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With there being over 7 Billion+ people on earth and with all the many hats you wear, how the heck do you stand out in the crowd? You are bombarded daily with so much information and you’re caught in the daily routine that causes you to most times forget about YOU! Not anymore… we are going to discuss tips, cover resources, listen to stories and hear steps that will help us all remember the small wins in life! There are so many layers to life and we will shed light as to how we fit in each and every one of them. StandOut Be You will focus on injecting you with positivity, optimism and strategies all centered around helping you be who you were always meant to be in your life. Each episode is meant to give simple strategies you can use to improve and balance you in your relationships and communities. When we take care of ourselves we can then better take care of others. This podcast will feel like you are chatting with a sister, wife, mom, daughter and most of... Show More

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