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Around The ATL is a sports show based on sports teams in Atlanta both college and professional. Included are Georgia based teams. Focus is on the fans, so they can really talk about their favorite team, ask questions, make predictions and have fun. More important, they get to represent Atlanta!! Don't forget to follow the Spreaker page for IMTM Worldwide Radio!!


June 21, 2023 115 mins
So now the NBA season is officially over. The Atlanta Hawks have a very important off-season ahead. With the draft, will the Hawks go after depth or look for a starter? With free agency, with a new Head Coach, which direction will they go? Many questions to be asked and answered. We will discuss prospects that the Hawks will most likely have a chance to draft, some choices that we'd love to have, and more. We will also talk about p...
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The 2022 season was not fun. Ended the year 41-41. Never had a win streak longer than 5 games. Lost to bad teams often. Lost 13 games after having a 10 point lead or more. Lost several games despite being within 5 points with 3 minutes left. Did not improve as a defensive team for the 2nd straight year. Team was on pace to probably not make the play-in at all. There was a coaching change late in the season. The team "did" qualify f...
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May 4, 2023 116 mins
What do you think of the Atlanta Falcons draft picks? Do you feel they filled their needs? Were you suprised at the #8 pick? Who would you have drafted? How about the unsigned free agents? What do you think the Falcons record will be for the 2023 season? Did we get any picks right from our Draft show?Tune into Around The ATL as we talk Falcons football. Listen here or also watch the show on IMTM Worldwide Radio on Youtube. Don't fo...
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April 27, 2023 118 mins
This has been a tremendous off-season for the Atlanta Falcons. The NFL Draft will be the final leg. Who will they draft with their first round pick? Will they move up in the draft? How will they finish out the roster? It will be a fun few days. Tune in and lets talk about it!! Tonight you can call into the show at 6466524479 or chime in on the chat line. Please tell other Falcons fans!!And yes, of course we will talk about the Atla...
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Twists and turns. When you look back in history this will definitely go down as one of the most tumultuous seasons in Hawks history. But it's not over yet! Today we will talk about how the Hawks were able to clinch the 7th seed, preparing to face the Boston Celtics, coaching change, and why Atlanta sports media hates the Hawks? And who better to discuss these topics than none other than Steve Holman and Bob Rathbun!!! First, we'll ...
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Twists and turns. When you look back in history this will definitely go down as one of the most tumultuous seasons in Hawks history. But it's not over yet! Today we will talk about how the Hawks were able to clinch the 7th seed, preparing to face the Boston Celtics, coaching change, and why Atlanta sports media hates the Hawks? And who better to discuss these topics than none other than Steve Holman, the Voice of The Hawks!!Please ...
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Deandre Hunter was the #4 pick of the draft. He received a contract extension after 3 seasons. So, are Hawks fans just supposed to be ok and say that wanting Hunter to be better than he is, unrealistic? If it is, why exactly is he still here then? Quick discussion, using comparisons from other small forwards in the league, tell me who you think he shouldn't be better than... Be sure to listen to past episodes on Spotify and IheartR...
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February 4, 2023 121 mins
The Hawks are bad, and in trouble. They are pacing to lose more games than last year. Why? Falcons have a lot of decisions to make, what will they do on defense in the draft? Free agency? The Braves look like they are set, are you good with what they did? Josef is no longer a part of Atlanta United, will the team ever get back to being competitive again? The Atlanta Dream will have a new vibe this year, will it be for the best? UGA...
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A win is a win is a win. Is it? At what point is that not enough? Is that how you want to enjoy each season? Hoping we can play .500 ball? Today I will be talking about the current season again, most recently the Nets game. I will also be referring to my article from earlier in the month, and an episode of sidenotes that I did detailing what we did last year.

I also will refer to an interview Coach Bud did while he was here in Atlan...
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December 5, 2022 164 mins
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UGA is about to play in the SEC Championship game again. Can they win it all? Falcons lost another game that they could have won, do they still have a chance at playoffs? The Hawks end their losing streak, should people be hype about beating a 5 win team after losing to a 3 win team a few games ago? Also, why isn't team bask...
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October 19, 2022 45 mins
Today we have a special show planned. We have a guest that represents our first baseball interview. Marvin Freeman pitched for the Atlanta Braves starting in the history making 1991 season. He helped the Braves win back to back division titles and back to back NL Championships. After a great career, he turned to coaching, and created Marvin Freeman Youth Foundation.

