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May 18, 2023 37 mins
Enneagram 9s in the entrepreneurial space usually know they're made for more. But their quest for harmony creates an internal conflict.
To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be a little bold and polarizing. And the Adaptive Peacemaker’s instinct is to give that a hard pass.
So, what can 9s do to step into their power and find peace in the disruption?
Bernadette Marciniak is the creator of Sol House Media, a brand videography and photography business serving entrepreneurs who empower and create impact.
On this episode of Lead with the Enneagram, Bernadette explains why she was playing small and hiding behind her camera when we met at a mastermind retreat.
I walk you through the characteristics of Bernadette’s 9-3-7 Tritype, The Ambassador, and she describes how understanding herself at a deeper level makes her more comfortable in the spotlight.
Listen in to understand how embracing her 9-ness gives Bernadette even more compassion for her clients and learn how an Adaptive Peacemaker can disrupt things in a healthy way—for the greater good of us all.
What You Will Learn
What about being an Adaptive Peacemaker didn’t please Bernadette at first
How 9s are engaging, accepting and non-judgmental and bring peace to all of us
How Bernadette felt when I called her out for playing small
Bernadette’s struggle with feeling less-than in spaces with other high-achieving female entrepreneurs How Bernadette’s 9-3-7 Tritype (The Ambassador) shows others what’s possible
How integrating the Enneagram into her life helps Bernadette disrupt things in a healthy way
How understanding herself at a deeper level makes Bernadette more comfortable in the spotlight
Why exploring her 9-ness gives Bernadette even more compassion for clients
Why being an entrepreneur doesn’t come naturally for a 9 and what Bernadette is doing to take a bold stand in her business
Who Bernadette serves through her brand videography/photography business
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