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Business Wingmen Podcast

Tired of boring business discussions fit for your out of touch boss? The Business Wingmen Show, brought to you by father and son duo Steve and Travis Smith, trade tales of corporate absurdity and career brilliance with an electric candor, one which isn’t scared to not be politically correct. Our show dives deep into the thinking, behaviors and actions professional people at the top of their game embody. From leadership and management challenges to climbing the corporate ladder or being a successful entrepreneur, Steve and Travis’ insights help their listeners put to practice REAL ideas and tactics that actually work in the business world. Gain some new, thought-provoking perspective on how to lead your team and run a profitable, growing business- all in about 20 minutes.


June 25, 2024 40 mins
Leaders need to be able to solve problems well and quickly.  They can do this by making better decisions that lead to great problem resolution.

On today's Business Wingmen podcast, Steve Smith and Travis Smith debate the merits of problem solving and the best way to get the outcome you want, quickly.
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Taking on new leadership roles can be overwhelming at first.  But, in time you should be fully in control of the role you have. Many professionals, however, never get to this point of responsibility ownership, and end up with a role that controls them.

In today's Business Wingmen podcast, your hosts Steve Smith & Travis Smith serve up situations and strategies for taking control and owning the role you have.  Don't allow your po...
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In this episode, your Business Wingmen interview guest, Tom Sell- CEO of Complete Marine Freight in Palma de Miorca, Spain.  Tom's journey as a successful owner of multiple companies is a great example of exercising patience along the way.  His background and lessons learned are greater teaching moments for entrepreneurs aspiring to grow sustainable companies.
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Business grows as good ideas are implemented.  Are your ideas good enough to run with?  This episode hosted by Business Wingmen hosts Steve Smith & Travis Smith explore the value of great ideas and how to verify yours before running with them.
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May 7, 2024 40 mins
Congratulations, you've been promoted!  You're all excited until you realize you are now managing your former peers!  The people who use to be your friends now report to you.

Managing others is a tough enough assignment without the added difficulty of convincing your old work teammates that you are now their boss!  In this episode, your Business Wingmen hosts, Steve Smith and Travis Smith share their insights as they reveal situatio...
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What happens when you join a company and others question why you got the job?  It happens in small family businesses and large corporations alike.  In this episode, your Business Wingmen hosts, Steve Smith and Travis Smith trade opinions and recommendations for overcoming a perceived lack of credibility in the workplace.
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Think internship programs are only for the fortune 500? Think again.  Now, more than ever, a well thought out internship program is a great way to farm new talent while establishing your company as a contributor to cultivating the future workforce.

In today's episode of 'The Benefits of a Company Internship Program', your Business Wingmen podcast hosts- Steve Smith & Travis Smith, outline the steps and reasons for a successful i...
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Being successful in a new role doesn't just happen because you got promoted.  Your first 30 days in this new assignment is critical to demonstrating that your company promoted the right person!

In this episode of The Business Wingmen Show, your hosts Steve Smith and Travis Smith lay out some tips to ensure you get off to a great short and warn of some actions that will cause you to lose ground with your team and your boss.
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Getting promoted starts with knowing what to do before the interview.  What research do you do?  What questions do you ask?  How do you handle yourself regardless of the outcome.

In this episode of 'The Business Wingmen', your hosts Steve Smith & Travis Smith lay out a strategy for showing up and performing like a professional.
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Here's how to help non-sales business owners and C-level execs champion the sales process and/or facilitate sales themselves.

Our Guest: Scott Peterson, founder and Principal of Carver Peterson'   Founded in 2014, Carver Peterson helps growth-minded entrepreneurs of B2B technical & professional services firms build high-performing sales teams so that they can confidently grow & scale.   Founder & Principal, Scott Peterso...
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Good management is the key to running a successful business. So, what if your manager is underperforming? How do you turn him/her around? What do you look for as a sign that things aren't going well?

In today's episode of The Business Wingmen Show, your hosts, Steve and Travis Smith weigh in on the value of managers who perform their duties well and what to do if your manager is underperforming.
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December 15, 2023 38 mins
If you believe in helping others, what intention is behind it? On this episode of the Business Wingmen, your hosts Steve Smith & Travis Smith discuss the concepts from the book, The Go-Givers and the law of reciprocity. Both have extreme value in business if your intentions are right.
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The most difficult challenge standing between you and the success you want is your willingness to change. Many people resist, avoid or run from the change that will accelerate their improvement in their chosen field or occupation. If this is you, listen in!

In today's episode of the Business Wingmen, hosts Steve Smith & Travis Smith debate and share insights about what change means and how to overcome the fear of it.
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How much is a college education to your future career? Areas of study don't always transition into promising careers. College debt can be difficult to eliminate. What's the best approach for you to get the education you need that leads to the career you want?

In today's episode of the Business Wingmen, your hosts Steve Smith & Travis Smith dissect the ways people determine how to invest in their career futures. Join them and get...
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New customer acquisition is costly compared to what it takes to keep the customers you already have. Keeping customers is not easy unless you have a strategy for continuing to WOW them, way beyond their last transaction with your company.

In today's episode of the Business Wingmen, your hosts, Steve Smith & Travis Smith talk about some simple concepts for meeting your customers expectations and creating loyal relationships. Lis...
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In this episode, your Business Wingmen co-hosts, Steve Smith and Travis Smith talk about who's responsibility it is to provide you with professional development. The answer is you! Whether your company has specific development services or they support training on an as needed basis, someone has to start the ball rolling.

Learn why your best opportunity to become the professional you want to be starts with bringing your development...
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If you suffer from attention problems or loss of focus during important tasks, there's a solution for this. Distractions and interruptions are a constant hurdle for most professionals. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce or eliminate them so you can accomplish more in less time.

Join your Business Wingmen co-hosts, Steve Smith & Travis Smith and put an end to being taken off track when you least expect it.
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Ever feel paralyzed about having to make a decision? If you have the authority and responsibility to act but avoid making important decision, listen to this episode. In today's Business Wingmen Show, Steve Smith and Travis Smith reveal the problems many business professionals struggle with when having to make decisions. There is, however, a way to fix this. Listen in. You'll thank us later!
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For many people, the idea of failing is a show stopper! No one wants to fail and deal with the aftermath.... it's simply too painful. But, if you are in business or looking to advance your career at a faster rate than your contemporaries, failure is the possible outcome of taking risks. And, risk is what fuels growth, your growth!

Today's Business Wingmen Show episode deals with how best to look at failure. Join your co-hosts, S...
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You have started a new job and ALREADY are finding out the story you were told during the hiring process about your new employer isn’t entirely accurate. You’re inundated with problems, problems which need to be solved, however the way you go about this being the new person in the company will determine your success, or failure, shortly thereafter. In today's episode of, ‘How to Solve Business Problems At Your New Job’, Business ...
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