The Godfathers of Podcasting

The Godfathers of Podcasting

Donnie DaSilva and Chris Tidwell have been podcasting since before podcasting was called podcasting! This show features hilarious insight and poignant social commentary on whatever is going on in the world each week. We also feature the best interviews around! We chat with Hollywood actors, iconic musicians, killer comedians, profound activists, professional athlete, inspiring authors and more! Follow us on IG @GODFATHERSOFPODCASTING @GODFATHERDONNIE @NOTORIOUSTID Become a supporter of this podcast:


February 24, 2024 76 mins
Well it's the Nocka, the Chizrocka ... it's Canadian Hip Hop Legend - Choclair! Yes, Choclair joins The Godfathers Of Podcasting this week, and he's comin down with The Northern Touch!

On this episode, Choclair talks about his start in the music biz, the struggles young artists face today, gatekeeping fans, the people who hate Beyonce's new country song, and more! Oh, and by the way, Choclair is a huge WWE fan - so of course, we h...
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The Godfathers Of Podcasting are back with another great episode! This week they are joined by singer / songwriter / rapper / entrepreneur - Xentury!

Just last week, the guys were joined by Dan-e-o who talked about Xentury being featured on his new single. Well, THIS week Xentury dropped a new single of her own titled Water.

Xentury is talented, hilarious and a lot of fun! Don't miss this one!

Check out Xentury's new track "Wate...
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February 9, 2024 75 mins
The Godfathers are back -- ALL of them! Yes, this week, one of the founders of the program is back on the show as our featured guest. Donnie and Tid are joined by Canadian Hip Hop legend - their bro Dan-e-o.

Dan is busy promoting his latest single that drops TODAY entitled Cleanse My Soul (available on all streaming platforms.

In this family reunion, Dan talks about the song writer process for this single, as well as his entire al...
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February 4, 2024 63 mins
Donnie and Tid are back, and they are happy to welcome singer/songwriter Cassie DaSilva back to the show. She just released the first single of her new EP and it's called "Part Of The Club".

In this interview Cassie talks about being a full blown Swiftie, her love for a particular snack, her song writing process, and a lot more! Check out this great visit with a future superstar!

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January 19, 2024 67 mins
Last week Donnie went to the Comedy Bar in Toronto to see our pal Joey Medina perform. He also got to see this week's amazing guest! Comedian Paula Bel is an absolute beauty! She is a no-holds-barred, raunchy, off colour, comedic menace ... and we love her!

Tid checked out her work, and instantly became a fan, and the guys were thrilled to have her on this week! This is a hilarious episode that should NOT be missed!

Check it out ...
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January 6, 2024 61 mins
Happy New Year everyone! The Godfathers are here to kick off 2024, and they decided to do it with one of their favourite guests - Comedian / award-winning filmmaker Joey Medina!

Join Donnie and Tid as they hang out with their pal Joey for an hour and talk about his newest film, his thoughts on current events and more! If you're in the Greater Toronto Area, Joey will be taping a brand new comedy special on Jan 11th at the Comedy Ba...
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December 22, 2023 66 mins
The Godfathers are here with the final episode of 2023, and they have a killer guest to cap off the year! He is Canadian entertainment royalty! A long time part of the Degrassi franchise - he is an actor, director and producer: Stefan Brogren.

We talk to Stefan about his recent induction to Canada's Walk of Fame, the new film he directed that just came out, possible discussions of a new Degrassi series - and more!

Check it out now!

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December 21, 2023 50 mins
This week The Godfathers welcome back to the show the newly crowned THREE TIME Canadian Women’s Boxing Champion – Scarlett Delgado!

Hot off a great weekend where she dominated three fights to claim the title, Scarlett is now prepping for the world qualifies so that she can represent Canada at the Olympics next Summer!

As always, we have lots of laughs, and Scarlett is an amazing guest! Don’t miss it!

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December 8, 2023 88 mins
When you talk about powerhouse social media influencers within Canada, you HAVE to talk about Jacqui Childs. Millions of loyal followers across her platforms come to her for information about cannabis, mental health, or whatever is on her mind.

Jacqui first gained fame as a member of the Naked News, and the last time she was on our show, she was promoting her highly successful OnlyFans account. Recently she made the announcement t...
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December 1, 2023 75 mins
Donnie and Tid are back with another killer episode! This week they sit and chat with a true icon in the music world - and a certified legend amongst DJs everywhere. If Donnie and Tid are The Godfathers Of Podcasting, then DJ Starting From Scratch is easily one of the godfathers of DJing.

