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July 9, 2024 81 mins
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown – Monday, July 8, 2024

4:20 pm: Kirsten Fleming, Features Columnist at the New York Post, joins Rod to discuss her recent piece about how many Democrats are now hopping on the Kamala Harris bandwagon, and why she says Harris is a terrible candidate.

4:38 pm: Ashley McCully, a contributor to PJ Media, joins the show for a conversation about her recent piece about how voters seemingly ignore the qualifications of vice-presidential candidates during election seasons.

6:05 pm: Robert McGreevy, a reporter with the Daily Caller joins the program for a conversation about how Donald Trump is distancing himself from the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025.

6:20 pm: Jared Whitley, a principal for Whitley Political Media joins the show for a conversation about his piece in the Ogden Standard Examiner about how Big Pharma is encouraging Mexican nationals to cross the border and sell their blood plasma.

6:38 pm: Chris Barnard, President of the American Conservation Coalition, joins Rod to discuss his piece for the Washington Examiner about how natural gas is a winner for the climate, economy and security in America.
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What an eventful weekend it was.How are you Everyboddy, Hello, Utah,
Welcome to the Rod Arcut Show righthere on Utah's Talk Radio one oh
five nine k NRS. Man,have we got a lot to talk about
today. What a weekend it was. We hope you had a great,
great weekend. Want to thank firstof all the great guys at the Caysville
and Leighton and Syracuse fire departments whocame by the house when the I'll give

you a background on the story herein just a second. Also want to
thank the wonderful guys of any ourservices. We're working now to get our
air conditioning back. And then we'vebeen trying to track all weekend what is
going on with Joe Biden. AndI have a question for all of you.
I want you to think about thisand we'll open up the phones to
you in the five o'clock hour.On this question, though, how many
of you are cheering for Joe Bidento stay in the race, not to

get out of the race, butto stay in the race. How many
of you are cheering that Joe Bidenremains as adamant in future days as he
was today about the fact that heain't quitting. He's not getting out of
the race. But does that worryyou if someone else gets in the race
against Joe Biden and against Donald Trump, we'll talk about that. We've got

a lot of other things to getto today. We've got a busy,
busy show, and as always,we invite you to be a part of
the program. Eight eight eight fiveseven eight zero one zero eight eight eight
five seven eight zero one zero,or on your cell phone justile pound two
fifteen and say hey Rod. Bythe way, we had a little electrical
fire at the home. My wifeand I were out for a few hours

on Wednesday, day I took off. We walked into the house when some
smells electrical or something's burning. Wechecked everything, couldn't find anything. We
decided to call the fire department therein Cagesville. They came. They were
in there in a flash, bythe way, great job. Guys walked
through and they found out that ouruh, the our furnace motor had burned

out. And we immediately called anyhour had them come out. They said,
yup, we've got to get youa new one, but you're going
to be without air conditioning for afew days, which we have been.
We've survived so far, but thenext couple of days, I think he'll
be fixed. Tomorrow good because that'swhen the triple digit weather arrives. So
that's what made a rather interesting weekend. And then of course we did the

parades, we did the firework shows, and we did all of that.
So we really did have a niceweekend, other than at times the house
being hotter than hades, as theylike to say. All right, story,
right now, everybody is talking aboutthis, the mounting pressure on Joe
Biden to get out of the race. And where are we now, I

mean, where do we stand inall of this? Let me recap a
few things for you right now,and then we'll get you caught up to
speed. Biden, in an allout blitz today, basically went on MSNBC,
we'll let you hear what he hadto say here in a moment,
saying he's not getting out of therace. Even attacked elites in the Democratic
Party, which I think is kindof a laugher, because I think Joe

Biden thinks he's one of the elitesin the Democratic Party for calling for him
to get out of the race.I mean, even Rob Reiner and Michael
Moore to Hollywood. Supporters of Bidenare now calling on the president to get
out of the race. So we'lllet you hear what he had to say.
But where do we stand today?What are some of the things we

know? I think we all agreethat there is something seriously wrong with Joe
Biden. We have commented over thepast several months, year and a half
that the fact this an obvious fact, even since the election of twenty two
twenty we saw with our own eyes. I think there was a reason that

the twenty twenty campaign kept him lockedin the basement. They didn't want him
out in the public. Now thecountry found out about all of this finally
during that debate with Donald Trump justa few weeks ago on June twenty seventh.
Since, Biden continues to serve upa series of incredible excuses for his

moments of senility, but they comportwith the other such moments documented every day
by either RNC Research or the WashingtonFree Beacon. The Washington Free Beacon,
by the way, has a JoeBiden Senior moment of the day or the
week. This has all created,I think a political crisis for the Democratic

Party, but it also a nationalcrisis for the United States of America.
The Democratic establishment trying to figure outa way to get rid of Joe Biden.
They think they're going to have todo that. And Vice President Kamala
Harris is a potential presidential nominee.We'll talk more about her here in a
few minutes as well. Joe Bidenis vehemently defending himself today. As a

matter of fact, he went onMorning Joe this morning on MSNBC and said
he's not getting out of the race. Here's kind of a lengthy montage as
to what he said this morning.How can how can you assure the American
people that you won't have another nightlike the one you did in Atlanta?
Look at my career and not hadmany of those nights. It was a

terrible night, and I really regretit happened. But the fact of the
matter is, how can you assureyou're going to be on you know,
fate back and interviewing on your wayto go to you know, work tomorrow.
Have you been tested for any agerelated illnesses, pre Parkinson's or anything
like that that might explain sort ofhaving a night like that where you couldn't

finish sentences. Look, I hadbefore. I was feeling so badly before
the debate. When I came back. Had they tested me before? I
thought maybe I had COVID, Maybethere was something wrong, I had an
affection or something. They tested me, they gave me those texts. I

was clear. So but look,I had a bad night. But the
fact of the matter is, lookat what I'm doing. I mean,
let me put this way. Ifthere was something that was wrong that night,
it's not like it comes and that'sone night and goes away. That's
why I've been out. I've beentesting myself, been testing everywhere I go,

going out and making the case.The night of that debate, I
went out. I was out tiltwo o'clock in the morning that very night,
that very night. It drives menuts. People talking about this.
The American public is not going tomove away from me as an average voter.
And again, I'm here for tworeasons. How one, to rebuild

the economy for hard work and middleclass people. Give everybody a shot.
It's a straight shot. Everybody getsa fair chance. Number one, number
two, number always talk about howI don't have the black support. Come
on, give me a break,Come with me. Why why I'm getting
so frustrated but by the elite.Now I'm not talking about you guys,
but about the elite in the partywho they know so much more. But

then of these dies, I don'tthink I should run against me announce the
president challenge man at the convention JoeBiden. Does he sound like an angry
man to you? I think hedoes. You may have heard in the
background some shuffling of papers. Nowwas he reading off notes? Was he
doing that interview with a script?The White House is denying that today,

but there's a lot of paper shufflinggoing on during that interview, and you
have to really wonder what is goingon now? The question is, I
mean, where are we now today? There are reports out there. Axios
has a story where they have abook for Jidon for Biden so he can
understand how to go on to awalk, onto a stage, into a

podium, and how to leave thestage. There are a number of people
saying that he is not effective inthe e that they do try and shut
things down every evening so he canget his rast. You've got Hollywood who's
now out there calling for his removal. But there are some Chuck Schumer came
out today said he supports Joe Biden. The Congressional Black Caucus came out today

say they support Joe Biden. Soat this point, Joe Biden is sticking
to his guns. His wife wason the road today, she was in
Louisiana, and she is backing JoeBiden. So two people are going to
have to convince Joe Biden to getout of the race. One is going
to have to be his wife,and we'll talk about her coming up here
in a little bit. The otheris his son, Hunter Biden. Apparently

