Stranger Connections

Stranger Connections

Lisa David Olson has two decades of writing and performing comedy experience, as well as speaking on how humor saved her life. Be the nosy neighbor and listen in as she interviews people she barely knows, (or hasn't yet met) to hear about their weird life stories or quirky careers. There's a lady who says she can communicate with your dog, a man who used to be a zen monk, and even a guy from Russia who gave himself up for adoption at age 9. Expect a few laughs sprinkled in as guests are invited to share a prank or embarrassing moment too. When your host is a bold and curious beast - anything goes. This podcast is an offshoot of Lisa's project in bravery, called Serious Selfies With Strangers; where a dare for a non-smiling photo with someone she had not yet met always created a moment of laughter, and often forged the way to new friendships that would never have been. Books available; Laughs On Wry; an improvisor's memoir and What If's and Why Nots; a journal full of creative cues to unravel stuck moments.


September 26, 2022 25 min
"We continually change and evolve. We have to create openings to have intimate conversations with our partners." ~ Shauna Harris, Certified Clinical Sexologist

Let's explore how to communicate and explore intimacy with a pro in the field of relationships.
Shauna Harris has a best selling book that is a MUST read. 'Speaking of Sex; reignite the spark in your relationship, spice up your sex life and create long-lasting...
Mark as Played
Listen in to learn three questions that truly will have you pull the car over and think hard about your day, maybe even your whole life.

William Branum is a former Navy Seal who served for 26 years.

"You are going to suffer. That's a good thing." William Branum

In this episode of Stranger Connections, we go over:
- Naked Warrior Recovery
- Why Branum says he wants to be "hard to kill"
- Navy Seal secrets and how...
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"If I hadn't had this experience, I wouldn't know the peace I have today." Stephanie Romeo

This burn survivor shares the details of her accident that was an absolutely normal day out to lunch with a friend. And then - she is surrounded by strangers who are trying to pull her clothing off to stop the burns.

Stephanie suffered years of healing and recovery, and came out the other side of the accident, not as a victim, ...
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Got an idea? An invention? A solution to a pet peeve?
Comic Brian Reitz and podcast partner Nick Holder provide a platform in which listeners can share the idea they have, and the co-hosts discuss the good, the possible and maybe the reason why it's a klunker. You just call and leave a short voicemail at 848-863-9917

I even made one of their episodes, where they called it a "Win-Win Heckling".

The 'How Cool Is Thi...
Mark as Played
Duane Scott Cerny is a Chicago based author, story teller, recording artist, and comic who performed with Second City! And now . . . he sells dead people's things.

Our chat includes many MANY topics, including but in no way limited to:
- Accessories for one's donkey
- Sexy antiques
- "Oh Henry" stories
- Hoarding versus being a Pack Rat versus being a Collector
- A prank story he has never shared in public previou...
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Ace Wild is a hip hop artist in the midwest. In this episode he gives me my rapper name!

He says music is what he is meant for, and spends all spare moments creating in his home studio.
We can all learn about dedication and chasing passions from Ace.
He's a positive artist who says "It's cliche, but it's all practice, practice, practice. This is what I'm meant for."

I created a rap for Ace, and he lets me know...
Mark as Played
120 days in jail, recovering from opioid addiction and trying to heal while making amends.

"People who are not meant for you will eventually fall off." ~ Tiffany Jenkins

Part 2 of the compelling, funny and deep conversation includes Tiffany's memoir - how it went from self-published to swooped up by a major publisher, making amends, and not being a censored version of yourself.

Painful truths, burglary, pawn shops and arr...
Mark as Played
Tiffany Jenkins is a best-selling author, speaker, comic and viral online superstar.

In this episode, we delve into her childhood and how she went from captain of the cheer squad in high school, to dropping out and partying so hard she became a felon.

"We didn't talk about anxiety and depression back in high school." ~ Tiffany Jenkins

Why do her kids all wear matching socks
What is a Dirty Doctor
Is she really a Swamp Cre...
Mark as Played
Michael Pisciuneri is a podcaster who loves to talk about movies. The great ones, the ones you want to walk out of but don't want to waste money . . . and what the best snacks are to smuggle in to the theater.

Mostly, he is a superbly funny human from Australia who talks funny (or is it me that talks funny?). Find out more when you hear us trade accents.

