The Karel Cast

The Karel Cast

This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life. Become a supporter of this podcast:


June 21, 2024 29 mins
Climate Hits the Kitchen; Louisiana Goes Godly; Tipping is Racist Karel Cast 24-72

Storm in Texas and the South; Caribou, Maine at 103; The West Coast is's summer but how does all this effect you immediately? Look no  further than the kitchen! Olive Oil is more expensive than crude; Maple Syrup more than a barrel of oil per gallon.

Louisiana has decided the 10 Commandments needs to be in schools, and while  the morality ...
Mark as Played
What Is The Chemo For the Growing Cancer in the USA? Karel Cast 24-71

I posted about Pride and the negativity online is just overwhelming, it's like it's the 80s all over again. But why? Why are people so anti-LGBTQ again? Well, that's simple.

And is it too late to stop the spread of the cancer that is MAGA and Donald Trump? Has he and them infected the world? And if so, what is the Chemo that will eradicate this cancer from us? Is t...
Mark as Played
Crime v. Punishment; LGBTQ Pride Month Dangers; Alex Jones Broke Karel Cast 24-70

Angie Harmon's daughter broke in to a bar with friends, got drunk and then left with six bottles of booze. What should her punishment be? Do we spend too much time on petty criminals and not enough on major ones? What happened to bringing them home to parents, paying for the damages and moving on? 

Baltimore Pride had a chemical agent released. Social m...
Mark as Played
WHERE IS YOUR HAPPY PLACE? Plus, Can You Afford Vacay? Karel Cast 24-69

I'm live from the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA and it's one of my happy places. I love the view, the rooms, I love how Ember can walk and play on the beach, being in the harbor near The Queen Mary, I love that it's not in Long Beach proper and that there are NO homeless all around it...I love a lot about it. I love that it's a Doubletree/Hilton property so there...
Mark as Played
HUNTER BIDEN Is In Every Family; USA Back sliding with world Karel Cast 24-68

The verdict in the Hunter Biden trial is not what we should be talking about; no, we should be talking about how there's a Hunter Biden in every family, it may even be us. We should be talking bout addiction, about drug safety, how not to die from bad things in drugs...we should be giving people support not disdain, options not sentences. Drug addicts lie,...
Mark as Played
TRUMP and BIDEN: Why So Close? I know. Karel Cast 24-67

There is no reason for Trump to be anywhere near Biden in the polls in a perfect world. But the world is far from perfect. So why? Why are they close when one is a convicted felon, sexual offender, twice impeached wreck of a man? It's the messaging. Biden is telling us the economy is great, and by all accounts, it is. But YOU and I are not feeling it is, and Trump is speaking t...
Mark as Played
Everyday Is 9/11 in Gaza; Hunter's Folly; Help W/Strings Karel Cast 24-66

I watched 9/11 One Day in America on Hulu and it suddenly made me see and realize the real horror going on in Gaza and how every day is 9/11 for them. And that makes us duplicitous with terrorists, since Netanyahu is behaving like a terrorist. 

Hunter's trial is a folly. Legal drugs versus illegal drugs. Really? We need to do better when it comes to selling gun...
Mark as Played
YOU ARE KILLING ARTS; Hunter Biden's Useless Trial; AMERICANs are dying Karel Cast 24-65

Spotify is increasing their fee by $3 a month. The owner, Ek, is worth $3.5 billion dollars, more than any artist on his platform including Paul McCartney or Taylor Swift. They pay crap to the artists. Streaming platforms are killing the theaters…or…are they? I know the real reason all this is happening and it's not them, it's YOU.

Hunter Biden's...
Mark as Played
CEASEFIRE! Biden's Proposal; J-Lo Hate? Most Popular Topic Karel Cast 24-64

Biden has proposed a three part cease fire deal for Israel and Gaza but will Netanyahu allow it? What does it call for and is it feasible? The fighting has gone on long enough, too long, and must stop, but is this the way? Other nations are on board, but will that matter?

