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“Opening your heart to break through to purpose” With Patricia & Bill Clum

April 3, 201854 min
Life can throw us many obstacles and distractions to love. Patricia and Bill describe their individual experiences on the road to self-love that has catapulted them into their purpose. They now work together as a team raising consciousness in the hearts and minds of many around the world. Hear how they approach the shift from life’s challenges to living loving and purpose filled lives.

Patricia & Bill Clum are life and business partners that live and work on the edge of consciousness. They bring forth profound healing while guiding others in the opening of their hearts.

Bill was a businessman for 30 years and is now a leader in spiritual growth for men and women. He is a certified Chikara-Reiki-Do Master and Energetic Alchemy Practitioner. Patricia born with the gift of intuitive sight (seeing) and has always desired to bring God consciousness into her work through practical vehicles. She’s activated her calling as she implements Art & Science in her Coaching.

In 2010, Evolution of The Heart was created as a vehicle for Patricia & Bill to utilize their Divine gifts as Spiritual Ministers working through physical and emotional energy bodies. They travel internationally as speakers, presenters and facilitators at live events and retreats.

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