Apologetics 315 Podcast

Apologetics 315 Podcast

Apologetics 315 discusses the topics of Apologetics, Evangelism and the Christian worldview, and interviews a variety of Christian apologists.


July 1, 2024 45 mins
Robbie Lashua discusses the Stand to Reason (STR) Outposts initiative, its purpose, and the process of starting one at a local church. He shares his journey of getting involved with STR and his role as the outpost coordinator. The conversation also covers the flexibility of outposts, the target audience, and the use of STRU courses for small group discussions. Robbie is interviewed about STR's Outpost program, which equips l...
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Nate Sala shares his journey from leaving the church to becoming a Christian, his ministry Wise Disciple, and his insights on debate and persuasion. He discusses the importance of objectivity in debate analysis and the criteria for judging debates. The conversation covers various aspects of debate preparation, styles, and strategies, as well as the role of emotion and rhetoric in debates. It also delves into the significance...
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In this episode, Brian and Chad interview Travis Dickinson about the argument from reason. They discuss the different options for explaining the existence of logical principles, focusing on naturalism and Platonism. Travis argues that if God does not exist, logical principles either do not exist or exist as brute abstract objects. He explains that naturalism, which denies the existence of anything outside the natural world, ...
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May 21, 2024 48 mins
In this episode, Brian Auten & Chad Gross engage with philosopher Paul Gould to discuss the profound connection between beauty, love, theism. They delve into why beauty is more likely on theism than naturalism and explore various philosophical perspectives on love and the recognition of beauty.

Topics Covered:
1. Introduction to the Topic of Beauty:
   - Beauty in Theism vs. Naturalism:
     - Gould explains why beauty is more like...
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May 10, 2024 30 mins
- Chad and Brian discuss their favorite and most memorable debates between Christian apologists/philosophers and atheists/skeptics

Chad's Debate Picks
1. James Crossley vs. William Lane Craig - Was Jesus Raised from the Dead? (2012)
   - Highlights Craig's case for the resurrection based on postmortem appearances 
   - Contrasting styles of young Crossley vs distinguished Craig
2. Jeffrey Lowder vs. Frank Turek - What Better...
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April 24, 2024 32 mins
In this episode, Brian and Chad discuss the importance of listening to debates. This is a kind of PART 1, and part 2 will discuss specific debates.

Brian's seven reasons for listening to debates were: 1) Hearing the best defenders of each view, 2) Hearing actual arguments without interruptions, 3) Finding the cutting edge of the current debate, 4) Getting used to hearing opposing views without anxiety, 5) Seeing that Christianity ca...
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April 6, 2024 83 mins
In this episode, Brian and Chad interview Chris Date about his view on conditional immortality, which is the idea that the final punishment of the wicked is death and total destruction rather than eternal conscious torment. Chris provides an overview of the two contrasting views and shares his journey of how he became convinced of annihilationism after originally believing in eternal conscious torment.

He then dives into key biblica...
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March 24, 2024 55 mins
In this episode, Dr. Hugh Ross joins Brian Auten and Chad Gross to discuss his book "Rescuing Inerrancy: A Scientific Defense." Dr. Ross, an astrophysicist and Christian apologist, explains how modern scientific discoveries actually strengthen the case for biblical inerrancy rather than undermining it. He argues against the notion that science forces a redefinition of inerrancy, showing how the latest findings in fields like geneti...
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February 25, 2024 47 mins
Historian Dr. John Dickson joins the show to discuss his book, Bullies and Saints: An Honest Look at the Good and Evil of Christian History.

Dickson provides an insightful, nuanced perspective on some of the most controversial episodes in Christian history, from the Crusades to the Galileo affair. He argues that while Christians have certainly made grave mistakes throughout history, the influence of Christianity has also been profo...
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January 31, 2024 42 mins
In this episode, hosts Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Alisa Childers about the topic of deconstruction, and unpack ideas discussed in her newest book: The Deconstruction of Christianity: What It Is, Why It’s Destructive, and How to Respond co-authored with Tim Barnett.

