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David Knight brings you news, interviews and analysis LIVE every weekday morning. With decades of experience as news anchor, reporter and radio host, political candidate, David has broadcast live from events ranging from political conventions to the Bundy ranch standoff. With guests ranging from the former tech head of the NSA to the New Jersey Weedman, the broadcasts are diverse in topics. As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and politics, Knight explores the junction of business, technology and freedom with experts in their field.


May 12, 2021 44 min
2:26  Colorado will raise property valuations & taxes by 5-6 figures?  Will CDC use its usurped power over evictions & foreclosures to stop TAX foreclosures?

7:17 Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy plan to abuse victims yet again — this time financially.  It had been going on for decades before Rex Tillerson OK’d homosexual scout leaders

8:24 Chaos from fuel shortages as pipeline that supplies 45% of fuel to east coast is taken...
Mark as Played
* Fuel Chaos — Pipeline company was already in trouble for leaks
* More Israelis & Palestinians killed by VACCINES than VIOLENCE
* Rand calls out Fauci on “Gain of Function” — but ONLY in Wuhan
* Sean Hannity gets touchy about his touchy-feely interview with Bruce Gender — L-GOP-BT
* Unbelievable incentives for getting the jab
* AstraZeneca vaccines stopped by Ontario, Canada for blood clots
* Massive new global censorship initiative...
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0:00 The DogeCoin Economy — Centrally-broken, Inflationary, Bubble Economy of the Technocrats like Elon Musk. Go to the moon next year and pay in DogeCoin?

6:53 Cryptocurrency valued at more than all coin and currency in circulation at $2.25 TRILLION — but the debt is $22 TRILLION

10:37 Hand-fed pets — permanent unemployment benefits and stimmy checks results in no one wanting jobs, shortages of everything — and inflation

17:14 Tip...
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May 11, 2021 44 min
0:00 Twitter labels discussion of “spike” as disinfo, blocks retweets and comments

1:45 Fauci now claims his INFLATED statistics are UNDERCOUNTED. The Big Lie gets bigger. But look at VAERS — a new metric — COVID injections account for 45% of ALL adverse effects for ALL vaccines for 31 YEARS, after just 4 months

9:15 How “the virus” is EXACTLY like climate alarmism — “global warming”, “global ice age” etc.

12:11 20% of battery Ele...
Mark as Played
* INTERVIEW: GoatTree — Pipeline Ransomware attack; Who’s behind it? What did they do? How you can protect yourself, your business
* Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) attacks, confirmed now by White House, are NOT sonic attacks; they raise health concerns about 5G
* Baylor official and MD asks Texas Senate why there’s NO therapeutics or standards for care after one year; why no early intervention
* Sacrificing our children to the false ido...
Mark as Played
* Artur Pawlowski: 2nd Canadian Pastor jailed with “enhanced” treatment reserved for political prisoners
* The Salk Institute study debate continues — does it link mRNA spike to vascular disease
* Massive new agency to identify, “pre-crime”, people likely to commit violent acts. Soviet style mental commitment of dissidents
* One state finally passes ban on “no-knock” raids
* Fauci: Masks “4Eva”, says “da numbas” undercounted, and litt...
Mark as Played
* INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente - Hyperinflation? Stagflation? Taxes?
* The Salk Institute with funding from NIH explains how the spike — made by the mRNA vaccines cause cardiac issues
* GOP loses its principles with Stefanik, sells its soul with Jenner
* More election fraud theatre so that serious reform NEVER happens
* Even Trevor Noah isn’t buying the lockdown/vaccine narrative

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May 6, 2021 44 min
Thursday 6May21 LIVE RADIO KHNC

0:00 Sanctuary Counties & Cities forming across the country to stop federal overreach on COVID & other issues. Nullification & anti-commandeering

14:06 CDC loses again in court — 5 losses, no wins — on it’s massive overreach claiming authority over foreclosures. But Biden & Elizabeth Warren’s Frankenstein creation, the CFPB, continue the push. It’s about strippin...
Mark as Played
* Intolerant intersectionality permeates CIA propaganda, K-12 education, politics. A tool to destroy society and rebuild their dystopia. A religion of hate that seeks hegemony in all areas of life
* Camp Fauci — a summer camp prison
* Another loss for CDC’s power grab over evictions, but they have a partner in the CFPB, Elizabeth Warren’s Frankenstein monster creation
* Biden denies permit for veterans parade as Gov Noem debunks th...
Mark as Played
May 5, 2021 44 min

0:00 Colorado Gov: “surge of YOUNG cases” to push vaccines to children

2:51 California town offers $10,000 RAFFLE to 16-18 who take the jab? How about Russia Roulette? Can we bribe them to play that?

