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April 20, 2022 141 mins
Well today is the annual holiday for pot smokers. Who is the ambassador of 420? What the Florida. Mike Tyson (who was certainly stoned) was on Joe Rogans podcast and has an interesting take on things. We play band name or weed strain. What Would Greek Do.
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Krispe Kreme has a special offer. Greek is getting his Week with the Greek script written. The ratings for the Masters are in and no surprise, they got a big bump with Tiger. Pamela Anderson's broadway show is a hit. Fun Facts. People want The Rock to run for President. What Would Greek Do.
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April 1, 2022 153 mins
A mayor, a priest and a spud gun - and that's how it starts, with a joke. And a day of bad dad jokes abound, as we discussed the origins of April Fools Day. No one knows! Then we teased and talked about the newest way people are getting off psychedelically, Binaural Beats. WEIRD. The text line was filled with bad humor and insults, fantastic and the calls were somewhat sporadic but still, here with Dano and Nutter, we are about qua...
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March 31, 2022 145 mins
So today, I had an omission, about an ugly ending to a relatively uneventful evening. The night included a heinous outcome. The Ham Incident. I ingested some bad black forest ham and still, I can taste the metallic afterburn and slime on my tongue. As a result, Im not the only one whos eaten some bad meat. Then we read a mess of text messages and even heard some over the top discharges. A few emails liberally sprinkled throughout ...
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March 30, 2022 152 mins
Ooof, the participation trophy goes to no one. Until the quickies that is. We discussed Nutters parenting skills or lack thereof and we also had some leftover quips about the Slap Heard round the World. Bruce Willis is forced to step away from acting due to a brain condition called aphasia and its not easy to remember your lines, when you cant remember your name. Sucks! Onto some serious text line action and Discharges. They were ...
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March 29, 2022 155 mins
Now were into a groove. Oh well, speaking of which, I was talking with the wife and at the end of this conversation, I acknowledged my wife with a "groovy!" To which I elicited an odd look and that gave borth to terms and or phrases , slang thats long disappeared. Well, we brought back so go to's, some favs of the day, Raw, tight, swell, tough, busted, tubular, neato, peachy keen and wicked to name a few. Theres more. But we then w...
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March 28, 2022 158 mins
Now thats the way to come back from a vacation. A good smack down to talk about. Obviously, the antics of last nights Oscar coverage and the Slap Heard round the World was a big talking point. And we also discussed the tragic fall of a teenager from an Orlando Florida amusement park ride. The text messages were in full swing as were our callers. Rare form describes the madness that followed, "Youre on Real Radio." Even a few timely...
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March 18, 2022 148 mins
I sure hope youve enjoyed this last batch of Dano and Nutter. We sure did have a blast. And some deserved time off has arrived. As such, we fielded calls on the NCAA championship winning trans swimmer. Locally we railed on the bridgetender that killed that woman between WPB and Palm Beach and then lied. Youre pants are on fire, story at 11. We fielded a mess of text messages and tried to give you a good dose of discharge. Sadly, th...
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March 16, 2022 149 mins
Well well, you expect one thing and the day has an entirely different plan for you. For Nutter it was too much faith and build up in the quickies. Kids booing sfx here. Time out kid- get in the corner and stay there until you have something funny to say. Yet, sans the Quickies today, we had quite the eventful afternoon with some Florida stories, a poll that we teased but we will reveal that tomorrow after running low on time, and t...
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March 15, 2022 149 mins
Not exactly a kick the chair kind of day but a far reach to the fire we've become accustomed to, nonetheless, we held this fort by its nuts and brought the Real in Real Radio. Walmart announces its mac n cheese annnd pizza flavored ice cream flavors are back. The pizza one is baffling, think cream cheese and mootz with a swirl of tomato jam, gag! Then we learned Mike Tyson's is going to release an edible candy shaped like an ear wi...
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March Madness is about to kick off. Franny gives you some tips on how to pick teams for your bracket. Pete Davidson is headed to space. Partners share the things they dislike the most about their spouse. Aaron Rodgers details coming out about his contract. Fuel thieves. Rod Stewart joins a road crew to fill potholes. Energy drinks.
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March 14, 2022 156 mins
Kicking off another work week with fantastic participation and some new terms. We talked about Billy Idol and his fight for life with MRSA and Bob Sagats family granted a sealing of autopsy photos and videos. Good! Plus the ongoing online fued between KimK- Jeezy and Skeet and all their text messages released, Oh hh the humanity. Then we read a mess of text messages, and played some discharges. That got us through the hour forward ...
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March 11, 2022 154 mins
Wowzers, what. Friday. We meant to take a knee today and ended up actually working, go figure. We started off with some ragging on the crew as far as text messages and then the most requested promo evar, Nutters Ren Fest tickets promo was in high demand. Well, we supplied. Not to mention the 4 more 6 pack of tickets to go with the voice over gold Nutter gave us. The calls were a plenty with talk on Ukraine and Russias entanglements...
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March 9, 2022 162 mins
Oh my, it was a day of discharges and Happy Birthday wishes. Thank you all for the warm and humbling messages called in and text in not to mention discharged for the Dano big day. Cannolis and Mountain Dew for everyone. Thank you and enjoy this incredible edition of the quickies, even Greek and Dr. Rich called in for Danos big day. Like I said, humbling! Enjoy...
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March 8, 2022 159 mins
Celebrating International Women's Day and we simply asked, what do you hate about men ladies. What if anything would or could you change. Then we read text messages and played some discharges as well answered the call from beautiful women listening to us daily. Good day- enjoy #breakthebias
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March 7, 2022 156 mins
Lets kick off the week with good news all around. Nutter got his new wide body dream car. The Yonny Cruiser! Dano got a great surprise, an early BDay present from the most awesome of wives, an hour at Machine Gun USA, usa usa usa... The lil ass kicker is what Nutter and I both got to ride this past weekend and while the short days away were just that short, I started ruminating on the show. Why dont we have more callers singing You...
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March 4, 2022 147 mins
How the heck do you fall out of a car?! Well, we searched for that answer. The person who fell out of the moving vehicle on I-95 cant tell us what happened. We were hot on this today. Then the discharges started, it was messy. But we hear you and you're loving the new feature from iheart radio , message away. The calls and texts however continue to dominate, and the suggestions for old timey Dad words keep filtering into the studio...
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March 3, 2022 160 mins
Kicking the can down the Thursday road and with that, your participation today makes coming into work worth it. The texts were spot on and the Discharges are flying in. Keep the comments coming. The first wave of messages focused on our discussion about the Ukrainian people capturing Russian forces, then calling their moms to come pick them up. Hah- Loser troublemakers. Then we got into old timey words Dad used to use and we got so...
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March 2, 2022 162 mins
Wow, what a day. Woke up at dawn, prepared and Nutter and I had the distinct pleasure of talking to a champion, Charlotte Flair the current WWE Smackdown women's champion. On the website, enjoy that. Then we came into work with a spring our step and provided some leftover news, and update on ML Baseballs cancellation of the first week of the regular season. According to Nutter, its not gonna happen this year. Yikes, say it aint so ...
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March 1, 2022 156 mins
Now the week is underway and what a way to kick off the show, its Fat Tuesday. We talked fun stories about visiting Nawlins and Mardi Gras - show us your... Onto some texts, calls and a launch of a NOAA satellite and launch from KSC, more this week as well. Then someone pissed off Dano and misses the old days. Well, if youre old and dont accept change, why are you HERE! But for those that enjoy the escape from our grim realities, N...
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