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July 20, 2022 31 min

The second installment of things literally or figuratively unearthed that appeared in the news in the the second quarter of 2022 includes some animal stuff, some art stuff, and a bit of potpourri.


  • Torchinsky, Rina. “2 missing Charles Darwin notebooks are mysteriously returned more than 20 years later.” NPR. 4/5/2022.
  • Roberts, Stuart. “Missing Darwin notebooks returned to Cambridge University Library.” University of Cambridge.
  • Diamond Light Source. “The race to preserve the oven bricks of the Tudor warship the Mary Rose.” Phys.Org. 4/7/2022.
  • AFP. “Mystery sarcophagus found in Notre-Dame to be opened.” Via PhysOrg. 4/14/2022.
  • Kuta, Sarah. “Long-Lost Medal Honoring Revolutionary War Hero Sells for Record-Breaking $960,000.” Smithsonian. 4/14/2022.
  • Stacks & Bowers. “1781 (1839) Daniel Morgan at Cowpens medal. Gold, 56.2 mm. Dies by Jean-Jacques Barre, after Dupre. Betts-593, Julian MI-7, Loubat 8. SP.../”
  • University of Helsinki. “Friendship Ornaments From The Stone Age.” Via Archaeological News Network. 4/25/2022.
  • Brazell, Emma. “Lost 700-year-old ship found just five feet beneath street by construction workers.”
  • Almeroth-Williams, Thomas. “Anglo-Saxon kings were mostly veggie but peasants treated them to huge barbecues, new study argues.” EurekAlert. 4/21/2022.
  • Jane Recker. “Lost Charlotte Brontë Manuscript Sells for $1.25 Million.” Smithsonian. 4/22/2022.
  • The Bronte Society. “Bronte Parsonage Museum to Acquire Charlotte Bronte’s ‘A Book of Rhymes.’”
  • Rosengreen, Carley. “Ancient hand grenades: Explosive weapons in medieval Jerusalem during Crusades.” 4/26/2022.
  • van der Sluijs, Marinus Anthony and Hisashi Hayakawa. “A candidate auroral report in the Bamboo Annals, indicating a possible extreme space weather event in the early 10th century BCE.” Advances in Space Research.
  • Gamillo, Elizabeth. “Evidence of Earliest Aurora Found in Ancient Chinese Texts.” Smithsonian. 4/26/2022.
  • “Bronze statue of ballerina Marjorie Tallchief stolen from Tulsa Historical Society.” 4/30/2022.
  • Associated Press. “Tulsa ballerina statue to be restored; more pieces found.” The Oklahoman. 5/11/2022.
  • Higgens, Dave. “Tiny bible rediscovered during lockdown ‘belongs to everyone’.” The Independent. 5/5/2022.
  • The Strad. “1714 ‘da Vinci, ex-Seidel’ Stradivari violin sells for $15.34m.” 6/10/2022.
  • Mufarech, Antonia. “This 308-Year-Old Violin Could Become the Most Expensive Ever Sold.” Smithsonian. 5/9/2022.
  • Djinis, Elizabeth. “Ancient Roman Sculpture Likely Looted During WWII Turns Up at Texas Goodwill.” Smithsonian. 5/6/2022.
  • Haq, Hana Noor. “Human genome of Pompeii victim sequenced for the first time.” CNN. 5/26/2022.
  • Vindolanda Charitable Trust. “Ancient Graffiti Uncovered.” 5/26/2022.
  • Reeves, Jay and Emily WAgster Pettus. “1955 warrant in Emmett Till case found, family seeks arrest.” Associated Press. Via WJTV. 6/29/2022.
  • Bunch, Lonnie G. III. “Why the Smithsonian Adopted a New Policy on Ethical Collecting.” Smithsonian Magazine. 6/2022.
  • Kuta, Sarah. “Unlocking the Secrets of the ‘Clotilda,’ the Last Known Slave Ship.” Smithsonian. 5/19/2022.
