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May 8, 2024 1 min
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Stand to check in on the latestRoad Gossip with mel Taylor Rotten. Its
Live Nations Concert Week begins tomorrow forthe tenth year. Beginning at tomorrow through
the fourteenth, you'll have access totwenty five dollars tickets to more than five
thousand shows in twenty twenty four.Some of the participating artists include Cagy,
Elephants, Blink one eighty two.It's across all genres and you can get

some special deals. But make sure, I would say you check up tomorrow
because there's limited tickets available. GreenDay planning a special concert with the Offspring
and the show will take place ina city that they've never played in before,
Dubai, and I'm sure that showis going to be crazy. It's
January twenty seventh, next year.They put the flyer up on their Instagram.
Tickets go on sale tomorrow. MollyCrew played a Secrets Club show last

night at the New York's Bowery Ballroom, six hundred people. I can't imagine
seeing them an environment like that andshine down or teaming up with Torch Bear
Sauces for their own line of HotSauces. The first flavor in the series
of sauces. To come is symptomto potate garlic sauce and of course it's
from their hit symptom of being humanand they say there is more to come.

They really are very happy working onthis project.
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