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April 22, 2024 3 mins
Jason keeps parking at a business next door and is getting notes asking him to stop, so Danielle calls as the business leaving those notes!
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Don't answer the phone. Elvis durandElvis Duran phone tap. All right,
Danielle, what's the deal here?Who you going to irritate? Well?
Jason says that people keep parking inthe parking spot he pays for by his
building, so he keeps parking inother people's parking spots in a business next
door, and he's been getting noteson his car that says, you can't
park here, you don't work here, get your car out of the spot.

So his wife wanted me to playa phone tap on him and kind
of play the people that have beenleaving the notes. Okay, let's see
what happens to our phone tap Victim. What's his name again? Jason?
Here we go, go for him. Danielle, Hello, Hi me and
speaky Jason. Please, Yeah,Jason, I've been sending over one of
my employees put notes on your carto tell you that you're not allowed to

park in our parking spaces, andobviously it's not working. So I needed
to call you myself. How didyou get myself phone number? I complained
to your landlord and they give meyour cell phone number. Am I the
only one you seem to be contacting? I know we're contacting everybody who's been
parking their stupid car in the wrongplace, even the ones that don't live
there. Worry about your own car. I am worried about my own car.

I mean, you know you youbetter be careful. Somebody could throw
a brick through that car window.Are you threatening me? Let's just say
I'm giving you a warning. Iwould just like to see you throw a
brick through my window. I didn'tsay it would be me. Well,
don't threaten me like that. Man, I'm not threatening, but I know
people I don't hear who you know? Don't You threatened to put a brick
through my window? And there's noway to do business by the way money

talks. So if you don't wantto find four flats, we can discuss
how to make that not happen.Do you have a supervisor there that that
is informing you to call me?Yes? Hold on, let me get
the supervisor. Okay, because Idon't appreciate your threats. Hi, this
is the supervisor, this is thewoman. You're exactly right, I'm the

supervisor. Do not go and threatenthat you're going to put a brick through
my window. I'm not threatening you. I'm just concerned for your welfare.
That's terrific. What's terrific? Yourattitude, the way you talk to people.
I hope you handle all your customerslike this as well. Now,
I'm very straightforward and it seems towork, and my customers love me.
You'll be hearing. You'll be hearingfrom my lawyer. Man. Oh no,

young, up on us? Nowyou want to call him and pretend
like I'm harassing you too? Allright? For this department Jason speaking of
Cano, Hi, Hi, how'syour day, crappy? Why what's up?
Yeah? What's going on? It'sthe from miss Ourn Building? Oh
yeah, yep, what they say? They we're not allowed to park there

anymore? How do they get ournumbers from? Whats? Really? Yeah?
What hell'd you say? Uh?She threatened to throw a brick through
my windshield? Are you kidding me? She really said that? Yes,
yes, I swear to God shesaid that. And she said, I
didn't say it was going to beme, but I know people and money
talks. I am not going tobe friend. And who the is he

to give my phone number to?That bitch? I want his number and
I want it right now. Icut it right now, Honey, I'm
not taking this. I will.I'm gonna park in a lot today and
I'm gonna sit out there and I'mgonna watch all night long. Yeah,
I'm gonna think of all the spots, all right, Jason. And that's
a brick for each parking space.Excuse me, Yeah, don't harass me

at work. Do you want toharass me? Come to my house and
harass me. Don't call me atwork. That's a brick for each parking
space. Do not do not threatenme. No, I'm not threatening you
because I'm Danielle and uh, you'vejust been phone tapped. That's so,
I'm sorry. Baby, you gotme so heated. Do you feel better
now? Do I feel better now? You got me throwing avocados all over

the place the Elvis Duran's phone tap. This phone tab was pre recorded QUI
permission granted by all Party Space.The Elvis Doran phone tap only on Elvis
Duran in the Morning Show
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