Jon Senior's FunkQuest

Jon Senior's FunkQuest

FunkQuest is an interactive discussion show. Funksters get to pick their own questions... they just don't know what they are. We look to find out things we didn't know, by talking to people we wouldn't normally talk to.


November 6, 2023 19 mins
While looking for people who do 'Unusual Jobs' we found 'First Piper' Ross OC Jennings who travels the world playing the Bagpipes.

Are there really people who enjoy the sound of Bagpipes?

I bet you didn't think that those harsh, ear drum splitting, droney instruments could give you access to just about every country in the world.

How he gets there? Who he sees? How airport security and the police see him.

All this and more ...
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The British YoYo Association was founded by Luke Roberts and a couple of colleagues and it has become part of a world wide phenomenon of Regional, National, European and Asian competitions.
Who would have thought that a piece of string, with a bit of wood wrapped round the end of it, could make it so big?

We found Luke Roberts, while looking for 'unusual sports' and he truly is an expert with the YoYo.
This 'Toy' usually has an upsurg...
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If you thought queueing or standing in line was just a great british tradition, think again...
Looking for people who do unusual jobs we found Angela Lauria who was a professional 'standing in line person' on Capital Hill in Washington DC.

If you were a lawyer or lobbyist who needed a seat in a Congressional hearing or meeting but had other committments previous to the time, Angela would queue for you.

What was the dress code? What we...
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This week, we feature circumnavigator Laura Massey-Pugh, who cycled around the world with her husband in six months. Laura is the back half and yes you do still have to pedal...

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Jonathan and Barb meet with professional Bigfoot tracker Mike Familant to determine - is it a myth or is something really out there?

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February 3, 2023 18 mins
FunkQuest with a North Korean Ambassador

You are going to need a secure line to watch this FunkQuest episode. Make sure you are not being watched or overheard. This could be very stressful.
At least that is what Ex-diplomat John Everard has had to contend with over many years as a british ambassador, not only toNorth Korea but Uraguay too. Its not exactly 'Bond 007' but sleep deprivation, minute to minute planning, and alcohol are a...
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We have all done this at some time in our life, and been told off for it no doubt, but Pillow fighting is becoming one of the new professional sports of the 21st century. It's unbelivable but true.

This simple childhood game has become a Fighting Phenomenon.

Paul Walker is the co-founder of Fight PFC. (Pillow Fighting championship). Along with his brother they wanted to make a combat sport that was more family-friendly as well as enc...
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If you have ever felt like poking someone in the eye, then Evan Walters is the man to help you do it. (No not really)

Evan Walters is the Commisioner of the "World Knife Throwing League (WKTL.)"

Using specially made knives with blunt blades but sharp points this sport is in fact very user friendly for people of all ages.

Question 1
'Barb picked the building'
Where would you go naked?

Evan Chose the 'Binoculars'
When do you always want to...
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October 24, 2022 22 mins
Competitive eating with Food vs the beast

John 'Dawsey' Dawes can be a real animal when it comes to consuming large amounts of... well just about anything you can put on a plate.

We pitched Dawesy against experience funkster Josh Shea to get as much funk out as possible. Dawesy is the guy with a tattoo of Greggs (sandwich shop) on his arm.

At the time of recording, Dawesy was second in the British eating league. His eating exploits h...
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October 17, 2022 16 mins
Deena Kastor, marathon runner, Olympic medalist, former world record holder, author, mum and general all round good egg stopped by on FunkQuest.
Playing the new retired athlete edition, Jonathan and Deena discussed, one on one the following FUNK.

1. Who was your best sponsor?

2. What was your pathway into elite sport?

3. What is the stupidest thing you have seen?

4. Which opponent did you most admire?

5. What really happens in the locke...
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October 10, 2022 22 mins
Team GB bobsledder Nikki McSweeney took a break from sliding down icy runways to stop by and talk to us on FunkQuest.

​What is FunkQuest ?
FunkQuest is a fun interactive online conversation game that features five rounds.
Funksters (players) view a board containing 20 individual icons (pictures) Funksters select an icon from the board which most tweaks their interest. Each Funky icon, when chosen reveals a Funky question, which may o...
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September 20, 2022 30 mins
3 x world dominos champion Travis Newsome drops by FunkQuest to share some funk with us.

