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The Alan Cox Show


Farewell, 2018/ No L.A. Trip For Drunk Sue/ Poundhorse Returns/ Unicorn Slime/ Steely Dan Defense/ Comedians Jason Lawhead & Ryan Dalton/ Bob Sheger/ Live Friday Get Down

December 14, 2018150 min

150 min
Love, Falco/ Wiggin' Out/ Arctic Club Night/ Rock Hall's Class Of 2019/ Poop Dollar/ Comedian Steve Byrne/ Kung Fu Bullfighting/ Buggery On The High Seas/ Phoneless

December 13, 2018172 min

172 min
Holy Shirt!/ AC's Familial Mishap/ Dread Pirate Cody/ Burn Notice/ Very Coxy Christmas Songs/ Work Release/ Public Puke/ Comfort Zones

December 12, 2018171 min

171 min
Holiday Party Recap/ Parole Board Hates AC/ Party Poundcake/ Comedian Joe Mande/ Ligature Marks/ Santa Battles/ Olde Timey Conspiracy/ Keepin' It Real/ Death Metal Kids

December 11, 2018175 min

175 min
The Boxer/ Mary Santora In For Erika/ Old Stripper/ Company Holiday Party/ Kevin Hart Loses Oscars Gig/ Retail Porn Actor/ Wilhelmina's Gift/ Um...Actually/ 29 + 69

December 10, 2018172 min

172 min
Several/ Sticking It!/ Billy Gardell/ Russia Tees & Foot Tacos/ Humpin' Cousins/ Mozgov Pizza Tattoos/ Peanut Butter Lesson/ Bill Needs A Wedding Date/ Poundcake v. Erika/ Dodgeball

December 8, 2018195 min

195 min
Gifts From Listeners/ Bob Seger Tickets/ Lit For The Holidays/ Repelling Bears/ Sign My Shirt/ Hey, Free Stamp!/ Night Clothes/ Stone

December 6, 2018174 min

174 min
Sweatshop Life/ Mansion Envy/ BJs & Burgers/ Orgy Fuel/ Smooth Cruise/ Celebrity Endorsement/ Check For Shrek/ Lunch Lady Love/ Stroke The Chicken

December 5, 2018173 min

173 min
Leaf Time/ Tax Hoes/ Loud View/ Option Overload/ Tooth Prescription/ Thrusters/ Sea Cucumber/ SpongeBob Halftime/ Alien Secrets

December 4, 2018178 min

178 min
Fish Confusion/ RIP, 41/ Uranus Rising/ Weed Pedicure/ Grandma Scamma/ Paid Message Trolling/ Hootie & Garth Return/ Hong Hong/ Rich Vice

December 3, 2018176 min

176 min

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