Hunter has been designated as the individualto protect Dad and that's exactly what he's
doing. So until they can beconvinced that Joe biden should get out of
the race, Joe Biden's going tostay in the race. And my question
for you all of you out there, who I know many of you are
Donald Trump supporters, including myself,you know, are you hoping and cheering

that Joe Biden stays in the race, or because you're nervous about what the
Democrats may come up with to challengeDonald Trump. We'll get into that as
well in the in the show thisafternoon. So We've got a lot to
get to today. We'll talk aboutKamala Harris, We'll talk about the vice
presidency. Why is Donald Trump distancinghimself from the Project twenty twenty five program

that has been put together by aboutone hundred and ten conservative groups in the
country. We'll talk about that aswell. So we've got a lot to
get to today. As always,great to have you on the show.
Eight eight eight five seven eight zeroone zero triple eight five seven eight zero
one zero or on your cell phonedial pound two to fifty and say hey,
Rod, you know, as mynext guest point out, it's kind
of interesting that for the last threeand three, three and a half years

that Democrats have been I say,lukewarm on Kamala Harris, but all of
a sudden they're hot, hot,hot for the vice president if in fact
Joe Biden steps out of the race, well joining us on our Newsmaker line
or any our Newsmaker line. Theauthor of that column is Kirsten Fleming,
a features columnist at the New YorkPost. Kirsten, how are you welcome

to the Rod arciad Show. Good? How you doing? Isn't it funny?
They're kind of lukewarm, and nowall of a sudden, she's hot,
hot, hot, right, Kirsten, He is hot, hot,
hot, and her you know this, this heat didn't just fall out of
a coconut tree. So it isuh yeah, there's been feet from the

from the Dems, and then alsoonline there's been sort of a peculiar assemble
of people who have dubbed themselves thek Hive people really all of a sudden
saying she's our next great hope?What changed? I mean, what happened
here, Kirsten. Panic, it'sa good way to put it. Panic.

I think. I look at RobertHer and I think, oh my
gosh. And I wrote a columnback in February where after the Robert Her
report came out, and it wasincredible to me how everyone just buried their
head in the sand and said,no, nope, this is this is
a partisan guy, like this isridiculous. And then all of a sudden,
you know, they all knew.I mean, so it's panic.

So it's like, what are wegoing to do? Because they did not
plan. You know, she wasn'treally this person that they were going to
push out, you know, likeand push forward, I should say,
so it's it's here panic and andyou know there's reasons why. You know,
she can. Reportedly she's the onlyone who can sort of cleanly inherit
the war test, and you know, I don't know, maybe they think

they can make such happen. It'sit's a really interesting pickle they find themselves
in. But you know, there'sbeen tons of columns written about her and
and her appeal, and maybe theWhite House or a piece in Atlantic maybe
the White House really didn't showcase whatshe was capable of. And you know
that was their problem. It wasreally the Biden out, you know,

administration holding her back. It's youknow, it's it's a constant. You
know, there's there's relaunches all thetime. So this is it's been an
interesting few hours, yeah, fewdays. Sorry. How terrible of a
candidate is Kamala Harris. She wasin charge of the border, which is

going to be a huge sticking point. I think she wasn't really you know,
when she won her Senate seat,it was against another Democrat. You
know, she's really not the mosttested person, but she's also uniquely poor
at speaking. And you know,she's the queen of the word salads of
course, and she loves to youknow, she loves to with her you

know, being you know, unburdenedby what has been She likes to recycle
those phrases. She has sort oflike this like wine mom charisma, you
know, like you kind of wantto you know, maybe you want to
like sidle up to her at thebar and have a laugh, but you
don't really want her with her hands. That's the switch. So she's just
she's just the queen of word salads. So I don't know how that gets

behind. So so that's window dressing, right, But it's also I think
she's going to be tested on alot of things. You know, her
quote unquote work at the border,and you know when she when everything comes
out with the lots, if Bidendoes drop out, she was there.
You know, she even said ninetyminutes is not what i've you know,

what should dictate him going forward.You know he's I've seen him for the
last three and a half years.Well, if he isn't decompromised, why
didn't you say anything? You know. So, yeah, there's a lot,
there's a lot of things that aregoing to rear its head if she
does become the nominee. Well,it's the cackling. I think that just
really turns a lot of people off. Isn't that every time that cackle comes

up, we're all going, oh, no, please stop. I know,
I know, she just there's justsomething about her that's grating. As
I say, I don't think sheis like, there's sort of like a
funny but someone someone had said thison Twitter last week, but she kind
of has like a funny charisma oflike a Kathy Lee and hoda morning show
host. Interesting interesting combarison. Yeah, but yeah, yeah, Kirsten,

What about if she if in fact, she does become the person who replaced
Joe Biden, if he steps outof the race. Indications are today that
he's going to stay in it.But what about a debate between her and
Donald Trump? What would that lookand feel like? Do you think I
just think I'll eviscerate her? Imean, he really has such a limited
vocabulary that he uses himself, buthe deploys it so smartly and so it

was very crude, by the way, but he is very effective in his
deployment of those few words that heuses. And you know, she wasn't
so great in the debates Telci Gabbertdestroyed her once you her her record as
a prosecutor. You know, shewas hit a really heavy hand. And
I don't think that she is tohave that moment. You know, she

wasn't when she dropped out of therace in twenty twenty. I mean,
she was pulling out with like athree percent. So I don't think that
it's going to end well for herwith the debate. But and Donald Trump
is a unique beast. I mean, he's very very difficult to be because
she has I mean, he's wildright, sort of a wild adam all
the way that he's, the waythat he debates. So you know,

I don't know, but it'll bemusty TV if it does happen. Yeah,
yeah, but yeah, so we'llhave to see. Here's some final
question. Do you think Biden stageor goes? What do you think at
this point? I changed every hour. I don't know. I thought for
sure, I really genuinely thought he'sgoing to go and he's going to say,

you know what I am suffering,and this is my way of you
know, sort of bringing awareness towhatever ailment he has or whatever dementia,
whatever he you know, reportedly hasand whatever we see in him, you
know, this is this, It'sit's evident that there's something wrong. So
I wondered if maybe he was goingto bow out that way and he'll be
held this like hero for bringing awarenessand all this kind of stuff. I

just don't know. This guy's likefighting mad, so I don't know.
It changes by the hour. I'mwith you on that one, Kirsten,
Kirsten, great to have you onthe show. I hope you have you,
hope to have you back on.Thank you, thank you so much.
I appreciate it. All right.That's Kirsten Fleming, a feature columnist
with the New York Times, talkingNew York Post, I should say,
talking about Kamala Harris and the factthat she is a terrible, yes,

terrible candidate. More coming up hereon the Monday afternoon edition O. They're
on our Kn't show on Utah's TalkRadio one oh five nine kN RS.
We were just talking about Kamala Harris. Interesting, how you know, up
until maybe over the weekend, alot of people were very lukewarm on Kamala
Harris. But all of a suddenthere are some people who are very hot

on the vice president. But howdo you solve a problem like Kamala Harris,
if, in fact, Joe Bidensteps down from the race. Joining
us on our newsmaker line to talkabout that is Ashley McCully. She is
a contributor at PJA Media. Ashley, how are you and welcome to the
rod ur Kent Show. Thanks forhaving me, rod it is fantastic that
your listeners are interested in Kamala.Well, let me talk how do they

solve the problem. Let's say JoeBiden finally gives into the pressure that appears
to be mounting and he says,Okay, for the good of the country,
I will walk away. But thenthey've got the Kamala issue. How
do they address that? In youropinion, Ashley, So, part of
the problem is if Joe Biden wereto step down and Kamala were to become
the nominee, the ninety one milliondollar cash on hand that the campaign has

has to go to her. Soif they choose somebody else, that money
has to be funneled elsewhere. Sothe only way that they can really take
care of the Kamala problem is tolet Donald Trump just eviscerate her, finish
the election cycle, and regroup comingback with a better bench in the next

cycle. That's ultimately it, becauseyou would have to start another campaign if
it's not Kamala, you'd have tostart another campaign from a zero dollar cash
on hands in August, Ashley,what is it about Kamala Harris that turns
some people completely off? Not everybody. She has a few fans out there,

but most people are turned off byher. Why? Well, I
would start with the fact that shecan't navigate a coherent sentence. That is
probably her biggest challenge. She bucklesunder pressure to see or even think about
her on the debate stage with PresidentTrump is comical and in the most shaden

freud way, because she has thatcackle, she trips over her words.
She wants everybody to treat her aswhat did Drew Barrymore call her Mama La?
Yeah? And Donald Trump has nointerest in holding her hand or giving

her any type of lollipops and Rainbow'spass just because she inherited the spot.
Ashley, what has she done sinceshe has been vice president? I mean,
you start, Ashley with borders arewell, she certainly hasn't solved that
problem. I mean what has shedone? Not that we expect Vice presidents

to do a whole lot, buthas she done anything. So, in
my opinion, what she has doneis she has enabled the Dei agenda.
She has enabled the left to continueto push their agenda using check boxes,
not critical thinking. So when shewas first announced as President Biden's running mate,

