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EAT THIS with Lianne

Put your best fork forward, one mouthful at a time with the EAT THIS podcast. Lianne, a Registered Nutritionist, will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the world that has overwhelming and conflicting information, including the newest food fads, food trends, diets and ways of eating.


January 23, 2023 50 min

What's in your glass, cup, or mug is under a bit more scrutiny these days. A recent headline asked if Lianne would like "...some plastics with my tea?" Weird...yes, but true...

Staring into that cup of coffee, why would you worry what else is in there WITH the coffee... However, have you ever heard of the term CLEAN COFFEE? It's a thing. In fact, nutritionally speaking, it's better for your body. These days, the...

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Can you relate when you feel like you just don't have the energy you once had? Maybe your energy and moods are up one minute .... down the next. Maybe it's a bit of BRAIN FOG. ALL of this can be connected to your Metabolism!

It is true, so on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we invite back a favourite of ours and many of you...Dr "B" is back to help us all understand the reality of Metabolic Flexibility. What ...

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Season 3 of Eat This with Lianne has been another phenomenal year of learning and laughs. The hope is that we all figure our ways to make our health, our lives just a little bit mouthful at a time! 

So, on this episode we look back at some of the best bites from 2022, allowing all of us to reflect and reintroduce our brains to the buffet of knowledge our incredible guests graciously gifted this podcast...and in turn s...

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The holiday season is upon us...and with it the excitement, and stress...or should we say DREAD! We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the good "elf" and try to keep things on track when it concerns our eating habits, workout regimes etc.

Its never easy, and often we chalk up any weigh gain to the fact..."its the holidays, it happens."

Well, on top of all the goodies and treats, comes the added stress ...

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It started with a few sneezes, and a drippy nose...then came the lack of energy, body aches...and an all-night cough-a-thon

The insanity of being sick, needing sleep, and the feeling like she was letting down the people who count on her...only made the situation worse. 

That's usually when our brain goes "Why ME?", or "Why NOW?"

So, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, Lianne is vulnerable sharing her thou...

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Theres and unseen rollercoaster that many of us are

Up, down, up....way down. Have you heard of Blood Sugar Balance? Your mood, your energy level, your many things happening in our bodies are connected to our blood sugar, and our ability to keep it balanced.

From simple acne to the most serious conditions can all be associated with unbalanced glucose levels... so, on this episode of Eat This...

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There are fads, trends, must-trys that fly around the internet...does CHARCOAL ring a bell? (Ugh) Now most trends do not 'up level' your true health, but one such popular food and supplement choice these days does seem to hold the keys to many great benefits to both our mental and physical well bing...MUSHROOMS.

Yes, we have spoken of these such culinary wonders before but, as promised...Lianne has found just the purveyor o...

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When was the last time you were driving along and someone CUT YOU OFF!? Is the interruption of your peaceful world enough to piss you off and throw you off your "game"? To be honest, your response to small and large traumas can effect your resiliency, both emotionally and physically...leading to what we all commonly refer to as "burnout".

On this episode of Eat This With Lianne, how to build your resilience for your...

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Where do you choose to spend your food or grocery budget? If you're an avid listener to Eat This with Lianne, you know she loves to know 'where' her food comes from. Not everyone has a local farmers market to pop into from week to week, and often we shop where it's convenient...regardless of the food inside. And that's ok...but is there a 'better' way? Is it time to find a better connection with your foo...

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October 31, 2022 59 min

In the field of medicine, there is an array of alternative or complimentary of practices...

Most take a holistic approach, a connection between all the different aspects of our bodies...starting with our symptoms. Well, have you ever heard of the Ayurveda? It's been around for about 3000 years, and means 'knowledge of life". It encourages certain lifestyles, and natural therapies to regain balance between the mind, body...

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 Sneezes, coughs, droopy eyes...signs some sort of infection has taken hold of your body...It slows you down, or stops you in your tracks!

While most of us will gravitate towards the couch and comfort food, maybe a better idea is to develop great habits through food, specific supplements, and healthy choices to be sure we have already bolstered our body's defense systems to help fend off those cold and flu viruses lu...

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80 percent of what we learn comes from what we SEE! Vision is a critical sense we have and, for us lucky enough to have it, keeping it healthy should be a daily goal. What happens as we age? Our lives change, our eyesight, today on Eat this with Lianne, we'll invite an Optometrist on to the show who can not only tell if you are at risk for stroke, but also shed light on how healthy you're liver is, whether you ...

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So many benefits to the consumption of Mushrooms! So many in fact, it deserves further conversation... this time with someone like Dr Mary Pardee, a naturopathic M.D and a certified Functional Medical Doctor. Her perspective can only advance this discussion, adding her own experiences and wisdom of years learning and applying that knowledge to actual healing and overall well-being.

So, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, join ...

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Another rousing, informative, and humorous episode with our favourite Dr. B! 

That in itself should be enough to motivate you to download, listen and learn... however, as an added incentive... On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we'll dive into the billion-dollar world of supplements and the difference in quality out there! NOT ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE CREATED EQUAL! And that quality impacts their ability to help you. So, we in...

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Hearing a Diabetes diagnosis can send someone into a tailspin...

Well, a listener of Eat This with Lianne as reached out due to a recent trip to the doctor, and has asked us to dive deep into Diabetes and Insulin Resistance and specifically, the kinds of foods out there that are good for those dealing with these issues. 

Ask...and you shall receive! Join us, as we look into Pre-Pre Diabetes or Insulin Resistance, and what to eat. a...

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There's this thing happening within us...whether we "admit it" or not... and that's AGING!

The grey hair, the laugh lines, diminishing vision... all of that is just scratching the surface...literally ...

There is something much deeper going on that may or may not be the answer to truly fighting off aging and our decline. It's called Senescence. 

What is SENESCENCE? It literally means 'the process of getting ...

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With over 5.1 million varieties of Fungi in this big world of ours, we only scratched the surface of the kinds of Medicinal Mushrooms out there in PART 1, that we can use to better our health.

Thankfully, the human race has recognized these amazing and abundant "toad stools" for the medical miracle they are, as we continue to study just how good (or bad) Mushrooms are for our internal and external existence. 

On this episod...

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Typically, when you think of Fungus...MUSHROOMS may not be the first thing that comes to mind. 

However, there are a tonne of healthy benefits from these fertile fungi...including "medicinal" miracles. 

We're talking better skin, brain, bones, immune system..and even your mental health! Mushrooms would fall into the category of "functional medicine", and can become an important tool in your overall healthy tool ...

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Its been a crazy few weeks! Well, for some of us... 

You might be surprised to know that even a well-rounded and brilliant woman like Lianne has to deal with life's stresses and strains. The issues will's how we deal with them that makes all the difference. It's, the best way to handle them is to arm yourself with knowledge and motivation to use it.

On the episode of Eat This with Lianne, we'll...

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Your BRAIN! It's essential to every single bodily function. Think about that... using your brain (of course).

These days there is a deluge of influences on our emotions, our physical being, our lives... and ALL of those influences are filtered through our big, beautiful brain

There are layers and complexities to this talented body part, and figuring out how we can improve its functionality, just makes sense. So, on this episo...

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