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Winging It Travel Podcast

A travel podcast with weekly episodes detailing all the information about my travels alongside interviews with local people and guests. Every Monday, I (James Hammond), will be conversing with guests about all things travel. This anecdotal, informative podcast is for backpackers, travellers or anyone interested in travel! It is a casual podcast where there will be stories to tell, tips to share and experiences to inspire. I have met so many people on my travels in the last ten years that I have to get them on this podcast to get their stories and tips on record! There will be so much travel content coming your way that it will inspire you to book that trip you have always wanted! Thanks for listening. Website - Winging It Travel Podcast YouTube Channel YouTube - Winging It Travel Podcast Credits Host/Creator/Writer/Composer/Editor - James Hammond Producer - James Hammond Podcast Art Design - Swamp Soup Company - Harry Utton Roaming with Hammo YouTube Channel Support My Podcast - Memberships Patreon - Here Buy Me A Coffee - Here Support My Podcast - Affiliate Links If you click one of the below to book something, I get a tiny commission, which helps the podcast. Use Revolut - Here Book Your E-Sim With Airalo - Here Book Hostels With Hostelworld - Here - Here Book Experiences With Viator - Here Discovery Car Hire - Here Book Buses With Busbud - Here Book Trains With Trainline - Here Travel Insurance with SafetyWing - Here Book Flights With Expedia Canada - Here Book Hotels with - Here Book Hotels With Agoda - Here Book Hotels With Trivago - Here Book Accommodation With Vrbo - Here Booking Events With Ticketmaster - Here Merch Store - Here Buy my Digital Travel Planner - Here Thanks for supporting me and the podcast! Happy travels and listening! Cheers, James. Become a supporter of this podcast:


July 16, 2024 1 min
I have just passed my 250th episode, so here is an updated trailer from the original one over three years ago, and I am taking a well-earned week break.

Don't worry; there is more to come for the next 250!

Cheers, James

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Thanks to Laura Hammond for supporting this podcast. She does so by purchasing a monthly membership on my Patreon. You can support me, too, by checking out the details below!

Winging It Travel Podcast

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Hello, and welcome to episode 149 with Rikimah Glymph. This week, we are talking about Rikimah's amazing journey of travelling solo to over 120 countries, 72 of which have been with her son, who is only 12!

She has hosted wellness retreats and logistics conferences all over the world. When not traveling she’s dreaming of her next trip! Having a career in the travel industry made it a natural transition for Rikimah to purchase a Crui...
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Hello, and welcome to this latest solo episode. I thought I would check in about returning to Vancouver to live (for the time being) and the reasons behind it. I briefly discuss our other options in Canada, our thoughts on them from last year's road trip, and why we ultimately didn't move anywhere new. 

The second half of the episode includes my thoughts on areas within Vancouver worth exploring and possible options for living if yo...
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Hello, and welcome to episode 148 with Will Hatton, more commonly known as the Broke Backpacker. This was such a super fun episode to record. There were so many laughs, quality anecdotes, and serious tips for budding travellers or entrepreneurs. 

Will has set up around 30 different businesses in his time, with some successes and failures along the way. He lays out all the lessons learned from those experiences. He talks us through h...
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Hello and welcome to this latest solo episode, where I combine my week in Portland with some stories from my time at Euro 2016 in France in honour of the current Euro 2024 tournament in Germany.

The first half covers my first-ever event at TravelCon with an excellent summary of my fabulous time meeting great people, listening to inspiring creators, attending fantastic events and seeing some fellow podcasters. The bulk of the first h...
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Hello, and welcome to number 147 with a returning guest, Katrina Mcghee. Since we last spoke in 2022, Katrina has released a book and she is here today to talk about it!

Are you contemplating a career break but unsure where to start? Join us in this insightful episode, "Career Break Success: How to Plan, Execute, and Thrive," where we delve into the essential strategies for taking a successful career break. Discover the benefits of ...
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This Monday, Meggan and Jenn interviewed me on the Travel Mug Podcast, and it was super fun! Check out the show notes below for more information. Happy wanderlust!

My accompanying blog -

Travel Mug Show Notes

This week we chat with James from Winging It Travel about his epic cross Canada road trip from Tofino to Cape Breton, living ...
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Hello, and welcome to number 146. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Orest Zub in Vancouver. Orest is based in Lviv, Ukraine, and has travelled to 130 UN countries to date. We sat down for just over an hour discussing his homeland of Ukraine, how the war has changed everything for everyone, how it has changed him, the tourism industry in Ukraine, people's day-to-day lives and his role in the war.

