Content Creation Made Easy

Content Creation Made Easy

Step off the content marketing dreadmill with realistic, simple, & SUSTAINABLE strategies to put into place…no matter what kind of content you create! Video? Blogs? Socials? Emails? Wherever you show up for your audience, there’s an EASIER way to do it that feels GOOD for who YOU are… This podcast is all about helping you feel more like YOU in your content - without one-size-fits all rules that never worked for you anyway. If you’re ready for content creation & marketing to BE EASIER - and, dare we say it, actually FUN - then you’re ready for CCME!


November 17, 2022 27 min

Whew! Ok. Your audience has come to know, like, & trust you.

Now what? Ohhhh. Have we got a treat for YOU today!

What normally happens is we often jump to “BUY OUR STUFF” – because, let’s be honest: conversions are why we’re in business.

But there’s actually some other great stuff that helps the audience move there with more ease –

to feel good for both you AND them!

Try. Buy. Repeat & Refer.

We need to continue creating content ...

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When you create content, a LOT’s going on.

Cohesive messaging that’s relevant & on brand for you.

Copy that grabs your audience by the collar & makes ‘em take note.

Planning & repurposing.

Writing & recording.

Tactics, strategies, scheduling,


This is why having someone on your team to support you is VITAL.

Today I’m speaking with Tyreen Taylor of Wise Walk Virtual Solutions.

We break dow...

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The planning part of content creation is a place a LOT of people get stuck.

But if you think strategically, and use some time-saving tactics, it gets a TON easier!

Let’s continue to the last 2 parts of the simple 5-step system I use myself and teach to all my clients!

So, today I unpack the actual PLANNING, scheduling, & creation problems & how to approach this for yourself…


We’re talking about how to make th...

Mark as Played

When putting nurture content out there, do you sometimes:

Do it just to get it crossed off the list?

Feel unsure whether you have a strategy – and if so, is it working?

Get energetically & mentally depleted by this work?

ALL THAT is normal. AND it’s not helping you!

So, today I unpack the first 3 steps in creating more strategic content.

Meaning: create nurturing content THAT DOES THE HEAVY LIFTING FOR YOU!

So- no more spaghetti, ling...

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Why, on a podcast about content marketing, would we be talking NETWORKING?

‘Cuz ev.ree.thing converges!

Think about how your message & brand personality shows up online. That’s easy to imagine, right?

But anytime you go ANYWHERE and you meet people…formally or informally -

You are networking. Connecting. Building relationships - and if you're not clear in your content & messing..

EYES will glaze.

Opportunities will be missed.


Mark as Played

You know your people are struggling with a problem, but they won’t engage with you in any of the content you create about it.

They don’t comment. They don’t share. They don’t DM.

On this episode of Content Creation Made Easy, we're unpacking WHY this happens & what to do about it.

You'll learn the top 3 reasons this continues to be a struggle and how to get out of the endless "I'm creating but all I get are tumblew...

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You want to do a podcast, but you think...

"There are SO MANY podcasts already out there! Who wants to hear what I have to say?"


"It seems pretty time consuming. How do I do it anyway?"

"Should I BOTHER?"

So, I’ve invited Rosemarie Callender, podcast launch & systems strategist, to chat with me today to unpack alllllll the questions:

Especially - drum roll please – the biggie:

"Why does the world need...

Mark as Played

Are you exhausted trying to keep up a MORE! MORE! MORE! content pace?

A lot of what we're told about marketing is unrealistic & unsustainable!

If you're suffocating under the pressure to keep up, then you can’t nurture your audience.

And frankly, your audience can’t absorb everything you have to teach at one time.

Soooo, if you’re a self-described “overthinker” with a LOT to share with your audience…

But you're losing ba...

Mark as Played

Ever feel like you create something absolutely PERFECT to publish…

Then “Whoosh!” It’s gone?

Your Instagram story disappears after 24 hours…

Your TikToks get lost inside the internet…

Your emails never see the light of day once they're opened?

Imagine if your content could stick around longer, be found by people easily, and attract people, no matter what’s happening with the algorithm gods?

Ahhhh, sounds good! That’s why today on Con...

Mark as Played
September 8, 2022 13 min

This content stuff is freakin’ hard for a LOT of peeps out there -

“I can’t do what you do!”

“I’m not organized.”