NPR gave her all of the checkboxesin one article. And so what
she's done is she's really allowed theWhite House to push forward with all of
the Dei checkboxes. And I thinkKareem Jumpierre has really just kind of come
along behind her and said, don'tworry, I've got this. You're the

person out in the front, You'rethe tip of the spear, and I'm
really the muscle behind it. Doesthis raise a broader question do we pay
enough attention to the vice presidency selectionand the post itself? Because I think
sometimes people brush you off. Well, you know that the individual is second
in command. Yes, they're onlya heartbeat away from the presidency. But

we do we give it enough importanceto you think when it comes to being
vice president? Not typically, Andthe reason for that is because the way
that the Twelfth Amendment is written inour political parties present the ticket, we
don't have to. But the reasonit matters in this election is the average

male life expected see in this countryis seventy six, and President Trump just
turns seventy eight, and in November, President Biden's going to be eighty two.
Now, we'll all agree that PresidentTrump looks as sharp as he's ever
been, but we obviously cannot saythat for Joe Biden. And so this
is the first real election with agenuine concern that the vice president may have

to become the president come what may, Ashley, what about her future?
Let's say Biden stays in the race, donald Trump wins the November what kind
of a future will Kamala Harris have? You know, I really like the
idea that your last guest had abouther having a morning show, because that
is much more her vibe. ButI think that what will probably end up

happening is some far left think tankwill pick her up and she will take
some type of academic role there.Because when she was a DA she was
busy telling citizens they were wrong.When she was ag of California, the
attorney general, what she really didwas she just sat around a lot and
wrote. She was writing papers aboutwhy government needs to be bigger. And

then when she went to the Senate, she spent a very small period of
time there, but you know whatshe did. She wrote even more about
why government should grow. So Ireally think that she is going to be
picked up in the think tank world. I've spent some time there myself,
and there's some brilliant people, butit's also a place where you have a

lot of just symbolic gestures that makepeople like Kamala feel important. Ashley,
I want to go back to theidea of her bring a morning show host.
I don't know if America is readyfor her cackling every morning? Could
we stand that? Do you thinkput up how long have we put up
with a view? I think Americanmorning morning shows have some some tolerance levels

that would be Yeah, they wouldbe Ashley, great conversation. Hope to
have you back on the show again. Thanks for joining us this afternoon.
Thanks Rod all right on our newsbanker line Ashley McCully. She is a
writer and a columnist with PJ medium. All Right, more coming up here
on the rod Ar Kent Show andUtah's Talk Radio one oh five nine K

and rs. Let's get off theBiden wagon for just a minute. We'll
talk about a couple other things,a couple of interesting studies out there.
Now this isn't I think what Americanswanted to hear on Independence Day. But
there are ten countries that most ofthe world wants to relocate two, and

the United States apparently is not oneof them, or at least not near
the top. While the US hasseen soaring levels of immigration, it turns
out that most people would actually preferto live amongst our northern neighbors. I
don't get that, that's right.Experts at First Move International analyze Google search
data to see where people were lookingto immigrate. The North American nation appeared

more than any other. We're talkingabout Canada. Experts at First Move International
analyzed Google search information. More thanone point five million relocation searches were conducted
for Canada over the past year.Perhaps no surprise given the country stunning natural
beauty and his high standards of living. But you do not want to pay

taxes in Canada, and just thinkabout what they did during COVID nineteen.
So Canada came out on top.Meanwhile, Australia came in second place,
scoring more than one point two millionrelocation searches. Australia came in second.
Like I indicated, neighboring New Zealandcame in third place, followed by Spain

and the United Kingdom. So Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain,
and the United Kingdom or the topfive countries. Portugal Japan came in six
and seventh, while wealthy European nationsGermany, France, Switzerland rounded out the
top ten. America not in thetop ten when it comes to finding a

place a better place to locate citynext, if you're sat on an airplane
next to someone who has poor airplaneetiquette, Now, you can define that
any way you want, but itcan easily ruin your flight right and the
US state you're flying out of maydetermine that from the seat in front of

you reclining into your lap to apasture who hogs both armrest, that's airline
etiquette. Well, apparently, walletubor USA today has gone out to find
states with the worst travel etiquette.Number five is Georgia. All right,
Number five Georgia, Number four isis Texas, Number three is Virginia,

Number two Illinois, and number oneis Iowa. I always thought people in
Iowa were nice people. That's whyI've been told. But apparently they have
horrible airplane etiquette in Iowa. Statesfor the best number five, Kansas,
number four, Ohio number three,Florida number two, Wisconsin, number one,
Arkansas. No mention of where Utahsits in that case. But the

states that have the worst airplane etiquetteagain include the state of Texas, Georgia,
Virginia, Illinois, and Iowa.Airplane etiquette. All right, we've
got a lot to get to inthe five o'clock hour, we're going to
open up the phones to you andtalk about you know, your concerns.
You know, Joe Biden came outtoday and was on MSNBC. We played

some of the comments from him earlier. You know, just adamant that he
is not getting out of the racefor the White House. He is in
fact claiming to be and he's notgoing anywhere to be the Democratic nominee.
And he's being pushed, of courseby his wife and Hunter Biden, his
son. There are some within theDemocratic Party or standing by the president,

But is there a growing number ofDemocrats who would like to see him get
out? Well, if you're aDonald Trump supporter. Would you like to
see the former president take on thecurrent president? You know, is that
a race that you think would beeasier for Trump to win, other than
maybe facing other candidates. Welcome backour number two, the rod Arkenhow with

you on this Monday afternoon. Greatto be with you. Hope you had
a marvelous July fourth weekend. Wetook a couple of extra days off and
I really could enjoy it. Ihope you were able to as well.
Now, just a reminder, coupleof reminders. First program note, a
week from today you'll hear Greg andI broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention

in Milwaukee. That's right, Gregand I will be there for the four
days of the convention talking with bothnational, state, and local Republican leaders
about the convention, about the campaignfor Donald Trump. Will talk about that
and a lot of other things comingup as well. So Greg and I
will be there live coverage of theRepublican National Convention during the rod Ark Kent
Show right here on Utah's Talk Radioone oh five nine can arrests and sometime

now we've got two hours left inthe show. Right, two hours left,
We're gonna give you a chance towin two tickets to see Kenny Chesney
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of one of our commercial stop sets, our breaks will play a Kenny Chesney
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could win those tickets. And that'llbe some time before we wrap up the
show tonight, so we invite youto keep on listening. Of course,
the story everybody is talking about nowis Joe Biden. What is going on
with Joe Biden. He came outtoday. You know, I've gone back

and forth on this. I thinkI said last week at one time I
think he's going to stay in therace, then I think he's going to
get out, and I go backand forth on that. You have more
Democrats putting pressure on him. There'sa growing list of Democrats, both in
the House and some in the Senate, led by Mark Warner out of Virginia,

who are saying, Joe Biden,you need to step down, and
we need to put Kamala Harris inyour place. But there are some who
are supporting Joe Biden, of course, including his family. Joe Biden was
on the campaign trail today talking aboutthe strength that her husband brings to the
ticket and the accomplishments that he hasmade so far and what he will do
in the next four years. Okay, but you've got all kinds of reports

coming out from Axios. You've gota report now showing that staff within the
White House have pictures to show JoeBiden how to get on a stage,
how to go to a podium,how to leave the podium, how to
get off the stage. You've gotHollywood people like Michael Moore and Rob Ryder
who are telling him to get outof the race now more than Hollywood are

doing the same. You've got somemembers of the House, some members of
the Senate who are telling him toget out of the race. I mean,
you know, the pressure is moundingon Joe Biden. But he has
come back today very strongly. Appearedon MSNBC. We played a few of
those sound bites. Sounded like hehad notes. He's ruffling. Some papers
may have had notes to stay onus talking points, but claiming that he

is sick and tired. I lovethis Joe Biden say he's tired of the
elites in the Democratic Party who aretrying to get rid of him. He
said, Look, fourteen million Democratsvoted for me during the primary. I'm
not going anywhere. So at thispoint, unless something dramatic happens, you
know, Joe Biden is still inthis race. Now, I think they're

those who'd like to see him go, they're those who do want him to
stay. Then, I think thereare a number of Democrats out there who
are just kind of waiting to seebut the clock is ticking. They cannot
wait for wherever for Joe Biden tobank up his mind. And the longer
he delays this if in fact he'sgoing to get out of the race,
the bigger problems it creates for theDemocratic Party in their effort to beat Donald