We discuss Beavis and Butthead, Jurassic Park, radio DJ voices, and four-c...
Mark as Played
"Are you paying a personal price to obtain a version of success?" ~ Terry B. McDougall

Born to a 16 year old mom and 21 year old dad, Terry McDougall moved every single year during her school career. Can you imagine how that would affect relationships? This guest learned from that stop-and-start childhood and created a coaching program based on early learnings.

This best selling author has two podcasts and her book is called...
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"I've never done the same show twice." ~ Scott Long, corporate comic, fundraiser entertainer and dry bar comedy star

This national comic celebrates each unique audience with his improv infused style of humor.
Scott Long is a corporate comedian and you've seen him on NBC, FOX, the Bob & Tom show and his Dry Bar Comedy special (that already has over 1 million views!)

Scott Long is also a Fundraiser Comic! We talk a...
Mark as Played
She's a brave chameleon, blending in yet bursting through norms. This nomad's healing journey is an improv mental dance through language and sound.

Meet LiSara Love, a 'vocal channel'.
Creating harmony, using our built-in frequencies, the healing vibrations of sound, inside and out.

LiSara calls sound healing her hero's journey. Learn how she makes this process "sexy". She's added an ultra modern twis...
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"Don't miss two in a row." ~ Suzi B

This wife, mom, personal trainer, speaker and 'lover of life' has what it takes to get our butts off the couch of life.

We chat about small steps being the biggest deal, who to call when you need encouragement, the power of our minds to improve our lives and the simple stuff that is actually monumental to our well-being. Oh, yeah, we also talk about the morning she thought she ...
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What's so weird about Type 1 Diabetes?
Colleen Mitchell taught herself how to change the projected outcome of her own health.
Learn how she figured out when and why to lose extra weight, why she is not glued to her cell phone, how a solo trip enhanced her life and why I called her a Sorceress.

Colleen Mitchell is a life coach for women with Type 1 Diabetes. By day she is a project planner, but in her creative time, she is an epi...
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"The childlike side is still in us."

What a thrill to chat with the founding editor of the the satirical newspaper The Onion!
Scott Dikkers, who is from Minneapolis MN, shares how the many avenues of comedy got him to where he is today - a secretly shy dude with a busload of humor to teach and write about.

Check out his online classes, humor writing books and video podcast, too!

In this episode we chat about how The Onion sta...
Mark as Played
When Vic Ferrari says "I've got a quick story for ya." I'm riveted to learn what it was like behind-the-scenes of his 20 years as a New York Detective.

Tune in to hear raw versions of hilarious and shocking content. Then check out his website to see what he is writing about. You don't have to wonder what is on Vic's mind. He's been there, done that and literally writing the book.

Vic Ferrari - former det...
Mark as Played
"There are so many forms of grief. It goes from loss of a loved one, to a divorce and even the loss of a career. It's okay to talk about it." ~ Christy Wopat

Christy Wopat couldn't find the book she needed after giving birth prematurely to twins, and losing them. So she wrote it. The award-winning memoir; "Almost a Mother" was her first book. The topic of grief hits all of us, and this author is able to be o...
Mark as Played
"Boundaries are a skill set, not a rule book."

Stacy (Louise) Christopher is a former journalist with a rock and roll heart.
Learn how she dove right in to a crash course in boundaries when she took to the streets in San Francisco in the early 90's.

She was encouraged to relentlessly seek the most wild and fascinating stories, no matter the fear factor or possibility of placing herself in harms way. This lead to a path o...
Mark as Played
Jeff Belanger is brave, funny as all-get-out and also has some solid life advice, even for his own banker. CBS Sunday Morning says he is a "rock star in the ghost world."

Join in one of the funniest conversations you'll hear this week (maybe this month).
History, belief and folklore combine to create legends that challenge what we know about how the universe works.
Are legends more than stories? Can we learn about our se...
Mark as Played
Ever have the dream that you are naked in a crowd?

This guest chose to face a fear and made a 25 year career from being an exotic dancer.
Corey Laine Hilton has written a riveting book about his journey and he shares very private moments in our chat together.
The term 'self discovery' is something we all can afford to put some thought into. Hilton delves deep and now coaches others on how to overcome self conscious blocks.

Mark as Played

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