Soul Guided With Sookton

Soul Guided With Sookton

Spiritual coach and visionary, Suki Eleuterio, often known as “Sookton,” has been inspiring others through her award-winning blog, since 2010. As the leader of the “Lightworkers Rise Up” movement, she is dedicated to bringing together the conscious community, connecting people with their soul-guided mission, and empowering the world to shine. In this podcast she explores topics from spirituality to yoga to writing to marketing to business to being a modern day mystic. Follow her on Instagram @Sookton or on Facebook @SooktonSays


October 8, 2023 8 mins
In this episode of Soul Guided with Sookton, join me as I share a little secret: my true passion is writing. It always has been. Poetry, words, and the opportunity to express through written language has always been so fascinating for me. But what happens when we sit on our passions and do not allow them to be fully expressed? What happens when we allow fears to block us from sharing our passions with the world? Join me as I dive i...
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Dive into the captivating world of Suki Eleuterio's Soul Guided podcast, where the latest episode will guide you towards a more conscious and fulfilling life. With an immersive voice full of wisdom, Suki explores the depths of existence and highlights the importance of living in the present. As she unravels the secrets of mindfulness, she challenges you to question your current way of life and prompts you to reflect on how you migh...
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July 21, 2023 6 mins
In this transformative episode of "Soul Guided" with Suki, we delve into the profound significance of two simple yet powerful practices—smiling and conscious breathing—to anchor ourselves back to our authentic selves.

Discover the remarkable connection between the outer expression of a smile and the inner realm of emotional well-being, as Suki expertly unravels the science and spirituality behind this universal gesture.

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This morning I woke up in this dreamlike space and I have been shown

There we walked together towards a spiritual ATM that was filled with all the karmic actions I had accumulated over the years. Not just in this lifetime but in multiple lifetimes.
I was asked to check my balance.

✨💥 10 million dollars 💥✨.
I was told to make a withdrawal. I withdrew exactly what I needed and I know I deserved it.

I took ou...
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I love it when June comes around because we start to see everything in bloom. Abundance, green flowers and fields full of life. In this episode I want to share with you the impact that the way we see things has on our lives. Thousands of thoughts go through our head minute by minute and those thoughts form our reality. Today I want you to ask yourself
What do I want to focus my thoughts on today? What do I choose to feel, think or ...
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In today's society, it is common to feel overwhelmed by multiple responsibilities, constant connection to technology and daily demands. We find ourselves caught in an endless cycle of tasks and commitments, not realizing that we are losing touch with ourselves and what really matters. This constant wear and tear can lead to burnout and negatively affect our physical and emotional health.
In this chapter Dr. Eva Selhub and I will exp...
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May 19, 2023 12 mins
In this thought-provoking podcast episode, join host Suki Eleuterio as she delves into the significance of allowing ourselves to experience and embrace the days when our energy and frequencies are low. In a society that glorifies constant productivity and high energy, it's essential to acknowledge the value of these seemingly unproductive periods.
Throughout the episode you can: explore various strategies to navigate these low-frequ...
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We have all worked in places where we do not feel comfortable, where we are there for some reason that does not allow us to move and we do not open ourselves to look for another alternative. The reality is that there are always other options and the universe provides endless possibilities. In this podcast, I share with you tips on overcoming burnout, stress, and returning to your purpose and passion.
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Zoe Whitehead of Lunar Lightworker is a Light Worker, spiritual teacher & healer of light and has trained in different countries in Transference Healing.

She supports empathic Light Workers to reconnect with their light and the natural lunar, cosmic & Earth vibrations.

From an early age, she has always sought deeper connections with people on a soul level through an ability to sense people’s energy and emotional landscape.
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Do you really know who you are? You have dedicated yourself to know yourself from the deepest part of you. In this episode I want you to go deep down into your heart to know your raw self without facets or labels. Start getting to know yourself from what you love the most to what scares you the most and show yourself as your true and authentic best version.
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April 25, 2023 6 mins
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you gave yourself permission today?

Permission to play, to rest or just to laugh out loud. Sometimes we get so caught up in our routine that we forget to enjoy the simplicity of life.

In this episode, I want us to make that reflection and visualize what our life would be like if we just made the decision to give ourselves permission.
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I am grateful to be 40 years old! I feel fulfilled, blessed and embrace each of the teachings I have had over the years.

Let me share with you two words that keep popping into my mind:

🌸 Settled.
🌸 Simple.

I feel settled in this weird way when you sit back in a comfortable seat and you look around you at the life you’ve created. When your bones relax. When your spine is so set. Your shoulders are soft. You just know. There’s a smile...
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Most of us tend to look to others for answers and approval. We rely a lot on others, but we lack confidence in ourselves. What if we let go of all the outside noise and start listening to ourselves on the inside?

In this episode, I have the pleasure of introducing my guest Breanne Burke, who is a mindset and confidence coach. Her mission is to help women heal their inner struggles through self-development and self-love.

Join us for ...
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March 31, 2023 24 mins
Has perfectionism been your way of life? In this episode I break down my own experiences as a perfectionism and how it’s kept me small and kept me from from feeling satisfied and fulfilled. If you’ve been stuck in a pattern of self judgment and critical thoughts, this podcast is for you. Plus learn about my new program Burnout Cure by visiting my website:
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March 23, 2023 33 mins
Today I want you to take some time for yourself, some time to admire yourself, to love yourself, to feel and work on everything you have inside.
Today I choose for you quality time with your beautiful soul so that you realize how wonderful you are.

A few months ago I did the I love me challenge with my community and I learned a lot about myself, as well as those who accompanied me. I wish for you to discover your authentic self with...
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In this episode of Soul Guided with Sookton we shared an intimate and soul lifting conversation with Julia Phoenix. Julia Phoenix is a Leadership and Liberation Mentor, DNA Activation Specialist and the worldwide leading innovator of the Rapid Shift Integration Method.
She helps her clients to effectively and permanently remove blocks that are keeping them plateaued in business, and activates them to their highest potential!
Julia ...
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March 2, 2023 19 mins
In this episode I share with you my personal experience with all burnout cycles. And how I managed with the help of my spiritual practice to bring everything back into balance in my life. I hope to help you find the spiritual cure for burnout through my Spiritual Cure Program and my private coaching that I offer worldwide.
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February 23, 2023 24 mins
Women's power and femininity has been muted and controlled for years. We have been taught to see and express our bodies differently but not to love and feel them as they really are.

Although over the years the subject has opened up more and women like Gi Gi have raised their voices. It is important to keep in mind that there is still a lot of work to be done.

In this episode, join me to listen to Gi Gi an Embodiment Guider & Pus...
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In this episode of Soul Guided with Sookton I am so happy to sit down with the Happiness Guru, Madan Menon. We dive into the topics of creating more joy in your life, the throat chakra, and spiritual enlightenment! Follow his journey on his website www.happiness
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In this episode, I explore what it means to hold court and how to make sure you are walking the walk and not just talking the talk. What is in alignment, and what is not quite in alignment? We dive into how we can release the things that are holding us back so we can step into the Queenly energy of joy.

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