Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast

Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast

— Formerly “No Shirts Just Skins” — The latest in Minnesota sports broken down from a fan's standpoint. Eric founded MinnesotaSportsFan.com (self-proclaimed fastest emerging sports website in the state..). Brandon, being older and wiser, constantly needs to remind him he's not that big of a deal. Different name but shirts are still optional.....


May 13, 2022 48 mins
After some technical difficulties to start the show, Eric and Brandon caught their usual groove and touched on the Twins faltering and injured pitching staff and how difficult it is to get an ace pitcher with cheap mid-market owners.

Then gears switched to the Vikings and JC Tretter's reported interest in wearing purple. Would he be worth the price tag? What is the price tag? Looking back on the draft, Kwesi and O'Connell wanted Cin...
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The Minnesota Twins are struggling with a COVID outbreak, which begs to question why we're still panicking over such nonsense. Eric and Brandon also hit on Dave Benz weird firing, Kwesi's first draft and laugh at how happy the Timberwolves were to accept their playoff participation trophy after losing in game 6 to Memphis.
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It's the 69th episode of the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast and we're celebrating with margaritas (Eric is at least) and talking all the major topics including:

- Byron Buxton's historic hot streak to start the season
- Elon Musk saving democracy when he bought Twitter
- We run a handful of mock drafts from PFF and see what type of options the Vikings could have at 12th overall on Thursday
- KAT's antics hold him back and drive people nu...
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The Minnesota sports scene is hotter than it has been in recent memory and the Minnesota Sports Fan podcast has it all covered. In episode 68, Brandon and Eric discuss what has gotten into the Twins and what's left to happen with the Twins. But the Vikings also signed Za'Darius Smith today, which needed a full segment. We also discussed Bill Guerin's massive balls and how good we should feel about the Wolves going into the playoff ...
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March 16, 2022 53 mins
Brandon and Eric are back and the world of Minnesota sports are on fire. In their return episode, they focus on the Vikings and Twins offseasons and wtf each team might be planning. Karl-Anthony Towns and the Timberwolves are the topic that closes the show. He's a new man and the Wolves have a new future of possibilities.
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Richard Pitino had an interesting postgame speech for his team after another terrible loss, this time to Nebraska. He knows it's his last few games as Minnesota Gophers head coach. Brandon's been dreaming of this day for years.

Then, we jump over to the lowly Timberwolves, and whether KAT can be a sidekick on a willing team, before Eric talks about how the Twins make him nervous.
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After opening updates involving Eric's sex life and Brandon's big boy move, this episode is all about Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo and blockbuster Minnesota Vikings + San Francisco 49ers trade rumors.
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In episode 64, Brandon has gone MIA so Eric carries the show with three major topics.

- Who will replace Gary Kubiak
- Who is to blame for the Timberwolves terrible season.
- The Twins could have done better than JA Happ.
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Episode 62 of the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast is full of presidential pardon history knowledge, TIGER documentary reviews, Kirill Kaprizov and.... WTF was Rick Spielman thinking when he passed on Antoine Winfield Jr and Tyler Johnson?
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The Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast is now on two-a-weeks and Brandon couldn't get through without drinking. He has a lot to say about a few controversial subjects to start things off. Then He and Eric eventually get into it over the Twins and Timberwolves.

So... alcohol or not, this episode is pretty much the same as all of the others.
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January 13, 2021 52 mins
Brandon and Eric are in your ears again and this time Eric is apparently "working out"... which can't be true, according to Brandon.

After spending way too much time on work outs, it's time for things that don't matter, like the PJ Fleck's new infatuation with the transfer portal, Dalvin Cook with a chip on his shoulder and Tim Walz hating sports fans around the state.
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January 6, 2021 53 mins
It's been a little while, but the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast has returned and both Eric and Brandon are ready to get to work. I hope you're ready...
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It's episode 59 and we're all over the place.
MSF is moving up in the world again and we have an announcement for some activities next week.
Then, we move on to the Tyus Jones news that dropped on Wednesday morning (we try to figure out why the Wolves don't want any serviceable PG's on their team). Could they possibly want Russell Westbrook? Does that make sense for the Wolves?
Amir Coffey got the 2-way contract he was seeking when...
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In episode 58 of the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast, I open the show with Seth Toups (MSF Writer, KLGR Radio) and we talk mostly Wolves and their crazy weekend, where they lost out on D'Angelo Russell and then helped the Warriors finish the deal to land him? But.... hope is what came out of the weekend. Hope that we might deal Andrew Wiggins.

After chatting a little Twins to end our segment with Seth, Ryan Burns joined the show for 30...
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It's been another big week in the sports "abyss".

Eric heard details on the new Madden and it looks like EA is going big this year... that's what we discuss during a well-read 1st segment before transitioning to the Twins being back. They beat the Rays in game 1 of a 3 gamer in Target Field this week. Are we worried about Miguel Sano???

Then, shit gets real controversial when we start discussing the NCAA's latest fight. It's with Br...
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Episode 56 is lit.
We discuss PJ Fleck and Gopher Football's big weekend and talk about the next step in our recruiting development.
The Timberwolves are slotted to pick number 11 in Thursday's draft... but rumors are swirling... but does it matter with Wiggins on the roster?
The Twins have hit a small bump in the road over the last 4 games. It's nothing to worry about but our playoff pitching is. What do the Twins do to fix it?
Have y...
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Welcome to Episode 55 of the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast where we have another new producer named Kyle. There is a war on that name, if you haven't heard. Kyle reads and talks about that.

Most of this episode is filled with Brandon and Eric fighting about how "untouchable" the top Twins prospects really are and what it would take for the team to bring in some dominant pitching to help with a world series run.

Kyle then does a dramat...
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The Minnesota Twins are the hottest team in baseball and might have the best team to ever step onto a professional Minnesota diamond... but the first 20 minutes of this show was derailed because Brandon's mind gets sidetracked when you mention "smoking hot" and "twins" in the same sentence....

Eventually, we did recover and were able to talk about how good this baseball team really is and what kind of move they should make at the tr...
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Episode 53 is full because the Minnesota Sports Abyss is non-existent in 2019. The Twins continue to dominate everyone, winning 6 of 7 in their last two series and pulling a ridiculous record of 33-16 to start the season... wtf is happening?
Ryan Saunders won a contest for the Minnesota Timberwolves head coach that didn't have any other contestants...
The MIAC kicked St. Thomas out of their conference because they win too much and we...
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Minnesota Sports Fan Writer and the Great Kirk Cousins Defender, Brian Heintz joins the MSF Podcast for the entire show and we put his QB love to the test immediately by having him stack Kirk Cousins vs the rest of the QB's in the league... Where does Kirk really stand vs his adversaries?

Is Kyle Rudolph leaving? Probably... Will we miss him?

Then, it's onto our current team in action, the Minnesota Twins, who have quietly started a ...
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