Trump in November. Now, speakingof Donald Trump, I think Trump has
played it real smart and really hasn'tsaid a whole lot about this. Now,
he is a guest tonight on theSean Hannity Show, and we'll see
what he says about Joe Biden steppingdown. But Trump has been smart and
been very very quiet in all ofthis, in my opinion, even though

his campaign put out a new ad. But the ads are now attacking Kamala
Harris, not so much Joe Biden. So my question to you tonight,
as you work your way home,as you hear all this talk about Joe
Biden possibly getting out of the race, Kamala Harris maybe stepping in because she
has some financial advantages where she couldassume his war chests without any issues of

getting into the race. Talking aboutGavin Newsom he wanted to do it,
Talk about Gretchen Whitmer, the governorof Michigan, does she want to get
into the race. But I havea question for you, and I want
to open up the lines to youtonight eight eight eight five seven eight zero
one zero eight eight eight five seveneight zero one zero, or on your
cell phone, I'll pound two fifteenand say, hey, Rod, are

you, as a Republican right nowand a supporter of Donald Trump, rooting
for Joe Biden to stay in therace because you feel that Joe Biden would
be the easiest candidate for Trump tobeat in November? The polls have oh
shown that Trump could also beat Harris, could also beat Newsom, could also
beat Whitmer at this point. Anew poll coming out today showing Trump's growing

strength against Joe Biden in five keyswing states, and in those five states,
Trump has a lead of anywhere fromthree to five points. It's stretching.
His lead in those area is overover Joe Biden at this point.
So, as Republicans supporters of DonaldTrump, are you out there rooting for

Joe Biden to stay in the racebecause you think he's the easiest candidate to
go after? Uh? For DonaldTrump to go after? And the Trump
campaign has focused on Joe Biden,his failings as far as his policy is
concerned, his questions about his mentaland physical health. You know, would

Trump be able to quickly adjust andgo after Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom,
Gretchen Winner. Who are you rootingfor Joe Biden to stay in the race
or others to maybe step in inhis place, which would be easier for
Donald Trump to beat? Eight eighteight five seven O eight zero one zero
eighty eight eight five seven O eightzero one zero, or on your cell

phone dial pound two fifty and sayhey Rod now here's some of the comments
from Trump supporters around the country andconsultants within the GOP ranks. I think
with Biden in the race is aclear choice, and it makes the decision
a lot easier for many people whomight be on the fence with regards to

which way they want to vote.After the performance and the debate, how
many of you, by the way, on Friday watched the George Stephanopoulos interview
with Joe Biden. He looked awful. You know, people always make fun
of Donald Trump and it's sprayed ontan, you know, but Joe Biden
just you know, who's ever doinghis tan makeup or doing a horrible job.

The one thing that did come outover I think the July fourth weekend.
It may have been a few daysbefore that. I can remember remember
when Nikki Haley warned the GOP toprepare for the possibility of facing a younger
opponent. Now Newsom, Whitmer,and Harris are all younger than Donald Trump.

Would that present problem to you aswell? Eight eight eight five seven
eight zero one zero triple eight fiveseven eight zero one zero on your cell
phone dial pound two fifty and say, hey, Rod, let's go to
the phones, and let's begin withCharlie in Orange tonight. Charlie, how
are you welcome to the Rod ArcuaShow. Hey? Rod? How you
doing? I'm doing well? Thankyou? And great? How you doing?

I'm doing well? Good? Hey. So, I guess my feeling
right now is that it doesn't reallymatter between between Biden or Harris because they're
both so damaged. The only thingI think you might see as a result
of any kind of a change therewould be an uptick in the enthusiasm on
the Democratic side. Yeah, Iagree with you on that. That may

instill a little enthusiasm for the Democraticside because do you get a sense there's
a lot of enthusiasm right now forJoe Biden? No? Yeah, really
not. I mean half the party'strying to get him out, so yeah,
I mean how enthusiastic can you beabout that? All right? Charlie?
Quick question? Does he stay orgo? Where do you think he
said it? I think Joe Bidenwill only go if someone's dragging him out

the door, kicking and screaming.Yeah, you may be right on that
one. All right, Charlie,Thank you. Let's go to Greg in
leyton tonight. Here on the rodOr, catcho, greg how are you?
Thanks for joining us tonight. I'mdoing good, Rod, Thank you.
What are your thoughts on this?So? I guess my question for
you is, I think Charlie hitthe nail on the head. But I
have a different question if you don'tmind, sure, and that question is

how does somebody else get on theballot? Each state has certain laws that
they have to meet a timeline byDid somebody else miss those? Yeah?
I understand the the the ballot questionsin various states changes, but you you
just know, greg Or. Iget the sense that if the Democratic Party
wants to get somebody else on theballot, they'll figure out a way to

do so. Don't you think That'swhy I take a deep breath and go,
yes, You're probably right on that. It's always we could hold to
our you know, what our lawssay at that. But ultimately I think,
like I said your last caller,Charlie hits now on the head.
If they do chase someone out,they'll be more invigorated on somebody new,

energetic. If I was Democrat,I'd look for someone new and energetic.
I just don't think they have itin their part. Yeah, well,
A real quick question for you,Greg, Does he stay or does he
go? What do you think aboutJoe Biden? I think he's going to
stay. I go back and forthon it to be honest. Sorry,
great, thank you. Eighty eighteight five seven o eight zero one zero

eight eight eight five seven o eightzero one zero. Or on your cell
phone, all you do is haveto dial pound two fifty and say hey,
Rod, more your calls and commentscoming up right here on the Rod
ri Kenshow and Utah's Talk Radio oneoh five nine K and are ass But
if you're a Republican, a supporterof Donald Trump out there, are you
cheering on Joe Biden? Say Joe, stay in the rage, Stay in
the rade, man, because weare confident that Donald Trump can beat you.

But there are other names out thereas well, and some of the
early polls indicate that Trump would beatthe Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer or Kamala
Harris. What's say you eight eighteight five seven eight zero one zero eight
eight eight five seven o eight zeroone zero. Or on your cell phone,
dial pound two fifteen and say heyRod, let's go to Magna and
hear what Gary has to say.Tonight on the Rod Arcantcho Hi, Gary,

how are you? I'm great?How are you so? I don't
think the dams are in turmoil atall. I think this is all a
planned After all these years of Bidenbeing stupid, Why do they all of
a sudden put him on TV tolet him make a fool of himself.
I think they will leave him inbecause he's got the money for the Dems.

But I can see him getting ridof Kamala Harris and appoint in Hillary
Clinton, and then next year,either before or after he's re elected,
they will Hillary will end up beingpresident. You know, I've my thoughts.
I hope you're sitting down. I'venever heard I've never heard a thought
like that, Gary, But that'sinteresting. I'm not sure what the relationship

is between the Bidens and Clinton's.I know there are reports that it's strained
between the Obamas and the Bidens,but I've never heard of that. But
wouldn't that be a wacky scenario theKamala are that Joe Biden stays in,
selects Hillary to be his VP runningmate, and then next year retires let
Hillary become president. Wouldn't she lovethat? And wouldn't we all hate it.

