranged. Learn more about your ad choices. Visi...
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February 2, 2024 26 mins
A enchanting quest, tale from Norway about a bewitched prince and a determined girl. This story includes a troll princess, a magic potion, a snow bear, some witchy women, ooh, and even a song! Listen to this story retold by Kim and be transported to a far-away land. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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