Travis got a prescription from his Doctor so he can play dominos every day...

We find out what it is like at the domino world championship. Is trash talking (sledging) allowed?

Travis explains how some of students are now beating him (so he isn't that smart after all)...

Question 1
Joshua chose the 'Apples'
How well can you read a map?
Travis chose to...
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Shawny Hill plays FunkQuest with Stephen Miller MBE , a British athlete who competes in the fields of Paralympic club and discus throwing. He has won three gold, one silver, and one bronze medal in the F32/51 club throw at the Paralympics. In Paralympic F32/51 discus he won one bronze medal.

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Question 1
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A special brain training episode of FunkQuest - Brett Smitheram World Champion scrabble player v Johannes Mallow a world champion of memory games These two certainly know how to use their heads

​What is FunkQuest ?

FunkQuest is a fun interactive online conversation game that features five rounds.

Funksters (players) view a board containing 20 individual icons (pictures)

Funksters select an icon from the board which most tweaks their i...
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June 27, 2022 22 mins
Global explorer, marathon runner, part time Ironman and century cyclist Sally Orange joins us on FunkQuest with established Funkster and friend of the show, Steve Judge.
Question 1
Sally chose the 'Gas'
What would your family assume you had been arrested for?

Steve went fo the 'Chairs'
How important is a diary to you?

Question 2
Sally picked the 'Books'
Which do you prefer, fiction or non-fiction books?

Steve chose the 'Vulture'
How long ca...
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June 13, 2022 21 mins
Jonathan and Josh play FUNKQUEST with Johannes Mallow, the 2012 World Memory Champion and holder of seven memory sports world records. We put his skills to the test by asking him to memorise 20 random words and recall them at the end of the show.
Question 1
Joshua chose the 'Dog'
How handy is a dishwasher?

Johannes picked the 'Car'
How much of what you learned at school helps you now?

Question 2
Joshua wanted the 'Cyclists'
How long have y...
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It is the final of FunkQuest season 5. One of these funksters is going to be crowned the Grand Champion. But who?

Question 1

Carmel chose the 'Strawberry Cake'

What sauces do you put on a hot dog?

Shawny picked the 'Lion'

Who makes the first move at getting back in touch?

Question 2

Carmel liked the 'Trainers'

What is your favourite show on TV?

Shawny went for the 'Tiger Stripes'

What do your friends have in common?

Question 3

Carmel picked th...
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Louise Hunt and Talan Skeels-Piggins give us insights into the elite sporting mind on this sports special one off episode of FunkQuest.

Question 1

Louise chose the 'Swimming'

What was your favourite sport in PE?

Talan picked the 'Cyclist'

How has the quality of sports fans changed in the last 3 decades?

Question 2

Louise picked the 'Track'

Who is the best sporting 'Underdog'?

Talan chose the 'Skier'

Are sportsmen and women worth the money...
Mark as Played
Question 1

​Carmel Chose the 'Pumpkins'

​How do you take losing?

​Bobby chose the Gazebo

Where were you on 31st December 1999?

​​​​Question 2

​Carmel picked the 'Yellow fish'

​Where can you see the best views?

​Bobby liked the 'red shoes' (an homage to the Wizard of OZ)

What makes you stop scrolling?


​Carmel decided upon the 'Wind Turbines'

When did you last get stuck in a queue?

​With an Italian Background Bobby had the 'Las​agne'

Mark as Played
Question 1

Shawny chose the 'Pizza'

When have you seen a ghost?

Dan picked the 'Gold Bars'

Which is the best musuem you have been to?

Question 2

Shawny decided on the 'Peace Sign'

What achievement are you most proud of?

Dan went for the 'Fruit'

What was your worst mistake in a new Job?

Question 3

Shawny picked the 'Tents'

What expectations do you have of yourself and others?

Dan Chose the 'Thermometer'

What is the best T-shirt you own?

Question 4

Mark as Played

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