Let's go to Centerville and here fromRuss tonight on the rod arcuatcho,
Hi Russ, hege Rod, howare you? I'm doing well? After
that step of a after that stepanAfflis interview, he is defiant. He
is closing his circle of influenced byhis son and his wife, and they're

keeping people away from him to tellhim what to do that it doesn't go
along with their plan. I thinkhe's standing for the long run, and
I'm happy as a Republican. Ijust wish the Democrats would wake up and
figure out that James Clyburn, lastin the summer of twenty for Super Tuesday,
determined their candidate, and what messthey have. He insisted that he

that Biden pick a female minority,and Harris was probably the only choice,
and Clyburn probably figured this old Cootscan only last four years. In fact,
Biden promised he would only be atransition president and only lead, leading
everybody to believe he'd only be inthere for four years and Clyburn would get
a minority woman that he could control. And it's all backfired. And if

I was a Democrat, I'd bemad as hell that a guy that's only
one five and thirty fifth of Congressdictated the entire outcome of my party by
that simple support of Super Tuesday oftwenty twenty. Yeah, made a difference,
didn't it right? Does he leftthem and he's left them in a
mess? Yeah? I'm sorry,go ahead. Yeah. Do you think

Joe stays in or does it getout? No? No, he stays
in. His family's got us msurrounded and guard and protected from any outside
influence. He's very defiant. Heis going to run. He is going
to run. I don't think anybody'sgoing to change his mind. Maybe his
wife would, but don't. Idon't think. I think she loved the

trappings of the White House and beingthe first lady. She's not going to
give in. Let's go to provohere. What Wendy has to say tonight
here on the rud or catcho.Hi, Wendy. Hi. First of
all, Gravelly Gavin would never win. He can't even win California. We're
all so disgusted with him. Onthird generation Californian and my whole family is

republic and my dad was on thestate Republican committee that helped elect Reagan and
then he was governor and then topresident. But no, Gravelly, Gavin,
you should go to Los Angeles wherewe live, in addition to the

House here and see all the homeless. Under every freeway over pass, on
every street there is a homeless encampment. There are no toilets. I mean,
you can imagine how bad it is. And the he just passed a

law that everybody has to get ridof their propane power to live and get
well. How many more people doyou think we're gonna lose on that we
lose another congressional seat. You neverknow, You never know, Wendy.
All right, let's go to Bradin Spanish Park and let him weigh in

on this tonight. Brad, youknow, are you are you cheering for
Joe Biden to stay in the race. Actually no, I'm not. I
personally believe that Joe Biden is planningto back out. But the problem is
they have set anybody up to winyet, and so the Democratic Party does

not do things that are random.They don't roll dice. So what they're
doing is they'll let Joe Biden runfor a while, keep going in after
the primary is over, and whenthey have the power, they will stop
and they'll say, Okay, Joe'sgonna have to come out medical reasons,
you can't run. You know,we are all worried about it, but
here it is. And then whatthey'll do is they will appoint someone to

run that they have control of.And that way they'll have to put it
up to a vote where they can'tspend the time that they need to to
make sure that it's the way theywant to be. That's what I think
is going to happen. All right, Brad, good theory? Interesting?
All right, More coming up hereon the Rod or Can Show and Utah's
Talk Radio one oh five nine knrs. If you're a Trump supporter, do

you want to see Joe Biden stayin the race. Are you willing to
say Donald Trump can take on oneand all? Back to the phones we
go. Let's talk with RJ inClinton tonight here on the Rod Kent.
Hi, r J. I'm doingwell, Thank you. I never heard
anybody talk about this. But ifJoe Biden were to step down, would

he lose the ability to pardon?Criminals can unmask him? Is because if
Hunter goes to jail and he stepsdown, he won't be able to pardon
them. That's true. I wouldthink he lose he would lose that ability
as soon as he steps down,you know, once it becomes official he's
no longer president. I would assumehe would lose that authority. So that

may that may be why he'd stayingin for one reason. That's what I
was wondering. Then the other thingis, if you know he's going to
step down, can he pardon earlyor do they always wait till the end
of the year because they can pardonany time, right, Yeah, I
think they can pardon any Yeah.Yeah, I think they can pardon any
time our j So he could doit tonight if he wanted to look bad.

But they don't care anymore. Let'sgo to Bluffdale. Here what Brian
has to say tonight? Here onthe right? Or can't you hi,
Brian? How are you Rod?How are you doing? Listen? Why
are we even still talking about this? I mean, this is kind of

ridiculous. Uh, Biden is done. He's still going to be the guy,
but he's done. And Uh,I'm not a big Trump supporter.
In fact, I'm not a Trumpsupporter at all at this point because he's
never apologized for COVID, So whyare we still even beating this drum?

I just don't quite understand what drumare you talking about it? Are you
talking about Trump Biden? Are youtalking about getting rid of both of them?
Starting new What? What drum areyou are we beating? Are we
beating Brian? Biden isn't going anywhere. He's gonna be the nominee. Okay,

he's going to be the guy inthe ticket, not going anywhere.
Okay. I don't, I don'twe're still even talking about this because,
uh, please tell me who thepool is? What Kamala or as I
refer to her as Tamali? Uh? Gavin Newsome care, Jel, you

gotta be kidding me. They haveno pool. Yeah, you know what
you're doing. Brian is bringing somecommon sense into the discussion. And you're
absolutely right. They have They haveno bench in all of this. They
have no bench out there, dothey exactly? Rod? They have no
bench exactly, and we and theRepublicans don't either. Yeah, I would

argue, I think they've got it. They've got a bench out there.
May not be ready yet, butI think they've got a bench out there
ready in the near future. Tobe honest, I think there's some very
good solid Republicans out there who onebeing named Ronda Santis, another one being
Glenn Youngkin and for Tim Scott,and there are a lot of good candidates
out there on the Republican side.I don't think the Democrats can say that

right now. Well wait a minute, ride, isn't that why we have
primaries? Yeah? How many ofthem showed up? Yeah? Yeah,
Well the sentence didn't he realized?You know, Trump has such a following
that taking on Trump in twenty twentyfour would have been impossible. I mean,
you know, he his supporters.I've never seen supporters like those that

support Donald Trump. They are passionateabout Donald Trump. And uh, I
think taking him on in twenty twentyfour for anybody was going to be a
very tall task. I'll give youthat, all right. All right,
and thank you, thank you.I got something out of Brian. Good
call, Brian, Thank you appreciatethat. All right, more coming up

here on the rod Ar Kent Showand Utah's Talk Radio one oh five nine
k n RS. All right,let's go back to the phones. Get
your thoughts on this. If you'rea supporter of Donald Trump. Are you
nervous about Joe Biden getting out ofthe race and that's why you're cheering for
him to stay in. Let's goto Al in Salt Lake City, Hal,
How are you welcome to the show? Al? Thank you, sir.
I just want to make two comments. One is the gentlemen before had

mentioned that he wasn't voting for Trumpbecause he because of COVID. I just
want to remind everybody, Yeah,you know, COVID happened, but he's
not the one that caused the COVIDand he listened to so called experts.
Is the reason why he went withwhere he went. Number two is I'm
a Trump supporter. I'm hoping thatBiden stays in. I think he will

as long as his wife continues todo that because she really wants that power.
Yes, and then and then Idon't care who goes in. Before
Biden has said they changed Biden.I still believe that Trump's gonna win.
Can he beat anybody out there?Do you think? Ol? Right now?
When it comes to you know,Gretchen whitmerg Gavin Newsome, Kamala Harris,
can he beat all three of them? I think he can if people

looked at what he did in thefour years that he was in office,
it was great. I think hecan beat them all. Yeah, I'm
with you. The others don't.The others don't frighten me at all.
I mean, there's one out therewho does concern me. That would be
a Michelle Obama. But I don'tthink she's interested in partisan politics. I
don't think she wants to run.You know, I don't know what it

would take to convince her, butI don't think she likes partisan politics and
what goes on in politics today.She doesn't like it. And I don't
know what it would take to convinceher to run, but it would be
a lot, and I just don'tthink she wants to run anymore. I'm
not too worried about Michelle Obama simplybecause I don't think she wants to run.

