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Music with Ro and All... Most... Some of what he has to offer to the world by sharing a portion of the reality around us by walking the streets and being a part of the community. We are all capable of Sharing Our Lives with the World in Very, Unique ways. What would it feel like to live with nothing except the clothes on your back? What does it feel like to assist someone during their personal growth without an expectation in return? Turn in to hear the stories of, Who We Are, from a 1st Hand EXPERIENCE, of Sounds wave that will bring Our Hearts back into Harmony and Faith that the thing we see are not as they appear to be. What if you knew a female chose to be homeless in order to pay for college? What that shift any possibly in your mind of the various types of struggles our in the world around you? It may even be the person in the next room to you. Hell.. It may be the person in the same bed with you. "The Unknown Partner" by Roshawn Woods. Tune in and he... Show More

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