This man who has worked with names like Usher, Kanye, Drake, Russell Peters and more takes time out to hang out and do a deep dive on his come ...
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November 10, 2023 65 mins
This week Donnie and Tid welcome an actual member of Donnie's family to the show. Humberto Da Silva has just released his first book "Compassion Fatigue" and since Donnie is his cousin, he invited him on to the show to talk about it.

Compassion Fatigue is a collection of vivid short stories that are well worth the time investment. In this interview, Berto talks about his writing process, the future for young authors in AI world, ...
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November 4, 2023 69 mins
For parts of five decades - this week's guest, Hal Johnson, has been the face of fitness for Canadians.

You've seen his long running series "BodyBreak" that he starred in with his wife Joanne McLeod where they encouraged Canadians to keep fit and have fun.

This week, Hal joins Donnie and Tid for his record FIFTH appearance on this show. He talks a lot about his incredible activity schedule, what he's been up to - and as usual - he ...
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October 29, 2023 51 mins
This week Donnie and Tid are thrilled to welcome the NCAA Northeast Conference coach of the year, and the only Canadian head coach in NCAA basketball! From Stonehill University (Division 1), it's Chris Kraus. Chris is a long time friend of the show and he talks to the guys about his amazing career. From what initially inspired him to get into coaching, to the amazing run he's been on for over a decade. Sadly, between issues w...
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October 13, 2023 69 mins
This week Donnie and Tid share the story of a woman living her dream. Tiffany Fabiani auditioned twice for The Voice and didn't make the cut. She wanted to give up on her dream of being a professional musician, but her loving husband convinced her to stick with it - and it's a good thing he did.

Just a few weeks ago, Tiffany released her first single as the lead singer of her new band "Enemy Of Fate". The song titled "Dear Dad" i...
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October 6, 2023 69 mins
This week Donnie and Tid are back and have a super fun episode for you! Our featured guest is a long time entertainment journalist, and the king of reality TV - Murtz Jaffer. Murtz has some great stories including the time he pulled a scam to get up close and personal with Donald Trump.

The guys also talk about some big stories from the past week including the passing of an NFL legend, controversy surrounding the end of the writer...
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September 22, 2023 82 mins
Last week, Donnie and Tid welcomed a reality TV star, and this week they welcome another. From Big Brother Season 24 - it's the Butcher Goddess Nicole Layog!

Nicole talks openly about her time on the show, as well as the struggles she had reintegrating into regular life after. She's a former police officer, an executive chef, and recently she got connected with an independent wrestling company in Florida, and she may even be loo...
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September 15, 2023 89 mins
After 2 weeks off, the Godfathers are back with another big episode! This week, Donnie and Tid welcome a first time guest to the show. He is a reality TV star that was a two-time house guest on Big Brother. His name is Memphis Garrett.

Memphis talks about virtually everything and addresses the controversial stories that broke last week about him and his business. Memphis is open and transparent, and you need to check this out!

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August 25, 2023 81 mins
Donnie and Tid are back with another episode of your favourite interview show - and this one features a guest who is a long time friend of the show. It's Impact Wrestling star, and the leader of the faction known as "The Design" - Cody Deaner.

Deaner dives into a number of topics including the 10 years he spent between being hired, fired and re-hired by Impact ... his work as a motivational speaker and his new venture as a podcaste...
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August 18, 2023 69 mins
The Godfathers are back with their 150th installment, and it's a fun one! Donnie and Tid are joined this week by Italian-Canadian comic Marc-Anthony Sinagoga.

You may have seen his viral videos or stand up clips online. He's a funny guy that's been tearing up the comedy festivals, and we're excited to have him join us.

Don't miss this one, and make sure you tell your friends

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August 11, 2023 89 mins
This week Donnie and Tid welcome back a friend of the show! She's a reality TV legend, a published authouccessfu; entrepreneur and an icon in the fitness world! It's Christmas Abbott!

Christmas was the first person to ever get naked on our show, and she decided - it was time to do it again! In addition to that she talks about her two seasons on Big Brother, her time as a NASCAR pit crew member, her honeymoon that put her in the ...
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