BS With Bob Schmidt

BS With Bob Schmidt

Eavesdrop on great conversations with Bob Schmidt Award-winning interviewer Bob Schmidt is a radio industry veteran who has spent the past three decades of his life communicating with listeners. The BS’ing with Bob Schmidt podcast revolves around my guests which include: entertainers, business owners, educators — people from all walks of life, with a wide range of expertise and experiences. My listeners know that when they tune in, they always have a chance to eavesdrop on great conversations. I've had conversations with a United States President, numerous Senators, several Governors, lots of rock stars, and many other “celebrities,” But my favorite interviews, however, are those with business owners, entrepreneurs and authors. Great conversation with great guests. Finding out the story that is underlying the rest of the story. New episode published every Wednesday at 1:30pm Central Time


January 3, 2018 36 mins
Sales is that simple, it isn't that complex. You have a product or service and someone wants it. That's as simple as sales is. If you think about it, you walk into a grocery store and they sell things to you all the time. You walk out, but you don't know you've been sold, right? So sales is very simple. But what becomes complex is once you throw humans into it and our emotions, so our emotions lead us and tell us so many different ...
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Talked about Social Entrepreneurship and Recycling with Brian Tippetts. First of all, most of us don’t think about making money when looking at a recycled product, the product is clearly a resource that has value. Just look at and you just innately know that. And when you find out nobody's doing stuff with it it's like that's wrong and you look at the option as landfilling it that's really wrong it's just it just strikes you as wr...
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January 17, 2018 41 mins
Michael Gelb -The Art of Connection:
7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now
By Michael J. Gelb,
When people connect, when they are attuned, in rapport, they are much better at generating, and implementing, new ideas. The Art of Connection is a guide to creating, and maintaining, genuine rapport with others. Connection is the key to building relationships, resolving conflict, and making creative dreams come true. Gelb ...
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January 24, 2018 40 mins
Jackson Janzen is the creator of CPR Revolution, creating positive ripples revolution. It requires bravery in the face of fear, compassion, and love in the face of anger and hate. It's this desire to create a strong community in support of inspiration, to energize a collection of individuals seeking to make a tangible, positive, impact. Those words there. Jackson says a lot. How can we all create positive ripples and a positive ri...
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What Justin Loeber says about Communication, "it's practically the be-all and end-all of everything we do in life. If you think about it, people get all tied up in a bad pass or an email and it's not real. If you talk to the person, all of the nuances that you think were negative could actually be positive because when you talk with people, you actually hear the tone and the passion in which that person is communicating with you. I...
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Mark L. Walberg is a Multi-time Emmy nominated television personality and has been a favorite of television audiences all over the world for years. Mark is host of PBS highest rated, prime time original, "Antiques Roadshow". We talked about Game Theory, Playing Poker, when to bet when to fold, the seceret to a happy marriage and how to be successful
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Andy Temte, talks about how you can go from a high school dropout to the president of Kaplan Professional Education, and lead singer and guitar player for The Remainders, a classic rock cover band to a philanthropist . As president of Kaplan Professional Education , Andy oversees and leverages assets, capabilities, and talent across Kaplan’s global footprint. Kaplan Professional Education offers a large portfolio of professional d...
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February 21, 2018 45 mins
Gary John Bishop on naming the book Unfu*k yourself are you glad that is what you named it? I'm glad, but I think I think that was enough people look at the content of the book is what really got people going. And I know that the name pisses some people off and they don't like it, I appreciate that and I get that. But you know if you can't read a book because the title then you really really need to go on F yourself.
I'm I'm not a...
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Former "Fortune Small Business" editor Elaine Pofeldt talked many successful one person million dollar businesses and wrote the book “The Million-Dollar One-Person Business” Make great money, work the way you like and have the life you want. Find what you like, work hard, make money. Not only has Elaine written about it, but has lived it as well for over 10 years as an entrepreneur.
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March 7, 2018 39 mins
Megan Smith Gill is a transformational teacher, speaker, author and coach who has reverse engineered happiness and abundance. Megan spent nearly twenty years as a marketing executive and agency owner before discovering her true life’s calling. Outwardly successful, Megan lived a life that lacked deep fulfillment on the inside and she set out on a quest to find meaning in purpose in her life. Along the way she discovered the secrets...
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Small Business Hacks: 100 Shortcuts to Success – This conversation with Barry Moltz has quick tricks, work arounds, and simple solutions for all the problems that small business owners face (but don’t really want to). Including the big one how to get someone to answer your phone call or email. Sit back grab a pen and paper for notes and enjoy the 11th episode of BS With Bob Schmidt and his guest Barry Moltz.
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In the new book by Areva Martin “Make it Rain” she breaks the silence and reveals the power of media, and helped me to focus on my brand and can help you with your brand. Areva uses the media to build her platform and talks about how to expand the influence and power of your brand. The Areva Martin brand has grown exponentially, with appearances on Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper 360, The Doctors, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and the BS with Bob Sch...
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March 28, 2018 33 mins
This episode of BS with Bob Schmidt features Chip Lutz author of the book “Get Past the Crap” we talk about how life s a big crap sandwich at different times in our lives and we basically have three decisions and you can take it in and we can ignore it, but most of the time if we do it just gets worse. It sits there and festers and get worse. We can take in and go and complain you know it may eventually consume us. But if we thi...
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This week’s episode features Timolin Langin - Money magnet, teacherpreneur and author of the book “Mind Over Money, How to Live Like a Millionaire On Any Budget”. Timolin talks with me about how financial success is not a gift. It's a habit, just taking little tiny steps every single day doing little things, little habits, and one of the little habits I talk about in terms of savings, when you start talking about saving, just take...
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When author, Mark DeWayne Combs started his own business in the fall of 2007 there was no local networking group to join and the local Chamber of Commerce only offered monthly, meet & greet, social events. The opportunity to start a group from scratch was just too appealing to pass up. With the help of a few local business owners, the Amelia Business Network was born. In just over a year, the group grew from six original members to...
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E16 features Ruth King. Ruth is a seasoned entrepreneur who has over 25 years of experience running businesses as well as coaching and training fellow business owners so they can reach their goals. She's written four books covering various topics on managing businesses, managing people, and how to get an stay profitable.

Twitter: @RuthKing
Linked In: /ruthking1
Websites: and http://www.profi...
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April 25, 2018 34 mins
Dusty Staub is an author who has motivated audiences through his words and his keynote speeches, in this podcast we talked about many things from Brainstorming, to having the courage to stand up to your boss and the courage to be vulnerable. As you know that some organizations have senior executives who are afraid to confront peers or to speak up to their CEO or superior. We talked about how we are wired to go negative when people...
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May 2, 2018 28 mins

Book for sale on Amazon : Laughs On Wry
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If you don't love it do something else. You can't fake great customer service. Make customer service a priority, and be you.

Let’s Make ‘em Say WOW!
Rob Bell
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701 Beetown Road
Lancaster, WI 53813
Phone: 608-732-6971
Past President National Speakers Association - Wisconsin Chapter
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Episode 20 features Marcus Bales an entrepreneur that since 2013, has been paid to speak in front of people; doing the thing that most people despise is what he built a career out of. From a social anxious kid who never thought his life would have turned out like this. In his new book Speak-Confident he explains the tips and techniques used to overcome his social anxiety. We all have a beautiful, unique, confident voice inside of ...
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