8:20 Jailed Canadian pastor, James Coates, gets his day in court — where’s the “science” about prohibition of singing? Anti-Lockdown Rodeo outrages the dictators

19:41 Let them eat — MEALWORMS!...
Mark as Played
* Domestic Propaganda & Surveillance against Biden’s political enemies gets massive financial boost for private partners to implement his Star Chamber Exec Order
* Remember CS gas used at Waco? Media is now concerned about its health effects when used outdoors against BLM/Antifa
* Florida passes law against social media banning, censorship, shadow banning
* Canadian pastor’s trial for holding church begins and, in the same area, R...
Mark as Played
(We're aware there are regular dropouts on audio & we're working on it)

0:00 Geospatial intel & black boxes — Gov Polis, Colorado, loosens his grip (slightly); as always its about the tracking & control.

6:22 No “Moore’s Law” — Intel CEO says chip shortages will continue, supply chain busted.  Lumber, food, ammo — all supply chains busted by lockdown.  Will it be stagflation or hyperinflation?

18:42 A chicken in ev...
Mark as Played
* Biden More Exec Orders Than Previous 3 Presidents Combined — You Haven’t Heard About The WORST One
* EXPOSED: Fauci & Univ of Pittsburg funding of horrific human baby experiments
* Stagflation is here — exploding prices and supply chains wrecked by lockdown
* Mercola caves to threats of censorship — removes Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc articles
* Joy Behar's clueless comparison of vaccines to seat belts — she made OUR point for...
Mark as Played
* Parents rise up to fight masks & vaccine mandates
* TSA now making health dictates
* “Rosa Parks” reference to COVID tyranny outrages CRT mob — but it IS a civil liberties issue
* Giant concert in LA, with in-person audience, to celebrate vaccination
* Megachurch pastor pushes vaccines as pro-life while dissing any concerns about NIH/FDA organ harvesting for pharmaceuticals

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April 30, 2021 201 min
We've had many excellent guests since we began doing interviews again.

Here are 4 as I take my birthday off and prepare for a new addition to the broadcast...

INTERVIEW: Rabbi Smith, at the epicenter of US tyranny, NYC, how we fight back
INTERVIEW: Catherine Austin Fitts, the slave system orchestrated by central banks
INTERVIEW: Artur Paw?owski, Polish pastor who threw the authoritarian COVID cops out on Easter
INTERVIEW: Nick Cole,...
Mark as Played
* INTERVIEW: Vince Agnelli — The Public Weal and You
* Biden’s “investment” (aka, $2 TRILLION tax increase) $80 BILLION for IRS
* Social media post says India crisis is fake
* 3D Printed "Ghost Gun": Court gives up — says it doesn't have judicial review power
* Fauci caught lying (again) in his attack on Rogan
* Masks on faces, gags on speech — FOREVER if we let them

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* Gates a philanthropist? Demands patent protection over “helping” 3rd world with his miracle vaccines
* Right to Keep & BEAR arms will be considered by SCOTUS as Democrats push background checks for ammo
* Rush to push vaccines on children as new risk for cardiac disease and death discovered in healthy young people
* Private school BANS vaccinated teachers — pushers of corporate vaccine mandates are outraged

Find out more about th...
Mark as Played
* INTERVIEW: Joel Skousen — on the brink of war and strategically relocating during the “pandemic”
* CDC’s VAERS shows hospice patients being vaccinated & dying nearly immediately (from 20 minutes to within 24 hours)
* The Emperors have NO science as Canada delays pastor’s trial (to gather data) and Fauci ignores Florida and talks about outdoor masks
* Archbishop keeps churches closed EVEN AFTER Dem Governor opens them 100%
* How t...
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Monday 26Apr21

* INTERVIEW 2nd Hr: GoatTree — what is DARPA doing with massive IP grab using a shell corporation
* INTERVIEW 3rd Hr: Sheriff David Hathaway — lessons from the 3rd world on thriving under a corrupt govt
* Massive anti-lockdown protests in London
* Mask revolt
* Skyrocketing prices on fuel, building materials & food
* Massive unemployment — BY CHOICE as Universal Basic Income is taking hold


2:21 Tootin...
Mark as Played
Friday 23Apr21

* INTERVIEW 2nd Hr: Catherine Austin Fitts,
* INTERVIEW 3rd Hr: Gerald Celente,
* Celebs & pundits defend knife attacker shot by police
* Biden & Democrats’ relentless pursuit to bankrupt & starve energy with “every bill a climate change bill”
* Ontario cops rough up 12 yr old for not wearing mask — silence from media
* “Mass Vaccination Centers” shutting down due to lack of demand...
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