  • Guiffrida, Angela. “Stolen Nostradamus manuscript is returned to library in Rome.” The Guardian. 5/5/2022.
  • Bar, Hervé. “Colombia shares unprecedented images of treasure-laden wreck.” 6/7/2022.
  • BBC. “Shipwreck The Gloucester hailed most important since Mary Rose.” 6/10/2022.
  • Bartman, Cat. “Wreck of historic royal ship discovered off the English coast.” EurekAlert. 6/9/2022.
  • Kuta, Sarah. “399-Year-Old Copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio Could Fetch $2.5 Million at Auction.” 6/15/2022.
  • Max Planck Society. “Ancient plague genomes reveal the origins of the Black Death.” 6/15/2022.
  • Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. “Origins of the Black Death identified.” EurekAlert. 6/15/2022.
  • Langgut, Dafna and Yosef Garfinkel. “7000-year-old evidence of fruit tree cultivation in the Jordan Valley, Israel.” Scientific Reports. May 2022. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-10743-6
  • The History Blog. “1,300-year-old shipwreck found in France.”
  • Green, Monica H. “Okay, so here are my comments on the new paper in @Nature  announcing palaeogenetic identification of the origin of the Black Death.” Tweet thread. 6/22/2022.
  • Alberge, Dalya. “First ever prayer beads from medieval Britain discovered.” The Telegraph. 6/26/2022.
  • Sands, Leo. “Pompeii: Ancient pregnant tortoise surprises archaeologists.” BBC. 6/25/2022.
  • Djinis, Elizabeth. “Divers Pull Marble Head of Hercules From a 2,000-Year-Old Shipwreck in Greece.” Smithsonian. 6/27/2022.
  • “Explorers find WWII Navy ship, deepest wreck discovered.” 6/25/2022.
  • Terrazas, Michael. “UGA study asks: Did democracy have a separate origin in the Americas?” UGA Research. 6/13/2022.
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology. “Climate change reveals unique artefacts in melting ice patches.” EurekAlert. 5/22/2022.
  • Daily Sabah. “Farmer Ploughs Up Rare Hittite Gold Bracelet In Turkey.” From Archeology News Network. 3/28/2022.
  • Bower, Bruce. “A new origin story for domesticated chickens starts in rice fields 3,500 years ago.” Science News. 6/6/2022.
  • Gamillo, Elizabeth. “Researchers Pinpoint Date When Chickens Were First Domesticated.” Smithsonian. 6/8/2022.
  • Recker, Jane. “How Did Thousands of Frog Bones End Up Buried at an Iron Age Settlement?.” Smithsonian. 6/15/2022.
  • BBC. “Frog bones found in Cambridgeshire Iron Age ditch baffle experts.” 6/13/2022.
  • Perfetto, Imma. “Two ancient wolf populations which evolved into man’s best friend.” Cosmos. 6/30/2022.
  • Bergstrom, Anders et al. “Grey wolf genomic history reveals a dual ancestry of dogs.” Nature. 6/29/2022.
  • Redazione ANSA. “'Theodoric the Great' villa mosaic found near Verona.” 4/20/2022.
  • Saltworks Castle. “An Unusual Discovery – Polychromes from the Time of the Vasa.”
  • Archaeology News Network. “Prehistoric People Created Art By Firelight, New Research Reveals.” 4/20/2022.
  • Rochicchioli, Pierre. “Race to save undersea Stone Age cave art masterpieces.” 5/30/2022.
  • Griffith University. “Machine-learning model can detect hidden Aussie rock art.” 6/27/2022.
  • Chang, Cara. “Harvard Holds Human Remains of 19 Likely Enslaved Individuals, Thousands of Native Americans, Draft Report Says.” Harvard Crimson. 6/1/2022.
  • Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigative Report
  • D’Emilio, Frances. “Italy creates new museum for trafficked ancient artifacts.” AP. 6/15/2022.        
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