Cynthia and Josie's Unmentionables

Cynthia and Josie's Unmentionables

Join us on a ridiculously fun journey that celebrates not only our unique stories but also the little imperfections & mistakes that make us human. The show you’re too shy to ask for!


November 27, 2023 43 mins

No parent is ever really prepared for the question “where do babies come from?” but thankfully there are ways you don’t have to make it as weird as our parents did. In this episode, we chat with sex educator and author Cory Silverberg about theirnewest book, “You Know, Sex” and learn how to chat in curious and age appropriate ways about body parts, consent, identity, porn and other so-called “unmentionable” topics (we promise it’s ...

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Over 50 years ago, a psychologist named Arthur Aron who was studying relationships, created a list of 36 questions that he claimed could lead to love.The questions range from light-hearted topics to some seriously deep and unmentionable stuff. But here’s the big question: do they really work? 


In this episode, Cynthia and Josie answer (most) of the 36 questions in the hopes that you will try them out on your next date night. Or...

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November 14, 2023 25 mins

Listen, we know last week was intense and emotional so first up, we have an update on Cynthia.  But then, we bring you something that we recorded waaaay back during the summer.  And boy, do we hope it makes you laugh as much as we did. This episode is all about the fantasy that shall not be named. But if you're a mom (okay maybe even a few dads) we GUARANTEE it has crossed your mind.  Hint: it starts with a “D”.

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November 7, 2023 35 mins


After a few weeks of uncontrolled crying spells, Cynthia has come to the realization that she's not okay.  We talk about what's been going on and we also do a deep dive on grief.  After all, grief is an inevitable part of life. Maybe you’re experiencing the heartbreaking end of a relationship, a job loss, the death of a loved one, or perhaps it's just the overwhelming emotions that come along with witnessing the heartbreaking ev...

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October 31, 2023 29 mins

10 Relationship Rules You Should Follow

There are countless articles online about navigating relationships. We did our best to gather some of what people say is the “best advice” while also sharing our personal insights. We're so excited to hear from you! Do you have rules that strengthen your connection with your partner? Reach out to us via email at or visit our website at


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October 24, 2023 27 mins

One of the most common questions Cynthia gets as a sex educator is how to spice things up in long-term relationships. The truth is that life (and by “life” we mean: work, kids, stress, etc, ETC) can definitely get in the way of sexy time fun in the bedroom. In this episode, we will have you sliding out of your work clothes and into something more comfortable…wink wink, nudge nudge. This episode includes personal stories from Josie ...

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October 17, 2023 22 mins

Prince. Oprah. Tom Yorke. Ryan Reynolds. Gord Downie. Those are just a few of the famous folks that Cynthia and Josie have been up close and personal with. But what do you say when you meet your hero? And is it always good to meet famous people you’ve put on a pedestal? What happens if you have some “vibes” with the person you meet?  We go deep on this one.

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October 10, 2023 27 mins

The year was 2000. Kathy worked as a prop master in the film industry. She and her husband and teenaged step children ended up at a party for a movie called Dracula 2000. She mixed and mingled and eventually met a guy she would later find out was Danny Masterson. What happened next was a secret she kept for many years, a secret that would change her life forever. 


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October 3, 2023 19 mins

We’re Baaaack…
(…but not in that weird creepy poltergeist way)

From the latest on Josie’s sex life and Cynthia’s costume collection, to a strange story of our new stinky couch - we’ve got updates on all of the things you’ve been asking us about (and also some stuff you didn’t). We are also going to tell you a little about the incredible guests and unmentionable topics  we are exploring this season. 

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June 12, 2023 21 mins

You asked us everything from the strangest places we have had sex, to how to get your libido back and so much more! 

Just letting you know: this is our last episode of the season but don’t worry we aren’t going anywhere!  We will be releasing BRAND NEW content on our YouTube channel EVERY MONDAY through the summer.

Also, we will be doing some LIVES on social media so make sure you are following us on socials and stay ...

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We don’t know about you, but we got about as much information about menstruation as we did about the flip side, menopause. Why is this stuff that is so inevitable for women, also so shrouded in shame and mystery?? We sit down with Shirley Weir who is an author, women’s heath advocate and creator of Menopause Chicks, to answer all of your burning questions about hot flashes, hormone replacement and sex during and beyond, “the change...

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May 29, 2023 38 mins

Remember that scene in “Say Anything” when John Cusak stands outside the window of the woman who has just dumped him, holding a boombox playing “In Your Eyes”?  At the time, we all thought of it as a grand romantic gesture, right?  But when something like that plays out in real life it can be entirely different.  In this episode, Cynthia and Josie share their strange and terrifying experiences with stalkers. They also chat with...

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May 22, 2023 28 mins

Porn: delightful or disgusting? 

Most of us probably stumbled across our first porns scrambled up on a vintage television set. Nowadays, it is everywhere. On this episode, Cynthia and Josie talk about what they love and loathe when it comes to porn, their concerns as parents and how they are (or aren’t!) talking to their kids about it. Plus Cynthia shares what it’s like to be on an actual porn set.   

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May 15, 2023 20 mins

Did you know that the number one reason women end up in long term care is because they can’t hold in their pee? If you have a vulva (whether you have had kids or not) you are going to want to listen to this episode. Cynthia quizzes Josie on the anatomy of the vulva (spoiler alert: Josie couldn’t find the clitoris) and they chat with The Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni about how to do a proper kegel and what you need to do to get your very ...

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Even though Cynthia is a TV host, you might be surprised to find out that she has suffered from huge amounts of anxiety when it comes to public speaking. And Josie has a fear of something else coming out of her mouth. From general nervousness to full blown panic attacks, Cynthia and Josie dive into their anxious natures and share stories about how they have managed to (sort of) work through them.  If you’ve ever suffered with anxie...

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May 2, 2023 24 mins

If you’re looking to add a little bit of auditory spice into your bedroom adventures, we have the episode for you! We share our awkward stories of dirty talking and get tips from sex educator Luna Matatas.

For more information on Luna and where to take her workshops you can follow her on social media @lunamatatas and visit her here: 

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April 25, 2023 39 mins


Ever wonder what’s going on in the mind of a single guy on the dating scene? Well we thought it would be fun to put all of the pressure on radio host, DJ, personality, Jamar McNeil to explain every straight man’s perspective (lol) on dating, hookups, ghosting, the friend zone and where we actually learn about dating (hint: no where!!)  We also talk about the “crazy chick” stereotype and give our contradictory tips on how to get ...

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Josie shares the terrifying, challenging and joyful experiences that can go along with navigating life with a child with special needs.

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April 11, 2023 28 mins

We watch them in the dark. We romance some, despise others. It can feel like we know them, but we never really do. Let’s face it: there’s something strange about the one-sided relationship we have with celebrities…and it can become even stranger when we actually meet them in person. In this episode, Cynthia and Josie share some of their sexiest celebrity stories and chat with long time journalist Teri Hart about why theses tale...

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April 4, 2023 18 mins

What if there was a way to guarantee that your partner would never, ever stray?  Turns out there are certain things that successful monogamous couples do and what those things are might surprise you. Dr. Lucia O’Sullivan from The University of New Brunswick is here to share what research shows about love, sex and monogamy.
For more information about Dr. O’Sullivan and her research, visit: Here
Also, come visit us at our websi...

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