Knocked Prone - Dungeons And Dragons Podcast

Knocked Prone - Dungeons And Dragons Podcast

Knocked Prone is a clean, chaotic, and deep podcast for D&D nerds! Join our five voice actors in the fantastic realm of the Badlands filled with pop culture, lovable NPCs, and legendary tales. Dungeon Master Kade Backus is joined by Alec Backus as Zag, Brookelin Backus as Selene, Marissa Zander as Efimia, and Mason Syddall as Grom for this DND 5e play podcast. If you enjoy this podcast please help us out by leaving a review, sharing with your fellow adventurers, and supporting this podcast on Patreon: Connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok @knockedprone, Join our Discord:, or email


November 23, 2022 38 min
Efimia and Zag make contact with Zag's brother Thorn, the newly bestowed God of the Ten. Thorn comes up with a plan to break Efimia's pact with Orcus by using the ancient elven tradition of pranking him. Meanwhile, Grom and Selene are told who paid Gutrug and Vladrick off to try and kill Grom, and they get some time-pressing news about Grom's next Punch Bowl fight in the process.

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The Away Team splits the party in the Underdark city of Brigarune. Efimia and Zag go to share the great news of the removal of Driders with Bo Dega, while Grom and Selene meet up with some of Grom's old Dwarven high school bullies who promise Grom a set of Mithral Armor.

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November 9, 2022 51 min
Now tasked with assigning the next god of the ten, the Away Team gets heated over who they think is the right choice. Efimia vies for the patron she once hated, Selene looks to Lathander as a guiding light as she and her fiance Finch get changed out of being Driders, Grom's vote is for anyone willing to take the position, and Zag, after meeting with several sources and one demon, comes to the final decision.

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The Away Team, now armed with a cure for Drider's Disease, travels to Brigarune to save two of their party members and the Dega Brother's mother. Efimia tries her hand at babysitting, Grom wins a competition against Efimia, Zag becomes more Drider-like than he expected, and Selene's wings aren't enough to keep her from a plunge of doom.

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October 29, 2022 66 min
Grom has a chance encounter with his long-lost mother after entering the portal prize from the Wheel of Umber. In this D&D Halloween special episode, Grom gets a chance to save his mother from her imprisonment—all while fighting vampires, getting Halloween candy, and dressing up in spooky costumes.

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October 19, 2022 41 min
After a long and tense battle with the Bridesmaid of Darkness, our party stumbles into The Wheel of Umber, an Underdark gameshow. Selene succumbs to food phobia, Grom pays an unexpected visit to a long-lost family member, Zag chugs a potion in record time, and Efimia strikes a deal with the enemy.

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October 13, 2022 31 min
Zag, Grom, Efimia, and Selene: deep in the Underdark face a formidable foe who is the heir to Lolth's Godhood. Grom almost stabs someone with a Drider fang, Selene gets infected, Zag learns that his magic has limitations, and Efimia helps to find a cure before it's too late.

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October 5, 2022 44 min
Chasing the newly turned Drider Finch, our group of adventurers stumble into the lair of a demon queen who is angrily waiting to ascend to the throne of godhood. Grom expresses his hatred for Driders, Zag turns to violence, Selene gets infected by Drider venom, and Efimia gets sucker punched by an angry web.

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September 28, 2022 34 min
The Beta Research Team, searching for Selene's boyfriend, Finch, runs into the Drider-infested underground. Efimia teaches Zag an ancient elven tradition, Grom goes ballistic over a lifeless body, Zag tries his hand at trauma therapy, and Selene gets her heart broken by a spider.

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Our team of adventurers traverses their way down into the Mithral Mines looking for the 3 Dega Brothers to bring them back to Ascended Corp. for a reward. Selene gets an unexpected visit from a romantically charged NPC, Efimia receives a deck of cards that traveled to her from beyond the grave, Grom gets tied up in some sticky business, and Zag betrays Efimia's trust while trying to save the party from certain doom.

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September 14, 2022 31 min
On a mission for Ascended Corp., our crew takes a train bound for the Mithral Mines near Brigarune City, but along the way, they encounter some dangerous and scaly roadblocks. Grom is recognized and gives a sloppy autograph, Efimia suffers a significant hit that nearly kills her outright, Selene hides a note that would crush Zag's heart, and Zag feels the weight of always putting the party in danger.

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September 7, 2022 47 min
Now on the lam, our adventurers seek refuge in an animal shelter with a Tortle named War, who has a proposition for them. Grom gets acquainted with a new animal companion; Efimia uses her bacon resources to make a powerful ally; Zag puts a new label on his budding relationship, and Selene leads the charge out into the rioting city of Grey Haven.

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August 31, 2022 44 min
The Ascended Corp. Beta Adventuring Team must pick between working for The Veiled Grin or Ascended Corp. as their employer, but they are still unsure who the good guys are. Grom assures the group there is nothing to worry about; Zag shoots an arrow at a Rune Crystal Camera; Efimia has a heartfelt moment with Grom over her long-lost mother; Selene tries to pry information out of her former enemy.

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August 24, 2022 37 min
Having defeated the zombies from the Cult of the Skull, our intrepid travelers head back to Ascended Corp. HQ, only to be stopped by a Tortle who claims they were decieved. Zag strengthens the group's bond as a team, Selene finds the person she thinks killed her parents, Efimia deals with the trauma she has long suppressed, and Grom nearly blows the group's cover against a potentially hostile organization.

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August 17, 2022 26 min
The Ascended Corp. Beta Team adventures down the sewers to complete their high-profile mission. Efimia is struck with visions of how she became a warlock serving Orcus; Grom finds a worthy fighting advisary; Selene gives a group of zombies dance lessons; and Zag sees necrotic power turned against those closest to him.

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August 17, 2022 44 min
Zag and Grom have their first sleepover as brothers. Selene receives a call from her distant boyfriend, Finch, who is terribly missing her. Efimia finds the woman she has been searching for in Greyhaven, only to find that she is a little more tight-lipped with information than Efimia would have hoped.

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August 17, 2022 42 min
Following their first victory in the Punch Bowl Tournament, Grom and Zag are rudely awakened when orc mercenary rangers and their velociraptor pets arrive to take Zag as a trophy prisoner for Zag's father (their king). As the duo duked it out in Innferior, an Aasimar (Selene) and half-elf (Efimia) decided to help in the fight, turning the tides and bonding the four adventurers together.

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Meet the Campaign Two Cast:

Alec Backus - Zag (Half-Elf, Peace Domain Cleric)

Mason Sydall - Grom (Dwarf, Champion Fighter)

Marissa Zander - Efimia (Half-Elf, Fiend Warlock)

Brookelin Backus - Selene (Aasimar, Phantom Rogue)

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Danny Denison joined by co-host Kade Backus ask our cast members their favorite part of the Knocked Prone Campaign One: Great Grumbopolis. Future Talked Prone episodes will take place every other episode in Knocked Prone Campaign Two, and all future episodes of Talked Prone will be exclusive to Patreon Supporters. If you don’t want to miss out on exclusive Knocked Prone content like these episodes go over to and...
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Our Team of Adventurers fights their final battle with Amulek for the control over the soul of a Rakshasa. Torinn says his final words, Tess gets reunited with an old friend, La'kyr gives a heartwarming speech, Jack finds himself in a sticky situation, and Litsea wishes she had more time.
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