The Cari Murphy Show

The Cari Murphy Show

Join Award Winning Media Host, International Best Selling Author, Founder of the Straight Talk for the Soul Global Teleseminar Series & Spiritual Intuitive CARI MURPHY in her intention to create a transformational UNITY COMMUNITY of millions around the world! Following a near death experience in 1997, Cari's mission became clear. She is dedicated and devoted to sharing divinely inspired messages of empowerment, healing and joy to IGNITE THE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL as we ascend in consciousness during this powerful time of change on our planet.


May 12, 2022 57 mins
Are you unnecessarily weighing yourself or others down with demands, requirements or patterns of external reliance? Are you burdening yourself with obligations that deplete you and shrink your light? Are you ready to release all of that and step into a new, empowered reality that is reflective of the new earth potentials available to you?
This broadcast and Unity Community is designed for AND dedicated to expansive self realization ...
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Let's Harmonize the Heartbeat of Humanity and Express the Essence of our Oneness in the Family of HUmanity! There is a Renaissance of Consciousness available on our Planet that Requires a Renewal of your Radiance! Let yourself be a ~Treasure of Transformation~, Alchemizing the limitations of 3D Reality while being an Instrument of Activation, Purification, and Awakening --- Actively Accelerating the Ascension of this Planet through...
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April 28, 2022 57 mins
YOUR EMPOWERMENT HOUR! This week's broadcast is devoted to ALLOWING,Activating Affirming, & Amplifying Your Abundance!
Our energetic currency will always match our financial currency. Our frequency is the foundation for everything that reveals itself in our experience! The flow of abundance is as narrow or as broad as the attention we give to it or the expectation that we have of it! Abundance cannot be realized in a state of stag...
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Your 5D Communication UPgrade -> Sovereign Expression, Divine Delivery & AbSOULute Transparency
Your Voice is the Transmitter and Receiver for Your Soul!
Is your voice being utilized as an instrument of condemnation or celebration, separation or unification?
Is it contributing to the cultivation of your consciousness or the collapsing of it?
Is it allowing for growth and healing or is it perpetuating problems of the past?
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Are you ready to realize NEW arenas of consciousness by claiming the power of your intention and attention?
Are you ready to daringly declare your devotion and dedication to dancing delightfully with the divine?
Each lifetime we have the grand opportunity to explore every option available on this planet – like a buffet and decide the direction our soul will take. When our choices generate harmony, peace, unity and empowerment, we t...
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Tune into Your Weekly Empowerment Hour with Cari Murphy! The Cari Murphy Show: Ignite the Light of Your Soul is RELAUNCHING and will be live every Thursday at 12 noon Pacific!
This broadcast is devoted to your empowerment, your evolution, and your liberation! It’s time to release any remaining veils of illusion that have disconnected you from your divinity and step ...
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What kind of life do you really want to live? What quality of experiences do you wish to have? What emotions do you prefer to feel most often? What relationships would be most rewarding and fulfilling for you? What brings you the most joy and satisfaction? Are you tapping into your innate passions and letting them flow? Are you doing things and interacting in ways that cause you to smile frequently and often?

We are alive to enthusi...
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This truly is the time of awakening! We are alive at a time of human evolution (a time of ascension) when we have the capacity to fully awaken to our eternal divine nature while in physical form and reap the rewards of activating our potential. Igniting our creative potential gives us the power and possibility to experience safety, security, serenity and sovereignty from the inside out. It’s realizing that we are not puppets on str...
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Full recordings and special offers available at

Feel warmly welcomed into this beautiful (and familiar!) Unity Community and to your Lemurian Soul Family on this powerfully activating call with Letina! Lemurian souls are waking up all across the planet!

