A Very Suspect Podcast

A Very Suspect Podcast

Two oddball, longtime geek friends from Toronto's Best Cult Video store get together and talk about topics the mainstream ignores. Everything from cult directors, strange celebrities, childhood recollections, music, comics, you name it.What's the topic? Tune in and hear.


May 19, 2022 53 mins


Author, musician, actor, performance artist and..the object of Glenn's unwholesome attention.  Lydia Lunch has had the kind of underground carreer that suffers no fools.  That proves that anger can be weilded like a sharp blade into the guts of the mainstream with NO apologies.

 For decades now Lydia Lunch has provoked m...

Mark as Played

Actor, author, singer, astronaut, captain, comedian, Canadian.   Shatner continues to surprise his fans and detractors with an Emmy for playing the same great character in two t.v. shows, writing and creating a S.F. universe in prose and television, being the butt of one of the best celebrity roasts ever and even escaping the bonds of Earth !!

Join Luis and Glenn as they finish their look at the one and only William Shatner !

TONS of...

Mark as Played

Actor, author, singer, astronaut, captain, comedian, Canadian.   Star Trek cemented the icon's stature but his career post Trekking had the man doing made-for-t.v. flicks, theatrical movies, a classic 'Saturday Night Live' hosting and.. music.  And oh, that music!

Join Luis and Glenn as they discuss most everything (well, at least everything they find interesting) the man did during those crazy 1960's.  This is a...

Mark as Played

Actor, author, singer, astronaut, captain, comedian, Canadian.
  From doing Shakespeare to going into space, William Shatner has had quite a varied and multi-disciplanary carreer.    In this first episode we'll be looking  the early years of Shatner's carrer.  From the stage in Canada, to his first feature films, to classic episodes of loved anthology series to.. of course, Star Trek. 

  Luis and Glenn discuss m...

Mark as Played

  HoHoHo !  It;s that time of year again and so sorry we've been remiss in our podcast duties but we're back with a Christmas miracle:  A new Very Suspect Podcast all about Christmas, some of our fave holiday television specials and some select movies too!

  Luis and Glenn discuss everything from classic family fare to profane and expletive-filled insanity that make our annual holiday season playlists.

  Join us in our look...

Mark as Played

The fellas are back with part two of our look at the Monster Cereals!

Luis and Glenn chat about all the cool premiums you'd get both in and as send away items, and the look at the monsters' audio adventures !

Featuring lots of awesome commercials and excerpts:

Count Chocula's  first commercial featuring the song 'Monster Mash'

"Monster Mash" song excerpt from the reunited Monsters 2021 

Excerpt of test...

Mark as Played

The fellas are back with a special two parter on everyone's favorite universe of sugary breakfast mascots:   Count Chocula! FrankenBerry! Boo Berry! Frute Brute! Yummy Mummy!

Could any other cereal compete with these monster-liscious family of marhmallow goodness?   We think not.

In this first-parter, Luis and Glenn discuss the creation of the MCU (That's monster cereal universe!), how they were introduced and some of the p...

Mark as Played

We're BACK! (Sort of!)with a new episode FULL of SPOILERS so if you like to have seen the movies discussed watch 'Wedding in White', 'Heavenly Bodies' and 'The Brain'.

  Well, Luis is back with a special guest.  
  Yes, we're going to be doing some special episodes featuring  some of our long term Patrons!!  Our first special guest is the awesome Bridget who chose to chat with  L...

Mark as Played

What do you get when you mix deviant sex, b-movies, hot rods, surfin', goth, rock and roll, fetishism, horror comics and humour?

You get one of the most insane, rock and roll bands of all time: The CRAMPS.   Beginning in 1976 and labelled 'psychobilly' by some, the Cramps' style of terror-and-madness infused southern-surf-garage-noise is a sound all their own and their unabashedly embracing of pretty mu...

Mark as Played

First they helped a generation with their cool tunes and lyrics about.. multiplication!  Then came the same cool tuned formula for.. grammar !  But after conquering those massive topics came School House Rock's focus on U.S. History, Science, Computing (!?) and Environmentalism (!?) .

