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April 7, 2024 8 mins
The Kid LAROI joins Most Requested Live and chats about making his collab "Too Much" with JungKook and more. Check out the exclusive interview now with Bennett!
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Ladies and gentlemen. The kidner Royhe's on with Bennett from Most Week questioned
here he is, what's up,man, what is up? How we
feeling? It's been a minute.I can't believe it's been a couple of
years since we've talked. How's life. I am good, I'm feeling I'm

feeling good man. I feel I'mhappy to be finally getting music out again
and getting back into the swing ofthings. So, yeah, man,
too much is out. How dowe feel amazing, really good about it?
Yeah, that's really good. Imean, because like you've been teasing
this for a minute now, andI love how you guys kind of put
this together and people are like,you know, what are they doing?

What's happening? And now here itis out into the world. And last
time I checked, like already likemillions and millions of views on YouTube.
The streams are crazy. How didthis collaboration work? Had this come together?
This trio is pretty massive? SoI think I mean trying to yeah,
to try and make a very longstory short. Justin and I had

started this. I did together witha whole bunch of producer homies, a
homie of mile of a like Jasper. They had this beat, and Justin
and I had started this this demotogether and it was really hard to finish.
Like we had like my verses andwe had like Justin had this hook

melody and we were trying to likedial in on finding like the right words
for the hook, trying to findlike and we just like couldn't really find
it. It was really hard tofind it. So then you know,
Justin's in the middle of like workingon a whole bunch of his stuff,
and I I was like, youknow what I got, like because this
is right at the end of thealbum process. It's like, hey,
like I got to turn this anddo you mind if I, you know,

try and just do this myself andseeing this hook, and he was
like yeah, of course. SoI tried doing it, and I just
felt like I couldn't. I couldn'tlike capture the same thing that he did
on that hook. I think itwas like he had he did something like
so special that just felt so goodthat I couldn't really I couldn't really like
recreate. And but we all reallyloved this song and we thought that it

was really special and it was likea vibe that we were kind of missing
from the album, and we alreadysent it to Sench and he got back
to us, and we were alljust kind of sitting in a room brainstorming,
like yo, who like who coulddo this and make it sound you
know, like great? And wewere talking about doing a record with with

jk on like for this whole othersong, and we were going back and
forth like is this the right oneto send to him? Is this the
right one? And my friend wasjust like my friend him was like why
don't we just get him on thisone? And I was like, wow,
yes, like he would he wouldkill this, he would go crazy
and send it to him, sendit back, and yeah, that's basically

the story, a very short,short version of the story that because how
many times is it the other waywhere like you just couldn't get the pieces
of the puzzle to fit and thenlike you just scraped the song? Like
how many times does that happen inthe album process? And how I mean
we did? We have like hundredsmaybe thousands of eyes just like scrapped.

So yeah, so for this tocome together, I mean this is something
special. I mean three different uniquestyles, three different countries kind of meshing
on this project, and it soundsso seamless, like it just sounds so
good. So it's got to feelreally nice to have this out and obviously
all the fans just loving it becausethe song sounds amazing. Thanks man.

Yeah, I'm super I'm super hardto I'm super happy people like it and
the video is cool too. Tellme about the concept behind the video,
dude. So I've been doing allof my videos with the guy who directed
this video. His name is Messy. He is so incredibly talented and like

my favorite, my favorite director rightnow. Like I said, we've done
all of the album stuff together,and I was really like, you know,
I bought him this thing and Iwas like, yeah, we need
to shoot this in in a weekbecause again, all of this happened like
right at the end, and Iwas like, hey, I'm going to
change my first single. I wantthis to be my first single. We
got to shoot this in a week. Do you think we can make it

happen? And he was like uh, And it was like like the day
that we would get to need toshoot it. It was like a long
weekend. It was like a holiday, and it was just like a whole
bunch of stuff. But we weit was. It was a bit of
a mess, but we ended upgetting to it and we wanted, like,
you know, it was this thisvideo. Usually the videos we've been
doing a bit more like concept based, and this one was like, okay,

like we didn't have a lot oftime. We want to do more
so like a like a performance video, but like find a way to make
it cool still. So the wholeconcept was like basically, you know this
go Riley out to rally. Bythe way, she's also been in I
think all of the videos as well, Like yeah, like as it starts
rolling out, you guys will seelike the whole storylines and stuff, but

it was Riley. Like basically,the whole concept was, you know,
Riley like picks up the magazines andshe's like she's like looking through the magazine
she sees us, and then itgoes back into like the magazine world on
like whatever. Like there's like possiblylike maybe like in the concept of the
video, like maybe like Riley waslike mad at me or something, and

then that's why like at the endshe like ashleys like cigarette on me because
she's like mad, and you know, it was a pretty loose concept,
but we wanted to just kind oflike tied in and just make everything make
sense for the rest of the videosand make it kind of cool. And
yeah, it's amazing that came togetherso last minute too, because obviously when
you watch it, it doesn't appearthat way. So that's definitely interesting.

And so it might have even beenlowkey, like like when we confirmed that
we're gonna do it might have beenlike four days like I might be.
I might be I might be evengiving it more more room than what four
days that he had to get everythingtogether. So thank you, Messy,
We love you Messy. That's insane. Wait, so you said that you
know it was a last minute switchup. This was gonna be the you

know, the lead single too Much. What's what was the original lead single?
Originally the lead single, Well,we were gonna drop this song What
Just Happened, but then I wantedto change it to this song I have
called Bleed because for like, youknow, what Just Happened had been amongst
like my fans and stuff, thissnip would have been out for such a

long time, and I wanted tokind of give them, give them something
fresher. We're gonna do some Bleedbut then when this whole thing ended up
actually coming together and working out orit's just like this is I want to
like come and kick into the albumkind of like you know, with something
that's fun and with like a cool, cool collaboration like I wanted. Like
we went to bringing Walls together.I thought that was like just really cool
and I knew that, Like yeah, I just I just it felt like

very fun and it felt like somethingthat I think like a lot of people
could really enjoy. So I wasjust kind of like, yeah, it
feels fun, and with two incrediblytalented people on it, and it just
just got out. It just feelsit feels fun. It really does.
It really feels fun in a littlebit different sound from you too, and
you kind of just mashed between JKand Central C has that nice touch to

it. It just all makes sense. So what is this next chapter of
the Killarroy sound like? You know, the first time dropping in November?
We're pumped for it. Man,What's what's this new era sound like for
you? The suspense? I think, I mean, this album is I

mean, if I had to describeit, I mean, it's so hard
to describe it, but I wouldsay that it's like all the music that
I listened to in my car,Like it's all influenced by music goes to
my in my car. And anybodywho like takes like a twenty minute car
right with me, knows that,like I have some of the most like

like default music, like like I'mlike, one minute, I'm listening to
like you know, whatever it maybe, like Elliott Smith said, the
next minute, and I'm playing likea central record and and and like like
back to back like so it's justkind of a combination of everything like influenced
by everything that I listened to inmy car. If that makes sense,
it does, Elliot Smith, that'sa good reference too. I appreciate that.

Right too much is out. Welove this record and just congrats on
it and good to talk to you, good to catch up that. Thanks
for making the time. I appreciateit absolutely. Man. We look forward
to this album. So all thebest and uh and let's talk seeing right,
so rather be good
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