And I'm just not sure that whoever, even her husband, I don't
think could convince Michelle Obama to runfor the White House. Maybe I'm wrong,
but I don't know if it could. Eight eight eight five seven o
eight zero one zero triple eight fiveseven o eight zero one zero, or
on yourself phone dial pound two tofifteen and say, hey, Rod,
we're asking you tonight, if you'rea supporter of Donald Trump, do you

want Joe Biden to stay in therace because he's the easiest one for Donald
Trump to beat. As a matterof fact, you know, the the
Biden strategy throughout this campaign, eversince Donald Trump announced he was going to
seek the White House for a seconddesign, The whole strategy behind the Biden

campaign was to make the twenty twentyfour race all about Donald J. Trump.
You know, January sixth, youknow, he is questioning the results
of the twenty twenty election. Youcould go on and on with a list
of items that the Biden administration wasgoing to use to make this race really

about Donald Trump. That's where thiswhole idea of a threat to democracy came
up. You know, he wouldbe a king or a dictator. This
is the original plan here was tomake this race all about Donald Trump.
Well, the Bidens can't do thatanymore. The campaign cannot do that anymore

now, as much as they want, as much as they're going to try,
they simply cannot do that anymore.Because this race, because of that
debate back on June twenty seventh,is now all about Joe Biden. Is
he fit to be president of theUnited States? And that is going to
be the issue that the Democrats aregoing to have to deal with, because

you know, the Republicans, allthey do is need to bring up that
question is he fit to be presidentof the United States? And after seeing
that debate performance back on June twentyseventh, there are probably a lot of
Americans who are going we don't thinkso. Aaron Is in Smithfield tonight wants

to weigh in on this one higherin I'm doing well. I don't have
faith in our voting. I thinkI think Donald Trump could have nine million
votes, and whoever the Democrat isis going to have ten million votes.
I think Trump could have ten millionvotes, and whoever the Democrat is is

going to have eleven million votes.Because I don't trust the process. And
if this has shown us anything,and we knew this four years ago that
Biden isn't running the country. Wehave an oligarchy, and the oligarchy is
the pharmaceuticals, the press, themilitary industrial complex. They're the ones that
are running the country. And Ijust spent some time back in Pennsylvania,

my home state, and my Democratfriends back there, the steel workers,
the cool miners, they're all votingfor a Republican and they are not going
to vote for Biden at the minimum. Wow. And a lot of people
are very angry about the student loans. Oh, there's some good old school
Democrats are saying, I pay formy daughter's still oat or you know my

children. I'm not voting for Biden. Yeah, I got to cut you
off there, Aaron. I've gotto get to a break. That's a
very good point. I don't knowwhy Donald Trump and the Republicans out of
the campaign trail aren't making a biggerdeal out of the student loan debt.
There's an interesting story out there concerningDonald Trump. Donald Trump is apparently,
or there are reports out there todaythat he is distancing himself from a project

known as Project twenty twenty five.Now. This is a document almost one
thousand pages in length, put togetherby a number of conservative groups around the
country, headed up by the HeritageFoundation, indicating what a conservative president could
do to change the makeup of governmentin this country today. Donald Trump apparently

is pushing back. He's disavowed havingto do anything with the Project twenty twenty
five and saying that you know thedocument, Well, he just disavowed and
he says he knows nothing about it, hasn't worked with anybody on that.
Joining us on our newsmaker line tofind out what really going on in this
story is Robert McCreevy. Robert isa reporter of The Daily Color. Robert,

thanks for joining us on the showtonight. All right, Exactly what's
going on with Donald Trump and ishe in fact pushing away from Project twenty
twenty five, Well, we don'tknow for sure. Beyond what he's posted
on truth Social he essentially disavowed knowinganything about Project twenty twenty five, which
is a policy directive and a setof personnel recommendations crafted in part by the

Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. But if I had to guess,
I'd say that Trump sort of seesthat this is the only cudgel that the
Democrats and Biden sergates have against himnow in the wake of Biden's debate disaster,
and this is kind of seems likethe last boat they have left in

the gun. So from my view, it looks like Trump just trying to
distance himself from this and taking allthe Amo out of his opponent's arsenal.
What exactly is Project twenty twe twentytwenty five, who's involved in it,
Robert, and what is it attemptingto do? Right? So, it
is a like I said, it'sa set of policy proposals coupled with a

pretty comprehensive list of recommendations for personnel. For what the crafters of this nine
hundred and twenty something page set ofrecommendations say is for any of the next
incoming conservative president. They've maintained thatit's not specific to Trump, even though

obviously they anticipate and a lot ofpeople anticipate Trump will be the next conservative
president. And essentially it's just theirway of saying and this is the architect
of it, in large part isKevin Roberts, who's the president of the
Heritage Foundation, again a conservative thinktank. And what they say is basically

that it's an answer to liberals,the left and the Democrats past three and
a half years of weaponization of thefederal government, of the agencies of the
DOJ, and it's really a blueprintfor the reconservativizing of America the next four
years. Prior to that, truesocial tweet that came out. Has Trump

had any prior association with this groupor made any recommendations? Has talked to
him about this? Do you know? Well, so he hasn't mentioned Project
twenty twenty five directly, but someof his campaign surrogates definitely have talked about
it, Like Caroline Leavett is oneof his spokespeople, and she's been I

believe she's mentioned it a couple oftimes. He does, you know,
He's been friendly with the the groupbehind the proposal, that the Herriage Foundation,
and they've you know, he's beento events and they've definitely had some
form of an alliance. So itwas a little bit of a surprise,

I think to a lot of peopleto see him come out and kind of
maybe not disavow, but distance himselffrom this proposal. And he did it
in a way that he ended thepost with saying anything I do, I
wish them luck, but I havenothing to do with them. So,
in his sort of Trump way,it seems like he's still trying to maintain
some sort of cordiality while still sayingthat this is not Trump team's plan.

Who are the Democrats out there whoare using this against Trump? And what
are they saying about it. Well, the Biden administration directly has been using
it. They have a they linkto it on their website, they have
their interpretation of the project, which, among other things, they claim would
reduce reproductive of rights. And Trumpmeanwhile has repeatedly denied plans to reduce abortion

access to Americans, maintaining it's astate's right issue. But the Biden campaign
and a lot of Democrats at large, sort of the usual players, have
been really trying to hammer this homeas a messaging point. Hillary Clinton tweeted
something out the other day along thesame lines of She called it Maga movement's
plan to consolidate power under a reelectedTrump and exert more control over every day

Americans' lives. So it's sort ofseems like this is the new messaging that
the left has of this is whatwe're going up against. And is this
where the Democrats are coming up withthis idea that if Trump is elected and
he follows this plan, it willprove he is in fact going to try
and be a dictator or a king. Is that where they're coming up with

this kind of putting two and twotogether on this, Robert you know,
I don't think this thought came intotheir head because of Project twenty twenty five.
I think it was maybe just aconvenient thing for them to grab onto.
I believe they've been saying this typeof stuff really since Trump announced he
was running some nine years ago,So I think this is just a moment

of opportunity for them to say,look, this is what we've been telling
you, solidified concrete into actual policyprescriptions. And I think that's probably part
of why Trump did distance himself,because they the left finally has something concrete,
albeit not directly tied to Trump,to say this is what he's going
to do to you. Any ournewsmaker line Robert McCreevy. He is a

reporter of The Daily Color, talkingabout the fact that on truth Social over
the weekend, Donald Trump texted outthat he does not have any association with
Project twenty twenty five, and he'ssomewhat distancing himself from that group. Now,
what Project twenty twenty five is allabout? As I indicated before we
had a chance to talk with Robert, a group of I think about one

hundred and ten conservative organizations from aroundthe country, spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation,
have been working on a plan tochange the makeup of government from a
liberal point of view to a conservativepoint of view, and of course I
believe that's what is scared the Democratsbecause this project calls for the elimination of

some federal agencies and really a changein the way things need to operate in
this country. And the Democrats areusing it to point out that Donald Trump
would become a king and dictator ifhe followed this plan. The plan does
not include that, and it wasnot designed for Donald Trump. So the
story has been that Trump distancing himselfa little bit from that project because Democrats

are using it against him. Sohe's made the smart move to get out
of the way on that one.By the way, there is a new
pullout tonight, this from Emerson.Dem Next Gen is opposed in a critical
state, and Pennsylvania could be thekey in all of the states when it
comes to those six or seven swingstates that will determine the election this year.