The podcast focuses on the faith deconstruction movement that is becoming more popular, especially among young people. Alisa Childers exp...
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December 21, 2023 57 mins
This special end-of-year episode features hosts Brian Auten and Chad Gross reflecting on 14 years of podcasting. They announce some changes coming in 2023, including less frequent but more focused episodes centered on topics they are passionate about. They also share lessons learned over 300+ episodes, like the importance of understanding multiple perspectives, asking good questions, and clearly explaining complex subjects.

The host...
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November 13, 2023 46 mins
In this episode, hosts Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Michael Jones of the Inspiring Philosophy YouTube channel.

They discuss the problem of divine hiddenness - the idea that if God existed, he would make his existence clearly evident to everyone, yet there are many non-resistant nonbelievers who earnestly seek God but do not find convincing evidence of his existence. This is seen as evidence against God's existence.

Michael p...
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In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Tyson James, the global director of Reasonable Faith Chapters.

This episode of the Apologetics 315 podcast featured an interview with Tyson James, the global director of Reasonable Faith chapters. Tyson shared about his journey to Christianity and how studying apologetics strengthened his faith. He explained that Reasonable Faith chapters are small groups at churches focused on s...
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October 30, 2023 52 mins
In this episode of the Apologetics 315 podcast, hosts Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview renowned apologist Greg Koukl. Koukl is the founder of Stand to Reason, an organization that equips Christians to defend their faith and engage in meaningful conversations.

The discussion centers around using questions to have better conversations about Christianity, drawing from Koukl's books Tactics and his latest work Street Smarts. Koukl e...
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October 23, 2023 71 mins
In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview J. Steve Miller on the topic of deathbed experiences and near death experiences.

0:24 - Intro to Steve Miller and his books
4:50 - Welcome to Steve Miller
5:00 - How did he get into this area of research?
7:42 - What’s the difference between deathbed experiences and near-death experiences?
12:40 - Examples of these experiences
16:16 - The cumulative effect of many similar experiences...
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In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross speak with Professor Nancy Pearcey about her book The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes - https://a315.co/468rzNF

0:24 - Intro banter on hobbit food
2:15 - Intro to Nancy Pearcey and her book The Toxic War Against Masculinity
6:16 - Welcome to Nancy
6:46 - Nancy’s background and why she wrote the book
9:14 - Francis Schaeffer’s influence on Nancy Pearcey
15:41 - Wh...
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In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross speak with Justin Brierley (www.justinbrierley.com) about his book The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God: Why New Atheism Grew Old and Secular Thinkers Are Considering Christianity Again - https://a315.co/3PBmXZ7

0:24 - Brian and Chad discuss the book
5:27 - Intro to Justin, welcome back!
7:15 - How did the new atheism actually help Christianity?
9:12 - The change in the cultural landscape
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In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Corey Miller and Ross Anderson, two former Mormons, on their book Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message: Confident Conversations with Mormon Missionaries (and Other Latter-day Saints) - https://a315.co/3PYWohY

Check out the website www.mormonmissionarymessage.com for more!

About our guests: https://a315.co/45c79Su

0:24 - Intro to the book and our guests
2:47 - Welcome to Corey...
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In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Christian Philosopher Peter S. Williams about his book An Informed Cosmos: Essays on Intelligent Design Theory.

Find his resources at www.peterswilliams.com

0:24 - Intro to our guest
2:15 - About the book An Informed Cosmos
9:25 - Getting clarity on what intelligent design is
14:10 - Is I.D. science? And defining “science”
19:39 - Truth as the most important approach
21:56 - Imposing ...
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In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Lydia McGrew about her book Testimonies to the Truth: Why You Can Trust the Gospels.

0:24 - Intro to Lydia McGrew
1:51 - Welcome Lydia, and intro to the book
3:43 - How does a philosopher approach the Gospels?
6:39 - Is an “outside perspective” welcomed?
9:28 - Old and new approaches to the Gospels
12:03 - Current approach of scholars to the New Testament
15:44 - How have Christians h...
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