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Deeper Than Music interviews Indie Country Artist Ella Reid

November 3, 201845 min
We interview special guest Ella Reid.
About Ella Ried:
Ella Reid is the most identifiable singer and songwriter you will hear this year. She fully rocks the Country/Pop/Glam style she’s created, writing songs with hooks and grooves as fresh as an April morning. Far from another sound-alike Nashville act, Reid puts down music that can’t be easily compared to anyone working today. She is on a trajectory that aligns her with iconic genre innovators like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn without ever sounding like either one. Her latest release, Big Girl Pants, is a perfect introduction to Reid’s world and unique musical vision. She easily blends pop melodies with country sounds, storytelling and the drive and glamour of rock and roll, giving fans songs they just can’t stop singing.

Based in Austin, Texas, Ella has been playing music for most of her life. She developed a strong creative voice early on and the confidence needed to explore it. She has gone on to attend the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Orange Beach, Alabama, winning the coveted first place prize from the Nashville Songwriters Association. Her writing is more hook-and-melody heavy than most modern country and her lyrical vibe is also more positive and upbeat than many of her peers. These qualities make songs like “Suck It Up, Buttercup,” “Feelin’ Lucky,” and the deeply soulful “Yours and Mine” instantly inviting and memorable. Are you sick to death of bland, ordinary country music? Ella Reid is the cure.

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