Alpha Dog Affirmations

Alpha Dog Affirmations

We have one shot at life, and we can choose to go with the flow..(BORING & REGRETFUL) or we can discover the bad assness within and discover something very few ever experinece... A BAD ASS AND FULL LIFE!!! WE BEASTS | WE MEN| WE GODS


September 27, 2021 5 min

We have  the duty of encouraging manifestations of strong character self-discipline, honor, ambition, renunciation of weakness, striving after perfection, superiority, leadership — in a word — THE BREED OF MASCULINITY

The man with strong instincts has inner imperium,  the man with weak or bad instincts has it not.

We are the powerful ones

The high Culture

The lie is extinct

Truth triumphs through u...
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I am the guardian of the hallowed warrior

I am the custodian of sacred strength

I am the keeper of God's heartbeat

The rhythmic warrior of exponential expansion

I am the ship of exploration
Sailing beyond the bright sun


I drink in the legacy of heroic ages past

I stride in the ethos of of preeminence

1,000 drumbeats anthem through my core

I am Primed and fit for duty

Committed to champion the creed ...
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September 15, 2021 3 min
love myself

I adore myself

I worship myself

Cos I’m the alpha and omega!

I am the master piece!

I am so virile

I am an animal 

When I go to action

The beast rises 

I am pure testosterone!

I am desired 

I am admired

They call me a breeder.

My semen is so valuable 

I am a stallion! 

I am strong

I am potent 

I am dominant 

I am The man 

My manhood is impressive  

My manhood is desired 

My manhood is scary

They call it a monster! 

I love my...
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September 13, 2021 4 min

I stand in front of myself and watch everything

according to the view from the other shore.

For this is OUR height and our home

too high and steep do we here dwell

for all uncleanly ones and their thirst.

Cast but your pure eyes into the well of my delight my friends

It shall laugh back to you with ITS purity.

I am the instrument of action The vehicle to divinity

On the tree of the future build we our nest

eagles sha...
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One must seek the place  whence there is no return and take refuge in the primordial Purusha from whom hath issued the original impulse .... This place neither sun, nor moon, nor fire illumines; it is there I have my supreme abode.

The north is my state of mind

I am polar for I am the fixed axis which all revolves

Beast is raw and fearsome

Man is pure spiritual reflection

God is omnipotent and true

I am Beast

I am  man

I am  God

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September 8, 2021 6 min

Whitesand- eternity
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September 6, 2021 9 min
What will you do with your power
For You possess the nature of all power

The ability to control life

Let this be the banner flying over man

Above it all, however, there soars, transfiguring him,  the image of his greatest hopes and remotest aims.

— namely, that of the strong, mighty, and magnificent man, overflowing with life and elevated to his zenith

Alpha dog affirmations unleashing the POWERFUL ONE

I sacrafice for power

My characte...
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August 28, 2021 11 min
I am the immeasurable mind

I possess the ability to see beyond

All situations become clear

I logically capture the problem

I mold the opportunity into a solution

Resolution speaks to me

1,000 thoughts become 1,000 successes

I am intelligent

Unlimited capacities flow through my thinking

I am the process of genius

My thinking patterns slow down time

Answers are habitual and effortless

I am full of advantageous knowledge

Creativity gu...
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I am Complete beast

I seek out danger and tame the wild

I punish myself with superior tactics

I pound my heart and sing the anthem of God's

I prevail over the trials

Weakness can kiss my ass

I am the superior savage

I am hard harder the hardest

I am the backbone of 1,000 raging warriors

Level up here I'm

I am the wrecking ball of power

A complete beast

I am rugged

I am dangerous

I am a fighter

I require strength

I demand co...
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May the uppermost dwelling, the apex podium unlock my purest and richest thoughts

May the shadow of my being launch itself into action

Let me be acquainted my genuine self

I grasp the symmetry of chaos and order

I peirce through middle ground

I dissipate fear
I dispose of the boundaries within the circuit of my ever expanding life

I plant myself in the wilderness and extend my dominion

As the tide follows the moon so will achievemen...
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August 21, 2021 5 min
guarantee myself a future

I am the origin of responsibility

The sovereign man calls duty his conscience

I outlive my past and secure. My future

I confront time and construct my history

I possess a historic instinct of action

I honor my promise to say yes to life

My existence is the greatest adventure

The light of my perfect salvation

I am sharpening my attention 

I approach the highest living because I see the ultimate truth

I devo...
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August 13, 2021 6 min
I am the heartbeat of a war God

I am the strong spirit of battle

Courage and confidence pull my chariot

I hold the capacity to violently tear down the walls of captivity

I am brutal precision

Alpha dog affirmations

I am a battle frenzy butcher

I am crowned with the helmet of fierce protection

I carry the shield of cock strong confidence

I am armed with the sword and shield of victory

I am the savage God of War

I handle the dark side of victor...
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High snow capped mountain peaks of confidence

The rising of brilliance shines onward

The most excellent and exquisite thoughts

Covered in breathtaking and refreshing intuitions

I am the mind of the all knowing

I am the beginning

I am the end 

Alpha dog affirmations
A mind unleashed

Repeated , repetitive,  turned over and examined thoughts
The cylinder of explosion

I am the process of revolutionary thinking

I analyze with quantum prec...
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July 4, 2021 6 min
I am the strong sunrise of 1,000 courageous warriors

I am in step with the marching banner of revolution

We are men

We are heros

We are gods

Strength is my anthem

Alpha dog affirmations

I am the hammer of thor

I strongly own the ground i walk on

I am the war God

I am the thunder and mighty

This is my hammer

This is my power

This is my anthem

I rule with sovereignty

I am the highest proclamation

Iron will and iron fisted

I am multip...
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The burning blaze of tribalism rages within

The fiery embers signal revolution

I am man

I am arrived

All hail the determined

We are the hallowed path

Alpha dog affirmations

I am the axe age of cutting separation

I unite myself to higher discipline

The horn is raised

I answer my fates beckoning

I destroy the weak nature

I burn away corruption and injustice

These trying times create character

I am a strong man

My way is perfectly pre...
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