Transformations with Tara

Transformations with Tara


Living With Chronic Pain, with guest Amberly Lago

March 25, 201955 min

55 min
Jason D McKean will interview Candice Rebollo

March 15, 201955 min

55 min
Quantum Healing

March 8, 201956 min

56 min
Creation of Concepts

March 5, 201953 min

53 min
Shamanic Mind Medicine

February 22, 201952 min

52 min
Clearing Blocked Chakras

February 18, 201954 min

54 min
Future Publishing

February 8, 201955 min

55 min
Animal Souls

February 1, 201955 min

55 min
Thinking Magically

January 25, 201954 min

54 min
Jason D. McKean as he visits Seattle, he is also known as OmTarot Wizard

January 18, 201953 min

53 min

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Welcome to Transformations with Tara Sutphen. In these shows, we will explore what I like to call “sorcing” or ways that I can help you to transform your viewpoints and mental attitude. I will take you on a journey with me as I show you very practically how you can recognize the obstacles in your path, and what steps you can take to alleviate the blocks in your life, whether you are searching for success, health, spirituality, financial stability, relationships, or love. I believe we all can live a beautiful life through manifesting the power of our minds and creating and using the natural flow of energy.... Show More

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