Latest pull out tonight shows Donald Trumpin Pennsylvania now has a five point
lead over Joe Biden forty eight toforty three. And in Wisconsin, another
key swing state, Donald Trump leadingJoe Biden by three percentage points forty seven
to forty four. So you cansee that Donald Trump is starting to pull

away or maintaining a lead over JoeBiden in those critical swing states even after
the June debate. You know,I was thinking about that June debate today.
It was Joe Biden who proposed havingan early debate. I wonder if
he regrets that now, Memoria washis choice. He laid out all the

rules for Donald Trump, the dates, the locations, the networks, the
length, how the debate would beconducted. Donald Trump didn't want to back
out. He said, hey,I've said I debate you anywhere, anytime,
and he decided to do that.But boy as that turned on Joe
Biden because of this performance during thedebate. It was, in fact a

disaster. I wonder if Joe Bidenregrets that at all. All Right,
more coming up right here on therod Ark Kid Show and Utah's Talk Radio
one oh five nine knrs. I'mnot sure how many of you have ever
seen the movie Zacario. I don'tthink I've seen the whole thing, to
be honest. It's a very violentmovie, but a very I think it
realistically depicts the violence and complexities ofthe drug war along the US Mexican border

that still goes on today. Therewas a second Cacario movie. Now there's
a third one, I think inthe make. But is there another one?
My next guest says that next oneshould be called Zacario Grand Pharmaceutica.
It's all about how big pharma isbenefiting from the open borders with Mexico and
what they're really after. Well,joining us on a Newspaker line to talk

about there is Jared Whitley. Jaredis the principle of Whitley political media here
in Utah. Jared, great tohave you on the show. All right,
tell us all about this movie.Tell us about why you used it
to talk about big Pharma. Okay, So the reason I use this metaphor
from the movie Skaria, which ifyou're listening and you haven't seen those two
movies you after Rob's show has ended, go find it on Netflix or whatever.

But the Josh Brolin character in thathe explained it twenty years ago,
the most valuable thing that came acrossthe Mexico America border was cocaine, and
nowadays it's people. And you thinkof that like from human trafficking. But
one of the ways that people arebeing exploited across Biden's filed open border is
pharmaceutical companies literally taking their blood.Explain that because that sounds gooule issh in

a way, Jared, what exactlyare they doing and taking their blood?
Okay, So it is illegal tosell plasma in Mexico. I don't know
why, but it is. Itis not illegal to sell it in America.
However, the American Red Cross recommendsthat you do that very sparingly because
spoiler alert, people need their bloodright. But there's there's such a there's

so much desperation from people who cometo America, even if it's just to
come to the donate blood to Pfizerwhoever, and then go back to Mexico,
that they're able to make as muchas four hundred dollars a month by
donating plasma up to twice a week. Again, you're only supposed to donate
them once a month, but thereare some Mexicans who are coming here big

farmers exploiting them, donating their bloodmore than seventy times a year. How
lucrative of business has this become forbig farmer especially along the US Mexican border.
Jared Oh in terms of like howmuch that lines their pockets, I
think that kind of thing probably isn'twell publicized as some other things, but

it would not They would not bedoing this if it were profitable to them.
And this is one of the thingsthat's interesting to me rot about how
I would think that traditional liberals whohad been like critics of big pharma would
appreciate the way populous Republicans have becomecritics of big pharma to say, yes,
they're clearly taking advantage of desperate peopleto line their pockets. They're not

doing this out of the goodness oftheir heart, right, And again,
just four hundred dollars a month,that's not a lot for selling your life
blood and risking your life. Itshould be it should be much much more
than that, if that's really thatbig of a deal, or maybe they
shouldn't be exploiting these people at all. Well, let me ask you this.
There's also this program that you outlinecalled a bunny Buddy bonus. What
exactly is that, Jared Oh.I think that's it's if you bring somebody

along with to get them to donateyour blood too. Then you get a
kickback. It's sort of like ifyou make a referral to in your apartment
complex or your shared workspace you useor whatever. This is just yet another
way that something that should be relativelypure, like like donating your blood at
at as school or church blood drives, should be Instead they're turning into into

dollars and cents or pay those asyou will. Jared, what kind of
a connection is there between big pharmaand keeping the border as open as it
is right now, or even amnesty? What is the connection there with big
pharma? They're exploiting that for people. The thing that's crazy is is that

we have someone figured out, Ithink it's probably halfway through the Obama administration
that open borders were good for business. Like we used to have this thing
called economic nationalism, and we usedto stand up for, say, the
working class in our own country.And then someone realized, wait, we
can import cheap labor and take advantageof people while big companies still get to

enjoy the rule of law of livingin a developed country. So you have
the big pharmaceutical companies Johnson and Johnson, Ali, Lily and so forth,
who are taking advantage to steal people'sblood for profit, and how much money
does Big Pharma give to Democrats whoare in favor of these open borders,

so that it's interesting that's something wherethey used to be Historically they've been more
generous to Republicans, but they've shiftedand they started giving more money to democrats.
The thing that's because they figured outthis loophole that democrats are a little
more generous on. The thing is, in the long run, this is
a bad investment for them, becauseI don't think enabling any kind of long

term Democrats stranglehold over our republic isgoing to be good for Big Pharma in
the long run. I mean,I mean, do you think you know
ten years from now, a presidentof Cosio Ortez is going to look at
Big Pharma having behaved this way andsay, oh, no, these are
good guys. Let's let's look theother way when they want to take advantage
of us. I think it's abad idea. They're making a bad investment.

Final question for you, Jared,who is aware of this, because
this is an amazing story. Isanybody aware of this and trying to put
a stop to it? Jared?I don't think so. I think that's
the purpose of my piece in theDaily Herald and helping people like you.
I appreciate it rod to bring attentionto this. Obviously it's aware of people
are aware of this, but Idon't think it's in the psychegeist that much.

Do people are talking about it asmuch as they could. It's yet
another instance of the way that theopen border policy is Bill is, Oh,
it's so humanitarian, We're welcoming newcomers. You know, it's not.
It's taking advantage of people who don'thave legal protections that you and I,
as American citizens do. Jared,thank you for joining us. Jared Whitley,
he is a principal of Whitley PoliticalMedia here in Utah, got a

great story out and a story thatopinion appeared I know in the Standard Examiner
newspaper about how Big farm is takingadvantage of Mexican nationals who are crossing the
border illegally, and they're crossing theborder and then sell their plasma, violates
their visas millions of leaders a year. Up to ten percent of the blood
plasma collected in the US comes fromMexicans on business or tourist visas. Great

story nobody's taking a look into it, but Jared made people aware of that.
All Right, more coming up hereon the Rod Arcent Show and Utah's
Talk Radio one oh five nine KNRS. It's clear that unleashing cleaner, abundant
energy produced in the US will supportglobal emissions and their reduction efforts while increasing
energy. Well, let's talk aboutthis ruling and why the LNG export question

is so important to the American economy. Joining us on our newsmaker line right
now is Chris Barnart. Chris ispresident of the American Conservation Coalition. Chris,
thanks for joining us tonight. Let'stalk about the ruling and why it's
so important in your opinion. Yeah, absolutely, Well, first of all,
it's great to be here, thanksfor your time. And a few
months ago, people might remember thatthe Biden administration put a pause on building

new LNG export terminals, so exportterminals that would send American natural gas to
our allies abroad, and they saidthat they did this in the name of
climate change. They wanted to reduceemissions and said they would stop American energy
from being exported to other countries.While just last week a court overturned that
decision and said that actually, no, we should be allowing these projects to

go ahead. And the reason Icharacterize that as a win is because American
energy production is cleaner than anywhere elsein the world. And what the Bide
administration did was they reduce the abilityfor America to supply energy needs across the
world. And what that will actuallydo is it won't magically reduce emissions or

