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Thought to Action, Presented by the London Center for Policy Research, a series of programs where we discuss current and critical issues as they relate to national security and economic development regarding the United States and the world hosted by London Center for Policy Research President Tony Shaffer and LCPR Senior Fellow Tim Wilson. We bring you conversations with and insights from leaders at the London Center, across the nation and around the world. About our Hosts: Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.): Lt. Col. Tim Wilson (Ret):


April 6, 2023 44 mins
The American Left continues its assault on the 2nd Amendment, despite its legal antics continually being ruled as unconstitutional. What's really behind the Gun Control Agenda? Is this about getting weapons off the streets or is it more about government control? Our panel from Project Sentinel delves into those questions on this edition of Thought to Action

LTC (Ret) Tony Shaffer
LTC (British Army, Ret) Tim Wilson
Navy Capt (Ret) Pete...
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Accusations concerning "Man-Made" #ClimateChange have been used by the World Economic Forum and many national governments to control policy,, language and political discourse, all while based on false science disguising more sinister Marxist policy plan beneath the surface.
Dr. Jerome Corsi goes in-depth with Project Sentinel President LTC Tony Shaffer to expose the layers underneath the superficial propaganda and how real environm...
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Our newest edition of Culture Wars: The Insurgency is up as our Insurgent Army examines:
Why we need to pay attention to the #Twitterfiles
#Government Intelligence agencies' control of information on the internet mirrors its operations with in traditional and broadcast media in the U.S.
How many Western nations' citizens have been #gaslit into submitting to and preaching the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and UN's Agenda 2030 po...
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On this edition of Thought to Action, Project Sentinel Cryptocurrency Expert/Sr. Fellow Tim Furey and Project Sentinel President LTC Tony Shaffer break down the continuing investigation into the FTX scandal, the political/financial ripple effects and what may be to come for the Crypto market as investors are mixed and politicians are poised to more heavily regulate the Virtual Currency market.
Thank you for watching; please feel fre...
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In the second part of our series on China President Xi Jinping and his Geo-political aspirations toward world dominance, Project Sentinel President LTC Tony Shaffer, China Expert (and author of The Coming Collapse of China) Gordon Chang and MG John Kem delve into economic strategies the U.S. can take to challenge the CCP's ambitious agenda.
Follow Gordon Chang on Twitter: @GordonGChang
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After years of the systematic suppression of information contrary to the government-approved line concerning COVID-19 and the safety of untested vaccines, more news comes out about the creation of the virus and potentially deadly side effects of the supposed protection from it.
Renowned Virologist Dr. Steve Hatfill talks at length with Project Sentinel President LTC (Ret) Tony Shaffer as they discuss:

  • The deadly side effects of ...
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#China's President Xi Jinping appears to be more emboldened to push his aggressive agenda aimed at military and economic dominance in the Pacific with an eye toward the entire globe. This comes on the heels of the CCP Chief's recent re-election to the aforementioned post.

Will Xi try to overtake Taiwan? What do we make of his plans to replace the U.S. Dollar as the currency of choice for international oil transactions? What has Pre...
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On November 15, 2022, former President Donald Trump made the announcement many expected: he will run once again for the office he held between January 2017 and January 2021.
This time around, President Trump faces new and different challenges to this endeavor. Aside from the continues assaults from the Democrats and media, the real estate mogul also needs to contend with a Republican establishment more prepared for battle, question...
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In a season of multiple October Surprises, perhaps the biggest one is that which we knew: The Intercept revealed leaked documents out of the Department of Homeland Security proving collusion between the US Government and Social Media to suppress important information concerning COVID, the Bidens and other information challenging the established narratives of the Washington Elite

Thank you for watching this re-broadcast of our recen...
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October 26, 2022 17 mins
As we draw more closely to Election Day, Project Sentinel looks into some campaign strategies out of both parties in the most hotly-contested races.

Project Sentinel and The London Center for Policy Research explores these questions and what we need to do moving forward to prepare for and prevent attacks on our own power grid and important components of the US infrastructure.

If you enjoy our Thought to Action videos, please commen...
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October 18, 2022 76 mins
On our latest Culture Wars: The Insurgency edition of Thought to Action, we take on what's affecting our everyday lives from our own neighborhoods, in Washington, throughout the cultural/entertainment spectrum and all the way to the what the sheltered World Economic Forum thinks it will have planned for us.

Our Merry Band of Insurgents:
Tony Shaffer - London Center for Policy Research President
Cherie Currie - Recording Artist (The Ru...
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While Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, NATO, western media and Youtube talking heads are pointing fingers over the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline, rarely have the mos important questions been asked:
How vulnerable is our infrastructure?
How do we protect our national infrastructure if this attack opens an era where the Rules of Engagement are changing (or ignored)?

Project Sentinel and The London Center for Policy Research explores th...
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While things have not gone quite as planned for Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, the Russian President has taken up to threatening the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the former Soviet Republic. If Putin actually makes good on his posturing, how should the U.S. respond and can the current administration be trusted to take the right course of action considering it could determine whether China might or might not feel free to move in on...
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Our Culture Wars: The Insurgency Continues as we discuss what's affecting our everyday lives from our own neighborhoods, in Washington and all the way to the what the sheltered World Economic Forum thinks it will have planned for us.

Our Culture Wars Braintrust for this edition:
Tony Shaffer - London Center for Policy Research President
Cherie Currie - Recording Artist
Jennie Matthias - Recording Artist
Susan Olsen- Actress, Former KABC...
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Why is it we see politicians continue to directly lie to their constituents, even with evidence to the contrary revealed prominently to the same people -- and why, despite such proof debunking those claims, do people continue to believe them? To quote an old phrase: "Because they can." This is because many in the nation have been gaslit to believe whatever the State tells them without desire to question the established narrative wi...
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September 2, 2022 24 mins
On this edition of Thought to Action, we announce the formation of Project Sentinel, which will be Chaired by Navy Capt (Ret) Pete O'Brien, President LTC (Ret) Tony Shaffer and Head of the Project Sentinel Second Amendment Project LTC (Ret) Tim Wilson, who reveal the new organization's mission, why it was formed and plans for the future.

Our new website will be up and running very soon. In the meantime, please visit the London Cente...
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The U.S. Military is in the midst of a recruitment crisis and reports have indicated major morale issues within, which have been attributed to the woke social engineering policies re-established by the Biden Administration. As tensions mount between the US and Russia (as well as with China), the talk or another world war has been taken seriously by many. If this happens and the current state of our military recruitment problems per...
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Recently, the FBI's raid of President Donald Trump's home has raised serious questions about government overreach and the selective use of the FBI and other 3-letter government organizations (CIA, IRS and DOJ) against political opponents, quite similar to the old Soviet-style suppression of dissident opinions. This is a blatant abuse of power wielded by the administration establishment and Congressional Democrats, not unnoticed by ...
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After years of "Defund the Police" chants, disrespect to rank-and-file police officers, officers not being backed by their cities' elected officials, mass quitting by personnel and constant media hit-pieces, law enforcement is in a difficult state overall. Making matters worse, Far-Left City and Blue-State Attorneys General, Legislators and Executives have severely weakened law enforcement on the proprietorial end. From the Newsom/...
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The United States of America had arguably the top Intelligence community in the world for decades. As we all know, the quality of such units' work comes down to how experienced and formidable the leadership performs and runs their respective departments. There was a time when top-notch and highly-skilled veterans of the field were promoted to run the FBI, CIA and related organizations through their own merits and solid backgrounds....
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