Since the war, he has cha...
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I was recently a guest on Doreen's podcast Nomadic Diaries and had a great time; check it out!

Join us for an inspiring conversation with globetrotter James Hammond, as Doreen delves into his transformation from a classic backpacker to an advocate for slow travel and cultural immersion covering work visas and digital visas. 

 James is a podcast producer, writer and travel expert.  Doreen, the host,  admits that she was extraordinaril...
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Hello, and welcome to number 145. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Gurian, a journalist, adventure traveller, podcaster, and reporter. Scott joined me to discuss his adventures on the Mongol Rally, visiting Chornobyl, witnessing an Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru, and more. I begin the episode by asking how Scott got interested in travel and where his early journey took him. One of the stories was about Mexico but not ...
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May 7, 2024 13 mins
Hello, and welcome to my next solo episode. This one is a little story about how Australia changed my life in 2010; going on to my year-long work permit in 2013/14 and my two visits since then. Australia was the gateway to me experiencing a completely new country outside of Europe and also presented an opportunity to earn some decent money to travel more of the world. I talk about this and more in this episode, and I always long to...
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Hello, and welcome to number 144. This week, I am joined by Judith Keys from the My Best Friend In France Podcast, which focuses on English-speaking people migrating to France and offers a community and advice for this type of move. Judith is originally from Northern Ireland and moved to France ten years ago. She lives in Providence, in the south of France, and yes, I had to ask her, is it the quintessential French life that we all...
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Welcome to this week's solo episode. I am accumulating the best travel stories from my previous guest, Rachel Fox. Rachel has appeared on the episode five times, and I put together the funniest travel stories for you. We hear her speaking to a horse, how she took 36 hours to cross the border from Honduras, shouting Socorro at the worst possible time in Brazil, the devasting case of money she missed out on when sailing from Panama t...
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Hello, and welcome to number 143. This week, I am joined by Regan and Allie from the Wanderlusting Wives Podcast as we talk travel. They both share their favourite trip together in Iceland and how breathtaking they found the country. We dive into their favourite personal trips to Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and the USA. We cover how great a road trip is in certain countries like Ireland, Iceland and the USA and the freedom this brings...
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Welcome to a bonus episode this week where I am asked some questions by the unofficial producer of this podcast designed for you to get to know your host better. This episode adapts the quickfire travel questions I ask on every guest episode. There will be questions such as, 'My top three favourite cuisines on my travels?', 'Am I a sunrise or sunset person?; 'What are my top three favourite countries I have travelled to?' and so on...
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April 8, 2024 3 mins
Hello, and welcome to my latest solo episode; this week is a simple favour. Below is a Google Form, which takes 5 minutes to complete, and I would love you guys to fill it out, please. I am looking for ideas and information on the type of listeners I have for the Winging It Travel Podcast. This is designed to improve the podcast and provide content that my audience wants. The form has ten questions, and they are all multiple-choice...
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Hello, and welcome to number 142. This week, I am joined by Joel David Bond, who has just returned from living in Kurdistan, Iraq, for the last seven years. The FBI/CIA evacuated Joel in October 2023, and we talk about that story but also Joel's love for the country, his life there, what he learned from being in that culture, and the shocking ending to his stint. In COVID, Joel was stranded on a Greek Island that housed hundreds of...
Hey guys, I have an episode swap this Monday with Wanderlusting Wives, Allie, and Regan, who interviewed me on their podcast. This is the episode in question, and you can hear me talk about some of my trips. Please follow those guys below, as they host a great podcast! 

Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel to another country and go camping? Well, James shares about his experiences camping in the Middle East. He also gives...
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Hello, and welcome to number 141. this week, I am joined by super traveller and author Karen Gershowitz. Karen has travelled to around 100 countries spanning seven decades, starting with living in London during the Swinging Sixties. So, of course, I asked her about London in the late 60s and early 70s, and then I asked about her adventures in Japan, Venezuela, the Galapagos Islands, Tibet, and Myanmar. Karen has released two books,...
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Hello, and welcome to my latest solo episode; this week, we delve into some interesting travel news about visitor fees, Portugal, Jamaica and China. By voting on my Instagram, I share my horrific accommodation story when we got stranded in Vanuatu a few years back. Then I finish off the episode with my top ten favourite dishes from year-long trip in 2023. Be inspired!


01:03 - Travel News
02:00 - Emerging European Destinatio...
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