As Letina speaks the Language of Lemurian Unity, you will feel a powerful bubbling up of knowing who you truly are.
Letina and the Whale Unity Heart (The con...
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Are you feeling burdened by new decisions and responsibilities? Now is the time that we are reconfiguring what's out of balance, within us and around us. As this global/collective detox is occurring on our planet (and felt strongly by intuitives and empaths), we can turn what appears to be a challenge into an opportunity.
YOU have the power and potential to affect change within the current global climate and human condition by alig...
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If you are feeling overwhelmed, fearful, or anxious with the new energies and these changing times, then you need to know about Crystologist Angie LaRue’s work with her Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed and Crystal Arrays!
These are incredibly powerful and potent transmissions utilizing crystal circuitry to restore damaged blueprints in the body and energy systems to their original, perfect state.
Listen in as Cari and Angie take que...
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Let's join our hearts as divinely resurrected, holographic humans and galactic citizens to experience the final healing of separation consciousness!
As we stand in our power we are able to anchor the new timelines and transmissions of the higher, diamond-like, photonic light now flooding our planet and create the changes we’ve been yearning for. This is our opportunity to take our place as the new leaders of the planet, and help ful...
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Are you ready to trade your traumas and toxins in for vitality, harmony and healing?
Are you ready to detoxify your brain and feel clear and ready to step into your true, divine purpose in this lifetime?
Are you ready for relief from chronic pain, anxiety, stagnancy, fear so you can move into a state of love as we co-create this new earth??
Learn about and experience set of harmonic sound tones from Adalina and the guides and cosmic a...
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We are being called (as lightworkers, starseeds, and wayshowers) to create our own inner and outer sanctuaries in our homes to allow the new earth rainbow and freedom comes to flow through us in the silence, in the stillness, and in the solitude. Through simplifying our lives, becoming clear and discerning about our inner values and those we choose to include in our journeys as our soul families, we will emerge from this powerful t...
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Can we really reprogram our cells to Eternal Youth? (YES! Incorporate the following "I AM" statement to support this --> "I AM DIVINE PERFECTION!"

Can Cutting edge ingredients in our skincare repair and rejuvenate cells and DNA, while reversing signs of aging? (YES!! Listen in to learn more!)

Jules OFFERS A POWERFUL ACTIVATION AT THE END OF THE SHOW intended to code the new human (US!) with the eternity code!! She also reminds us of ...
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It's time to go on a miracle watch with us and begin noticing all the mini (and grand!) miracles available to us all, even amidst all the current uncertainty and change!

This was a fun, uplifting and exciting call as Sue connected with callers and listeners, providing them with the names of their angels! We learned about many angel specialists such as Angel Tara (angel of Love), Angel Katrina (angel of prosperity), Angel Evelyn (ang...
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Receive Divine Light Transmissions to support your highest transformation in this new timeline for humanity!
Learn more about this Ascension Timeline and the Personal Timelines you can select to optimize your experience! (choose opportunity and creativity timelines over scarcity, separation and fear timelines)
Tune into the frequency of compassion, gratitude, and service to activate your DNA & Begin dedicating yourself to your CREAT...
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It is my greatest wish that this show with Tom bring you additional inspiration, support and RELIEF and of course the sense of community that it’s so important right now with this global pandemic regarding the corona virus.

Over 10,000 people, including myself, receive Tom’s scalar light treatments daily, and I can personally attest to the remarkable health benefits I have experienced (AS WELL AS MY PETS AND FAMILY MEMBERS!) I can ...
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Soul alchemy is taking place right now on multiple dimensional levels. Imagine all of your timeline potentials and past history shifting through a huge time machine being equalized and integrated. This is what Micheila believes is taking place not only in our personal lives, but on the planet as well. It isn’t an easy process, but well worth the effort if we are willing to meet the rising energy differently than we have in the past...
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All change begins and ends with working on ourselves and everything is energy!
If you are feeling down and losing hope, please know and trust that FAST AND PROFOUND SHIFTS REALLY CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU!!
Experience a series of clearings as Jimmy works with callers on a variety of stresses, ailments and challenges WITH RESULTS HAPPENING IN MINUTES
FEEL the shifts happen for YOU. You...
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