Inside Strategic Relations

Inside Strategic Relations

When you understand strategic relations you can position yourself in any market to create and keep profitable customer. This is done not by taking advantage of anyone, but instead by increasing your service to them. Discover self-marketing insights that increase your influence, earnings, and value in a marketplace.


December 6, 2023 29 mins
Do you want to make a difference in your own life? What about being a difference-maker for others? Do you want to achieve more?

What you will learn is the foundation of a well-functioning society. As valuable as cultivating mutual benefit, especially when that benefit builds people.

I share a mastermind concept in today's podcast that transforms relationships into results.

You'll learn how this arrangement creates accountability and s...
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Do you want more control over your career? What about influencing people in a way that increases profits? If so, then these critical skills change everything:

1. Ability to organize people.

2. Maximize individual productivity.

3. Ability to solve critical problems.

The application of these skills transforms business relationships into profits. You'll see things others cannot. These make you a go-to leader.

In this episode, I share lesso...
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November 18, 2023 26 mins
President Xi Jinping is meeting with President Joe Biden in San Francisco. How would a business owner use such an event to build their business? Here’s an insider look on buying influence. How to use private meetings, fundraising, and political fundraising for influence.

Gain practical insights on using event marketing to drive bottom line profits and influence. Position yourself as an expert, even manage public relations using this...
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Many smart people languish in the problem they cannot solve. Seeking solutions out there, rather than cultivating the meaningful outcomes in their own life.

Today's episode can help with solving problems without hesitation or fear. This simple method collecting your thoughts and drives you towards solutions.

You don't need the next gadget. There isn't anything to buy. You can get started eliminating big problems from your life right ...
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October 22, 2023 17 mins
You don’t have to be the life of a party. If you want to be remembered at events, fundraisers, and other social gatherings, this is the ticket. Even if you are boring and have anxiety, this makes new connections.

Never again be forgot post event. Never again lose the opportunity to grow your beneficial relationships by missing out. Yes, it might be old fashion, let still used by political leaders and those who powerful influence.

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You can achieve peak performance even when the world around you is failing. No matter the negative thought you can have a mind for success. This isn’t positive thinking, but instead the routines and habits of successful individuals.

Today’s episode shows you how to recover quickly from stressful situations. You can have the mindfulness to focus energy and resources on results. Stop letting others control your emotions as you do mor...
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October 18, 2023 18 mins
Are you too busy trying to be productive to get anything done? Distracted by the next productivity hack or latest tool for organization.

So many distractions, including note taking platforms, second brains, and apps for your devices. If you want to accomplish more, it takes a fundamental change.

An unlimited supply of podcasts, videos, and courses to help you be more productive. But you aren't. This change helps you be more productiv...
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What I do is help clients solve problems. Big problems. The type of problems that advance your career, position you as an expert, or create new opportunities in you life. In this episode, I show you how I do this and how you can too.

There are no secrets in this world, only solutions you haven’t found an implemented. Everyone has problems, they never go away. But what if you knew how to identify the cause, breakout solutions, and i...
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September 25, 2023 23 mins
Is the man keeping you down? Are you tired of working for that dumb dumb boss and believe wealth will come as an independent? #BusinessMistakes #FreelanceProfessional #IndependentContractor
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It’s nice to be able to take great notes. How you organize information improves your ability to recall the right answers when you need them. But is the act of taking notes profitable? Not usually.

Instead of taking notes, consider this three step approach that turns what you know into new opportunities. Increase your position in the marketplace, deliver more valuable services, even discover new opportunities.

Stop taking notes for ...
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September 2, 2023 20 mins
Do you make these mistakes when opportunity knocks? Your network wants to help you. They want you to have success and achieve your goals.

The problem is not knowing what to do with opportunities when they come your way. Too often, distractions come and divert your attention for other people's profit.

Your opportunity mindset and ability to cultivate relationships matter. Turn more ideas into outcomes. The right mindset helps you conn...
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September 1, 2023 36 mins
Do you want better and more consistent opportunities? Are you a business owner or executive with unique skills but feel under utilized? Discover a proven approach that focuses your attention on becoming a recognized expert.

Increase your value in the marketplace in the eyes of recruiters, hiring managers, and decision makers. Stop being ignored. Stop worrying about your value, suffering from imposter syndrome. Do this to secure you...
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Why you might be concerned about what it would cost to turn old keynote presentations into personal branding materials, there are options to get you started. Many business owners and executives use artificial intelligence (AI) here.

This episode covers using AI tools to recycle your subject matter expertise to get hired. Use these insights to promote yourself, earn more, and take leadership positions.

All this without putting in extr...
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August 12, 2023 5 mins
Am I a rambling idiot caught up in internet culture? Business owners and executives rely on communications. If your speaking is unclear, it can be difficult to get across your ideas.

Modern technology makes money from attention. Big tech and social media encourages content. There is something more important than volume. Speaking to the right audience matters.

It matters that you say something worth hearing. So much more. This podca...
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This will double your productivity in a short time. Do this to focus on your goals and reach them. Finally get more done with fewer resources.

Discover the difference between highly successful people and those who don’t. Accomplish more in your business without the perfect economy, or political situation.

Are you eager to be more productive and get better results in business? Join us at https://www.insidestrategicrel...

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August 11, 2023 35 mins
Do you make these mistakes with your team? Many business owners and executives are being gamed by their team.

Without these elements your team is manipulating your perception of what is going on. You might think you are in charge, but without this you aren’t.

Want to look at the psychological aspects of measuring performance? Join us at https://www.insidestrategicrel...

#TeamManagement #ObjectiveMeasures
#EmployeeManagement #StaffM...
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There are times I waste that I’ll never get back. Mistakes I’ve made that will impact my future. Here’s why taking deliberate actions around how you invest time matters to your success.

Increase influence in your business or career by shifting focus. You don’t need to do another thing, or have a different tool, or listen to the next guru. There are certain proven approaches to increase influence.

Resources mentioned in this episode...
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Are you developing a new product or service? Do you work with intellectual property? How you interact with the world impacts how secure you can keep secrets. Is how you think about cyber security making you unsafe?

When building business relationships, trust and confidentiality is critical. Unfortunately targeted phishing attacks are more common than you may believe. Information about your buying habits, browsing history, and inter...
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This training shows you how to turn subject matter expertise into passive income and new opportunities. You can take what you know after 5, 10, or even 15 years of experience to refresh your career. Attract new opportunities for income, time freedom, and professional growth.

Stop trading hours for dollars. Use this approach to customer finance books, reports, courses, and other materials that drive passive income. Yet also sift, so...
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Why search engines aren't the best place to look for solutions to complex problems? Discover the disservice you do to your performance by relying on public information.

You lose out on time, fall victim to misinformation, and can even be mislead. Today's episode is about how you can get better, more actionable solutions daily.

To learn how to shape the environment around you for career and business benefit, join us at https://www.ins...
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