Sports Cast - 03/15/17

March 15, 2017127 min

SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, Rene And Josh Share Their Drunk Stories, NFL Free Agency, Washington Redskins Are A Joke, NFL Teams Should Trade For Kirk Cousins, The Patriots Continue To Win The Off-Season, The Cowboys Should Keep Tony Romo, The Packers Aren't Helping Aaron Rodgers, And Much More.

SEGMENT II: Josh Joins Nik Richie And, Ezekiel Elliot Pulls Down Woman's Shirt Exposing Her Breast, Is Zeke Just Young And Stupid? Or Should He Be Punished?, LaVar Ball Is Out Of Control, Is He Now Hurting His Kids Future Instead Of Helping Them?

SEGMENT III: Josh's Daughter Calls In, Shot Of The Week, Karma Is A Bitch, Insane Soccer Brawl, ESPN's Jay William Draws Stick Figures Having Sex On Live TV, March Madness Picks, Winners, And Upsets, You Got Knocked The Fuck Out, The NBA Has A Huge Problem On Their Hands, And More.

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