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Hospitality Property School Podcast is written and produced by travel authorities that have come together with decades of hotel, resort, inn and bed & breakfast visitation experience. We have spent 1000’s of hotel nights in properties of all sizes and classes worldwide, conducting countless site inspections for a number of world-class tour and travel companies, as well as received feedback from 100,000’s of customers. This knowledge has given us a unique insight into the wants, needs and requirements of individual and group travellers, as well as management & employees. In these podcasts, we are sharing this knowledge in easy to understand bit size episodes to aspiring and seasoned hoteliers/innkeepers. New episodes are released every Monday at 9:am EST / 3 pm CET


July 22, 2021 10 min
A broken window at your hospitality property could cost you your business. Does this sound outrages?

I’ll explain along with ways to enhance your housekeeping.

The Broken Window Theory Introduction

The broken window theory was introduced in a 1982 article by social scientists James Wilson and George Kelling.

It reads; something as small and seemingly insignificant as a broken window sends a negative symbol to those that pass it each d...
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There’s no denying that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the hospitality property industry. This has left many of us feeling overwhelmed and fearful, not sure how to adapt through Covid-19.

I have a checklist that will help.

What we can say for certain, as history has proven, is that we’re a resilient industry, and that market volatility is something we must accept. With this in mind, preparing as best as you can for unexpected even...
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Given the ever-changing market conditions due to COVID-19 and renewed fluctuating regional restrictions, what will your guests expect post lockdown?

Let me give you a few ideas.

When faced with the challenge of preparing to reopen a hospitality property in an uncertain environment, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Where will potential guests travel from?

What will they want from their stay?

What can be done to increase dem...
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What if I told you I could walk you through three stages for reopening your hotel, resort, bed and breakfast and how to use them to get you the other side of this pandemic? Would you be interested?

I am going to do that right now.

What I’m going to share are creative, low-cost strategies to help hospitality properties acquire and retain customers. These are designed by system analysts who tend to be obsessive, curious and analytical:

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Chances are when you open your doors to the world, guests are not going to be filing in. You’re going to have to earn their trust.
I’ll tell you how to do that.

If you look out your window, will you see brontosauruses or triceratops wandering around – no. Why? When the asteroid hit they were not able to adapt. In the last year and a half, Covid-19 has been a hospitality property mass extinction event and if properties didn’t or are ...
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Why is selling an experience more important than just selling rooms?

Stay with me and I’ll explain why and how to improve your guest’s experience.

After decades of touting their vast array of in-room amenities, fitness centers, pools and large-screen TVs, many hospitality property marketers have become too self-indulgent and product-focused to recognize that it’s what happens outside of the property that really matters these days.

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Is it worth including a LinkedIn company page in your property marketing strategy?

I will share benefits and tips to help you decide.

LinkedIn Company Page Introduction

Many hospitality property owners and managers, (hotels, inns, resorts and bed & breakfast) I have spoken with, feel that LinkedIn is a platform they don’t need to be on due to the fact that LinkedIn is an online social network for business professionals and this ma...
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The impact of Pinterest is growing every year and gives a property the opportunity to share its personality, values and the best it has to offer but is it right for your property?

I’ll explain how you can market with Pinterest.

Pinterest is a collection of pictures that show up on a board.

The pictures or images are called “pins” which are visual bookmarks. All the images uploaded can link back to their original location. This allows ...
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Visual content is one of the most important components when it comes to marketing for business. Instagram for business is such a visual platform, it cuts through the clutter and could help your property speak for itself.

I’ll explain.

Instagram for Business Introduction
Let’s look at some 2021 facts & figures about Instagram

•There are 1.074 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2021.

•The average post on Instagram contains 10.7 has...
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With so many social media options available, why should you consider Twitter for business as a marketing option?

I’ll give you facts to help you decide.

Twitter for Business Introduction

Using Twitter for marketing means you’re able to contact your property’s biggest supporters directly, and they’re able to contact you. These supporters can tell their friends, tweet about you, and in general, create interest in your property and servi...
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With all the bad press from Facebook in the last couple of years, should you bother including it in your marketing strategy?

Let me give you the facts about how to use Facebook for your business.

Facebook the home of family trip pictures, thoughts of the day and salsa recipes. A great place to snoop. It can also help you sell rooms.

A Facebook page can have many benefits for your hospitality property as it is the 3rd most visited webs...
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As an independent hospitality property owner, you should understand the importance of marketing and are constantly thinking of ways to get your property's name in front of as many people as possible.

Using YouTube can be an economical way to grow if used frequently as part of your marketing strategy. It is the number one video sharing site in the world and it is the place to get your videos seen.

Here are some reasons you need to...
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If you own or manage a hotel, resort, inn or bed and breakfast etc. you need to create a blog that builds trust with your audience, increases your bookings, customer base & profit.
I’m going to show you how.

Create a Blog Introduction

It has been well over a decade since blogging take on a life of its own.
Many experts we turn to have become famous due to their blogs and because we see more people blogging, it is very important th...
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It’s important for customers to like your website design because the longer they stay, the higher the chance they will book.

Here’s what you need to do.

The way to make visitors stay on your website is by giving them reasons why they should stay, be it information, good service, special price, etc.
•Keep your website design limited to make it look more professional.

•Your website design should be personal and appealing.

•You should pro...
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A Step by Step Guide to Build an Email List

The idea of attracting both new guests to book and past guests to rebook is attractive, and there is no better way to leave an impression than to be able to reach out to them.

To do this you need to establish a connection with people and build an email list.

You can do this and I’m going to explain how.

How to Build an Email List Introduction

I have heard independent hotel, resort, inn and...
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Asking for referrals is hard!

I will show you how to make it a natural part of your life as a hotelier/innkeeper and increase your bookings.

As an independent hotel, resort, inn or bed and breakfast, a very effective way to grow your business is through referrals.

Unfortunately, referrals do not happen effortlessly.

Yes, you might get the odd referral, but if you want your business to grow you have to both earn and ask for them.

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If you have a bad online reputation or it’s lacking, you’re losing money.

I will share just how important your online reputation is and how a good one can be the difference between a hugely successful property and one that is struggling.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is as simple as it sounds for your hotel, resort, inn or bed and breakfast etc.

It is a method by which hospitality properties can oversee, influence and improve th...
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When things start returning to normal, do you want customers knocking down your door to book? I’m going to share a proven method to improve your chances.

As a hospitality property owner or manager, you have to keep coming come up with imaginative ways to entice new guests, but as you know, this type of marketing can be expensive.

It is less expensive to market to your existing guests than to find new ones.

Getting a new customer is si...
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Knowing your market is imperative for any successful hotel, resort, inn, bed & breakfast etc. but research can be expensive.

Here are ways you can conduct market research without much money or training.

Conduct Market Research Introduction

When hospitality properties develop an idea, whether it's a new service or a redesigned website, marketing research is often the first thing cut due to time or financial limitations.

That ...
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"Why do I need surveys, I know what my guests like."

I would like to say I've never heard that before but you might be shocked at the number of hospitality property owners I have met who have said just that or something similar. I’m going to explain why you need surveys.

I'm going to give you four very important reasons why your hospitality property should be conducting surveys.

1.To find out what's going on. If ...
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