Join us for part two of our look at the further history of School House Rock!  We even chat about the life of the show years after it h...

Mark as Played

Waay back in the olden times of the 1970s  Saturday mornings were ruled by kids.   All morning every major station only broadcast cool shows for kids.  In between they'd get commercials for cereal, toys and... mathamatics , grammer and more!   Yes, cartoons with cool storylines, catchy tunes and.. gasp.. knowledge!! Who woulda thunk that learning  would be so... fun?

Join us in part one of our look at the amazing emer...

Mark as Played

We finish our look at the career of the rock and roll shockstar in this extra long episode.   Cooper's image and character has appeared in popular media since the seventies and we finish our deep dive into his appearances in other media.

Join us in part three of our look at Alice Cooper in film, television and yes, comic books !

Featuring lots of awesome music excerpts:


Mark as Played

The 1980s and 90s was a drifting period for our favorite shock rocker.  
Embracing various musical avenues and experimenting with new sounds and looksm we saw a few new incarnations of ALICE. 
Yes, embracing a leaner new wave asthetic was considered by many to be his low point, (We dissagree STRONGLY!) both musically and sales-wise before diving into a more glam metal period, finally returning to where he stepped out on his...

Mark as Played

He's been called the godfather of punk,  the king of shock rock, the heavy metal monster!
He melded the world of theatre with the world of rock in a way that no one had ever seen before.  Inhabiting the personas of killer, monster,  child, and taking the name of a dead girl.  He gave voice to disenfrachised youth everywhere... 
AND he's not finished.  Hot on the heels of his newest album DETROIT STORIES the man do...

Mark as Played

Here it is!  Part two of our look at the movie HEAVY METAL!

We look and gab about the second half of the movie from Captain Sternn to Taarna and the subsequent HEAVY METAL projects, completed, proposed and everything-but-in-name.

Come listed as Luis and Glenn gab about the origins of the magazine, the artists that created for it, the film and the music of... HEAVY METAL!

P.s.  We missed chatting about the Heavy Met...

Mark as Played

It emerged at a time when extreme sex and violence could be movie theatre fodder.  It was a glorious celebration for S.F., Horror and Comic fans.. it was ANIMATED AND had a KILLER SOUNDTRACK to boot !  It was HEAVY METAL!!!

Just a few years after the seminal 'adults only' graphic magazine was introduced to a hungry North America came an honest-to-God big budgeted 'adults only' animated film adaption.   Sure there...

Mark as Played

Here it is!   The famous K-Tel record collections!   Yes, they cornered the market and sold a whopping 500, 000, 000 records during their tenure at the TOP of the record industry.
The collections are legendary (well.. to us, at least) and span not only a wide variety of radio hits but also thematic collections too !  Who else would release both ROCK COLLECTIONS, SOUL COLLECTIONS, NOVELTY COLLECTIONS and TRUCKER COLLECTIONS?

Mark as Played

As advertised On TV ! NEW !  IMPROVED! If you grew up anytime between the late 60s and the mid 80s there was NO WAY to avoid the ever present SPACE SAVING! TIME SAVING! Doodads from K-Tel !

  Yes, with out K-Tel how would we stack perfectly uniform patties?  How would we select our records or 8 track tapes? Why would you want a regular brush when you could get a MIRACLE BRUSH?  Yes, we all have Phil Kives to thank for so many items ...

Mark as Played

Hey cats ! Get ready for part two of our look at the glory of SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO!
Yes, we continue our peep into the SWV brand of lunacy as well as discussing what lies in the future for the label of lewdness.  Come along and get WEIRD!!

Come join Luis and Glenn as they jump into the second part of their look at the celluloid madness that is.. SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO. 

Featuring awesome clips from way out flix:


Mark as Played

Note! Adult content and recorded (of course) remotely.

Tis the season to be jolly, imbibe and listen to part two of our COOL YULE TUNES!

Here's part two of our carefully curated look into a bunch of weird, wild, wacky or wonderful Xmas tunes!  Sit back, drink a gallon of yuletide ale and listed to stuff we like !

CAUTION! Some of these are NAUGHTY, some are NICE but all of them are guaranteed to provide a detour from all the old ...

Mark as Played

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