A Plurality of voters says THIS but only a small part of the GOP. Will it matter? Has Tr...
Mark as Played
GUILTY ALL COUNTS! But What Will It Mean? Karel Cast 24-63

The First American President to ever be convicted of a felony, Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts. But what, if anything will it really mean? Will it move the needle at all in the election? And what does it say about the electorate that they would, in fact, allow a convicted felon to run for office? 
Watch on YouTube and listen wherever you get your podcast. Subsc...
Mark as Played
SOUTH PARK Perfection; Why They Steal Catalytics; Cannon Misfires Karel Cast 24-62

South Park proves yet again it is one of the best social commentaries on television with the South Park: The End of Obesity episode about Ozempic. The questions raised are valid, and really should be answered both by health insurance companies and the food industry. 

A young actor dies. Why? Someone wanted his catalytic converter. But what are they and...
Mark as Played
PROSECUTION RESTS, but should they? Tribute to Andrew Howard Karel Cast 24-60

The Prosecution in the Donald Trump election subversion trial has rested, but should they have? Did Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels really prove the case through a preponderance of evidence? Should that have found someone credible to back up Cohen..although, who, in Trump's inner circle is credible and NOT under indictment? 

Air turbulence kills one, but d...
Mark as Played
Butker, Combs Men Behaving Badly; Should Biden Campaign? Karel Cast 24-59

Sean Combs apologizes for beating a woman on an eight year old video; a claim he denied, called her crazy then gave her $50m dollars to shut up. Butker goes on an anti-gay, Handmaid's tale rant at a college graduation. Why do men these days feel they can just behave as badly as they want? I know.
If you want to save Democracy there is only one choice on the bal...
Mark as Played
22/25/27 Tips Out of Control; Stereotypes are Real; Life Goals Karel Cast 24-58

After having my jaw drilled, sanded and a screw put in I went for take out and the tip screen sent me over the edge: 22/25/27 were the choices…what happened to 15% ? Tipping is out of control and now they want more and more and more. How much do you tip? And do you feel compelled to ALWAYS tip, even at places you didn't before?

Stereotypes are real. Some ...
Mark as Played
Before Pessimism Practice Gratitude; Trump v. Everyone; Pageants over? Karel Cast 24-57

Gratitude. For the big things. For the little things. In today's world we are not trained to practice gratitude. Pessimism, discontent, upset, fear, yes; gratitude, no. But there are things every day for which we all should be grateful. Today, I'm grateful for my patrons. What are you grateful for?
Trump v. Everyone. Is he going to have the final ...
Mark as Played
YOU ARE AT RISK; Backing Wrong Industries; A Legend Dies Karel Cast 24-56

A new report says 90% of people over 20 in the USA are at risk of heart disease. Why? Lifestyle (Lack of exercise, obesity, high blood pressure). So basically everyone . Why? Why can't we seem to get it right? It's not hard. So what's the problem. Oh, that's simple.

The Auto industry help "build" America. The Meat and Dairy industry is a backbone of American bu...
Mark as Played
PORK WORM ATE BRAIN; Apple Crushes Creativity? Trump Ever Tried Karel Cast 24-54

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he had a pork worm eat his brain and gave him brain damage. And he wants to be President and calls Biden infirm. How do you know if you have a parasite and how do you get them? And did he really have them. Does Donald Trump? Does #MAGA ? Have they just been eating too much raw bacon?

Donald's Delays are working. He's not going ...
Mark as Played
MET GALA MEH; Paying for PrEP; Daniels Storms Karel Cast 24-54

The Met Gala, a benefit for the museums costume wing, happened Monday and why do I feel very Hunger Games about it all? $75k tickets. Outfits that cost even more. I used to think it was all just celebrity good fun, but now, in today's world, it just seems…wrong. But why? We talk about it.
Stormy Daniels has spilled the tea, and just big wow. But Old Spice and Pert? I mean...
Mark as Played
The American Era of Disappointment Karel Cast 24-53

There's not much in America these days that isn't disappointing. Our political system is a mess. Our way of life is disappearing right in front of us. Beloved institutions are closing. People are following despicable people. 

Are you encouraged about anything these days?

Also, Israel shuts down Al Jazeera. Should we do the same to Fox News, Newsmaxx and OAN? Or is it just a very bad ...
Mark as Played
BEFORE NATIONAL GUARD After Police; What Have We Done? Pain Kills Karel Cast 24-52

Before we send national guard but after police: Biden says protests are fine, but not chaos and destruction; he doesn't think, however, the national guard should get involved. Where is this heading and why is it happening?

"What Have We Done" said Keith Davidson, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels who helped pay $130k to Daniel's for her story as part of a ...
Mark as Played

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