Listen as we talk about Marvin's time as a Brave, describe what th...
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October 14, 2022 119 mins
Did the Braves even the series with Philly? How do you feel about blown call on Grady and the Falcons? Did you enjoy watching the Hawks in Abu Dhabi? How did they do against the Cavs? UGA is back in first place. How about Ga Tech!!! We have these and other topics to talk about on Around The ATL.

Be sure to subscribe to the IMTM Worldwide Radio Page on Youtube to watch the live stream. Also follow the show on Spotify, IheartRadio, Am...
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September 4, 2022 127 mins
Braves lost 2 games back to back where they had the lead against the Cardinals. Do they have a bullpen issue or is it the management of the bullpen? Atlanta United secured a much needed victory, and with 7 matches left still have a chance to make the playoffs. The Atlanta Falcons won 2 of 3 pre-season games and looked good in all 3 games. Who made the 53 man roster? Atlanta Hawks released tickets recently, are you going to any game...
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August 11, 2022 119 mins
Wow, look at all that has happened in Atlanta sports this Summer!! The Atlanta Hawks had a very interesting off-season. The Braves came back from a 10 game deficit to almost retake 1st to then fall 5 games behind again. The Atlanta Falcons made moves to add depth to the team. Atlanta United are still fighting for a playoff berth. The Atlanta Dream still have a chance to make the playoffs. UGA looks ready to defend their championshi...
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June 26, 2022 121 mins
The Golden State Warriors are once again NBA Champions. The NBA season is over. It is now time to decide who the next crop of new talent will be.

The Atlanta Hawks had a tumultuous season that ended in the worst way possible. Many questions arose regarding the front office, coaching, and the players. 39 losses, little effort on defense, and an ugly 1st round ouster by the Miami Heat. What all needs to happen to improve the team? Wh...
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May 7, 2022 114 mins
Over the last 5 years you have seen a great increase of women in different aspects of sports. There are more women hosting sports shows, reporting on sports, calling games in the NBA and NFL, analysts, referees, and coaching. But can it be more? Tonight our guest will be Tenitra Batiste. Her experience includes being the Hawks In-Game Analyst, a College Football Reporter, Color Commentator, Anchor, Reporter, and Host. Tune in to le...
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May 7, 2022 152 mins
That was a memorable NFL Draft right? The UGA Bulldogs almost had the whole team drafted. Kirby can develop talent. The Atlanta Falcons had a great draft overall. They addressed specific needs and obtained a possible QB of the future. What did you think of the draft? Did we get any of our predictions correct from last weeks preview show? Tune in and join the conversation. You can watch the show on the IMTM Worldwide Radio Youtube p...
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May 7, 2022 152 mins
The end of an era happened last summer with the retirement announcement of our guest tonight. After 15 plus years hosting the pre-game shows for both the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks, he became a permanent fixture in the homes of millions of Atlanta sports fans all over. Always making giving each game the element of "must watch" television, you looked forward to what he had to say before each game and the entire broadcast a...
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May 7, 2022 117 mins
The night before the NFL Draft. Teams are finalizing their strategies for a huge weekend of possible franchise changing decisions. During this off-season, we have seen a great deal of change with the Atlanta Falcons. HOF quarterback Matt Ryan is no longer here. Calvin was suspended for a year. Foye is gone. At the same time a few moves have been made to fill in some of the holes. Will the draft complete the process?

That is what we...
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May 7, 2022 85 mins
Did the Atlanta Hawks even the series with the Heat? If they did, does that mean they will win the series? If they didn't, does that mean series is over? Did the Braves win the series against the Marlins as Soler returns to Truist to get his ring? Did United win their match? What did you think of the Atlanta Dream and their draft? And leading up to our NFL Draft show, are the Falcons ready to have the best draft ever?

Join us again...
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