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Fire to Inspire

Our desire is to inspire people to ignite their passion and purpose! We will work diligently to share success stories of many that will motivate listeners to create prosperity and activate their highest potential. We believe strongly that passion is power and your story is glory! As a team, we will help guide the audience to become their best. We will direct them for greater happiness, love, relationships, health and fulfillment. Let's focus on their passions, values, core beliefs and help them determine what's important for the next chapter of their life. In the end, the listener will feel a refreshed sense of motivation and accountability for the best decision anyone can make! The sky is definitely NOT the limit!... Show More

Todays quote is

“She overcame everything that as meant to destroy her”

We are live, here in Atlanta, at Tree House Studios, with Coach Melony Hill. She is the founder of “Crazy Like a Fox Tour” and founder of “Stronger Than My Struggles”, and today we are talking about her incredible story!

Being that it is mental health awareness month, we wanted to discuss the concerns we have about the challenges individuals may struggle with and how they can find help with their mental disorders.

Currently over 450 million People worldwide are suffering from mental illness, yet nearly two thirds of the people with a known mental illness never seek treatment. We must kill the silence in our communities and stop the stigma among women!

This is a huge subject matter in the community of people across the world. Especially black women. We often suffer in silence and don’t seek help. Often times, we as black women, go so hard and we carry this torch around that we have to be strong, independent women 24 hrs a day! Act like superwomen, And then to top it off, still remain sane! That’s an incredible amount of weight and pressure for one to carry!

Melony opens up about her story and introduces other ladies who are featured on the show as well, who opens up about their painful past they overcame. We have special guest Francheska “Fancy” Felder, with SwagHer Magazine, Mary Joyner, who is a coach, and Veronica Pryor-Faciane who is an author, life coach, and transformational speaker.

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