help go towards cleaner energy. Whatit will actually do is it will increase
global reliance on dirtier sources of energyfrom countries like Russia or Venezuela or Iran.
What we should be doing is creatingthe cleanest American energy possible, doing
it here and sending it to ourallies abroad. That's the way we should
be doing this. And the factthat the course overturned their terrible decision is
a great win, not just forthe environment, but also for our economy

so that we can be exporting ourproducts to the rest of the world.
Chris, compared to the rest ofthe world, how big are we when
it comes to natural gas in thiscountry? I mean, where does the
US rank? Well? The USis one of the large producers of natural
gas and oil in the world.We only recently became energy independent again,

which means that we are producing morehere at home than we are exporting than
we are using. And that's reallywhat matters here, is like, we
can't be reliant on other countries forour energy needs. We should be producing
that energy here and sending it tothe rest of the world rather than importing
it from other countries. If naturalgas is such a good fuel and good

for the environment, why did theclimate alarmist fight it so hard? Chris
Well, Look, the reality isthat natural gas still produces some pollution,
and we need to reckon with thatfact. But it is much cleaner than,
for example, coal, And thereason why America has reduced pollution and

emissions more than the next eight countriescombined is because of the fracking revolution,
because we've gone from coal to naturalgas, and that is a win for
the environment, and we need tochampion that fact that climate alarmists look at
things like American natural gas and theysee that it is still a fossil fuel,
and what they care about is destroyingthe fossil fuel industry, not actually

finding solutions that work. And sowe need to be clear with the data
and with the facts and reckon withthe reality that American natural gas is cleaner
than anywhere else in the world,that it is cleaner than coal, and
we should be using that while stilldeveloping other things like nuclear energy and other
source of clean energy as well.That climate alarmists care more about rhetoric and

about doing what sounds good than whatactually does good. What would why the
ruling by this federal court, Chris, that you point out at the beginning
of our conversation, what would therelease and the sale of more LNG to
the rest of the world main forthe US economy in your opinion? Yeah,

Well, obviously energy is the lifebloodof modern civilization and one of the
regions. One of the reasons whyAmerica is so prosperous is because we have
such abundant natural resources and we shouldbe using those resources rather than locking them
away. And so what this willdo is it will strengthen the American economy,
will unleash our energy dominance in theworld. But it also helps our

allies. We don't want our Europeanallies to be reliant on getting natural gas
from Russia or from Iran, orgetting energy from China. We want them
to be working with us and forus to strengthen our economy by selling this
to our allies rather than them gettingit from our adversaries. It's one of
those rare situations in politics where thisactually is not just good for the economy,

it's also good for national security,and it's a win for the environment.
We should be taking this win winwin, rather than kind of taking
the path of climate alarmiss and tryingto shut it all down. Chris Zoo
point out there is a lot ofinnovation taking place in the fossil fuel industry.
What kind of innovation are we seeingright now, Chris in your opinion,
yeah, I mean we're seeing that, first of all, emissions from

the fossil fuel industry are going downbecause they're becoming more efficient and they have
better technologies. But you also seethat the fossil fuel industry is investing heavily
in new technologies like carbon capture andstorage technology. In fact, the largest
carbon capture facility, which would takecarbon dixet out of the air, is
being produced by the oil and gasindustry. They're making the largest carbon capture

facility in the world in North Dakota, and that is the industry investing in
this, and so they have astake in being good stewards of the environment
and want to make sure that we'reactually being as clean as we possibly can
walk applying the energy needs of Americaand the world, and we should be
embracing that innovation and working with themto find those kinds of solutions rather than

making their lives harder or cutting themout of the conversation, which again is
what so many climate alarm us withtheir purity tests try to do. They're
just doing what sounds good rather thanwhat actually does good, and they care
about hysteria more than they do aboutsolutions. Chris, where does this ruling
by the federal judge now stand?Has the Biden administration step forward and say
they're going to appeal this? Wheredoes this stand? Do you know?

Yeah? I mean, of coursethey're going to do everything in their power
to appeal this. And the reasonwhy they did this in the first place
is because they're trying to buy youngervoters. They know that young voters care
about climate change in the environment,and the reality is that the majority of
the American population cares about those issues. But you're lying to these voters if
you say that shutting down American energyis good for the planet or for the

environment, it's not true for allthe reasons we just discussed. But the
realities have to bid. Administration willprobably continue to overturn this and try to
frame it as an environmental win thatthey can use to buy voters, and
our job is to push back andshow that this is actually not true and
the data backs up the other side. Chris Barnard, he is president of

the American Conservation Coalition, joining uson our newsmaker line talking about a ruling
considering LNG natural gas, claiming itis a winner for America. All right,
More coming up here on the Rodro Kenchew in Utah Stalk Radio one
oh five nine k n R.As the story of the day, of
course, continues to be Joe Biden. Will he stay in the race or
drop out of the race? Speculationgoes back and forth. More and more

Democrats are lining up telling him toquit, to bow out, to allow
Kamala Harris possibly to take over,Feeling that Joe Biden is a liability going
into the election against Donald Trump.On November fifth, Well, Biden and
the family announced a counter attack todayJoe Biden wrote a letter to members of
Congress who are calling for his decisionto step down. He also went on

MSNBC in the Morning Show with JoeScarborough and Minka Brazinski. If you didn't
have a chance to hear what hehad to say, I thought i'd play
this back for you. These aresome of the comments Joe Biden made today
this morning on MSNBC defending why he'sstaying in the race. How can you
assure the American people that you won'thave another night like the one you did

in Atlanta. Book of my career, have not had many of those nights.
It a terrible night, and Ireally regret it happened. But the
fact of the matter is, howcan you assure you're going to be on
you know, fate Beck and interviewingon your way to go to work tomorrow.
Have you been tested for any agerelated illnesses, pre Parkinson's or anything

like that that might explain sort ofhaving a night like that where you couldn't
finish sentences. Look, I hadbefore I was feeling so badly before the
debate. When I came back,they tested me before. I thought maybe

I had COVID, Maybe there wassomething wrong. I had an affection or
something. They tested me, theygave me those tests. I was clear.
So but look, I had abad night. But the fact of
the matter is, look at whatI'm doing. I mean, let me
put this way. If there wassomething that was wrong that night, it's
not like it comes and me,that's one night and goes away. That's

why I've been out. I've beentesting myself, been testing everywhere I go,
going out and making the case.The night of that debate, I
went out. I was out attwo o'clock in the morning that very night,
that very night. It drives menuts. People talking about this.
The American public is not going tomove away from me as an average voter.

And again, I'm here for tworeasons. How one to rebuild the
economy for hard work in middle classpeople. Give everybody a shot. That's
a straight shot. Everybody gets afair chance. Number one, number two.
Number always talk about how I don'thave the black support. Come on,
give me a break, come withme. Why why I'm getting so

frustrated by the elite. Now,I'm not talking about you guys, but
about the elite and the party whothey know so much more but then of
these guys, don't think I shouldrun against me announce the president challenge man
the convention. Joe Biden on MSNBCthis morning, saying he is staying in

the race, saying he's upset withthe elites within his own party. I
think he's a member of One ofthose, is the an elite within the
Democratic Party getting mad at them forcalling for his resignation. I mean,
you have to realize, you haveto think, and I think realize of
course, that the back room conversationsare really already forming that the only alternative

to Joe Biden, if in factthey can convince him to bow out,
is Vice President Kamala Harris. Now, there will be some grumbling out there
that she also trails mister Trump andthe polls, and she will have to
defend inflation and other parts of misterBiden's record, including the fact that she
was named Borders are and many withinher camp feel that she was put in

a no situation when it came tobeing put in charge of the border because
that is a very complicated issue thatis going to take some time to resolve,
even though seeing Donald Trump was ableto get a hold on it.
Fairly quickly. Wasn't he the establishmentin a party that Revere's identity politics will
fear taking the nomination from a minoritywoman. I mean, can you see

that happening and the uproar that thatwould cause within the Democratic Party. If
Joe Biden decides to step out andthey decide, the party bosses decide to
look for someone other than Kamala Harris, Black America would walk away from the
Democratic Party in an instant. They'realready showing signs that they're getting ready to
leave and vote for Donald Trump.But this would cause an even deeper divide

within the Democratic Party.

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