“I’m a terrible writer/hate my voice/dislike video.”

It’s easy to feel this way because there’s a LOT of information floating around out there…

Sometimes it’s conflicting, or you don’t know who or what the hell to trust…

We start to fall into this belief of, “I can’t do this.”

Or, “I’m no content creator. I can’t keep up. I do...

Mark as Played
September 1, 2022 11 min

It's inevitable: you WILL feel overdone with creating your content -

no matter how many people you have on your team or how easy it is for you to create!

This summer, my team realized we needed OXYGEN! So we intentionally decided to take halt creating new content: No social media, podcasting, blogging, or email.

Today I'm pulling back the curtain on WHY this churn & burn happens to us, what to do about it - realistically -...

Mark as Played

You probably USE Pinterest for your real life – recipes, designs, outfits…

It’s ideas, ideas, ideas all day long over there.

But are you using it to wring the HELL out of your content capital + get a long-term results for your efforts?

Enter stage left, Presh Rodgers of The Pinning Oasis!

She shares ALL the gems in this conversation on Content Creation Made Easy!

Listen to learn:

*3 things to know to make Pinterest more effective


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Since there’s no one right way to “do marketing” and no one right formula for creating good content that your particular audience craves,

Creating good content for your marketing can feel slippery because nothing stays still & it’s all constantly evolving.

However, one thing that doesn’t change in the marketing world is that people buy from people they know, like & trust…

Which makes your goal with content marketing to connect...

Mark as Played

Whatever kind of content you're creating….

Whatever networking, pitching, marketing, speaking you're doing....

None of it will work if you have a murky, fuzzed up brand messaging…

Anything that’s unclear, takes too long to say or has people walking away from you going, “WHAT does she do?!”

THAT is a foundational problem holding back your success!

THIS is why you’re gonna be so excited after today’s podcast, when Jen speaks with ...

Mark as Played

When Jen looked at her business hard in 2020, she saw a white woman talking primarily to white people.

Creating an anti-racist, inclusive, diverse community was a priority for Jen – but if you looked at her business, you’d NEVER have known that.

In 2021, Jen joined a 6-month coaching program on anti-racist leadership to examine her biases learn how to create more inclusive, diverse community.

What she learned was:

• inclusivity is a HU...

Mark as Played

Do you ever feel frustrated or unclear about WHO you’re talking to in your content?

Is this group too narrow? That group too broad?

This audience too specific? That one too general?

Sometimes you wonder, “Does the audience I’m dreaming of even EXIST and do they care about what I have to say?!”

The struggle is SO REAL when you’re trying to find that Exact Right Audience member - and it trips people up!

That’s exactly why Jen invited Cont...

Mark as Played

You’ve got a marketing strategy, right?

Maybe you’re going to do a FB ad campaign, write 2 blogs/week, and try & get 10 new clients into your program by next quarter.

Sounds like a strategy, yes?


Part of why marketing remains difficult is that people confuse marketing strategy with marketing tactics with marketing plans.

They are NOT the same, and when we don’t understand the nuances, it hurts our efforts- no matter how much WOR...

Mark as Played

Ugggg don't make me do those ideal client exercises everrrrr again!

You already know your ICA, have a fictional character representing your people, and DO NOT EVER WANT TO LOOK BACK at that freakin’ thing again.

Welp. We’ve got some unsexy news for you:

There are MYTHS around the whole Ideal Client Avatar, Niche, Target Market – whatever you want to call it –

And we need to talk about it.

In fact – NOT talking about is keeping you i...

Mark as Played

Let’s talk about how to speak to your audience so they will LISTEN..,

We start by understanding what they want & need at deep-dive, scuba gear level - and then convey it with clarity.

Our job is to share examples, stories, & words that speak directly to what your audience NEEDS & WANTS to hear…

Sure, sure, Ok ok. But how do we do that?

In this episode of Content Creation Made Easy, you'll learn:

  • what to do to know your a...
  • Mark as Played


    When we start our businesses – and even when we’re seasoned veterans – this is a questions everyone has asked themselves at some point in their marketing efforts!

    In a candid conversation on Content Creation Made Easy, life coach Allie Hill & I explore what to do when you’re wondering,

    “Am I talking to the right people? Are THESE my people? Who’s listening? Where are the RIGHT people??”

    Allie allo...

    Mark as Played

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